Is the Go Miami Pass worth it? Go Miami Pass review 2020

Welcome to the heart of south Florida where the palm trees are swaying, the people are tanning and the heat is always turned all the way up. Miami is a gold mine for those looking for great Caribbean food, miles of beach and a place to dance the night away. But what most people don’t know is that Miami is also home to great local attractions including the Everglades, Zoo Miami and more.

Most of the visitors who choose Miami aren’t planning on saving money but if you’re one of the few who are looking to have a great time on a dime, there might be a solution- the Go Miami Pass. This pass is designed to help you save money when visiting the main local attractions during your stay. But does it really work? We answer that question and more below.

Go Miami Pass prices for 2020

Depending on how many days you plan on visiting and into what age group you fall into, you’ll find that the Go Pass prices vary a bit.

Those ages 13 and up fall into the adult price range while ages 3 to 12 fall into the child price range. Those who have children 2 years old and under will find that the pass is free.

  • 1-Day Adult $81, 1-Day Child $62
  • 2-Day Adult $122, 2-Day Child $94
  • 3-Day Adult $156, 3-Day Child $124
  • 5-Day  Adult $211, 5-Day Child $176

The prices listed above are the everyday general prices but there are discounts and sales offered throughout the year. Because of this, if you have time to wait it might be best to purchase your pass right before you head over to Miami. This way you’ll have more of a chance to catch a sale before your trip begins.

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Our expert recommendation for your first Miami visit

Miami and Miami Beach are filled with wonderful sights and attractions, and many of them are unique to the area. As experienced world travelers and also former Miami residents I highly recommend building your itinerary on two stand-out sights included with the Go Miami Pass.

Biscayne Bay Sightseeing Boat Trip

Biscayne Bay is the body of water that separates Miami and Miami Beach, and it is also home to hundreds of extremely expensive homes that are owned by celebrities such as Ricky Martin, Puff Daddy, and Jennifer Lopez just to name a few. The included 80-minute boat trip leaves from the really enjoyable Bayside Marketplace, which is close to many of Miami’s larger hotels.

One of the Everglades visits

The Go Miami Pass includes four different Everglades tours, including one that also provides round-trip transportation from Miami. The other three are in different parts of south Florida and chances are at least one will be within an hour’s drive of where you are staying. We’d recommend that you make time for at least one of these Everglade’s tours because they are not only fun, but unlike anything you’ll ever see anywhere else in the world. The Everglades is actually a slow-moving river filled with (some) alligators but also exotic birds and many other things you won’t see anywhere else.

Top sights and attractions

Miami Seaquarium – $51.35

With views of downtown Miami and 38 acres to enjoy, the Miami Seaquarium is a great choice for those who love learning about the ocean hands on. Here you’ll find sea lions, sea turtles, manatees, fish and more. A great way to spend half a day, this attraction is suited to both children and adults alike. A quick side note though- parking is $10 per vehicle and not included with your pass.

Jungle Island – $52.96

Popular among both locals and visitors, Jungle Island is a staple in South Florida. Situated between downtown Miami and South Beach, this attraction is a great half day adventure that just so happens to be close to lots of other attractions and sights. Within Jungle Island you’ll find shows such as Winged Wonders, Wild Encounter and Wild Adventures as well as a private beach and the Treetop Ballroom. Most come to Jungle Island to view beautiful parrots from around the world. Great for families, even those with young children.

Everglades Alligator Farm & Airboat – $28.00

Welcome to Florida’s oldest alligator farm. Here you’ll find more than 2,000 alligators, an airboat ride, crocodiles, snakes and wildlife shows every hour. If you love reptiles, this is the place for you. Because there is so much to see here, you’ll want to have your camera handy. This attraction is also great for young kids, although they should be closely supervised.

Lion Country Safari – $41.73

Great for those who have always dreamed of going on an African safari but haven’t had the chance to visit Africa yet, the Lion Country Safari takes you on a 4 mile drive where you’ll get to see wildebeests, rhinos, zebra, lions and more. After you’re done with your tour, you’ll want to head over to the Safari World Amusement Park where you’ll be able to hand feed giraffes and more. You’ll also find paddle boats, a water playground, games, shopping, dining options and more. For this attraction, which is actually a 2 in 1, you’ll want to plan for 2 to 4 hours adventure.

Key West Day Trip – $75.00

A great way to visit Key West, the Key West Day Trip takes you into the southernmost town in the continental US for a day of fun in the sun. Before getting there however, you’ll cross 42 bridges and travel through 32 islands, offering a plentiful amount of photo opportunities. Once in Key West,  you’ll have 6 hours to venture around, shop and dine. There are no set activities on this tour, allowing you complete freedom to do what you please. All together this tour takes about 12 hours and is kid friendly.

Zoo Miami – $24.56

A great way to view wildlife from around the world that you may never see otherwise, the Zoo Miami allows for a day exploring 340 acres with more than 3,000 animals. Not only will you be able to view wildlife, but have some up close and personal encounters as well. Here visitors will have the chance to feed giraffes and a rhino, ride a camel, meet the zoo keepers who care for these animals and play at the zoo’s playground. In addition the zoo caters with dining options, a water park and plenty of shaded places to sit.

Everglades Tour from Miami – $58.00

A good activity choice for those looking to spend a half day in The Everglades, this tour is both kid and adult friendly. First the tour will take you straight to The Everglades, all the while learning about this precious ecosystem. Once there you’ll take a 30 minute airboat ride before settling down for a live alligator handling show. Once that is done you’ll find yourself dining dockside as you take in the views. There’s also a jungle walkway to explore where you’ll find plenty of opportunities for bird-watching and more.

Jet Boat Miami – $33.85

Those who are looking to get out in the water but don’t want to take a swim will find a good time with Jet Boat Miami. With this tour, you’ll find yourself seated on a jet boat reaching 45 miles per hour. As you’re cruising past downtown Miami, San Marco Island, Star Island and more you’ll find yourself living on the wild side with side drifting, leaps, tight turns and 360 degree twists. If you’re the type that gets seasick, make sure to take some medicine before hopping on. Great for adults and kids.

Bike and Roll: Bike Rental – $32.10

Bike rentals are the perfect way for outdoorsy types to travel around Miami without being on a pre-programmed tour. Some stops you’ll want to consider are South Beach, the Venetian causeway and Little Havana. When picking out your bike, you’ll also get a helmet, lock and a map of the area. This activity is great for both adults and kids and takes about 3 hours to explore the city.

Is The Go Miami Pass a good deal

With the purchase of your Go Miami Pass, you’ll receive not only the pass, which entitles you to free admission to 31 different area attractions, but also a guidebook along with discounts for local dining, shopping and entertainment.

But before jumping in and purchasing a pass or two, it’s important to look at both the pass price and the prices of the attractions and then compare the final numbers. Below, you’ll find a sample 2 day itinerary that should help put into preservative the potential savings.

Day 1

  • Everglades Tour by Grayline $58.00
  • Duck Tours South Beach $37.63

Day 2

  • Miami Watersports 1-hour kayak or paddleboard $34.77
  • Miami Seaquarium $51.35
  • Jungle Island $52.96

In the end, the final cost of this 2 day itinerary equals out to be $234.71. To visit those same attractions with the Go Miami Pass, you would only be paying $122.00 as an adult. That’s a savings of $112.71. If you happen to buy a pass during a sale, the savings increase even more.

Remember when buying a 2 day or longer pass, you have a total of two weeks to visit those attractions as the pass is activated when you visit your first attraction. For example, if you are visiting Miami from Thursday to Monday and buy visit your first attraction on Thursday using a 2 day pass, you have the option of using the pass on Thursday and Saturday instead of having to use it on the first two days of your vacation. This is great if you’re traveling with kids who need a break between days.

Are all of the attractions covered with the Go Miami Pass worth a visit

Yes, yes, and another yes. Miami holds the title of Florida’s best melting pot, and it undoubtedly lives up to the name. Within the city walls you’ll find attractions that specialize in different cultures, excitement, relaxation and education. Outside of the city limits you’ll find attractions geared toward Florida life, nature and more.

Due to these attraction variations, each type of visitor, whether traveling alone, as a couple or as a family, should be able to find numerous attractions that fit what they are looking for out of both the pass and the city. As long as you choose to visit different types of attractions, everyone in your group should do just fine.

How to use the Go Miami Pass

Miami is a big city and because of this, it’s very, very important to plan out the use of your pass before you head out on your daily adventures. It’s easy to get lost here, and even more, stuck in traffic that delays you from getting to your chosen destination in a timely fashion. When looking at the attractions, take time to detail where each is located and map out how far one is from the next. This way you’re less likely to find yourself on one side of the city trying to rush over to the other side in order to get to the next attraction in time.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that some attractions have higher admission prices in comparison to others. When planning your day, keep those prices in mind and steer clear of devoting an entire day to low cost attractions. If you were to do this, you probably wouldn’t be getting the full use of the Go pass and thus wouldn’t be saving much if any money.

Also remember, if you purchase a 2 day or longer pass, you have two weeks to use the pass from its activation. If you purchase a 1 day pass, you only have that one day to use it.

The bottom line

If you plan to visit a number of different attractions that have higher admission prices and take the time needed to plan out your day by taking advantage of the free guide book, you’ll find that the Go Miami Pass is a great way to save money.

If you’re only planning on visiting minor attractions that cost $20 dollars or less, you’ll likely find that  the Go Miami Pass isn’t your best bet.

Where do you purchase your Go Miami Pass

>>>Buy the Go Miami Pass at an ADDITIONAL 10% off using this link and the promo code POT10

Look for “Have a promo code?” in your shopping cart and use the code ‘POT10′ for the exclusive Price Of Travel 10% discount. Discount expires December 31, 2020. The 10% discount is valid on sale prices, so you save even more.

There are four different ways to receive your pass. The most popular way is via smart phone. Once you have purchase your pass, you’ll have an option to have it sent straight to your  phone. Once you select that option, you should receive the pass right away, although sometimes there is a bit of a delay. If you’re in town and want to pick up the pass in person, you have the option of getting it at any of Miami’s in-city pickup locations. The other two ways to receive your pass are via snail mail or email.

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