Is the Go City Cancun Pass worth it? Go City Cancun Pass review 2024

You’ll be happy to hear that Cancun is booming again and you won’t be alone when you visit. Even though Mexico can be considered a relatively cheap place for a beach holiday (at least compared to, say, Hawaii), it’s not as cheap as we might like. The Cancun area is so popular that there are scores of major water parks and tours and dinner cruises and loads of other things to do, and very few of them are cheap. The Go City Cancun Pass can be a great way to experience many of these new attractions and save a lot of money in the process, but the pass is definitely not for everyone.

First off, it’s important to decide where to stay in Cancun because there are at least 7 different options that are best for different types of travelers. Once you know where you’ll be staying you’ll be able to see which of the attractions are close by and if the Go City Cancun Pass is a good option for you.

As of 2024, all-inclusive passes of at least 3 days each include one PREMIUM attraction, and whichever one you choose will probably be the highlight of your trip. There are large water and adventure parks in the area and these attractions include full access to the parks and in some cases unlimited food and drinks as well. Whoa!

Go City Cancun Pass prices for early 2024

Now you can choose between a standard Go City Cancun Pass where you pre-pay for a set number of sightseeing days, which is called the All-Inclusive Pass, or the Explorer Pass, which allows you to pre-pay for a set number of sights and then visit them within 60 days from the first visit to any of them.

All-Inclusive Go City Pass prices

The 3-day and up packages each include one premium experience and those are worth at least US$120 per person, so as long as one of those appeals to you, getting great value out of the Go City Cancun Pass is pretty easy.

  • 1-Day Adult $99 (12+), 1-Day Child (5-11) $64
  • 2-Day Adult $174, 2-Day Child $130
  • 3-Day Adult $230, 3-Day Child $160 (includes one premium experience)
  • 4-Day Adult $299, 4-Day Child $201 (includes one premium experience)
  • 5-Day Adult $344, 5-Day Child $221 (includes one premium experience)
  • 7-Day Adult $421, 7-Day Child $271 (includes one premium experience)

Explorer Go City Pass prices
  • 3-Choice Pass Adult US$129 (12+), Child $99(5-11)
  • 4-Choice Pass Adult $166, Child $124
  • 5-Choice Pass Adult $201, Child $154
  • 7-Choice Pass Adult $259, Child $189
  • 10-Choice Pass Adult $359, Child $199

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The short version

Considering how expensive most of the top attractions in Cancun are, it’s pretty easy to see whether or not you can save money with a Go City Cancun Pass. You’ll want to go through the list and look specifically at which attractions you’d want to do and then make sure there is enough time to do each of them. A few of them are an hour or two from the Cancun Hotel Zone, so you can probably only do one of those each day.

Assuming you see at least a few attractions that you’d enjoy doing, then you are almost guaranteed to save money with a Go City Cancun Pass. If you are the type who likes to start early and stay busy all day then the All-Inclusive Pass will save you more money, but if you are the type who likes to sleep in a bit and then have a couple of drinks on the beach in the afternoon then the Explorer Pass is probably best suited to you.

A large amount of the included attractions are family friendly, but there are a few that are more suited for couples and adults. When looking through the passes available, you’ll see that the 3, 4, 5, and 7 day passes all include premium attractions. What this means is that if you purchase one of these passes, you’ll have access to 1 of the 5 premium attractions available in addition to the regular 38 choices. If you order the 1-day or 2-day pass, you won’t have access to the premium attractions.

In order to get your money out of whatever pass length you choose, you’ll want to focus on the more expensive attractions available. If you just choose to visit attractions that are on the lower price range, this pass most likely won’t save you any money, so you’ll want to stick to attractions that cost more.

Top sights and attractions

Xel-Há Park Admission plus Cancun Scenic Tower– US$134.99

Premium attraction

This eco-friendly water park is a bit north of Tulum, so it’s about 80 minutes by road from the Cancun Hotel Zone. It has hiking trails, amazing snorkeling spots, zip-lines, river tubes, water-slides, and much more. Admission also comes with free breakfast and lunch buffets PLUS an open bar for the adults. Each all-inclusive Go Cancun Pass comes with one premium attraction and this one is going to be hard to pass up.

Xcaret Park and Scenic Tower– US$140.99

Premium attraction

Similar to the Xel-Há Park in many ways, the Xcaret Park is larger and includes access to their beaches and bays along with the water park and other attractions for the whole day. Unlike the one mentioned above, this one does not include food and drinks, but it’s more extensive.

Extreme Adventure Park – All Day Combo Tour– US$165.00

Premium attraction

A bit similar to the Xel-Há Park mentioned above, the Extreme Adventure Park is only about 15 minutes south of Cancun so it’s a better choice if you are staying anywhere near the airport or Hotel Zone. This park includes an ATV ride, snorkeling, ziplines, and even a 50-minute swim session in a cenote (enclosed sea cave).

Manatee Encounter & lunch in Cozumel or Isla Mujeres– US$135.00

Premium attraction

This one includes transportation by ferry from either Cancun or Playa del Carmen that takes you round-trip to Cozumel or Isla Mujeres for the manatee encounter. If you aren’t looking to run, jump, and slide at one of the other two adventure parks, this attraction could be perfect and it includes lunch as well.

Chichén Itzá, Cenote & Valladolid Day Trip– US$150.00

Premium attraction

The ruins of Chichén Itzá are by far the most popular thing to see in the greater Cancun area and many people book a separate tour that picks them up at their hotel and takes them to the ruins and takes them back. This is a premium version that includes all of that as well as admission to the ruins (about US$25) and a 1 hour 45-minute visit to the Hacienda Selva Maya and Cenote Saamal (a famous restaurant with its own cenote and water park) and a 45-minute stop at Valladolid (a gorgeous colonial town that is interesting to explore). Many visitors end up doing all of these things on their own or through another tour, so this is a good option that can be free/included if you get at least a 3-day pass.

It’s worth noting that there is a version of this that doesn’t include admission to the ruins or the stop at the restaurant and cenote, and stops longer in Valladolid. It’s US$85 normally and it’s a non-premium attraction so you can do it even with the 1-day and 2-day passes.

Isla Mujeres Discovery Sail – $79.00

Found just off of the coast of Cancun lies Isla Mujeres, this small island is loved by many and is off great cultural importance to Mexico. With this sailing excursion you’ll venture on a 20 to 30 minute ride to the island where you’ll be greeted with white sand beaches and clear ocean waters. You’ll also get to tour the downtown area and relax at the island’s Beach Club where you’ll also enjoy a buffet-style lunch. The tour continues to impress with breakfast and a domestic open bar.

Jungle Tour Speedboat Adventure – $70.00

A multi-hour tour (around 2 1/2 hours long), this one is built for the ocean lovers. On this adventure you’ll have access to your very own 2 person speedboat, snorkeling gear, and bilingual tours guides that will help you figure out just where to go. Once you’ve reached your chosen location above the reef, you’ll then dive into the ocean and snorkel among the colorful fish and sea creatures that live there.

Tulum Express Tour with Hotel pickup – $68.00

A half-day adventure, the Tulum Express Tour allows you the chance to walk along the Mayan ruins of Tulum while a tour guide educates you on the history and cultural significance of each one. After you are done exploring the ruins, the next part of this tour takes you to the beach where you can then relax or go for a swim. When traveling to and from the ruins, you’ll find yourself in an air-conditioned bus with other visitors.

Is the Go Cancun Pass a good deal

This is a big question that deserves a detailed answer, so we’ve gone ahead and broken down what is included in each pass, as well as crafted a sample itinerary. Firstly, each pass that you purchase comes with a detailed guide that provides attraction descriptions, operation hours, and a map of where each attraction is located.

Now we’ll want to take a look at a sample 3-day itinerary. This will help you figure out if the pass makes any sense to purchase.

Day 1

  • Extreme Adventure Park – All-Day Combo Tour $165

Day 2

  • Extreme Canopy Tour at Selvatica Park $99
  • Columbus Romantic Dinner Cruise with Steak or Veggie Option $89

Day 3

  • Dolphin Encounter with lunch in Isla Mujeres $109
  • Open Bar at Congo Bar Cancun $47

As you can see above, because this is a 3-day pass, we’ve gone ahead and included a premium attraction. In the end, this particular 3-day adult itinerary comes out to $230 with the Go City Cancun Pass. If you were to visit these attractions without the pass, then the final amount would be $509.00. This equals out to a huge savings of $279.

And with our exclusive discount the pass will be around US$219, so you save even more.

But it’s important to be honest with yourself

Saving almost $300 sounds great, but without the pass you almost certainly wouldn’t do all of those things and you’d probably choose cheaper things that might also be fun. These types of professional attractions in Cancun are strangely expensive and especially if they include transportation, food, and/or drinks. You won’t be able to just walk across from your hotel and find these things at half the price somewhere else.

All of that said, you can lock in an incredible visit to Cancun with your family or friends at a pretty reasonable price if you buy the Go City Cancun Pass. On the other hand, if you just hang around by the beach and maybe do a tour of Chichen Itza or Tulum, it would be cheaper than buying a pass as well.

Are all of the attractions covered with the Go Cancun Pass worth a visit

Because there is a very nice variety of attractions to choose from, you’ll find that they’re all worth a visit, making this Go City Pass a very, very attractive choice. Though most of the attractions center around the ocean and the activities that can be enjoyed on and in it, there are some notable land based options as well, which is great because more members of your group will find fun things to do, each day. This means that if you’re into sailing and snorkeling, you’ll find plenty to do. And if you’re into ancient ruins, shopping, and quirky museums, you’re covered there as well.

It goes without saying that some of the cheaper included attractions might not be worth your time if you buy a pass. For example, the $40 Shopping Tour in Cancun or the $15 Interactive Aquarium are probably nice, but they will make it harder for you to get your money’s worth out of the pass so you should probably do those on another day or trip.

How not to use the Go Cancun Pass

Even though the Go Cancun Pass is a great way to visit lots of attractions while paying less for each one, there are a few wrong ways to use the pass, that in the end, would make it so that you don’t save much, if any money. No matter what pass length decide you buy, you’ll want to make sure to focus your attention to the higher priced attractions instead of those costing the least amount of money. Though you could easily visit a few of the lower priced attractions along with some more costly attractions with a 5-day pass, you don’t want to use a 1-day pass on attractions that hardly cost any money to get into. If you do only visit lower-end attractions on a smaller pass, you’ll find that you won’t save any money and that the pass is ineffective.

You’ll also want to note that the pass is available for you to use anytime within a 2-week period. This means that you cannot use the pass one day and then wait 3 weeks to use it again. If you don’t not use all of your days within a 2 week period of activating the pass, you’ll lose the remaining unused days.

The bottom line

If you plan your days ahead of time, visit as many attractions as time allows, and don’t stick to just the cheap attractions, you’ll end up saving a lot of money with the Go Cancun Pass along with having an amazing vacation.

If instead you plan on spending a good portion of your time at your hotel and only want to visit a few of the lowest priced attractions available, then this Go Pass isn’t for you.

Where do you purchase your Go Cancun Pass

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Look for “Have a promo code?” on the Review Your Order screen and use the code ‘GO5POT’ for the exclusive Price Of Travel 5% discount. The 5% discount is valid on sale prices, so you save even more.

After you purchase your Go Cancun Pass, you’ll receive it in a confirmation email. Then you can either print both your pass and guidebook right at home or you can use your pass via the free Go City Pass app on your phone.

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