Phuket has the world’s cheapest 5-star resorts, with some examples

We knew we were not alone when we wondered which city has the cheapest 5-star hotels in the world a few months ago, and that research turned up some very interesting results. For those of us who wouldn’t dream of spending US$500 per night in a large Western city, it was hard not to wonder if there are cheaper parts of the world where these amazing rooms are affordable?

As you can see on the article linked above, the prices do vary greatly between expensive cities and cheap cities, but still it’s not like you can stay in a Four Seasons for US$60 per night if you know where to go. In a bit of a surprise, Phuket, which is known as the most expensive part of Thailand, has the most competitively priced 5-star hotels. At first this seemed like a mistake, but after much checking it turned out to be true, although still a bit complicated.

Phuket resorts have to be priced competitively to survive

You may be surprised to learn that Phuket Island has over 1,000 resorts and hotels on it, and nearly all of them are designed for foreign tourists. Among those, there are about 50 to 60 5-star hotels on Phuket, depending on whose ratings you use.

In other words, there are around 10 resorts that call themselves five stars but are listed lower on some booking systems. Still, with around 50 five-star hotels, Phuket has more competition among them than nearly anywhere else on earth. Those that are closer to 4 stars in standard have to keep prices low to fill up and still get good guest reviews, but as you’ll see below, there are some excellent deals among them, as well as higher up the scale.

Phuket's best deals are in the low season, of course

Even during its high season, which is December through March, including its Peak Season (Christmas and New Years), you can find some very good deals among these luxury resorts. But obviously the cheapest 5-star Phuket resort prices are to be found the rest of the year, when it’s not difficult to find a 5-star resort on the beach for under US$100 per night.

The months of April through November are mostly filled with solidly pleasant weather, with a wet season running from June through November that typically only causes a few quick cloudbursts each week. BUT, unlike most tropical destinations, Phuket does get consistent rain for much of September and October, which is the cheapest time of the year to visit. If you come in those months it will probably be fine, but if you get unlucky you might have to spend a few days where you are indoors much of the time.

5 Examples of cheap 5-star hotels in Phuket

In almost all cases you’ll find the best deals for Phuket on, so prices listed below were researched from that site.

1 – Serenity Resort & Residences Phuket

  • Low season starting from: US$71 per night
  • High season starting from: US$114 per night

While the busiest and most famous beach areas on Phuket are along its west coast, you can get amazing value at this 62-room resort on the bay along the east coast. Rates during high season start at only US$114 per night for their smaller class of room, and the larger rooms (which all hold 4 or more people) are good value as well.

If you are coming to Phuket to enjoy the shopping and nightlife of Patong Beach, this probably isn’t a good choice because it’s in a peaceful and isolated area across the island. But this family-friendly resort is perfect for those wanting to relax, and it gets consistently high ratings on guest reviews.

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2 – Renaissance Phuket Resort and Spa

  • Low season starting from: US$94 per night
  • High season starting from: US$259 per night

During the high-season months, the Renaissance Phuket Resort and Spa has no trouble filling up at rates that are typical of the middle group of 5-star resorts here. But during the rest of the year, you can get astonishing deals at this luxury member of the Marriott international chain. With 180 rooms and villas, the larger hotels get aggressive with pricing in order to fill up, while smaller resorts just lets part of their staff go for the slow months.

This is another one that is family friendly, but not too close to Patong Beach at all. It’s located a short walk from a secluded beach area near the northern tip of Phuket, so it’s ideal for those coming to relax, although they do offer shuttles to Patong for those who want to shop or indulge. The guest reviews also put this one near the top of the Phuket ratings, so the modest prices are a great surprise.

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3 – Dewa Phuket Hotel

  • Low season starting from: US$99 per night
  • High season starting from: US$197 per night

The Dewa Phuket Hotel is 4 stars in some systems and 5 stars in others. The encouraging part is that it gets exceptional verified guest reviews on Agoda, where it’s listed as 5 stars, so it would seem to be a solid choice and great value. It’s also located in the north of the island, not far from the airport, and a (free) 5-minute shuttle ride to a secluded beach.

The resort has 96 suites and villas that are all large enough for longer stays, and it has extensive services for families as well. Again, this won’t be a great choice for the nightclub crowd, but for those looking for a peaceful upscale resort with all the trimmings, it’s fantastic value.

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4 – Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort and Spa

  • Low season starting from: US$100 per night
  • High season starting from: US$226 per night

Similar to the Renaissance Resort mentioned above, this international chain hotel is large and it gets aggressive with promotional rates during the slower months. With 665 guest rooms, the Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort and Spa is one of the largest resorts in Phuket, so it has the ability to undercut the competition all year round, but especially in the off season.

Located directly on the beach, the Hilton could be a good choice for almost anyone. It has family-friendly facilities (as you’d expect), but it’s also got a variety of great restaurants and bars, plus it’s a short taxi ride into Patong Beach. You also get tennis courts, a putting green, and a deluxe spa. It’s worth checking the rates any time of year, but the best deals will be in the summer months.

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5 – Vijitt Resort Phuket

  • Low season starting from: US$107 per night
  • High season starting from: US$189 per night

Five-star resorts with comfortable guest rooms are nice, but Phuket is known for its luxury villas, and here we have an all-villa resort that gets some of Phuket’s best guest reviews, yet at the price of many 3-star hotels here. There are 92 villas, only the cheapest of which don’t include a private pool. But all of them include a private fenced-in garden area and a very spacious interior.

This is another peaceful resort set in the interior of the southern part of Phuket, but there is a free shuttle into Patong Beach, so it’s easy to spend some time in the craziness if you prefer. There are also family facilities and a common pool, but the resort is spread out so much that reviewers say it never feels crowded. For a private villa with great guest reviews, these are amazing rates.

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