Is the Go City Dubai Pass 2024 worth it? Go City Dubai Pass review

Dubai is a very unusual city and place to visit. Many people only hear about it as a place to shop or maybe relax in the sun, but there are actually dozens of amazing attractions that are worth doing and most are unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else in the world. Visit the 125th floor observation deck of the world’s tallest building, visit the world’s largest indoor ski slopes in a mall, ride in SUVs at frightening speeds over sand dunes (dune bashing), and enjoy cruises and cultural shows with dinner included. The bad news is that almost all of these are very expensive on their own, so the Go City Dubai All-Inclusive Pass can be a great way to save money on them.

You’ll almost certainly want to do the hop-on, hop-off bus tour of Dubai, and if you are also visiting Abu Dhabi (90 minutes away) you can do the HOHO bus of that fascinating city as well. Below we will go over the Dubai attractions that are included and review whether you can save money with the Go City Dubai Pass or not. Long story short, the passes look expensive, but especially since you can take days off in between sightseeing days, it’s easy to save money with the pass and enjoy Dubai’s top sights at the same time.

This article was last updated in March, 2024

Go City Dubai All-Inclusive Pass prices for 2024

When looking at the available pass lengths, you’ll quickly notice that they range from 2 days all the way up to 7 days. You’ll also see that you have the option of purchasing both adult and child passes, with child passes being available for ages 3 to 12 years of age. If you have children under the age of 3 traveling with you or your group, you don’t have to purchase passes for them as they tend to get into area attractions and activities for free.

  • 2-Day Adult US$325, 2-Day Child US$270 (ages 3 to 12)
  • 3-Day Adult $455, 3-Day Child $400
  • 4-Day Adult $565, 4-Day Child $480
  • 5-Day Adult $640, 5-Day Child $550
  • 7-Day Adult $791, 7-Day Child $610
  • 10-Day Adult $1,001, 10-Day Child $761

One thing to note when purchasing a pass is that each pass operates on a calendar day schedule that spans 2 weeks. What this means is that when you activate your pass at the first attraction you choose, you’ll then have 2 weeks to use all of your days. For example, if you choose a 4-day pass, you’ll have 13 days to use the remanding days after the first day.

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The short version

All together, there are 39 different attractions and activities to choose from, and more than half of those cost US$50 or more and many are close to US$100, with 2 of them being even more than that. The Go City Dubai Pass looks expensive on the surface, but it’s actually pretty cheap when you consider the individual prices of all of the attractions it includes.

Unlike, say, London or Paris, where some museums are free and nearly all of the others cost under US$20 to enter, almost everything worthwhile in Dubai is expensive. They even charge to visit the beach here! Since most of the Dubai attractions included have a premium price tag, it’s actually quite easy to scan down them to choose the ones that sound the most interesting or the most fun. You’ll easily be able to do at least 2 major attractions each day, and 3 is very possible if you are well organized. Long story short, the Go City Dubai Pass is a great way to save money if you want to fill your Dubai trip with thrills. But you have to be well organized and start your day early.

IMPORTANT: The Go City Dubai All-Inclusive Pass is valid over the course of 14 days, so it DOES not have to be used on consecutive days like almost every other city pass. In other words, if you are visiting Dubai for a week, you can arrive on Sunday and use the pass for a few things on Monday and then spend Tuesday shopping or at the beach and then use the pass on Wednesday and on Thursday maybe you’ll take the Dubai to Abu Dhabi bus or shuttle to check into a hotel there, and then spend Friday doing the big attractions in Abu Dhabi. You’ll be busy on the days you use your pass, but you can take days in between to shop, relax, or do other things.

An Explorer Pass can be good for some visitors

In most of this article we are discussing the All-Inclusive Pass, which is the best option for most people. But if you are only in Dubai for maybe 2 days and you only have time to visit 3 or 4 things, the Explorer Pass is the better option.

Explorer Pass prices

  • 3-Choice Adult US$220, 3-Day Child US$190 (ages 3 to 12)
  • 4-Choice Adult $280, 4-Day Child $240
  • 5-Choice Adult $330, 5-Day Child $300
  • 7-Choice Adult $450, 7-Day Child $400
  • 10-Choice Adult $600, 10-Day Child $550

Again, if you’ve only got 2 or 3 sightseeing days in Dubai and there are only a few things you want to do, this could be a good choice. Needless to say, you’ll only want to do the attractions that cost close to US$100 each in order to make it good value.

Should you buy an All-Inclusive or Explorer Pass?

In this case it should be pretty obvious to most visitors which pass suits them best. The 3-Choice Explorer Pass might seem expensive at $220, but there are 25 different attractions priced at $80 or higher, so any three of these will mean a savings of at least $30 on the three admissions. It’s really just a matter of going down the list to see WHICH of the expensive attractions look appealing and can fit into your trip. If that number is 3 to 10 of them AND you can afford it, then the Explorer Pass will save you a lot of money on them.

Another thing to take into account is that the All-Inclusive Pass does NOT have to be used on consecutive days, so as long as you choose attractions that can be done two in a day, and there are a lot that are like that, you can save even more by getting a 2-day or 3-day All-Inclusive Pass and doing between 4 and 6 or 7 attractions in those two or three busy sightseeing days. Again, the math should be pretty simple for most people depending on how many of the expensive attractions look enticing enough.

Top sights and attractions

Desert Safari and BBQ Dinner in Dubai – US$93.00

This fun safari tour and dinner lasts about 5 hours and is a great way to end the day. You’ll find yourself in a desert camp filled with dining and traditional Arabian entertainment. Some of the activities included are a henna tattoo station, a Tanoura show, camel riding, and sand boarding.

1-Day Big Bus Dubai or Abu Dhabi Hop-On Hop-Off Tour – $86.00

You won’t realize how spread-out Dubai is until you get here and how little of it is covered by the Metro system. Most of the major sights are well off the Metro stops, so the hop-on, hop-off bus is a perfect way to see all the main attractions in a few hours. It may not be a great way to get from one attraction to another, but the whole tour is a great way to familiarize yourself with the amazing Dubai sights, and then you can go back and see some of them later.

Abu Dhabi is much more compact, but the sights are still fairly spread out and your pass includes the hop-on, hop-off bus tour of Abu Dhabi as well.

Sunset Dinner Cruise Dubai Marina – $58.00

This is a 90-minute sunset cruise around the Dubai Marina, which is a stunning place to spend a sunset, with a buffet dinner with Arabian and global cuisine options along with unlimited coffee, tea, soft drinks, and water. There is also live entertainment so it’s a full experience and an excellent meal.

LEGOLAND Dubai and LEGOLAND Water Park – $90.00 each

Families are going to have a hard time passing this deal up as it includes admission to both LEGOLAND Dubai with its roller coasters and LEGO-themed attractions, and also the LEGOLAND Water Park next door that features waterslides, interactive playgrounds, and pools. It’s almost always hot or extremely hot in Dubai, so this is a great combination where you can visit the main park in the morning and then when it really starts getting warm you can head into the water park to cool off.

At The Top – Burj Khalifa – $71.00

Most people will recognize the world’s tallest building, and with the Go City Dubai Pass you can get access to the 124th and 125th observation decks, which have amazing views overlooking Downtown Dubai. One great thing about attractions like this is that you really only want to spend an hour or even a bit less here, so you can easily combine it with several other attractions in one day. Better still, you can go in as late as 11 PM, so even if you spend the day in Abu Dhabi or visiting both LEGOLAND parks, you can still visit this one in the evening.

Ski Dubai – Snow Classic – $73.00

Many people have heard about Dubai having the world’s largest, indoor ski park, and your Go City Dubai Pass includes a pass to Ski Dubai. You will see penguins inside and also have a chance to hit the indoor slopes yourself. Your equipment is provided, including a jacket, snow pants, gloves, and boots.

Speed Boat Sightseeing Tour – $44.00

This speed boat sightseeing tour is a fun way to venture around the Palm, Atlantis, Burj Al Arab, and Lagoon. The tour itself lasts around 90-minutes or so.

Is the Go Dubai Pass a good deal

In order to properly answer this question, we’ll need to look at not only what the pass actually is, but a sample itinerary as well. Firstly, the pass itself is a pass that you can use to get into each and every single one of the included 39 attractions. It’s also a guide that includes detailed information about each of the attractions. This includes the hours of operation, descriptions, and a map that lets you see exactly where each attraction is located compared to the others. You’ll also happily find dining, entertainment, and shopping discounts.

Now that you know that’s included in the pass, let’s look at a sample itinerary. This particular itinerary is for a 3 Day Adult pass. Read more below to see if there are any savings, and if the savings is large enough to matter.

Day 1

  • Aquaventure Waterpark at Atlantis The Palm $99.00
  • Lost Chambers Aquarium at Atlantis The Palm $37.00
  • Sunset Dinner Cruise Dubai Marina $58.00

Day 2

  • Ferrari World Abu Dhabi $95.00
  • Hop-On Hop-Off Big Bus Abu Dhabi Tour – 1 Day Ticket $86.00

Day 3

  • IMG Worlds of Adventure $100.00
  • Ski Dubai Snow Classic $73.00
  • At The Top – Burj Khalifa $71.00

After looking at the numbers, the end price of all of the attractions listed above comes out to $619. This final price is what you would pay if you didn’t buy the Go Dubai Pass and instead paid for each attraction at its gate. The price of an Adult 3-Day Pass is $455, or about $422 if you use our exclusive discount. This gives you a savings of $197.00, which is pretty notable. This extra money in your wallet can then be used for a hotel upgrade or a few meals out.

Also, remember that you can take days off in between your days using the pass, so you’ll be relaxed and ready for each busy day taking in the famous (and expensive!) attractions.

Are all of the attractions covered with the Go Dubai Pass worth a visit

This is an easy yes. Each of the attractions available with the pass are worthy of your time and are considered popular attractions by both locals and fellow travelers. If you love adventure, then you’ll want to look into iFly Dubai Indoor Skydiving and Mini Movies at Thrill Zone. If you’re interested in food experiences, then you’ll want to look deeper into the Arabian Culinary Experience at Al Hallab Restaurant and the Sunset Dinner Cruise Dubai Marina.

How not to use the Go Dubai Pass

Even though the Go Dubai Pass can be a great deal that will save you lots of money, if it’s not used a certain way, it can make it so that you break even, or just not save any money at all. The trick is to stay away from visiting just the lower priced attractions. If you stick to attractions and activities that cost below $50.00, then you’ll end up spending more money on the pass than the attractions themselves. But if you fill your days with experiences that vary in price and include some high ticket items, then you should have no problem saving a nice chunk of change with the Go Pass.

Also, you’ll want to activate your pass at the first attraction you choose as early in the day as you can. This way you’ll have the entire day to explore, as each day runs from the time the first attraction opens to closing time, and not on a 24 hour schedule.

The bottom line

If you purchase this pass, at any day length, with the intention of visiting a mixture of attractions with most of them in the higher price range, you’ll end up saving a lot of money. If you intend to stick to mostly lower priced activities, then this pass may not be the best fit for you and your vacation.

Where do you purchase your Go Dubai Pass

Look for “Have a promo code?” on the Order Summary screen and use the code ‘GO5POT’ for the exclusive Price Of Travel 5% discount. The 5% discount is valid on sale prices, so you save even more.

>>>Buy the Go Dubai Pass at an ADDITIONAL 5% off using this link and the promo code GO5POT

To buy your Go Dubai Pass, simply click on the link above. After purchasing your Go City Dubai Pass, you’ll have 2 ways to use your pass, by printing it out from your email and showing it at the entrance gate of each attraction, or by using the free Go City Pass app on your cell phone.

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    Will the God Dubai Pass be accepted at all attractions over the Christmas period. 21 Dec 2019- 29 Dec 2019?

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      For the all-inclusive Dubai Cards that are sold by number of days, here’s what it says: “You can visit as many included attractions as you like while your Go Dubai All-Inclusive pass is valid. You can visit each attraction once per day unless otherwise noted in your guidebook.” -Roger