Kuta, Bali prices


100000 IDR = 6.98 USD

Kuta, Bali hotel prices

Rating Price (USD)
12.00 - 60.00
15.00 - 56.00
18.00 - 98.00
32.00 - 101.00
119.00 - 238.00

Kuta, Bali hostel prices

Type Price (USD)
Hostel bed
8.61 - 12.48

Hotel seasons


Like so many tropical islands, Bali has its absolute peak season for hotels during the Christmas and New Year holiday period. Bali hotels also have peak prices during August and into September, as so many Europeans are on holiday during that time.

The mid season for Bali hotels is from April through July, and the low season is from mid January through March, and from mid September through mid December.

Many of the cheaper hotels and guesthouses don’t change rates much throughout the year, but many of the 3-star and above places have huge price swings, so you might get a great deal if you come off season.

There are no hostels with dorms in Kuta, but with private and basic rooms in guesthouses being so easy to find, there is really no need for dorms.

Recommended hotels


Samsara Inn

Doubles from US$53

Easily one of the best-value cheaper Kuta hotels complete with a pool, the Samsara books up well in advance.

Best Western Kuta Beach

Doubles from US$47

This large and popular hotel is very close to the beach and rates include breakfast, but you must book early to get the best deals.

Recommended hostels


BIG Pineapple Backpackers

Beds from US$11/night

Arguably Bali's best hostel, the BIG Pineapple is actually near Sanur Beach, which is much mellower than Kuta Beach.

Bali continues to be a fantastic travel bargain, at least for those who don’t insist on staying in fancy international chain hotels, and Kuta is the best place to find great deals. The city is famous for being the surfing and nightlife capital of the island, and this brings in backpackers and budget travelers in from around the world.


Hotels start at amazingly low prices, though the bottom end means no air conditioning, cheap furniture, and a badly needed paint job. Still, if you are a minimalist then you will find loads of options here. Once you are looking for A/C instead of just a fan then the price starts going up, but you can still find great bargains as long as you aren’t coming during the December holidays.

Sitting around on the beach (while vendors constantly stream by) is the top attraction here and of course that’s free. You can rent a surfboard for a low price and even get proper lessons for less that you’d pay in most other surf spots.

Food and drinks are also very cheap by most standards, though not as cheap as in mainland Southeast Asia. Simple and delicious meals start around US$1 each, and for not much more than that you can get something really filling and sometimes even fancy. Beer is the cheapest drinking option, and it’s the most popular, but mixed drinks are found cheaply on specials at the popular bars as well.


By far the best way to get around Bali is to hire a driver for anywhere from 4 hours to a week. They are incredibly cheap and also act as a trusted advisor to help you avoid problems and find the best things. Nearly all of them drive mini-vans or SUVs that can hold at least 5 passengers. In Kuta and Ubud you’ll be harassed on the street often by men offering transport, and most of them are honest, but it’s hard to tell in an instant.

Typical 2019 Bali driver prices:
10 hours: US$50
Extra time: US$5 per hour

That price is for a driver AND a van for up to 5 passengers, so it’s an amazing deal. The driver acts as sort of a guide as well, so it’s even more worth it than you can imagine. If you simply want transport from one place to another you can hire an Uber more cheaply. BUT Bali is an island where having a driver who is also a guide is incredibly valuable. You’ll save time and see much more with someone who is experienced in showing off the best sights.


On my most recent month in Bali I hired a driver named Kadek Archa for airport transfers and 5 day-trips at the recommendation of a friend. Most drivers in Bali seem to be honest, but I can personally recommend Kadek Archa (email: [email protected], WhatsApp: +62 812 365 2777). Tell him Roger recommended him and he will give you his best rates.

Kuta, Bali attraction prices

Location Description Type Price(USD)
Surfing lesson (3 hour) Surfing is one of the most popular things to do here, and there is no shortage of places that will teach you. high-end 49.20
low-end 19.19
Surfboard rental Rent for half a day at these prices, or longer at a discount. Just make sure you look at the condition of your board before you rent it. high-end 10.47
low-end 2.79
Waterbom Park This huge and new water park has slides and tubing along with other wet activities. adults 31.75
2-12 22.82

Kuta, Bali transportation prices USD

Taxi from airport to Kuta 1.40 - 4.19
Bemo (minivan) from airport to Kuta 0.35 - 0.70
3km taxi ride in Kuta 1.40 - 2.09

Kuta, Bali food and drink prices USD

Food type   Price
Budget breakfast If your hotel or guesthouse doesn't include breakfast, you can find cheap eats nearby. 1.88 - 3.49
Budget lunch Combinations of rice or noodles and chicken are classic and filling. 2.58 - 4.19
Budget dinner Kuta and its area is filled with Western restaurants with good prices. Local joints are a bit cheaper. 4.47 - 6.98
Beer (.33l bottle) Bintang is the ubiquitous local lager, served in ice-cold large and small bottles. Nightclubs will charge more. 1.81 - 3.14

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Kuta, Bali facts

Population 50,000
Metro area 200,000
Time zone UTC+8
Currency Indonesian rupiah
Airports Denpasar International Airport (DPS)

Avg temps & precip


weather advise for AmsterdamWeather advice

Being nearly on the equator, it’s no surprise that Kuta (and all of Bali) has similar temperatures the year round. As with other tropical places, it’s all about a rainy season and a dry season. The rainy season lasts from November through March, and during this time you can expect rain just about every day, and it tends to come down in buckets, or even sheets, when it does rain. You definitely have to find cover when it happens, but the good news is the rain rarely lasts more than 30 minutes or so at a time, so it’s a matter of dodging storms and otherwise doing what you want.

The dry season is from April through October, and you’ll obviously get far less rainfall during this period, but it will still be rather humid every day so packing for a steamy climate is advised no matter when you come.

Sunrise and sunset