25 Cheap destinations in 2022 with great weather in September

After two nightmarish years for the travel industry, 2022 is starting to look somewhat normal again in many parts of the world. We all know that COVID is still around everywhere, but at least it’s no longer dominating our lives and many countries have realized that keeping tourists out isn’t helping the situation.

In fact, Europe is now a hot place to go since many of the best countries have dropped all COVID and vaccine restrictions, and things are as easy as they were in 2019 again. Many of the places on the list below are among the places that no longer have COVID restrictions, which should be good news for many. If you are sure you want to go to Europe you might be better off with our best places to go in Europe in September list, which will give you more options.

This article was updated in September, 2022.

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Important September 2022 Holidays

  • September 5 – Labor Day in the United States and Canada
  • September 7 – Brazil Independence Day (major public holiday)
  • September 11 – Catalunya National Day (major holiday in Barcelona)
  • September 10 and 11 – Open Monuments Day in Netherlands (free entry to many sights)
  • September 18 – Federal Thanksgiving Day in Switzerland (major public holiday)
  • September 21 – Feast Day of St. Matthew in Spain (major public holiday)
  • September 17 to October 3 – Oktoberfest in Munich (goes ahead this year!)

The Americas

While more cheap destinations have better weather in September on a global scale, the Americas are still in an in-between phase, with chilly temperatures in most of South America, and the rainy season in full effect in Central America.

The Caribbean

Not many people consider the Caribbean in September because it’s the heart of the tropical storm season in the region, but many savvy travelers go anyway, taking advantage of rock-bottom prices and lovely weather. The truth is that parts of the Caribbean rarely get storms and the whole area is dry most of the time. The risks are extremely low and the prices are too so those who plan trips this month can get much more luxury than at any other time of year.

Cancun, Mexico

  • September avg high: 91°F/33°C
  • September avg low: 76°F/24°C
  • September avg precip: 8.9″/22.3cm

While it’s true that September is one of the more active months for potential hurricanes in Cancun, they’ve only hit the area about once every 10 years, and only one of those in the last 40 years was in September. In other words, the chance of being affected are extremely slim, and the resort and airfare discounts are HUGE.

Most likely you’ll get a handful of quick downpours each week, and you can get 4-star beach hotels for well under US$100 per night for two people. Even all-inclusive resorts only cost a bit more. It’s not for everyone, but savvy travelers flock to these sorts of places when the general public massively overestimate the potential risks.

It’s worth noting that Cancun is a huge area with many different options within 90 minutes or so of the busy airport there. The Cancun Hotel Zone consists mostly of large beach hotels and timeshares that are spread apart along a long L-shaped peninsula. Playa del Carmen is a charming tourist town filled with restaurants, bars, and shops where you’ll actually feel like you are in Mexico (in a good way. It’s about an hour south of Cancun Airport.

Cozumel is a small island just across a straight from Playa del Carmen with a mix of beach resorts and small hotels. You can get there by a regular ferry from Playa del Carmen or fly directly in. Tulum is a smaller and more artsy town south of Playa del Carmen and it’s the trendiest of probably most interesting of the bunch.

Hotel prices are similar in all of them and there are all-inclusive resorts scattered around the whole area. If you want big and loud nightlife then Cancun’s Hotel Zone is your best choice. If you want to sample local culture then Playa del Carmen is probably your best choice.

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  • 3-star hotels from: US$54 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$88 per night for two people

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Los Cabos, Mexico

  • September avg high: 91°F/33°C
  • September avg low: 75°F/24°C
  • September avg precip: 3.2″/8.2cm

Anyone starting in the western half of the US or Canada and looking for a beach destination should consider Los Cabos, which is at the southern tip of Baja California. While Puerto Vallarta has its wettest month of the year in September, Los Cabos is basically a desert so the potential rainfall this month is welcome and refreshing. It’s warm day and night this time of year, but the ocean breezes make it comfortable.

Los Cabos is actually the name for the twin cities of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. The former is centered around a stunning marina lined with restaurants and shops, while the latter is a more spread out area close to the airport with a calm town center. There are also large hotels along the beaches in between, including some places where Hollywood celebrities famously relax in winter.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$50 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$185 per night for two people

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Montego Bay, Jamaica

  • September avg high: 89°F/32°C
  • September avg low: 76°F/24°C
  • September avg precip: 2.3″/5.8cm

If Cancun isn’t your cup of tea, then Montego Bay just might be. On the northern coast of Jamaica, it tends to have a limited exposure to any possible hurricanes, and they only get near the place on average every 11 years. In most years, they don’t even get much rain in September, much less a tropical storm. Jamaica is probably the best place in the Caribbean for those who prefer a place where pretty much everybody speaks English, even if you might not understand every word of it.

But because so many members of the public overestimate the risks, resort prices hit their rock-bottom levels this time of year. You can get a room in a luxury all-inclusive resort for under US$200 per night for two people, and airfares tend to be cheap as well. Travelers with a bit of a risk-taking spirit won’t find many better choices of where to go in September, and you can always buy trip insurance.

You’ll notice a big difference in the price between 3-star hotels and 4-star hotels in Jamaica. Basically, there are many locally owned and often family-run 3-star hotels that can vary in quality, while the 4-star places are generally the big beach resorts run by international chains. You pretty much get what you pay for, so don’t expect a US$95 3-star hotel to remind you of a Marriott.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$86 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$214 per night for two people

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Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

  • September avg high: 91°F/33°C
  • September avg low: 74°F/23°C
  • September avg precip: 1.5″/3.8cm

While it’s still technically the rainy season in most of the Caribbean, Puerto Plata rarely sees much moisture in September. This beach area along the Dominican Republic’s northern coast will be quite warm all month but it won’t be unbearable, especially since you’ll be spending most of your time on or near the beach, or in your air conditioned hotel room.

This is low season in Puerto Plata so the room rates at the resorts can be shockingly low. The normal hotels offer good value but it’s really the all-inclusive resorts that offer deals that seem like mistakes when you look at the listings. If your main goal is just to relax in the sunshine and perhaps eat and drink all you want, Puerto Plata should be high on your list in September. You’ll find a much larger resort scene in the southeastern corner of the DR in Punta Cana. The deals this time of year are shocking, and again, the risks of being in the path of a big storm are extremely low for any given week. Getting travel insurance isn’t a terrible idea though.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$89 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$106 per night for two people

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Mexico City, Mexico

  • September avg high: 72°F/22°C
  • September avg low: 53°F/12°C
  • September avg precip: 5.7″/14.3cm

If you are tired of the scorching summer weather, Mexico City is an excellent option to consider because its altitude keeps the temperatures mild. There could be a bit of rain to contend with, but it’s very unlikely to be problematic. Mexico City has a wide variety of museums and other indoor attractions, so even if it does rain you’ll have endless choices.

It’s also important to note that Mexico City is FAR nicer than you probably think it is, with a large, safe, and friendly city center that is one of the most impressive in North America. Better still, it’s quite inexpensive, even at 3-star and 4-star hotels. Speaking Spanish at least a bit is helpful, but not really necessary. If you book a nice hotel in one of the more upscale neighborhoods, you’ll feel very safe and you’ll be getting excellent value in the process.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$49 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$63 per night for two people

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Cartagena, Colombia

  • September avg high: 87°F/31°C
  • September avg low: 78°F/26°C
  • September avg precip: 5.2″/13.0cm

If you are looking for a bargain destination that will be warm but not scorching in September, think about Cartagena. Cultural visitors will want to stay in the gorgeous walled colonial city to enjoy excellent restaurants and nightlife at surprisingly affordable prices. Sunshine tourists will probably want to stay near the beach, in the newer part of town, just beyond the walled city.

Colombia is now a very hot destination for international travelers, partly due to the fact that the country now has a reputation as being safe and friendly after years of trouble. Even so, the trouble was never in Cartagena, as this has always been a tourist area first and foremost. This is one of the hot countries in September that is also cheap and safe, and Cartagena is the easiest destination to reach. Check the headlines and plan on staying within the downtown and resort areas just to be safest.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$72 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$85 per night for two people

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • September avg high: 81°F/27°C
  • September avg low: 64°F/18°C
  • September avg precip: 2.4″/6.0cm

September is yet another excellent month in Rio de Janeiro, still a few months before the rainy season kicks in that is also accompanied by the hotter summer temperatures. Every day in September should be pleasantly warm and every night should be cool enough to be enjoyable as well.

Another key detail here is that this is part of the low season for hotels, so you should be able to get some of the nicer places overlooking Copacabana or Ipanema beaches for surprisingly good rates. These are some of the best beaches in September and actually any month of the year because it’s always warm or hot. Brazil had been getting somewhat expensive a few years ago, but its currency has dropped quite a bit and it’s back into the bargain category. Independence Day for Brazil is on September 7, so expect many closures and parties around that date.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$76 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$104 per night for two people

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New Orleans, USA

  • September avg high: 87°F/31°C
  • September avg low: 71°F/22°C
  • September avg precip: 5.6″/14cm

Especially during the second half of September, New Orleans starts getting over the muggy summer sizzle, with temperatures becoming quite nice most of the time. There’s definitely the threat of a bit of rainfall, but that’s actually true in every month of the year in New Orleans.

Compared to nearly every other major American tourist city, New Orleans remains a bargain. Hotels usually have lower prices through summer, and that includes September at many places, so this is an ideal month to take advantage of lower prices and some rather nice weather at the same time. This city is easily one of the finest in North America for new visitors with an amazing mix of culture, food, and interesting architecture. The fact that it’s also relatively cheap is just a bonus. The city will be crowded on the first weekend of the month for Labor Day in the United States.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$139 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$173 per night for two people

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September might be the best month of the year to visit Europe for the budget traveler. Most of the cheaper cities in the south have great weather, and crowds have already thinned out from the August peaks.

For a late sunshine holiday check out the cheapest beach destinations in Europe.

If you are more interested in an all-inclusive resort, you won’t believe some of the bargains available in Turkey, Greece, and Egypt. Have a look at our list of the cheapest all-inclusive resort destinations in and near Europe.

Lisbon, Portugal

  • September avg high: 79°F/26°C
  • September avg low: 63°F/17°C
  • September avg precip: 1.1″/2.8cm

September is the perfect month to visit Lisbon, with warm days, pleasant evenings, and still almost no rainfall. The crowds of summer have eased off as well, so sightseeing becomes far more pleasant as temperatures cool off. Starting in October the risk of wet weather increases a bit, although honestly Lisbon has perhaps the finest year-round climate in all of Europe, so there’s really no bad time to go.

Hotel prices are still near their peak during September in Lisbon, so this is a perfect time and place to consider a hostel, even a private room in a hostel. There’s an unusual hostel culture in this city that has somehow spawned several of the world’s highest rated backpacker places, so there’s no better place to give it a try yourself.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$82 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$117 per night for two people

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Madrid, Spain

  • September avg high: 79°F/26°C
  • September avg low: 59°F/15°C
  • September avg precip: 1.1″/2.8cm

With a location in the center of Spain, Madrid can get insanely hot during the peak of summer, so September is when tourists begin arriving en masse again. The weather this month is nearly perfect, with warm days, pleasant nights, and virtually no rainfall to worry about. By the end of the month things begin cooling off a bit, so the perfect season doesn’t last long in autumn.

Interestingly, Madrid is one of the few cities where hotel prices actually fall in July and August, and start rising again in September, so booking early is recommended if you want a good bargain at a well located place. Hostels here can be great value, though some can be a bit shabby so it’s best to research before booking. Be prepared for the daily siesta where nearly all shops and businesses close between 2 PM and 6 PM. Shifting your shopping and sightseeing into the evening is surprisingly pleasant once you get used to it.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$118 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$132 per night for two people

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Barcelona, Spain

  • September avg high: 78°F/26°C
  • September avg low: 62°F/17°C
  • September avg precip: 3.4″/8.5cm

Barcelona is a city that really fills up during the peak summer months, so a trip in September is a much better idea if you have the time off. It’s still plenty warm enough both day and night, although rainfall does become a bit of an issue so it’s not all good news. The beaches should still be crowded through most of the month as well, and the parties never seem to stop.

This city is relatively expensive compared to most on this list, so the backpacker crowd really has to plan ahead in order to keep within their budgets. Fortunately, the main sights are mostly free or cheap, so it’s mainly a matter of finding a well located hotel or hostel and booking early.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$93 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$138 per night for two people

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Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

  • September avg high: 82°F/28°C
  • September avg low: 70°F/21°C
  • September avg precip: 0.2″/0.5cm

If you are looking for a place to relax in the sun, rather than shuffle through museums and city squares, Tenerife is a great choice. This is the largest of the Canary Islands, and the one most popular with English-speaking visitors. The weather is pretty much dry and perfect all through September, with every single day warm enough to sit in the sun until the sun sets.

You might take a day to see the volcano or do another day trip or two, but nearly everyone here just comes to sit in the sun during the day. You’ll find large groups of British, Swedish, and German visitors, primarily in the cluster of resort towns in the southwest of Tenerife. Los Cristianos is the most interesting town, but Playa de las Americas is more modern with larger hotels to choose from.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$42 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$67 per night for two people

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Athens, Greece

  • September avg high: 85°F/29°C
  • September avg low: 63°F/17°C
  • September avg precip: 0.6″/1.5cm

The peak of summer can be brutal in Athens, so a trip in September makes a lot of sense, even though the city will still be crowded and hotels are still charging their peak rates. The weather in September, especially the second half, is very pleasant day and night, and crowds have thinned out at least a bit after August.

Since Athens can be visited effectively in only a few days, many people choose to spend the balance of their trip out of one of the islands. The weather at the popular islands will be perfect in September as well, with crowds and hotel prices well off their peaks, so a combination trip like this is strongly advised, and ferries are easy to reach from the heart of Athens.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$77 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$86 per night for two people

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Prague, Czech Republic

  • September avg high: 67°F/19°C
  • September avg low: 50°F/10°C
  • September avg precip: 1.6″/4.0cm

Another city where “great weather” might be a stretch during September, Prague is so unbelievably crowded during the warmer months that it’s far better to pack a light jacket and come after summer than deal with the herds. The first half of September is actually quite nice, with very little rainfall, so it’s the perfect time of year to visit unless you like to bundle up during the day.

The secret of Prague’s charms hasn’t been a secret for over a decade now, and prices keep rising to meet the increased demand. Yet, it’s still quite cheap compared to other European cities that aren’t half as lovely or charming. Hotels in particular can be expensive so it’s best to book early to lock in something in a good neighborhood if you can.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$57 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$118 per night for two people

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Split, Croatia

  • September avg high: 77°F/25°C
  • September avg low: 65°F/18°C
  • September avg precip: 2.7″/6.8cm

While Croatia is generally pretty good value, we had to replace Dubrovnik on this list with Split, because Dubrovnik is now almost as expensive (and crowded) as Italy, especially when cruise ships are in town. Fortunately, Split is very similar, actually a bit older, much easier to reach for most people, and much cheaper.

Split is one of Europe’s best destinations to combine culture with a comfortable beach stay. The historic city center is gorgeous and interesting, yet there are good beaches just on the edge of town, as well as on some of the nearby islands. Pretty much everyone who visits Split and Dubrovnik agrees that Split is the better of the two, although Dubrovnik is certainly nice and worth a quick look if you can manage it.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$43 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$116 per night for two people

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Krakow, Poland

  • September avg high: 67°F/19°C
  • September avg low: 50°F/10°C
  • September avg precip: 2.2″/5.5cm

It might also be a bit of a stretch to say that Krakow has “great weather” in September, especially in the second half of the month, but we’ll keep it on the list one last time because it’s still very pleasant this time of year, and crowds are much more reasonable after the August rush as well.

Krakow is a long way from any coast so it has a good 5 to 6 months of frigid weather each year, making a visit during the warmer months pretty much mandatory. This continues to be one of the cheapest and most charming cities in all of Europe, becoming very popular with stag parties and such as well, so if you are in the area it would be wise to plan at least a short stay.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$58 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$73 per night for two people

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Budapest, Hungary

  • September avg high: 72°F/22°C
  • September avg low: 53°F/12°C
  • September avg precip: 1.7″/4.3cm

September is the perfect month to visit Budapest since days are almost all warm but never out of control, and it’s one of the drier months as well. This city continues to get more popular and more expensive each year, so avoiding the July and August crush is ideal if at all possible.

Availability at hotels can still be tight, so it’s best to book in advance if you can, but at least you know you’ll be able to find something decent and in your price range if you just show up in September. This is another of Europe’s best travel bargains for the budget traveler, and by October it cools off quite a bit, so now is the time to go.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$61 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$81 per night for two people

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Istanbul, Turkey

  • September avg high: 77°F/25°C
  • September avg low: 60°F/16°C
  • September avg precip: 1.7″/4.3cm

Combining the massive crowds of August with the muggy days, a visit to Istanbul during the peak months might not be wise, but during September things get quite a bit better. Days are warm but rarely too hot, and there’s still not much rain to worry about. Better yet, the insane summer crowds definitely start to ease up a bit, making shopping and sightseeing much more pleasurable.

Those following the news will know that Turkey has had some challenges and has been struggling to draw in many tourists in the past few years. That combined with the declining value of the Turkish Lira has made the place a bargain again. So far there has been no trouble for tourists in quite a few years, though it’s still worth watching the news.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$44 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$64 per night for two people

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Antalya, Turkey

  • September avg high: 89°F/32°C
  • September avg low: 66°F/19°C
  • September avg precip: 0.6″/1.5cm

The beginning of September can still be a bit scorching in Antalya, but by the middle of the month it’s usually wonderful and still perfectly sunny. The beach resorts outside of the city are much cheaper and less crowded after the August crush, so those looking for an all-inclusive package holiday will find excellent value this month.

The city of Antalya itself has only a few hostels and none are as cheap as they probably should be, so the city comes up as a bit pricey on the Backpacker Index, but the cheap hotels through the historic city center more than make up for it. This city is an excellent bargain for those looking for sunny weather on the Mediterranean, and cheap flights are usually easy to find as well.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$32 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$39 per night for two people

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Most of the African cities that we cover are either too hot or still too cold at this time of year, with one exception. But we only cover a few countries so this list is very incomplete.

Fez, Morocco

  • September avg high: 84°F/29°C
  • September avg low: 63°F/17°C
  • September avg precip: 0.7″/1.8cm

While nearby Marrakech, remains quite hot through the whole month, Fez is usually quite nice in September. If you are coming from any great distance you’ll want to visit both anyway, or you could spend some time on one of Morocco’s newer beach resort areas instead.

Really, Fez and Marrakech are quite similar so it’s probably best to just spend more time in one and skip the other, and since Fez has nicer weather it should be an easy choice. September is still part of low season for hotels as well, so you’ll often find very good value at some of the normally pricey places in the New City area.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$33 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$38 per night for two people

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September is not an ideal time in most of Asia, with the peak of the rainy season in Southeast Asia and India, making visiting most of the cheaper cities not recommended. There are a few good ones that have nice weather in September though.

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Pokhara, Nepal

  • September avg high: 79°F/26°C
  • September avg low: 66°F/19°C
  • September avg precip: 7.4″/18.5cm

While the first part of September can still be rainy and steamy in Pokhara, the last half of the month might be one of the best times of the year to come to this trekking paradise. There are generally only 4 good months in Pokhara, but the latter part of September is similar to October, so it’s a bit of a bonus with smaller crowds and lower prices.

There are so many hotels in this city that finding one even during peak season isn’t difficult, so if you come in the shoulder season like this you’ll have your pick of places at low prices. Food and drinks are quite cheap year round, so this is a nice place to just hang around if you’ve got time in your schedule.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$24 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$77 per night for two people

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Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

  • September avg high: 85°F/29°C
  • September avg low: 76°F/24°C
  • September avg precip: 1.6″/4.0cm

September is yet another fabulous month in Bali for the weather, with warm temperatures that never really get out of hand, though it certainly will feel humid when you first arrive. Many Australians fill Bali up during July and August, but those crowds ease off a bit this month, making it a bit easier to get around.

Hotels start dropping their rates around the middle of the month, so some great bargains are possible even though the climate is still ideal. Look for bargains at some of the fancier places in September and you might find that they are cheaper than some of the lower-rated places nearby. We also rate Bali as one of the best unusual vacation destinations in the world.

Bali was completely closed to tourists during most of the first two years of the pandemic, and now that it’s open again they are anxious for visitors and prices should be unusually appealing.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$32 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$47 per night for two people

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Beijing, China

  • September avg high: 86°F/30°C
  • September avg low: 66°F/19°C
  • September avg precip: 3.0″/7.5cm

Strangely enough, Beijing gets very hot, very rainy, and very polluted during the heart of summer, so September is an ideal time to visit to keep away from all of those things. Days are warm, nights are pleasant, and there’s very little rainfall to deal with.

Beijing is very affordable, even though it’s among the more expensive large cities in this part of Asia. Hotels tend to be of higher standards than you get in Southeast Asia, and street food is available at extremely reasonable prices. Many arrive on package tours of China, and getting a visa on your own isn’t always easy, but independent travelers can find excellent value here. We normally recommend independent travel, except in China here is why a package tour is the better choice for most people.

As you probably know, all of China is more or less closed to outsiders due to the pandemic and their “zero COVID” policies, so this one might be better in a few years once they have figured things out a bit better.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$54 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$84 per night for two people

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Middle East

Much of the Middle East is still hot during September, but there are still a few good choices to consider.

Amman, Jordan

  • September avg high: 87°F/31°C
  • September avg low: 64°F/18°C
  • September avg precip: 0.0″/0.0cm

July and August can be blazing hot in Jordan, but by early September things have cooled down to a very reasonable level, especially at night. Better still, there’s pretty much zero chance of rainfall this time of year so you can safely leave the umbrella at home.

Even though Amman is generally only used as a staging area for further trips to Wadi Rum and Petra, it remains one of the better bargains in the Middle East for the budget traveler. Hotel prices are very reasonable, especially through the 3-star range, although September starts the beginning of high season so it’s best to book well ahead.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$39 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$78 per night for two people

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Beirut, Lebanon

  • September avg high: 83°F/28°C
  • September avg low: 72°F/22°C
  • September avg precip: 0.1″/0.3cm

Even though this is the final month of high season for Beirut hotels, this is still a fairly reasonable destination for budget travelers when compared to Europe or the Americas. The weather will be warm around the clock still in September, but at least the days are rarely sizzling.

Hotels in general seem to be surprisingly expensive in Beirut any time of the year, so finding a good one well in advance is probably the way to go, or risk having to pay a very high price for a sub-standard place at the last minute. At least food is available cheaply if you eat what the locals eat, and it’s very filling as well.

As of 2022, Lebanon has been going through some really hard times with insane inflation and political unrest. We will leave it on the list for right now and hopefully we can recommend considering the country again in 2023.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$50 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$62 per night for two people

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