Is the Edinburgh City Pass 2020 worth it? Edinburgh City Pass review

One of the most popular places to visit in Scotland, Edinburgh is a thriving city that offers lots to do and see. Here you'll find a medieval town that sits below the famous Edinburgh Castle. You'll also find dining options, markets, famous attractions, quirky sights, gardens, parks, activities for children and adults, and much more. Whether you're visiting for just a few days, or a week, you'll find lots of activities to partake in that will keep you busy.

But because there is so much do and see, and the fact that it's hard to not want to do everything, you'll find that your proposed vacation budget can easily double if you're not careful. That's where the Edinburgh City Pass comes into play. This pass is designed to offer visitors access to 23 prime attractions for one price, instead of paying for each one at the attraction gate. But will you save enough money to make the pass worth it? Let's find out if the Edinburgh City Pass 2020 is a good savings option.

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Is the Go California Pass 2020 worth it? Go California Pass review

The state of California is easily one of the most talked about and well known states within the US. This is because of the state's beautiful coastline, thriving cities, mountains, deserts, and activities in every direction and for every season. No matter what your travel style is, you'll find something that fits in California. You'll also find that the famous and popular attractions here can be a little on the expensive side, which if you're traveling on a budget, can be a negative. Luckily, there is a way to save money and it's with the Go California Pass.

Part of the Go Pass family, this pass covers famous and attractive attractions throughout the entire state, which is great if you're planning a road trip. But does it save you enough money to be worth it? Continue reading below for our review of the Go California Pass 2020.

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Is the Go Bangkok Pass 2020 worth it? Go Bangkok Pass review

The popular, lively, and well known capital of Thailand, Bangkok serves as a destination for all types of travelers, from backpackers to families to honeymooners looking for an exotic getaway. The city itself offers a massive amount of things to do and see and you'd be hard pressed to find a spare moment of rest. And even though prices are mostly cheaper here compared to the western world, prices can add up over time.

That's where the Go Bangkok Pass 2020 comes into play. This pass claims to help reduce how much you spend while vacationing in Bangkok by offering a notable discount on popular attractions, tours, and sights. But does the pass really work, and will it work for you? Continue reading for our review.

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Is the Go Rome Pass 2020 worth it? Go Rome Pass review

Founded back in 753 BC, Rome is an ancient city that's both awe inspiring and hauntingly beautiful at the same time. It's also one of the world's most romantic cities, beckoning couples from around the globe for a getaway dripping in culture, historic finds, natural beauty, and delicious food. Because of this, you'll find that the city can be very busy with both locals and visitors, making the lines going into some of the most popular attractions extremely long.

Luckily, the Go Pass brand has now come out with the Go Rome Pass. This pass is formulated to save you money on over 25 area attractions, as well as keep you out of those long attraction lines. But does this pass really save you enough money to be worth it? Keep reading below for our Go Rome Pass 2020 review.

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12 Best Asia destinations in June of 2020

Most of us from North America or Europe could easily assume that June is a perfect weather month for just about anywhere in Asia, but that is far from the truth. June is part of the rainy season in much of the Tropics, so figuring out where you should go this month could be tricky.

The good news is that the rainy season doesn't start until later in the year in some of the best Asia destinations. The hottest month is actually in April in the warmer areas closer to the equator, and by the time June rolls in you start to get afternoon cloud covers that make it cooler and nicer. Read below for the 12 best places for a trip to Asia in June. Click to read more

20 Best Europe destinations in June for 2020

The month of June is obviously very popular for Europe trips, and the weather is nearly perfect on the whole continent. You can even visit some of the more popular beach destinations without being overwhelmed by the local Europeans who book everything during July and August. June is actually one of the busiest months in cities like Paris and Rome, but still not so busy that you should avoid them.

Below we list the 20 best destinations in Europe for a June visit, along with reasons why each one is a top pick this month. Many of them are also close enough together that you can easily string them together into a little Europe tour of your own. Train rides of up to about 5 hours are generally wonderful and very scenic, not to mention faster than flying as well. Click to read more

26 Cheap destinations for 2020 with great weather in June

If you have your summer vacation in June then you are in pretty good shape. Since most of Europe's wealthier office workers have their holidays confined to July and August, those who are able to travel in June will find smaller crowds and better deals in most places. The best places to visit in June are spread all over the northern hemisphere, and many of them are cheap.

Planning in advance is still key, as demand from Americans and Canadians will book the best hotels at the best rates, but you do have more flexibility in June. We have listed 26 places around the world that all have fantastic June weather as well as reasonably priced accommodations once you arrive. Click to read more

Europe 3-Star Traveler Index for 2020: 56 cities from cheap to expensive

Many of us start our exploration of Europe as backpackers or at least staying in budget hotels, but eventually we prefer at least a 3-star hotel with a few creature comforts. That is why we have created this list of all of Europe's top tourist cities ranked from cheapest to most expensive for those on an average budget and sharing a 3-star hotel room for two people.

The newly-updated index for 2020 below shows a price for each city and that can be used as a typical budget for normal daily expenses, but of course it doesn't include shopping and souvenirs. You'll notice that the cities at the bottom of the list will cost more than four times as much per day as those on the top of the list, so choosing which cities to visit can make a huge difference in your overall budget. Click to read more

Should you buy a 2020 Eurail Pass? Here’s how to decide

Munich Train stationAt least a decade or two ago, the dream of anyone planning to travel around Europe was to buy a Eurail Saver Pass. They were almost certain to save money, plus they allowed for a freewheeling style of travel where you could go anywhere you wanted at a moment's notice. But things have changed, and Eurail Passes have some new restrictions along with fierce price competition from discount airlines, so whether or not to buy a pass is a complicated issue.

You could spend several days hunting down the point-to-point prices and creating a spreadsheet to determine how much your possible routes would cost with each type of travel, but for the majority of people it's possible to ask a few questions and the answer will be clear. Having done extensive pricing research, and having traveled around Europe both with and without Eurail Passes, we have boiled the main decision down to the key elements below. Click to read more

Is the Go Madrid Pass 2020 worth it? Go Madrid Pass review

Serving as the capital of Spain, Madrid is an iconic city that invites visitors from around the globe for experiences dripping in culture. Madrid is also extremely important because of its food, historical accommodations, and lively attractions. Madrid offers a very reasonable climate, throughout the entire year, making it so that visitors can easily visit the city anytime they want without experiencing extreme temperatures in either direction.

Though Madrid already offers reasonable prices to both locals and visitors on pretty much everything, there is a way to make your money last even longer than you would expect. At least, that's what the company behind the new Go Madrid Pass says. But does the pass really save you money? We'll find that out and more, below.

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