174 World cities by latitude: Things line up in surprising ways

While this site mostly deals with the economics of world travel, we’ve also included typical weather and climate information for each destination for each month of the year. Hopefully this is useful to those who are planning a trip so they can compare what to expect weather-wise between each destination with just one click.

So building on the weather part, I always thought it would be interesting to see exactly where all the major tourist destinations of the world line up with regard to latitude (distance from the equator). The data below might contain some surprising facts, as it seems like most of us picture the globe in ways that may not match reality.

Southern Hemisphere cities are in italics alongside the Northern Hemisphere cities

And since it seems more interesting to compare cities by absolute distance from the equator rather than purely from north to south, I’ve added the Southern Hemisphere cities in with their northern counterparts, so, for example, Melbourne, Australia is listed (in italics) with San Francisco, as they are the same distance from the equator.

Most interesting cities at similar latitudes

Venice, Italy and Montreal, Canada – Most people would be surprised to see that Canada’s northernmost major tourist city is on the same latitude line as Italy’s famous lagoon city.

Nice, France and Toronto, Canada – Toronto is farther south than most would assume when they are not looking at a map, and that puts it in line with France’s Côte d’Azur along its southern Mediterranean coast.

Chicago, USA and Barcelona, Spain and Istanbul, Turkey – Since Chicago is famous for being far north in the US, it seems surprising to line up with Barcelona in the far north of Spain, and also Istanbul, which many of us picture almost in the Middle East.

Beijing, China and Ibiza, Spain – I don’t know about you, but even though I’ve been to both, I’d never have guessed that they are on the same latitude based on what they feel like when you are there.

San Francisco, USA and Athens, Greece – Again, San Francisco is known for its year-round mild climate while Athens is known for being in a desert-like part of the Mediterranean.

174 popular destinations by latitude

Southern Hemisphere cities are in on the same list, in italics.


Reykjavik, Iceland


Helsinki, Finland
Bergen, Norway


Oslo, Norway
Stockholm, Sweden
Tallinn, Estonia
St. Petersburg, Russia


Riga, Latvia


Edinburgh, Scotland
Copenhagen, Denmark
Moscow, Russia
Vilnius, Lithuania


Galway, Ireland
Dublin, Ireland
Hamburg, Germany


Amsterdam, Netherlands
Berlin, Germany
Warsaw, Poland


London, England
Bruges, Belgium


Brussells, Belgium
Prague, Czech Republic
Krakow, Poland


Vancouver, Canada
Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic


Paris, France
Munich, Germany
Vienna, Austria
Salzburg, Austria
Bratislava, Slovakia


Zurich, Switzerland
Budapest, Hungary
Interlaken, Switzerland
Lucerne, Switzerland


Ljubjana, Slovenia


Montreal, Canada
Milan, Italy
Venice, Italy
Belgrade, Serbia
Zagreb, Croatia
Queenstown, New Zealand


Bucharest, Romania
Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina
Monaco, Monaco
Christchurch, New Zealand


Toronto, Canada
Nice, France
Florence, Italy
Split, Croatia


Dubrovnik, Croatia
Sofia, Bulgaria
Boston, USA


Chicago, USA
Barcelona, Spain
Rome, Italy
Istanbul, Turkey
Bariloche, Argentina


New York City, USA
Madrid, Spain
Naples, Italy
Sorrento, Italy


Beijing, China
Ibiza, Spain
Valencia, Spain


Washington DC, USA
Lisbon, Portugal
Mar del Plata, Argentina
Rotorua, New Zealand


San Francisco, USA
Athens, Greece
Seoul, South Korea
Granada, Spain
Malaga, Spain
Seville, Spain
Mykonos, Greece
Faro, Portugal
Antalya, Turkey
Melbourne, Australia


Las Vegas, USA
Rhodes, Greece
Santorini, Greece
Valletta, Malta
Kas, Turkey
Auckland, New Zealand


Tokyo, Japan
Kyoto, Japan
Osaka, Japan


Los Angeles, USA
Fez, Morocco
Xian, China
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Montevideo, Uruguay
Sydney, Australia
Punta del Este, Uruguay


Beirut, Lebanon
Santiago, Chile
Cape Town, South Africa

Mendoza, Argentina
Santiago, Chile

Valparaiso, Chile


Tel Aviv, Israel


Marrakech, Morocco
Amman, Jordan
Shanghai, China
Perth, Australia


Cairo, Egypt


New Orleans, USA


Delhi, India
Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt
Tenerife, Spain


Kathmandu, Nepal
Brisbane, Australia


Miami, USA
Dubai, UAE
Taipei, Taiwan


Abu Dhabi, UAE


Los Cabos, Mexico
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Sao Paulo, Brazil


Macau, Macau
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Sapa, Vietnam
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Honolulu, USA
Cancun, Mexico
Hanoi, Vietnam
Cozumel, Mexico
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Mexico City, Mexico
Luang Prabang, Laos
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic


Mumbai, India
Chiang Mai, Thailand
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Montego Bay, Jamaica


Antigua, Guatemala
San Pedro, Belize
Vientiane, Laos
Yangon, Myanmar
Hue, Vietnam


La Paz, Bolivia
Cairns, Australia


Goa, India
Hội An, Vietnam


Dakar, Senegal
Manila, Philippines


Bangkok, Thailand
Siem Reap, Cambodia
Pattaya, Thailand
Nha Trang, Vietnam
Cusco, Peru


Boracay Island, Philippines
Lima, Peru


Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Cartagena, Colombia
Caracas, Venezuela
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

San José, Costa Rica

Panama City, Panama
Kuta, Bali, Indonesia
Recife, Brazil

Phuket Town, Thailand

Colombo, Sri Lanka
Zanzibar City, Tanzania
Jakarta, Indonesia

Medellin, Colombia
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Arusha, Tanzania

Singapore, Singapore
Nairobi, Kenya

Quito, Ecuador

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  1. Bill Wells says:

    Nice list, Roger, thanks. I had to prove to myself that Rome is farther north than NYC!

  2. Nina says:

    Beirut, Lebanon is in the wrong category.

    1. Roger Wade says:

      They aren’t in categories. They are listed according to latitudes. -Roger

  3. john says:

    why do so many people keep telling the author that hes missed some cities ! he aint gonna list evey bloody city !

  4. Hans says:

    Hi, very interesting page. Just some minor mistakes: Jakarta and Kuta should be italicised since they are on the southern side of equator.
    Cheers, Hans.

    1. Roger Wade says:


      Thank you, and you are right. Good catch. I’ll fix that now. -Roger

  5. Rogerio says:

    Add Porto Alegre and Curitiba from Brazil, both over 1.2 million in municipality and 4 million in metro area.

    Because the list needs more high 20s / low 30s latitudes cities from the southern hemisphere.

  6. Chrissie B says:

    Sorry, meant to say South African cities. Like Johannesburg and Cape Town.

    1. Roger Wade says:

      Chrissie B,

      Thanks, but Cape Town is there, along with 8 other African cities. The list mainly focuses on cities where tourists go, so you’ll find Cairo and Marrakech on the list, but there are also cities in Tanzania, Kenya, and Senegal on the list. -Roger

  7. Chrissie B says:

    Very interesting and some were a bit surprising.
    BUT!!! There are no African cities, why?

  8. James Blanford says:

    Great idea and fun to compare. You missed the italics on a few Southern Hemisphere cities: Bariloche, Mendoza and Mar del Plato in Argentina as well as Rotorua, New Zealand. Also Montevideo and La Paz are listed twice. Thanks for the thought-provoking list.

    – Jim

    1. Roger Wade says:


      Thank you for the notes. We recently added about 70 cities and I will fix the mistakes that you pointed out. -Roger

  9. Kate says:

    Well, actually, you cannot guess climate by only latitude, it also depends on how mild/continental ckimate is which depends on how far from the sea you are and how warm or cold sea currents are if you are close to the sea. For example same latitudes in North America and in Siberia are much colder than in Europe, especially Western Europe. For example, here in S. Petersburg climate is mild and winter temperatures are from -10 to +5 C, but same latitudes in Siberia often have -30 to -40 C

    1. Roger Wade says:


      Thank you for the comment, but you seem to have summarized exactly what is above in the article and the list. -Roger

  10. Rafa says:

    Interesting site. I think that you should include Usuahia in Argentina and Punta Arenas in Chile the most austral cities of the world.