Delhi prices


100 INR = 1.34 USD

Delhi hotel prices

Rating Price (USD)
7.39 - 16.13
8.46 - 61.00
9.05 - 106.94
27.95 - 120.98
53.13 - 214.56

Delhi hostel prices

Type Price (USD)
Hostel bed
7.39 - 11.02

Hotel seasons


Hotels in Delhi have two main seasons – high season lasts generally from October through March, and low season runs from April through September. At most of the cheaper hotels and hostels the price doesn’t change dramatically through the year, but in the mid and upper price levels you can get some great bargains if you come off season, which is also when it’s blistering hot and/or monsooning.

Delhi is a rather mysterious city, partly because it completely surrounds the small (and more famous) district of New Delhi. This is a huge metropolis that most people find shocking upon arrival, with conspicuous displays of poverty and decay through most of the city.

Compared to the rest of India, except for Mumbai, Delhi is relatively expensive as well. It’s really best to stay for a few days at the most and spend more time in smaller and more interesting cities. Hotels and hostels in Delhi are not particularly cheap, except for perhaps in the backpacker ghetto of Paharganj.

Good news is that most of the city’s attractions are free or cheap, and that you can (and probably should) hire a private car with a driver for a very affordable sum.

Food can be quite cheap if you are happy to try the stuff sold at street stalls all over town, but air-con tourist restaurants will definitely eat into your budget. Alcohol is tough to get in most of the city, though people at your hotel can always arrange to deliver it for a small fee.

Delhi attraction prices

Location Description Type Price(USD)
Red Fort This photogenic Mughal fort is probably the most popular attraction in Delhi. adults 3.36
Humayuns Tomb This tomb in the south of the city is what the Taj Mahal was modeled upon. adults 6.72
Taj Mahal The Taj Mahal is in Agra, which is 200km from Delhi, but it's a very popular day trip, partly since Agra itself is not very nice. adults 14.79

Delhi transportation prices USD

Pre-paid taxi from airport to city center 5.38 - 6.59
Metro from airport to city center 0.67
3km taxi ride in Delhi/New Delhi 0.71 - 1.08
3km auto-rickshaw ride 0.47 - 0.78
Metro ride in Delhi 0.13 - 0.81
Car & driver for full day 20.16 - 29.57
Express train to Agra (return) 3.54 - 9.41

Delhi food and drink prices USD

Food type   Price
Budget breakfast Filling meals from street stalls and casual restaurants are cheap. Western food will cost much more. 1.34 - 2.29
Budget lunch You can eat in any budget in Delhi. Those trying the local fare can find great bargains, but proper restaurants can be pricey. 1.81 - 3.36
Budget dinner If you save your sit-down meal for evening you can still find budget meals, but spending a fortune is just as easy. 3.23 - 6.05
Beer (pint) Finding alcohol is challenging in Delhi. Your hotel can bring you beer at a decent price. 1.34 - 2.42
McDonalds Chicken Maharaja Mac With beef on the sidewalks instead of the restaurants in India, this deluxe burger is their Big Mac equivalent. 2.02

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Delhi facts

Population 12,600,000
Metro area 19,000,000
Time zone UTC+5:30
Currency Indian rupee
Airports Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL)

Avg temps & precip


weather advise for AmsterdamWeather advice

Delhi’s climate seems surprising to many, as it actually gets quite cold during the winter. Still, the best time to visit is from November through March, with generally warm days making up a bit for the cold nights. From April through June the temperatures skyrocket and the heat can be unbearable, since air conditioning is still quite rare outside of tourist hotels and restaurants. Starting in July the typhoon season begins with frequent heavy rains that cool things off a bit, but they can also cause floods and disrupt life, so this isn’t an ideal time to visit.

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