Bargain Vacations: The Destinations Where Travelers Want Cheap Travel Deals

With the cost of living crisis still in full swing, the world is having to reevaluate their spending and people are having to cut back on luxuries.

But whilst life may be throwing some serious budget curveballs, the desire to travel appears to be unscathed.

People do not want to give up on their holidays.

Instead, most travelers are looking for travel deals – cheaper alternatives to their normal holidays, saving money wherever they can on flights, transfers, and accommodation.

So amidst the bargain hunting, we were interested in finding out where people were keen to go. We gathered data from Google to find out the answers and mapped the results by country. Did you guess correctly?

Map of where each country most looks for cheap travel deals

Worldwide: Research reveals where the world wants to travel on the cheap

It is the Caribbean that comes out as the travel destination with the highest search volume overall for cheap holidays. It is not considered to be a cheap place for a getaway so it is perhaps unsurprising that people are looking for deals here. It was the United States that caused this landslide win, with the impressive search volume of over a quarter of a million being from the country.

Amsterdam took second place, with the United Kingdom conducting around 17,000 searches per month for cheap hotels in the country. London was in third place, with its 13,800 monthly searches being different countries all around the world.

And what about when considering the search volume?

With twelve of the world’s countries searching for it the most, London is officially the destination that people are looking for cheap travel to. The destination regularly ranks on lists of the best cities around the world to visit, so this might not come as a surprise. According to the data, Nigeria is the country looking for cheap travel to London the most, with 2,000 searches per month coming from the African country alone.

Second place is a tie between Dubai and Egypt, with cheap travel to both destinations being the most desired in eight countries. But when it comes to search volume though, Dubai narrowly pips its counterpart to the post as a result of it seeing around 1,540 monthly searches for cheap travel when you take into account searches for its historic region of Bur Dubai too.

And what about the elements of travel that people most want to get for cheap?

Well, it’s clear what people want to save money on when it comes to travel. Flights.

This isn’t shocking though, considering flights last year were sky-high as a result of inflation, the price of oil, supply and demand, and a shortage of airline staff.

But these increased costs could be making travel not feasible for many in the current climate, so savings on flights could be the difference between going on holiday and not.

Europe’s isn’t going far from home

According to the research, London is the destination that came out on top in Europe, with England’s capital city taking first place in six countries and seeing 10,000 searches each month in total.

And of those keenest to visit London, it appears that it is neighboring France looking for a cheap hotel across the pond, with searches for this being around 7,200 each month. The destination with the highest search volume overall though is Amsterdam, which sees a staggering 17,000 monthly searches from Brits looking for cheap hotels.

Africa is a continent of London lovers

England’s capital city, London, is also the destination that Africans most want to visit for cheap. Dubai closely followed though, with the destinations coming out top in six and five countries respectively.

When it comes to who wants to visit London the most, Nigeria is leading the way with over 2,000 monthly searches for cheap flights to the city. As for Dubai, Kenya searches for the destination the most with 350 monthly searches relating to cheap flights to the metropolis.

New York, New York, for North America

The destination that those in North America most want to visit on the cheap is New York, with the Dominican Republic, Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica choosing it above anywhere else for good flight deals.

Closely following in joint second place are Barbados, Los Angeles, Lanzarote, and Europe as a whole.

But when it comes to search volume overall, the Caribbean took the first position by a landslide with the United States searching for the term ‘cheap Caribbean’ as much as 263,000 times each month.

South America is dreaming of Madrid or Colombia

Tied in first place for the destination that South Americans most want to visit for cheap are two, perhaps unsurprisingly, Spanish-speaking places – Madrid in Spain and Colombia.

Colombia is calling to those in Ecuador, El Salvador, and Venezuela, who are all looking for cheap flights. Whereas Madrid is attracting Argentinians, Peruvians, and Uruguayans.

When considering the overall search volume though, Spain’s capital takes the top spot with it seeing around 4,950 searches a month for cheap flights.

Asia is all about Egypt

When it comes to cheap holidays, Asians seem keen to visit Egypt, with 20% of all countries in the continent having this historical country as their most searched. Turkey took a close second place, with five Asian countries wanting a cheap holiday to the destination.

As far as search volume is concerned, it is South Korea that came out on top with around 2,510 searches for cheap holidays to the destination each month.

Oceania can’t decide where to go

The continent is seemingly undecided as Oceania has three destinations tied in first place as the most searched-for destination the continent wants to visit for cheap.

Interestingly, two of these are in the continent: Brisbane and Auckland. The other is in Asia, a destination known to be popular for those from Oceania – Bali.


We used Ahrefs to gather search volumes globally. Searches were focused on vacations and any searches that we believed were related to migration were omitted from the study.

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