Is the Go Madrid Pass 2022 worth it? Go Madrid Pass review

Serving as the capital of Spain, Madrid is an iconic city that invites visitors from around the globe for experiences dripping in culture. Madrid is also extremely important because of its food, historical accommodations, and lively attractions. Madrid offers a very reasonable climate, throughout the entire year, making it so that visitors can easily visit the city anytime they want without experiencing extreme temperatures in either direction.

Though Madrid already offers reasonable prices to both locals and visitors on pretty much everything, there is a way to make your money last even longer than you would expect. At least, that’s what the company behind the new Go Madrid Pass says. But does the pass really save you money? We’ll find that out and more, below.

Go Madrid Pass prices for 2022

When you start looking into the Go Madrid Pass, you’ll see that there are various options to choose from. You’ll find that you can purchase 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 choice passes for both adults and children. Which, you’ll want to note that children prices are available for ages 3 to 12. If you are traveling with toddlers and infants, you won’t have to purchase a pass for them. This is because children this young tend to get into the area attractions on a free basis anyway.

  • 3 Choice Adult €59, 3 Choice Child €49
  • 4 Choice Adult €79, 4 Choice Child €69
  • 5 Choice Adult €99, 5 Choice Child €79
  • 6 Choice Adult €119, 6 Choice Child €89
  • 7 Choice Adult €129, 7 Choice Child €99

Another important thing to note is that you have 60 days to use your pass, starting from the very first attraction you visit. That’s because the pass is activated when you visit your first attraction. You’ll also have one year from your purchase date until the pass expires. This means that if you buy the pass well before your vacation to Madrid, you’ll still be able to use it as long as you activate within a years time.

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The short version

With this pass, you’ll find that you have 20 different attractions to choose from, located all around the city. In addition, you’ll also be able to skip the lines for every attraction that has one, which will help you visit each attraction quicker. Some of the attractions are tours that take you through the city, or nearby, but the pass itself does not include transportation to each attraction, meaning that you’ll want to secure your own transportation while visiting. This pass can save you money, if you choose from a variety of price points and not just the attractions that have a low gate fee.

Top sights and attractions

Flamenco Show with drink in Torres Bermejas – €35

A great attraction for those who enjoy a good show and live music, the Flamenco show includes a drink and 20% off of food and additional drinks.

Self-guided Toledo Tour – €25

Featuring dramatic hilltop views, medieval walls, and a military fortress, this self guided tour in Toledo is a must do for those seeking cultural experiences.  Along with free time to explore the entire city, you’ll want to take a look at the Castle of San Servando, which is said to be haunted.

Segway tapas tour of Madrid – €49

This 90 minute tour is both fun and interesting. During it, you and a small group of other tourists will segway your way through the city’s top attractions before ending it with tapa. This tour is available in both Spanish and English. Before you start the tour, you’ll be given a helmet and a short training session detailing how to use the balance control technology.

Royal Palace Entrance and Guided Tour – €29

Long considered one of the city’s most popular attractions, the Royal Palace houses a Throne Room, the Royal Chapel, reception rooms, and the state rooms of King Carlos III and Queen Isabel II. In this tour, you’ll be granted entrance into the Royal Palace along with a walking tour around the palace with a guide. If you’d like, audio guides are available as well.

Is the Go Madrid Pass a good deal

In order for us to make sure to truly answer this question, we think it’s important to look at what the pass is, along with creating a sample itinerary. First, the pass itself is a pass designed to save you money while visiting Madrid, whether you’re buying one for just yourself, or for each member of your group, children included. The pass allows visitors to save money when visiting a choice of 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 attractions out of an available 20 attractions. But, in addition to money savings, you’ll also note that each pass includes information regarding the available attractions, from hours of operation to a map detailing where each attraction is.

Now that we’ve outlined what the pass is and what it includes, it’s time to take a look at a sample itinerary. This itinerary is for a 4 choice adult pass. Read below to see if the pass offers any savings, and if those savings are enough for the pass to be worth it.

4 Choice Adult Go Madrid Pass

  • Royal Palace Entrance and Guided Tour €29
  • Flamenco Show in Torres Bermejas €35
  • Chocolate & Churros Segway Tour €44
  • Reina Sofia Museum guided tour €29

The numbers next to each of the attractions listed above are the normal fees, which all together equal out to €137. A 4 choice adult Go Madrid Pass costs €79. That’s a savings of €58 when using the Go Madrid Pass. You can then use this money toward a dinner out, accommodation upgrades, or transportation.

Are all of the attractions covered with the Go Madrid Pass worth a visit

When looking through the attraction and activity chooses included with the purchase of a pass, you’ll find that the answer is an easy yes! Even though the prices vary widely from attraction to attraction, they’re all popular attractions with great reviews. You’ll also find that because they do vary, some are cultural and historic, while others are purely for fun, that each person in your group will find something they enjoy. This is particularly important if you’re traveling with family where everyone has different interests.

How not to use the Go Madrid Pass

Even though this pass has the ability to save you lots of money, if you don’t use it correctly, you’ll find that it’s not much of a money saver. By this we mean that you’ll want to visit attractions that are either a mixture of prices, or just the ones that cost the most if you were visiting them without the pass. If you include big ticket attractions in your attraction choices, then you should have no issue saving a nice amount of money. Another thing to keep in mind when choosing your attractions is that each attraction can only be visited once per pass. This means that if you purchase a 4 choice pass, you’ll need to visit 4 different attractions.

The bottom line

When you purchase your pass, regardless if you purchase a 3 choice pass or a 7 choice pass, you’ll want to focus on higher priced attractions and sights, instead of just visiting those that originally cost very little. If you do this, then you’ll find that the pass saves you a lot of money that you can use toward transportation options, a nice dinner or an accommodation upgrade.

Where do you purchase your Go Madrid Pass

>>>Buy the Go Madrid Pass at an ADDITIONAL 10% off using this link and the promo code GOPOT10

Look for “Have a promo code?” in your shopping cart and use the code ‘GOPOT10′ for the exclusive Price Of Travel 10% discount. The 10% discount is valid on sale prices, so you save even more.

To purchase your Go Madrid Pass, simply click on the link located above. Once you have purchased your Go Pass and received it via email, you’ll see that there are two different ways to use your pass. The first is by printing it out from your email and then showing it to the personal located at the entrance gate to each attraction. You can also use your pass with the free Go City Pass app on your cell phone.

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