Tokyo prices


1000 JPY = 8.79 USD

Tokyo hotel prices

Rating Price (USD)
18.46 - 42.20
22.86 - 111.61
28.28 - 193.11
61.63 - 275.59
246.69 - 470.41

Tokyo hostel prices

Type Price (USD)
Hostel bed
21.10 - 29.01

Hotel seasons


Tokyo has its high season for hotels from April through August, plus around the winter holiday period. During these times the city’s hotels and hostels tend to be packed and prices are at their highest.

The low season starts after the New Year’s holidays and goes into March, and during this time hotel deals are easy to find and prices at top places can seem quite reasonable. Autumn is a great time to visit, with comfortable weather and decent hotel deals to be had.

Tokyo is certainly one of the world’s most expensive city for tourists, but it might not be as bad as its reputation would have you believe. Hotel bargains can be found through most of the year, especially if you book well in advance, and many or most of the things you’ll probably be coming to see are free.


Food and drink have a reputation for being outrageously expensive in Tokyo, but that’s a bit misleading. If you want to eat in upscale restaurants or hotels then you’ll pay dearly, but if you are interested in eating bowls of noodles or rice, like most of the locals do each day, then it can be done on a more modest budget. They key to surviving cheaply in Tokyo is being flexible and behaving like a local while you are there.

Transportation is reasonably priced, especially if you opt for the all-day metro ticket. The city is basically a collection of villages so it’s hard to see much on foot because each central area is spaced out from the others.

Tokyo attraction prices

Location Description Type Price(USD)
Tokyo Disneyland The park isn't far outside the city center and it can be reached quickly and cheaply by train. adults 65.93
12-17 57.14
4-11 43.08
Sky Bus tour These open-top buses run guided tours on several different routes around Tokyo. adults 13.19
children 6.15
Tokyo Tower Take an elevator up this Eiffel Tower lookalike for great views. adult 24.62

Tokyo transportation prices USD

Express train from Narita to city center 28.04
Express bus from Narita to city center 27.25
Taxi from Narita to city center 158.24 - 263.74
3km taxi ride in Tokyo 9.23 - 11.43
Metro ride in city center 1.49 - 2.73
All-day Metro ticket 5.27

Tokyo food and drink prices USD

Food type   Price
Budget breakfast If you eat noodles or soup or rice dishes like the locals you can have a filling breakfast at a reasonable price. 4.40 - 8.79
Budget lunch Again, follow the local workers to noodle shops or rice places. 5.27 - 10.55
Budget dinner Things like sushi can be pricey, but Japanese cuisine is varied and some good choices are fairly cheap. 8.79 - 15.82
Beer (pint) Hotel bars and expat places are most expensive, though foreigners aren't welcome everywhere. 5.27 - 8.79
Beer (can) Getting drunk is much cheaper if you start in a local shop rather than a bar. 2.20
McDonalds Big Mac Strangely enough, Big Macs are fairly cheap in Tokyo, at least compared to other Western foods. 3.03

Tokyo miscellaneous costs USD

Name Description Price
Cigarettes (pack) Smoking is relatively cheap compared to everything else in Tokyo. 2.64 - 4.40
Movie ticket Cinemas are nice, but not cheap here. 14.07 - 17.58

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Tokyo facts

Population 8,700,000
Metro area 12,800,000
Time zone UTC+9
Currency Japanese yen
Airports Narita International Airport (NRT), Haneda Airport (HND)

Avg temps & precip


Best months to visit

May, June, September, October

weather advise for AmsterdamWeather advice

Tokyo’s summers tend to be hot, steamy, and wet, so if you can avoid  July and August in particular it might be a good idea. The city is so crowded and dense that heat and humidity can feel worse than it otherwise might. Winters tend to be dry and mild, though snowfall does happen fairly regularly.

April, May, and October are the nicest weather months in Tokyo so they are your best bet, though this is definitely an indoor city so adverse weather probably won’t change your visit too much regardless.

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