Goa prices


100 INR = 1.34 USD

Goa hotel prices

Rating Price (USD)
3.02 - 7.39
8.71 - 28.59
11.90 - 71.07
26.99 - 88.68
68.17 - 150.32

Goa hostel prices

Type Price (USD)
Hostel bed
1.28 - 2.02

Hotel seasons


Hotels in Goa can have a fairly big shift between seasons. High season, which is when many Europeans and Israelis flock to the beaches here, is from November through March, with a major spike during the weeks around Christmas and New Years. During this peak season Goa hotels will often double or even triple their rates, and still most things get booked up, so if you are coming then it’s best to book early. During April and May it’s mostly domestic tourists, and from June through August the area is mostly empty due to the dramatic monsoon season.

Recommended hostels


Asterix Hostel

Beds from US$8/night

One of the very few hostels in Goa, the Asterix is a great one, with an ideal location near Vagator and Anjuna beaches.

Goa isn’t a city, it’s a state of mind. It’s also a state in India, which contains several dozen small towns, many of which are along the beach and attract big numbers of tourists from November through March. Compared to most of the rest of India prices in Goa are relatively expensive, but compared to nearly anywhere else this place is a bargain.


During the peak travel weeks from Christmas to New Years the prices do go up and hotels are packed so if your schedule is flexible that is the time to avoid, or be prepared to pay more. Still, hotels in Goa are cheap and fairly good standard for a beach resort area. Hotels at the bottom end of the range will be quite minimalistic though, so be prepared. Also, choose the city you stay in carefully. Some are more known for parties and others are more known for family holidays.

The main attractions are sitting around on the beach all day, and going to bars and clubs or even beach raves at night. All of it is either free or quite cheap, so once you get here you can get by on very little. Even the food and drinks at the many beach restaurants are in line with places in town, so having drinks and a meal on the beach is definitely a bargain compared to Europe.

Goa attraction prices

Location Description Type Price(USD)
Paradiso Club in Anjuna This famous disco is popular with tourists during high season. Admission varies and is sometimes free. Prime time 6.72
Slow time 3.36
Beach bed in Goa Many beaches in Goa offer lounge chairs and drink service for a fee. per hour 1.34

Goa transportation prices USD

Taxi from airport to popular beaches 16.13 - 17.48
Taxi from train stations to beaches 8.07 - 13.44
3km auto-rickshaw ride in Goa 0.81 - 1.61
Public bus ride 0.11 - 0.19
Motorbike rental (per day) 2.69 - 5.38

Goa food and drink prices USD

Food type   Price
Budget breakfast A simple breakfast comes with many hotel rooms. There are also cafes and some street food options if you need them. 1.95 - 3.36
Budget lunch Since Goa consists of so many cities, it's hard to pin down prices. Many beach huts serve good and cheap food. 2.69 - 4.70
Budget dinner Those on a budget can find good options, but lot's of great choices for more exist, including plenty of beef. 4.30 - 6.72
Beer (.65l bottle) Beer is cheap and easy to find in Goa, especially near the beach. Kingfisher is by far the most popular, with the Strong version available most places as well. 1.48 - 2.15
Feni (bottle) This local spirit is made of either cashew or coconut, and can be a very cheap buzz. 1.34 - 4.03

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Goa facts

Population 1,400,000
Metro area 1,400,000
Time zone UTC+5:30
Currency Indian rupee
Airports Dabolim Airport (GOI)

Avg temps & precip


weather advise for AmsterdamWeather advice

The weather averages here are for the capital city of Panaji, which is slightly inland, so beach temperatures might be a bit lower. The weather is very pleasant and dry during the main travel season from December through April, although it is fairly humid even with no rainfall. In April things really heat up, and in June the monsoon season begins with awesome amounts of rainfall, which last through mid August. It’s really better to avoid visiting during those months unless you are coming specifically to see rain and flooding.

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