15 Best Asia destinations in November of 2019

In many ways November is the best month to visit Asia because most of the top destinations such as Bangkok and Hong Kong have excellent weather, but the big crowds don't start coming until just before Christmas. You can see on the list below that you have many excellent choices of destinations this month, and hotel prices are close to their yearly lows in many of them. In some cases it's better to visit in the second half of November because the beginning of the month can still be a bit rainy.

Those looking for beaches will be happy to see Phuket and Goa on the list, but there are many great cities that also have fine weather in November. You have so many great choices in southeast Asia that this is the perfect time to start a longer visit that spans several countries if you have the time.

15 Best destinations in Asia for November

Bali, Indonesia

  • November avg high: 87°F/31°C
  • November avg low: 78°F/26°C
  • November avg precip: 6.1″/15.3cm

November is the start of the rainy season in Bali, but the first half of the month still tends to be dry, and the island is used to dealing with the quick downpours pretty efficiently. If you really dislike having to dodge 30-minute deluges then go in the first half of the month or go somewhere else.

Good news is that November is not one of the busier months in Bali, so hotel prices are low and Kuta Beach isn't as crowded as it is in June and July. If you want something more like Bali used to be before it became overdeveloped, head to Lovina on the northern coast.

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Hong Kong

  • November avg high: 75°F/24°C
  • November avg low: 67°F/19°C
  • November avg precip: 1.4″/3.5cm

Hong Kong gets an insane amount of rain in the summer, and November is the first of its 5 dry months. November is also the warmest of those 5 dry months, so it's arguably the best month of the year to visit. Hotels won't be particularly crowded, although business-oriented hotels are pretty full most of the year.

You may have heard that Hong Kong is now one of the world's most expensive cities, and in some ways that's true, especially if you want to buy or rent a luxury apartment. But for hotels you can still get pretty good deals even for places that are well located. And if you follow the local workers into the noodle shops and such, you can eat pretty cheaply and authentically as well.

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Tokyo, Japan

  • November avg high: 62°F/17°C
  • November avg low: 49°F/9°C
  • November avg precip: 3.6″/9.0cm

If you look at those temperatures you might wonder how Tokyo wound up on this list for November. One problem Tokyo has is that the summers are quite hot and fairly rainy, so spring and autumn can actually be more pleasant for visitors.

Tokyo used to have a reputation as one of the world's most expensive cities, but prices have barely changed in the last 25 years and now it's similar to a mid-level European city in prices. In other words, you can find pretty good hotel and restaurant deals here if you look around a bit.

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Luang Prabang, Laos

  • November avg high: 84°F/29°C
  • November avg low: 64°F/18°C
  • November avg precip: 1.1″/2.8cm

After an extremely rainy few months, much of the northern part of southeast Asia dries off in November and has very pleasant temperatures as well. In fact, November is probably the best month to visit Luang Prabang and many of its neighbors because the weather is just about perfect and the tourist crowds don't typically flood in until mid December.

Luang Prabang is a fantastic bargain considering how nice it is, and it's one of the highlights of the whole region. You can get very nice hotels here for the price of a dorm bed in Amsterdam, and you can eat for a day for the price of a couple beers in most European cities.

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Bangkok, Thailand

  • November avg high: 89°F/32°C
  • November avg low: 74°F/23°C
  • November avg precip: 1.9″/4.8cm

Bangkok is very rainy in summer and it's insanely hot in March and April. In other words, November through February are definitely the best months to visit, and November is the quietest of those months. The big crowds don't start appearing until mid December, so those who can visit in November will have some of the better attractions to themselves.

Hotel deals in Bangkok in November are also very appealing, and you can probably afford a much nicer place than you thought. It's even reasonably cool (relatively speaking) in the evening this time of year, so wandering the night markets is more enjoyable than it is during the hot months.

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Phuket, Thailand

  • November avg high: 88°F/31°C
  • November avg low: 75°F/24°C
  • November avg precip: 6.9″/17.3cm

The rainy season in Phuket runs through the middle of November or so, and it can be pretty bad so you might want to come later in the month. If you do arrive in the second half of November you'll practically have the place to yourself, and hotel deals will be easy to come by.

Even more than with the cities above, the beach crowds don't usually arrive in Phuket until Christmas or so. This means that this is probably the best time of year to visit, with nearly perfect weather and small crowds even on the popular beaches.

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Chiang Mai, Thailand

  • November avg high: 86°F/30°C
  • November avg low: 66°F/19°C
  • November avg precip: 2.1″/5.3cm

Chiang Mai is a popular stop between Luang Prabang and Bangkok, which are also both on this list. And November is a very nice month for weather and smaller crowds, so it's an ideal time to visit. In case you aren't familiar with it, Chiang Mai is arguably Asia's best travel bargain any time of year, and the November hotel rates are even more reasonable than usual.

This is a city to linger in for those on longer trips because it's big enough to have everything and yet it's not as crowded and frenetic as Bangkok or other larger cities. Aside from the dozens of large temples, Chiang Mai isn't a particularly pretty place, but there are great outdoor activities and hikes all around so there is plenty to like about it.

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Siem Reap, Cambodia

  • November avg high: 89°F/32°C
  • November avg low: 73°F/23°C
  • November avg precip: 2.0″/5.0cm

If you are lucky enough to be on a November trip around southeast Asia then you should really look into adding Siem Reap to that trip. The November weather is very pleasant, and once again, the crowds are very small this time of year. In case you aren't familiar with it, Siem Reap is the fun little town you stay in while you visit the nearby Angkor Wat temples, which are arguably Asia's best single sight.

Siem Reap is another enjoyable place to hang around in because it's very mellow and yet there is a lot to see and do. Hotel deals are always good, and in November your money goes further than it does during the busy months just ahead.

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Hanoi, Vietnam

  • November avg high: 76°F/24°C
  • November avg low: 66°F/19°C
  • November avg precip: 1.6″/4.0cm

If you are doing a longer trip around southeast Asia in November you might also want to add Hanoi to the trip. Not only is it a fascinating city that is the launching point for trips to nearby Halong Bay, but it's also far enough north that you actually get nice evening temperatures. Most other destinations in the region are hot all year, so it's nice to mix a cool one in if you can.

Parts of Vietnam are still getting some rain in November so this may not be a perfect month to tour the whole country. But the two largest cities, including Ho Chi Minh City (below) are nice enough and you can get cheap flights between them. Hanoi is the cheaper of the two and many think it's more interesting as well.

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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

  • November avg high: 88°F/31°C
  • November avg low: 73°F/23°C
  • November avg precip: 4.5″/11.3cm

November isn't the driest month in Saigon, as it's usually called, but it's not bad and the storms tend to move through quickly. At least the evenings are reasonably cool in November, and if you come later in the month you might not see any rain at all.

This is a very large and busy city that is quite a bit more spread out than Hanoi. Hotels in the central area are also more expensive, but it's still probably worth staying in the center because getting around is not terribly easy unless you are comfortable riding pillion on a motorbike behind a local who speaks basically zero English.

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Malé, Maldives

  • November avg high: 84°F/29°C
  • November avg low: 75°F/24°C
  • November avg precip: 9.1″/22.8cm

If you are looking at the numbers above you'll notice that November is a pretty rainy month in the capital of the Maldives. The good news is that it's not a very rainy month at most of the private-island resorts that this country is most famous for. Honestly, Malé itself is a bit of a dud and there isn't much to see or do. So you probably want to head to one of the island resorts instead anyway.

The Maldives isn't cheap either, and you may know that it has over 80 resorts with water villas. Those start at around US$300 per night and go way up from there, but you can get island and beach rooms at many of those same resorts starting much closer to US$100 per night. It's a unique destination that many people dream of doing at least once in their lives.

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Pokhara, Nepal

  • November avg high: 70°F/21°C
  • November avg low: 48°F/9°C
  • November avg precip: 0.1″/0.3cm

Nepal is one of the trekking capitals of the world, and Pokhara is the trekking capital of Nepal. November is one of only about 4 months with warm and dry weather here, so it's a perfect time to visit.

Another interesting thing about Pokhara is that it's one of the world's cheapest cities for basic expenses such as hotels, food, and drinks. If you want to do a multi-day trek with a good outfitter that will cost quite a bit extra, but if you want to just chill in a lovely lakeside town it will cost almost nothing.

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Delhi/New Delhi, India

  • November avg high: 83°F/28°C
  • November avg low: 53°F/12°C
  • November avg precip: 0.3″/0.8cm

Delhi has some pretty extreme weather most of the year, but November is nearly a perfect month with warm days, cool nights, and almost no rain at all. This crowded city feels even more crowded and very dusty when it's hot, so visiting this time of year is a better idea.

There is plenty to see and do in Delhi (and New Delhi at its heart), including the famous day trip to Agra to visit the Taj Mahal. Most of India has very nice weather in November so this is a perfect time for a longer visit.

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Goa, India

  • November avg high: 90°F/32°C
  • November avg low: 72°F/22°C
  • November avg precip: 1.3″/3.3cm

Goa is another Tropical beach area that has extremely rainy summers, but by November you can expect almost no rain at all. And of course the crowds don't start piling in until mid December or January, so you can have some of the beaches here almost to yourself.

Since the crowds are small in November you can get fantastic deals on hotels here. During the prime months the better beach resorts here can feel somewhat pricey, but in November you can get some of those same places for much less. Choose your exact destination here carefully though, because some are mostly party people and others are mostly families.

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Mumbai, India

  • November avg high: 92°F/33°C
  • November avg low: 69°F/21°C
  • November avg precip: 0.2″/0.5cm

Mumbai isn't really known as a tourist city and it's also India's most expensive city for hotels and restaurants. But this is also where many longhaul flights into India will land, so many people will spend their first 2 or 3 days here. In November it's bone dry, which is nice compared to the famous monsoons that will have just concluded.

There is plenty to see and do here for at least three days or so, but all of India's big cities are so crowded that most people become tired of them quickly. In other words, don't plan on spending a week or more here, at least unless you've been here before.

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