St. Maarten: Why it might be the best Caribbean destination for you

St. Maarten is a Caribbean paradise wrapped up in European charm that beckons visitors back time and time again. From its grand selection of upscale vacation villas to its thriving multidimensional nightlife, you’ll find everything you could have wished for. Once on the island you’ll also be treated to an array of different boat charters and rentals, first class brand name shopping and delectable cuisine, some prepared by international chefs that have been flown in.

All these reasons combined and more help to make for a perfect Caribbean vacation.

St. Maarten offers a large selection of upscale vacation villas

If you’re planning on staying a week or longer and are looking for more of a homely atmosphere, the upscale vacation villas available around the island will be exactly what you’re looking for. Instead of reserving a hotel room and sharing your vacation with all of the other guests, you’ll find your home away from home with your own little villa complete with living room, kitchen, dining room and more.

Some even have a private pool great for families and large groups. You’ll also find that many of these villas are more than affordable and due to that, house many return guests.

St. Maarten provides many different boat charters and rentals

For those who love the ocean but don’t want to spend your entire vacation swimming in it, you’ll find many different boat charters and rentals available. Whether you’re looking for a small fishing boat charter, a sailboat, catamaran or a large vessel, you’ll have no problem finding not only the boat but a great captain who knows the water like that back of their hand.

If you rather steer your own boat, there are plenty of rentals available for both half day and full day excursions. You’ll also find that this option is great for families and large groups.

St. Maarten is a Caribbean hotspot for brand name shopping

One of the biggest attractions on the island is its shopping, specifically its brand name stores. Due to its thriving shopping attraction, you’ll notice that many of the prices are fairly lower than other Caribbean islands. This is due to the strong competition between the individual shops in the area, which in the end will save you big bucks. When shopping you’ll be surrounded by stores offering everything from jewelry, watches, clothes, cigars and electronics. If you’re hungry but not wanting to go out to eat, check out one of the European grocery stores filled with European gourmet foods.

What makes your shopping experience even better? The entire island is a duty free zone, which will make both you and your wallet smile.

St. Maarten provides many affordable fine dining options

Known as the “Gastronomic Capital of the Caribbean”, St. Maarten offers the largest variety of food out of all of the Caribbean islands. You’ll find everything from local BBQ ribs, Tex-Mex, Thai, Indian, American, Chinese and more.

For those who crave a finer dining experience, you’ll find just that at one of the local French restaurants. These restaurants are known for flying in famous chefs straight from Paris for the season. You’ll also find yourself delighted with an extensive wine and cocktail menu available at many of the island’s top restaurants that won’t break the bank.

St. Maarten comes alive at night with a thriving nightlife

If you love the night, you’ll love St. Maarten. Casinos reign king with a variety of game choices from high stakes gambling to a sports book to penny slots. If you’re not looking to gamble the night away, there are plenty of live entertainment options that are constantly changing with different types of music and events throughout the year.

There are also numerous discos, nightclubs and bars catering to every type of partier. If you’re looking for a night out but don’t want to party, check out one of the late night movie theaters or go out of a game of bowling at the local bowling alley.

Photos from Flickr users Trish Hartmann,  Bruce Tuten and Derek Hatfield.

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