Male prices

100 MVR = 6.47 USD

Male hotel prices

Rating Price (USD)
48.00 - 60.00
70.00 - 100.00
86.00 - 140.00
156.00 - 285.00

Male hostel prices

Type Price (USD)
Hostel bed

Hotel seasons


Room rates at Malé hotels are lowest in June and July when there is occasional rain, but aside from that the rates are usually steady year round. Christmas week is peak season with the highest rates.

A tiny and densely populated island, Malé is not an obvious backpacker or tourist destination on its own merits. Most visitors come here on their way to or from one of the hundreds of resorts on other Maldivian islands, so there really isn’t much to see or do here.


If you aren’t on your way to or from a resort island, it’s important to ask yourself why you might want to visit Malé. There are no hostels and the hotels are fairly expensive for what you get. There is also no alcohol in Malé, except for at one hotel near the airport.

Food in Malé is reasonably priced, especially if you follow locals into a restaurant that doesn’t mainly cater to tourists. On the nearby island of Hulhumalé there are better hotels and some nice tourist restaurants, so it’s a better choice for an overnight visit for most people.

The Maldives is known as home to most of the world’s water villas, and about 10 of those resorts are within a speedboat ride of the airport. Those start at about US$300 per night in low season.

Male attraction prices

Location Description Type Price(USD)
Malé National Museum This lone museum is probably best only for history buffs. Adults 6.47

Male transportation prices USD

Ferry from airport to Malé 0.65
Ferry from Male to Hulhumalé 0.39
Bus from airport to Hulhumalé 1.29
Taxi ride on Malé 1.68

Male food and drink prices USD

Food type   Price
Budget breakfast Most hotels include breakfast. If not, there are a few cafes nearby. 1.94 - 3.24
Budget lunch There are a few cheap restaurants along the waterfront by the ferry port and at the airport. 2.59 - 4.53
Budget dinner Malé isn't overloaded with tourist restaurants, so options are limited. 3.24 - 6.47
Beer (.33l bottle) The only bar near Malé is at the Hulhule Island Hotel near the airport. No alcohol is available anywhere else. 4.85 - 8.09

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Male facts

Population 100,000
Metro area 100,000
Time zone UTC+5
Currency Maldives Rufiyaa
Airports Male International Airport (MLE)

Avg temps & precip


Best months to visit

January, February, March, April

weather advise for AmsterdamWeather advice

As it’s not far north of the equator, the weather in Malé is nearly the same all year round. The wet season goes from May through December, but most storms are over quickly. In June and July it can rain for most of a day on occasion. It’s very hot every day and only a bit cooler at night.

Sunrise and sunset