26 Cheap destinations for 2021 with great weather in June

If you have your summer vacation in June then you are in pretty good shape. Since most of Europe's wealthier office workers have their holidays confined to July and August, those who are able to travel in June will find smaller crowds and better deals in most places. The best places to visit in June are spread all over the northern hemisphere, and many of them are cheap.

Planning in advance is still key, as demand from Americans and Canadians will book the best hotels at the best rates, but you do have more flexibility in June. We have listed 26 places around the world that all have fantastic June weather as well as reasonably priced accommodations once you arrive.

Important June 2021 Holidays

  • June 1 – Pancasila Day (public holiday in Bali and throughout Indonesia)
  • June 2 – Republic Day in Italy (public holiday)
  • June 3 – Feast of Corpus Christi: A major celebration in most Catholic countries (Italy, Spain etc)
  • June 3 – Queen Suthida's Birthday in Thailand (public holiday)
  • June 7 – Agong's Birthday in Malaysia (public holiday)
  • June 12 to 14 – Dragon Boat Festival (China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan)

Best destinations during COVID-19

As we all know, there is a global pandemic going on still in early 2021. Many countries are still closed to outsiders, but a surprising number are still open for visitors.

>>>Best destinations for Americans and Canadians during the COVID pandemic

The Americas

In North America June is obviously the start of summer, but most of the north isn't really cheap enough to make this list. In South America it's winter in most places, so only the Tropical cities are worth a look for a good-weather bargain at this time of year. The hot countries in June are mostly in the north at this time of year.

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The Caribbean

LaRomanaDRIf you are looking mainly to relax in the sun rather than explore a city then the Caribbean is ideal in the month of June. The weather is pretty much perfect even as hotels drop rates to low season prices. Mexico around Cancun is particularly cheap but Jamaica and the Dominican Republic also offer amazing prices. For those who want maximum value and especially people who like to drink by the pool or on the beach, the all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean have astonishingly low prices in June.


Cancun, Mexico

  • June avg high: 91°F/33°C
  • June avg low: 77°F/25°C
  • June avg precip: 5.4″/13.5cm

While June is one of the wetter months in the Cancun area, the rain almost never comes down for more than an hour or so at a time, and it tends to be refreshing when it does fall. Better still, the hotel prices are very low in June so you'll be able to get amazing deals at even the nicest hotels in the area, with inexpensive flights as well.

If you are looking for a high-rise resort on a beach then you'll definitely want to look along the main Hotel Zone in Cancun itself. But if you would prefer to stay in an actual town with dozens of nearby choices of local restaurants and bars, then you should head to Playa del Carmen or even the island of Cozumel just across the water. They will all be bargains in June, and the sea breezes will keep you cool during the times you aren't in your air-conditioned hotel room. Tulum, which is just south of Playa del Carmen, is a trendy new destination for creative types.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$58 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$126 per night for two people

>>>Cancun prices
>>>Check current Cancun resort and package deals

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

  • June avg high: 89°F/32°C
  • June avg low: 77°F/25°C
  • June avg precip: 1.7″/4.0cm

PuntaCanaDRJune is a warm month in Punta Cana, but it still gets almost no rain so you'll be able to spend all day on those lovely white sandy beaches if you like. This is where you want to go if you are looking for an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean with great service at shockingly reasonable prices. In June you should find room rates that are so low they will look like mistakes, yet they are real, and the resorts here are all professionally run.

This area gets crowded with European visitors during July and August, and most of the resorts here are owned by Spanish (or at least European) hotel companies. So June is the perfect month for great weather and modest prices for an all-inclusive resort. The flights to the new and efficient airport here should be well priced this month as well. In case you heard that Punta Cana was a dangerous place to visit in 2019, it turned out not to be the case after extensive investigations by the FBI and others.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$52 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$121 per night for two people

>>>Check current Punta Cana resort and package deals

Montego Bay, Jamaica

  • June avg high: 90°F/32°C
  • June avg low: 76°F/24°C
  • June avg precip: 1.5″/3.8cm

MontegoBayIf you don't like the sound of Punta Cana then you might prefer to find a resort in Montego Bay, where pretty much everyone speaks English as a first language. The town itself is kind of a dud, so you are best off booking at one of the large self-contained resorts along the coast near town. The all-inclusives here are good deals, but there are other good options as well.

If Montego Bay itself doesn't sound ideal then you might instead consider Negril or Ocho Rios, both of which are about 90 minutes away from Montego Bay Airport. Ocho Rios has a similar strip of large resorts along its coast, with some interesting nearby sights and attractions. Negril, on the other hand, is best for smaller beach hotels along 7-Mile Beach, where there are many small restaurants and bars to choose from nearby each property. This is where you go to find the old-school super chilled out Jamaica.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$83 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$212 per night for two people

>>>Check current Montego Bay resort and package deals

Mexico City, Mexico

  • June avg high: 76°F/24°C
  • June avg low: 54°F/12°C
  • June avg precip: 5.3″/13.3cm

Here's another one that does get a bit of rain during June, but its altitude keeps temperatures in Mexico City much lower than most people would guess for this time of year. People who might not be able to afford a trip to Europe should consider this as an interesting alternative. Flights from the US and Canada tend to be cheap, the city center area is very nice in many places, and prices are very low compared to almost anywhere else. This is a very underrated destination that is far safer than many cities in the US, and the mild June weather is a perfect reason to visit. In other words, Mexico City is not one of the hottest places in June, but it's pleasantly mild and much nicer than you might expect.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$48 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$79 per night for two people

>>>Mexico City prices
>>>Check current Mexico City hotel deals

Cartagena, Colombia

  • June avg high: 87°F/31°C
  • June avg low: 79°F/26°C
  • June avg precip: 4.2″/10.5cm

It's true that it can be a bit rainy in Cartagena in June, but it's the tropical type of rain that comes and goes quickly, so it's unlikely to become a problem for most people. Hotels in this beach town are still in their off-season prices as well, as the summer demand doesn't really pick up until July. The winter is probably the best time to visit, but it's really quite nice all year round, and still very cheap as well. If you like culture, history, and gorgeous Colonial architecture you'll want to stay in the walled city area. But if you mainly want to relax on the beach you'll want to stay in the Bocagrande area just to the west of the walled city.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$96 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$112 per night for two people

>>>Cartagena prices
>>>Check hotel deals for Cartagena

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • June avg high: 81°F/27°C
  • June avg low: 64°F/18°C
  • June avg precip: 2.0″/5.0cm

Rio de Janeiro is just barely inside the Tropics, so it's pretty much the South American equivalent of Miami. This means that its summer (December through February) can be steamy and a bit wet, but it's nearly perfect during the rest of the year. The Brazilian currency has been low in recent years so it's a true bargain now, and it's a stunningly beautiful setting as well. The low prices here won't last forever and the setting is among the most beautiful in the world.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$77 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$101 per night for two people

>>>Rio de Janeiro prices
>>>Check current Rio de Janeiro hotel and resort deals


When June rolls in it's still quite cold in the north of Europe, and incredibly expensive as well. The best vacations in June are therefore toward the south in Europe. June is actually a perfect month to get some sun because peak season doesn't start until July and yet the weather is perfect already. Check our list of Europe's least expensive beach destinations for some options.

>>>Best Europe destinations in June

Krakow, Poland

  • June avg high: 72°F/22°C
  • June avg low: 57°F/14°C
  • June avg precip: 3.3″/8.3cm

It's hard to emphasize enough what a bargain Krakow is compared to most of the rest of Europe. June has very nice weather, though you'll still need a jacket for the evenings. The draw here is the lovely town center with its historic cathedrals and castles, plus a huge array of hostels and budget hotels that make shopping around very easy. This is the new hot destination for British stag and hen parties, and one look at the beer prices makes it easy to see why.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$63 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$118 per night for two people

>>>Krakow prices
>>>Check current Krakow hotel deals

Budapest, Hungary

  • June avg high: 76°F/24°C
  • June avg low: 57°F/14°C
  • June avg precip: 2.7″/6.8cm

Many parts of Europe become stifling in July and August, and some of them have little air conditioning to help deal with it. This makes a place like Budapest ideal during June, when daytime temperatures are still warm but not steamy. Prices here are easing up in recent years, but still this is a classic and beautiful European city that remains a fantastic bargain for most people.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$65 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$79 per night for two people

>>>Budapest prices
>>>Check current Budapest hotel deals

Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

  • June avg high: 78°F/26°C
  • June avg low: 66°F/19°C
  • June avg precip: 0.0″/0.5cm

Officialy part of Spain, Tenerife is one of the Canary Islands and located just off the northern coast of Africa. It has a stable climate that has pleasant temperatures pretty much all year long, and June is the first month that you should be able to get as much beach time as you like in.

The island fills up more in July and August when more Europeans have their month-long holidays, so if you can come in June you'll be dodging some of the crowds and you should also be able to get a better rate on a hotel and a flight. There aren't many cultural sights here, but it's a great place to relax without breaking the bank. If you don't speak much Spanish, then you'll want to head to the southern towns of Los Cristianos and Playa de la Americas, which are always packed with Brits and Swedes.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$46 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$68 per night for two people

>>>Tenerife prices
>>>Check current Tenerife hotel deals

Istanbul, Turkey

  • June avg high: 79°F/26°C
  • June avg low: 61°F/16°C
  • June avg precip: 1.0″/2.5cm

June would normally be extremely crowded in Istanbul, but tourism to Turkey is way off in recent years due to some political turmoil that doesn't generally affect tourists. The weakness of the Turkish currency in the last few years has put Istanbul firmly into the bargain category, although that's also partly because many visitors are choosing not to come under the current circumstances. Still, this is a fascinating and photogenic city with plenty to offer the budget traveler, so it might be wise to schedule a trip soon, before prices rise much more. The rest of Turkey is generally quite a bit cheaper.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$37 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$44 per night for two people

>>>Istanbul prices
>>>Check current Istanbul hotel deals

Prague, Czech Republic

  • June avg high: 72°F/22°C
  • June avg low: 54°F/12°C
  • June avg precip: 2.9″/7.3cm

Speaking of prices going up, Prague has been raising things and having its currency head north at the same time, so this is nowhere near the bargain that it famously was a decade or so ago. June is an ideal time to come, weather-wise, since many cheaper places have no air-con. Crowds seem to be perpetually crazy here so the key is to try to take side streets and minimize your time in the main squares. It does get worse in July and August, so June is a good compromise with nice weather.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$82 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$98 per night for two people

>>>Prague prices
>>>Check current Prague hotel deals

Antalya, Turkey

  • June avg high: 89°F/32°C
  • June avg low: 66°F/19°C
  • June avg precip: 0.4″/1.0cm

Due to a limited number of actual hostels in Antalya, it's not a classic backpacker destination. In reality, you can get a private room at a nice 2-star hotel in the historic center for sometimes less than a dorm bed. This city is a fantastic bargain, and the weather in June is wonderful, at least until the end when the July heat starts kicking in a bit early. The entire Mediterranean coast of Turkey is the place to be this time of year, just before it fills up during its two hottest months. It's not technically in Europe, but it very much feels like it is.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$36 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$46 per night for two people

>>>Antalya prices
>>>Check current Antalya hotel deals

Lisbon, Portugal

  • June avg high: 77°F/25°C
  • June avg low: 61°F/16°C
  • June avg precip: 0.7″/1.8cm

The temperatures in Lisbon during June are pretty much perfect for climbing up and down its seven hills without making a mess of yourself. It's hard to make a case for flying a long way to visit Portugal alone, although there's actually plenty to see and do, plus the wonderful Algarve region in the south, so this is usually an add-on to some trips of Spain. If you are on the fence, definitely take the leap and you won't regret it.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$91 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$119 per night for two people

>>>Lisbon prices
>>>Check current Lisbon hotel deals

Athens, Greece

  • June avg high: 88°F/31°C
  • June avg low: 65°F/18°C
  • June avg precip: 0.4″/1cm

The end of June can begin to get sweltering, and you probably don't even want to think about coming during July or August, so this would be a good one about now, especially as a 3-day stop on the way to a Greek Island for the balance of a trip. This isn't exactly a cheap city, but it's very much worth seeing at least once in your life, with some of the world's finest sights. It's also much less untidy than it was before the Olympics, so its former reputation no longer really fits.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$84 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$142 per night for two people

>>>Athens prices
>>>Check current Athens hotel deals

Split, Croatia

  • June avg high: 80°F/26°C
  • June avg low: 66°F/21°C
  • June avg precip: 2.0″/5.2cm

SplitWhile Dubrovnik is the more famous destination on Croatia's coast, it's also too expensive to make this list now. Split, on the other hand, is still quite a bargain and it's actually more interesting, and a nicer place to visit. Dubrovnik is completely packed with tourists and cruise passengers, especially in summer, but Split is a similar-looking real city filled mostly with locals. It's also easier to reach, as well as the transit hub to the nearby islands off Croatia. The area does get crowded in summer, but not quite so bad until July and August when all the Germans and northern Europeans move in for a month at a time.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$57 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$141 per night for two people

>>>Split prices
>>>Check current Split hotel deals

Madrid, Spain

  • June avg high: 80°F/27°C
  • June avg low: 59°F/15°C
  • June avg precip: 1.0″/2.5cm

As the prices rise the further down this list we go in Europe, Madrid is another that's not terribly cheap by most standards, but compared to most of the rest of Europe it's very good value, and June is pretty much the perfect time to visit. Days get warm this month, but still rarely that insane type of oppressive heat that can feel even worse in this mostly-concrete city. With no sea breeze to help out you may feel a bit uncomfortable during the middle of the day, but since everything is closed it's a good time to take a nap back in your room anyway.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$94 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$117 per night for two people

>>>Madrid prices
>>>Check current Madrid hotel deals

Barcelona, Spain

  • June avg high: 76°F/24°C
  • June avg low: 60°F/16°C
  • June avg precip: 1.7″/4.3cm

The daytime temperatures in June for Barcelona are still very reasonable, and the ocean breezes can actually make it feel cool in the mornings and evenings. As a beach city this place does stay very busy all summer long, so June is a nice compromise before things get too crazy. It's another that may not be super cheap, but it's very reasonable compared to the rest of Western Europe, and definitely worth a visit at least once in your life for the unusual architecture alone. It's worth noting that Barcelona has become so crowded in peak months in recent years that the city government is trying to curtail some tourism. June is a busy month, so be prepared for crowds.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$94 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$151 per night for two people

>>>Barcelona prices
>>>Check current Barcelona hotel deals


June is obviously winter in South Africa, and it's blazing hot in most of the middle of the continent and over in Egypt, so you don't have many great choices this month here.

Fez, Morocco

  • June avg high: 82°F/28°C
  • June avg low: 59°F/15°C
  • June avg precip: 1.0″/2.5cm

Much like nearby Marrakech, Fez sounds to many people like a place that would be in the heart of a forbidding desert, but Morocco is just south of Spain, and the Atlas Mountains keep most of the heat on the other side, so this country is fairly pleasant even in June. Most visits tend to come as part of a trip to Spain, and those who make it past the hard-to-recommend border city of Tangier will find a fascinating culture and very appealing prices.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$34 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$44 per night for two people

>>>Fez prices
>>>Check current Fez hotel deals


The cheap destinations in Southeast Asia will be celebrating the start of the drenching rainy season in June, so it's not really an ideal time to visit if you have a choice. Still, there are some good options to consider.

>>>12 Best Asia destinations in June

Nha Trang, Vietnam

  • June avg high: 89°F/32°C
  • June avg low: 80°F/27°C
  • June avg precip: 1.7″/4.3cm

The exception to the Southeast Asia rainy season pattern, this beach town on Vietnam's southern coast avoids nearly all the wet during summer, so it's especially appealing for Australians and such who are escaping their own winter down under. Nha Trang is not Vietnam's best cultural experience, but the beaches are very nice, the nightlife is surprisingly good, and it's extremely cheap once you get there.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$31 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$47 per night for two people

>>>Nha Trang prices
>>>Check current Nha Trang hotel deals

Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

  • June avg high: 85°F/29°C
  • June avg low: 77°F/25°C
  • June avg precip: 2.8″/7.0cm

Bali is near the equator so temperatures are similar all year long, but fortunately June is not part of the rainy season so this is one of the best times of the year to go. Rain never seems to be too far away, but of course the island is well adapted to the quick downfalls, so things get right back to normal again. Those who only research on big travel sites might think Bali is very expensive for hotels, but there are still many cheap & cheerful guesthouses in all the main tourist areas, so just showing up might save you quite a bit compared to reserving online in advance. Those looking for the best beaches in June will find many good candidates here in Bali as well.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$35 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$47 per night for two people

>>>Kuta, Bali prices
>>>Check current Bali hotel and resort deals

Beijing, China

  • June avg high: 86°F/30°C
  • June avg low: 66°F/19°C
  • June avg precip: 3.0″/7.5cm

Beijing can get really sweltering, steamy, and smoggy during summer, but June is a decent compromise before things start getting too bad. Of course this is one of the world's most important cities, past and present, and it's loaded with interesting things to see and do. Hotels and food are very good bargains here, and things are even cheaper in pretty much all of China, so this is a good time for a tour of multiple cities if you can pull it off. Here is why booking a tour to China is probably better than going independently. Most tours also include Shanghai, and Xi'an, but Guilin is an even better stop for most people.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$53 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$82 per night for two people

>>>Beijing prices
>>>Check current Beijing hotel deals

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • June avg high: 91°F/33°C
  • June avg low: 75°F/24°C
  • June avg precip: 4.9″/12.3cm

Another city very close to the equator, Kuala Lumpur is hot every day of the year. And while there will be some noticeable rain during June, this is actually the driest month on average. An impressive and modern city, KL is built to drain off the wet stuff very fast, so it rarely impacts a visit. It's not as cheap as the rest of Southeast Asia, but when you get to Kuala Lumpur you realize why, as things are much nicer than they are in most of the region, and more cosmopolitan as well.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$33 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$47 per night for two people

>>>Kuala Lumpur prices
>>>Check current Kuala Lumpur hotel deals

Middle East

A bit surprisingly, much of the Middle East still has very reasonable temperatures in June.

Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

  • June average high: 99°F/37°C
  • June average low: 80°F/27°C
  • June avg precip: 0.0″/0.0cm

SharmelSheikhThis Red Sea resort in Egypt has been one of the most affordable sunshine destinations in the world in recent years, and an incident a few years ago will probably keep it on the very-cheap list for some time to come. Needless to say, this area has been safe for years and it will be considered safe again, so anyone who doesn't get intimidated easily should consider a visit. The resort prices here are amazing, even more so lately, and the June weather is pretty much perfect for those who like it warm and dry.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$16 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$27 per night for two people

>>>Sharm el-Sheikh prices
>>>Check current Sharm el-Sheikh hotel and package deals

Amman, Jordan

  • June avg high: 87°F/31°C
  • June avg low: 64°F/18°C
  • June avg precip: 0.0″/0.0cm

Quite cheap by international standards, Amman is usually used mostly as a launching point for trips to Wadi Rum and Petra nearby, but the city itself does impress many visitors. The weather in June is still quite nice, at least in the first half of the month, and the threat of rain is literally zero. It might not be worth flying a long distance just to visit Jordan, but this region is quite worth a visit so connecting a few nearby countries is worth a look.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$62 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$70 per night for two people

>>>Amman prices
>>>Check current Amman hotel deals

Beirut, Lebanon

  • June avg high: 80°F/27°C
  • June avg low: 69°F/21°C
  • June avg precip: 0.1″/0.3cm

Similar to Amman, Beirut is actually quite pleasant during June with no rainfall at all. Prices here aren't as low as they are in Jordan, but this city has plenty to see that might make it worthwhile on a visit to the region. There has been a long history of turmoil here and that has certainly hampered tourism. Nearly everyone who actually makes the trip seems to find it fulfilling, so it's a good choice for the bold among us.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$49 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$62 per night for two people

>>>Beirut prices
>>>Check current Beirut hotel deals

Tel Aviv, Israel

  • June avg high: 82°F/28°C
  • June avg low: 69°F/21°C
  • June avg precip: 0.0″/0.0cm

Carrying on with the theme of places that aren't as hot in June as you might expect them to be, Tel Aviv has its nice beaches to keep things even nicer than the inland cities as well. This is not a particularly cheap city compared to most on this list, but June is one of the best weather months here, again with no rain at all, so if you are thinking about an Israel trip you might as well do it this time of year.

  • 3-star hotels from: US$145 per night for two people
  • 4-star hotels from: US$166 per night for two people

>>>Tel Aviv prices
>>>Check current Tel Aviv hotel deals

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Darshan Singh says:

A great Website…but if you offer also offer to convert the interest in to a Trip…by suggesting some lucrative options….Wow!

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June end is off season visit and plan holiday outside India. Please suggest good international destination close to India for (25 to 29 June 2014 for 6 Adults )

    Roger Wade says:


    That’s a short amount of time for an international trip, so it’s probably best to not go too far. I’d suggest Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and the area around it if you are looking for a city, and Bali, Indonesia if you would prefer beaches and nature. Or of course you could go to Dubai if you don’t mind the (dry) heat. -Roger

Ravi says:

Pl suggest good and cost effective international destinations for 9/10 days beginning say 20th June

    Roger Wade says:


    I might have more suggestions than those on this list, but I’d really need to know your starting point. They aren’t too cost effective if they are cheap only after a US$2,000 flight to get there. -Roger

Safiya says:

Actually, there are more countries in Africa that should be visited during the summer time because that’s when their “cold season” happens. So instead of blazing hot the weather is just perfect for the most part. This applies to Eastern African countries. I would highly recommend traveling there.

vidya says:

informative website…so here i”am asking for a desperate solution for my problem…i want to travel in the month of june with 4kids..so looking at a kids friendly place where we can have a lot of fun but also a bit easy on the pockets,please help me find a destination!

    Roger Wade says:


    I’ll try to help but I’d need to know your starting point and an idea of your budget for flying somewhere and how much you could spend on a hotel or apartment. -Roger

Julie says:

Starting off in California and need a 7 day anywhere in Europe for 1500 ish lol any suggestions for June-July and love the beach or a cool city that’s not too crowded?

    Roger Wade says:


    I assume you mean a 7-day budget of US$1,500 per person for a flight and hotels leaving from California and going to Europe? That will be cutting it close because the flight itself will be around US$1,000 or more. All European beaches are packed in July, so you’d want to go in June if you want to go to a beach. I’d say your best bet would be to fly to Lisbon, which is a cool city that isn’t very crowded, and it’s one of Europe’s best bargains. You can spend a few days in the city and then a few more days down on one of the beaches in the southern region known as “The Algarve.” Faro is the biggest city and transport hub in the Algarve, but it’s a big area and you should be able to find a nice hotel at a good price somewhere in that area. I hope this helps, and if not feel free to give us more info so I can try again. -Roger

Manisha says:

me and my husband would like to go to a 4 to 5 day international trip in and around 20th June to celebrate our wedding anniversary….i would like to know some good peaceful destination with friendly weather (neither too hot and neither too cold)…budget not too very tight and cant spend like a king too…plz suggest

    Roger Wade says:


    Any recommendations I would make would be much better if I knew your approximate starting point. In 4 or 5 days you probably don’t want to fly halfway around the world, even if it’s a cheap and perfect place once you arrive. If you are in the United States then Mexico or the Caribbean are the obvious top choices for a shorter trip like that. If you let me know your starting city and maybe a bit more about the sort of place you’d prefer, I’ll take a shot at helping. -Roger

Nidhi says:

Hi. I m lookin for an international trip around 20 June for 5 to 10 days, starting from new Delhi, India, budget not more than 60000 Indian rupees perhead. Have been to kaula lampur and Singapore already. Want more of adventure filled activities n sightseeing than shopping in trip. Will dubai be too hot to enjoy? Can u suggest me any other place

    Roger Wade says:


    Okay, so 60,000 Indian Rupees is about US$1,000. And you’ll probably have to spend about half of that on airfare alone, so you’ll need to find a fairly cheap destination if you want to stay from 5 to 10 days.

    Dubai will be hotter than Delhi, but also less humid in June. So you might find the weather to be okay, but it’s still more of a shopping destination than an adventure destination. Dubai has “adventures” such as dune bashing (jeep tour over sand dunes) and even that indoor ski slope in a mall, but all of those are very expensive.

    I think you’d be best off going somewhere in Thailand on your budget. You could fly to Bangkok and then take another cheap flight to Phuket or Koh Samui or another island from there on Air Asia. You could even spend a day or two in Bangkok, which is an incredible place to see (much more so than Kuala Lumpur). And once on one of the islands you’ll have the chance to rent scooters or Jet Skis or even go zip-lining or that sort of thing. Phuket in particular has a great variety of outdoor and adventure activities, and they tend to be fairly cheap by international standards. If this is a family trip then avoid the Patong Beach area in Phuket because it has a very “adult” focus, and it’s too crowded anyway.

    From Delhi you might also be aware of the wonders of nearby Nepal. If you wanted to do hiking and that sort of thing, you could fly to Pokhara as a base, and you’ll have many outdoor options there. Pokhara is also very cheap once you get there, although I think June is the beginning of one of the rainy seasons, so the end of the month could be quite wet there, unfortunately.

    I hope this helps, and feel free to follow up if you have other questions. -Roger

jasmeet says:

Need a destination to go in june nearby. My kids r 13 n 6yrs. Need an entertaining place for them

    Roger Wade says:


    I’d be happy to try to give you a few kid-friendly suggestions, but I’d need to know your starting point and general budget. My first suggestion would be to look at the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, or Mexico at some beach resorts. Many are family friendly with Kids Clubs and activities all day, not to mention swimming pools and water sports you could all do together. Prices in June are very low and the weather is still pretty much perfect. Best of luck. -Roger

Kim says:

My fiance and I are looking for a place to go for our honeymoon at the end of June and looking for good weather, fun things to do, nice beach and resort. We only have 5 days so would like to stay within a reasonable budget perhaps less than $2K and would be flying out of Massachusetts. We looked into Cancun and read that June is the start of rainy season. Is that true? Any suggestions would be great!

    Roger Wade says:


    Yes, June is more or less the start of the “rainy season” in Cancun and most of the Caribbean, but that’s only about 5 inches per month, on average, which is only a bit more than Boston gets in an average June. September and October are the wettest months in the Cancun area, and I really wouldn’t worry about the rain any other month. In fact, I’m going to Cancun myself in late June or July this year.

    The other thing to be aware of is that the rain you get in the Tropics tends to be a 30-minute downpour either in the morning or late afternoon, about 10 days per month. You can see it coming and take cover if needed, and then shortly after it stops the sun comes out again. Often you can spectacular sunsets right after late-afternoon downpours, so it can sort of be worth it.

    The other affordable option would be the Dominican Republic. The most popular resort area is Punta Cana, which only averages about 4 inches of rain each June, and it’s the same pattern where it almost never lasts long. Still, your cheapest flights and best resort values will be in Cancun, Cozumel, and the Riviera Maya area (which are all in Greater Cancun). Have a great trip. -Roger

ravi says:

Hi Roger,

We are planning our honeymoon in June .. Around 20th starting from Hyderabad, India
Budget is around 2000$ to 2500$ per head
We are not looking for beaches or places that are too cold and would like to avoid crowds if possible. Please suggest.

    Roger Wade says:


    This sounds like an interesting challenge and I’ll be happy to try to help. Your budget sounds like it should be enough to even go to Europe, but that depends on the number of days you want to spend. In other words, for 7 days you could go to Italy or Spain or a few other nice countries, but if that budget needs to last for 2 weeks then it would be very challenging.

    Another challenge is that most popular destinations are quite crowded in June (and more crowded in July and August), so if you would prefer to avoid crowds (which is understandable), then it might also mean going to a less-obvious place. And of course, most of the popular destinations in Asia tend to be beaches or crowded cities, so it might be hard to avoid both of those. You could go to any combination of Chiang Mai, Siem Reap, and Luang Prabang and it would be affordable without huge crowds or cold weather.

    If you are looking for a “first class” honeymoon with great hotels, restaurants, and shopping, you might consider Dubai. Flights to Dubai (and Abu Dhabi) tend to be quite cheap, and hotels that time of year can be quite affordable considering how nice they are. There are beaches, but in June it’s the off season there because it’s so hot, although maybe still more pleasant than Hyderabad because it will be much less humid. I prefer Abu Dhabi of the two, but there are fewer affordable hotels there, and Dubai is MUCH larger with more things to do.

    With a bit more information, I’ll be happy to give other suggestions. Congratulations and best of luck with it all. -Roger

      Ravi says:

      Thanks for the detailed response Roger.
      We have maximum of 7 days to spend. I was considering Europe, but heard it might be too crowded and expensive.
      Also, I wanted to avoid the package tour kind of thing since it would be too hectic. Maybe just one or two cities that we could explore at our own pace. Thanks again!!

Mohammed says:

Hi, I am planning a short vacation with family ( 2 + 3 kids) for 7 days between 11th Jun and 31st July ’15. My starting point is Muscat, Oman (resident) and looking a nearby destination of anywhere Asia but not India (being an Indian visited most of the places, also Dubai visited many a times. Budget is very much flexible having plans for first International trip. More likely looking a destination where my kids can enjoy. Your earliest suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks

    Roger Wade says:


    It sounds to me like you are looking for a place with family-oriented resorts in Asia. You could go to, say, Bangkok and Siem Reap, which are both wonderful places that are very interesting, but it feels more like you are trying to find a place where the kids would have their own activities rather than seeing cities or learning about ancient civilizations.

    With this in mind I’ll recommend the islands of Thailand as my top pick, but you could also consider Bali or Boracay Island, Philippines. All of those places have an abundance of reliable and well organized beach resorts that have Kids Clubs (for the younger ones) and plenty of options of water sports and activities for the older ones. Here are a few more details about each of them just in case you aren’t yet too familiar…

    On Phuket Island there is a very crowded beach city filled with shopping and nightlife called Patong Beach. As long as you avoid that, you will have about a dozen other beach areas that are mostly family oriented and far less crowded. My favorites are Karon Beach and Kata Beach, which are both just south of Patong, but there are many others with great and reasonably priced resorts that cater to families. It can be a bit rainy in June, but it’s usually just quick downpours followed by more sun.

    In Bali, June and July are drier months and high season (mostly filled with Australians), and there the “party town” to avoid is Kuta Beach. Just north of that is Legian and Seminyak, which continue the same beach but with far fewer backpackers and raucous bars. Sanur Beach is more family oriented, as is the southern resort area called Nusa Dua (for higher budgets).

    Boracay Island is a bit harder to reach, but it’s incredibly nice once you are there, and there are no party cities to avoid (although there are plenty of bars along the beach). On Boracay you have the long and wonderful White Beach along the west coast, which is lined with hotels, restaurants, and shops, but they are all connected by a sand pathway rather than a road, so it has more of an authentic tropical feel to it. There are many family-oriented resorts with pools, but also boat trips for snorkeling adventures and exploring nearby uninhabited islands and much more. On the east coast of the island, which is only about a 10-minute walk from the west coast, the winds are always blowing so it’s a major capital of windsurfing and similar water sports that might appeal to older kids.

    I think any of these could be a good choice as long as you book a hotel that offers a “Kids Club” and maybe a swimming pool. It’s not so much that your kids will always want to spend time at the Kids Club, but rather that if they offer one it means that they cater to families rather than just romantic couples or singles or party people and whatnot.

    Hopefully this is helpful, but if you had something else in mind please let me know and I’ll take another crack at it. Have a great trip. -Roger

Nitin Ahuja says:


I and my wife are looking out for some cheap and good destination to go in june.
Planning for a 4-5 day trip in budget of $1000-1500 per person.
Can you please suggest something?

Thanks for the help

    Roger Wade says:


    I’d be happy to help but I’d really need to know your starting point and if you prefer beaches or cities or scenery or whatever else. Your budget could afford somewhere quite nice in most corners of the world, but I don’t want to recommend you flying halfway around the globe for a 4-day trip. Give me a bit more to go on and I’ll come back with some specific suggestions. -Roger

Jocelyn says:

I will be graduating in May 2016 and would like to take my wonderful, supportive husband somewhere fun and romantic. We would fly out of either Kansas City, MO or St. Louis, MO. We would probably only have 5-7 days and funds are relatively limited ($1500-2000/person). We do not necessarily need a beach but it wouldn’t be awful either.
Thanks for the help!

    Roger Wade says:


    Your budget for a week should give you many great choices within pretty easy reach of Missouri. One easy suggestion would be New Orleans, although I’m guessing that you would prefer to leave the country and see something a bit exotic. Since you don’t really have enough time to fly across an ocean, I have two recommendations that come to mind in Central America.

    One would be Belize and the other is Costa Rica. Both are quite tourist friendly because Belize is (more or less) an English speaking country, and Costa Rica has a huge tourism economy. Both have great beaches and also romantic resorts and many interesting activities. In Belize your best choice would either be the island of Ambergris Caye if you mainly wanted to relax, or the Placencia Peninsula if you wanted to relax AND have easier access to some jungle sites and amazing ruins. Ambergris Caye is more built up and easier to reach, but Placencia actually has nicer beaches and will feel more secluded.

    In Costa Rica there are great resort areas along the Pacific coast in the north, close to the airport in Liberia. And there are more local and traditional resort towns farther south, such as Jaco Beach. In either case you can take a day tour and go ziplining or a jungle tour or about a hundred other things. The Tamarindo area in the north is probably best for a romantic trip, while Jaco is more for adventure.

    Hopefully one of those sounds at least a bit interesting. If not let me know and I’ll take another shot at it. -Roger

Sarah says:

Hi! My friend and I (both in our 20s) will be doing some traveling from Los Angeles in June. We are are hoping to be gone for about 2 months and are on a budget. Safety is a concern (as we are both female). Any specific suggestions?

    Roger Wade says:


    I grew up in the Los Angeles area as well, and that makes Asia faster and easier to reach, obviously. Regarding the safety issue, I understand, though you’ll probably want to do additional reading from female frequent travelers. There aren’t any places that I’d recommend where female travelers are “unsafe,” but there may be some places where female travelers will get more attention and possibly harassment from locals. All of the female travelers that I speak to say that they don’t let things like that stop them from visiting places, though I think they also tend to work on strategies that make things easier.

    For a 2-month trip you could literally go anywhere in the world without worry about how long it takes to get there and come back. Since you want to do a long and slow trip, and that this article is about “cheap” destinations, I’ll throw out your main choices.

    You could go to Southeast Asia, probably starting in Bangkok, and seeing more of Thailand plus some Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and perhaps Malaysia and Singapore. Except for Singapore, those are all cheap places with decent weather in June and July (except for a cloudburst here or there). You could also get a cheap flight from Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur to Bali for a week or so.

    You could head to Europe and stay mostly in the cheaper areas in the south and center. If you check our Backpacker Index for Europe you’ll see that it takes about US$80 per day to visit cities like Paris, Berlin, and Amsterdam, but closer to US$40 per day to visit places like Budapest, Krakow, and Prague.

    Another option would be Latin America. You could fly into Belize or Costa Rica and tour Central America for a couple weeks, and then fly down to Peru, Chile, Argentina, and/or Brazil. Or you could skip Central America. June and July are winter months in the Southern Hemisphere, but still the weather in places like Buenos Aires, Lima, and Rio de Janeiro is still pretty good, and there are fewer tourists to deal with.

    I’d say those are the best choices that are cheap and fairly easy. Other parts of the world, such as India, are also cheap but more challenging for a newer traveler. And again, all of the places that I mentioned will be packed with unaccompanied female travelers in your age group, so as long as you do your research you should be fine.

    I’m hoping this helps. If you are able to narrow down the type of trip you are most interested in, I’ll be happy to offer more specific advice. -Roger

Pili says:

Hello, My husband and I are planning to take a trip in June for our birthdays (first or second week of June), 5 to 7 days, we live in Ft Lauderdale, FL and our budget is about $1,000 per head, definitely prefer to leave the country for our trip, we prefer a place where it will not be rainy, beach is good but not our top option

    Roger Wade says:


    This is tough to make suggestions without knowing more about your preferences. Last June I went from Miami to Mexico City and loved it, partly because it was warm but not scorching like in Miami. Mexico City is also a world class city for sightseeing and culture, and it’s at least as safe as US cities (unlike some Mexican border cities). It’s also a great bargain for Americans.

    With the Canadian dollar so low these days you might enjoy a trip to Montreal or Toronto. You’ll get warm and dry weather and it should be well within your budget. If you have other preferences let me know and I’ll try again. -Roger

Amy says:

Hello, my husband and I plan to take an anniversary trip the last week in June. We live rural Iowa and are open to both domestic and international travel. Neither of us have traveled much and would like to make the most of our time and money. We have up to 7 days and would like to spend no more than $5000. It would be great to take advantage of low exchange rates, but that is not necessary. The must haves on our list include: nice weather, good food, great views, and fun/different things to see and do. A beach would be neat to see, but we aren’t beach bums and don’t need a party scene to have fun. We appreciate your input!

    Roger Wade says:


    On your budget you’ve got loads of great options and I recommend leaving the US if you can. The exchange rate with Canada is amazing right now so you could really live it up in Montreal and Quebec City or Toronto or Vancouver and Vancouver Island. I can help more with specifics if that sounds interesting.

    You can even afford Europe on that budget in 7 days, especially with the strong US dollar now, which might even strengthen by June. I’d say the easiest and best choices would be to fly to London and spend 3 or 4 days there. After that you can either take a train up to Edinburgh to experience a bit of Scotland, or a train over to Paris for 3 days there before flying home. Again, if that sounds interesting I can help a bit more with some specifics.

    A final suggestion that may also sound interesting would be to fly to Ireland and spend a day or two in Dublin (it’s not worth more time than that) and the rest of the week driving around seeing the amazing countryside of Ireland and some small towns. It’s quite easy to do and the days in June are extremely long so you can see a lot in a short time. Let me know if any of those sound good and I can try to help more. -Roger

      Amy says:

      Thank you for your input! What suggestions would you have for Vancouver and Vancouver Island at the end of June? Thanks again for your great advice! Amy

        Roger Wade says:


        Sorry for the delay in responding. I’m in Hong Kong right now and pretty busy. The two main places to focus on are, of course, Vancouver itself, and the town of Victoria on Vancouver Island. If you rent a car you can drive yourself, and both are very different and very worthwhile. There are also the mountain resorts and national parks nearby, which should be very enjoyable with those very-long days in June. I hope this helps a bit. -Roger

Logan says:

Roger mate, you’re doing a stella job. My inquiry is this, I m living in NZ I have about 10 grand and was looking to spend 3-4 weeks backpacking around India in June as this is our winter and they only time I can get a solid break from work. I’ve come to realise that it’s the rainy season and don’t really want to spend 3 weeks inside. Any tips on other destinations where I can get off the beaten track, immerse myself in local culture with having to pack too much. I’ve done mainland Europe a few years back so I want to try something new. Cheers mate

    Roger Wade says:


    As far as I’m aware, there are only a few small parts of India (and Asia in general) where June rainfall is problematic. For example, the monsoon season in Mumbai starts in mid June (give or take a bit) and I’d avoid that for sure, but in Delhi and most of the rest of the country it’s not a really wet month. I think it’s mostly the west coast that you’d want to avoid, and there are plenty of amazing places elsewhere in India. On the other hand, June is extremely hot in other parts of India, so you might want to save it for another trip.

    If you haven’t done southeast Asia then I think that is your best bet. While it’s true that June is the start of the “rainy season” there, I’ve spent a couple Junes in that area and I can assure you that it’s a more typical tropical rainfall pattern. In other words, it will be sunny in the morning and then a bit cloudy in the afternoon, followed by maybe 15 minutes of hard rainfall, and then it clears up. And it might only do that 3 or 4 days per week, along with maybe an overnight storm or two.

    Also, April is actually the hottest month in most of SE Asia, so June is actually a bit nicer as long as you can find a bit of shelter a few times per week. Personally, I’d rather go back in June than in April. In 3 or 4 weeks you can hit most of the highlights, even including 7 to 10 days in Vietnam. For better or worse, there are plenty of other travelers in that area in June, but if you want to avoid most of them you can by simply choosing more obscure destinations within the region.

    As an alternative you could do Bali and some other nearby places. June is actually part of the “dry” and pleasant season in that area. I’ve only done Bali myself (and I’ll be there again in a week for a month-long stay), but there is also Lombok and interesting places on Java, just to name a couple.

    Hopefully this helps, and let me know if you have any other questions I might answer. -Roger

nishant n. says:

Hi Roger,
I have gone through your awesome suggestions and hence I too am interested to know the following. My starting point will be Mumbai and would like to select an international destination to visit in May last week to first week of June. total of 5 to 6 nights trip. Need a place with beautiful landscapes, some adventures, beaches and moderate crowd. Budget would be $1000.Thanks.

    Roger Wade says:

    Nishant n,

    Starting from Mumbai you’ll need to go south or east in order to find something like you describe on your budget. Sri Lanka would actually fit what you are looking for, and be inexpensive and quick to reach, but I have a feeling you are looking for something a bit different. In case Sri Lanka does interest you, you’ll want to skip through Colombo quickly and get to the interior in towns like Kandy, or along the southern beaches.

    But really I think you want to go to Southeast Asia, probably starting in Bangkok. It’s a huge city that isn’t as crowded as Mumbai, but it’s still pretty crowded so you’d probably only spend a day or so there. Or you could go straight from the airport to the beach town of Pattaya. Or you could fly to one of the islands such as Ko Samui or even Phuket. The landscapes on those islands aren’t too beautiful, but they are quite nice if you want to spend time on or near a beach.

    You have two other good options after landing in Bangkok. One is to take a train or flight to Chiang Mai, which is cooler and cheaper than Bangkok, and it’s known for excellent trekking and other outdoor adventures. But it doesn’t have a beach. The other great option would be to take a bus or flight to Siem Reap for a few days in town seeing the Angkor Wat temples. I’ve been all over India and it’s filled with impressive temples and sights, but Angkor Wat is in another league and it’s something everyone should see once. There’s no beach, but the town of Siem Reap is really fun and a great and cheap place to hang out. The beach town of Sihanoukville in Cambodia is another option, although it’s not as easy to reach as the others.

    Late May and early June are technically the beginning of the rainy season in that area, but it’s normal tropical rain and not the monsoons that you get in Mumbai. In other words, on several days a week you will see clouds rolling in in the afternoon and then maybe 15 minutes of heavy rain, and then it clears up again. It’s actually cooler than in April, and the rains are easy to avoid because they come and go so fast. I’ve spent a few Junes in this area and it’s actually a great time to visit.

    If you want to go just to one place for the whole 5 or 6 nights, I think I’d recommend Ko Samui or the nearby island of Ko Pha-ngan. They are both quite lovely with great beaches and enough adventures to keep you busy for a week. Let me know if you had something else in mind and I’ll try again. -Roger

Greg says:

Hi Roger,
I appreciate your input. My wife and I are celebrating our 30th, oldest graduates college, middle child graduates high school, with a 13 year old. Plan to travel with my parents, both in 80’s but fairly active. June trip; looking for 7-10 days with a balance of activities. Ideally $1000-1300 per, flying out of Milw (or Chicago poss.) Thanks

    Roger Wade says:


    I’ll be happy to try to help, though you haven’t really narrowed down your main preferences much. On the budget you mention it would be tough to get to Europe and really enjoy it because the airfare would probably cost at least US$800 per person. With just a bit more of a budget you could do a really nice multi-generational trip to Ireland. Flights into Dublin and Shannon are pretty reasonable, and hotels & guesthouses should be affordable enough. With a group like you have you could spend maybe 2 days in Dublin (it’s not worth staying longer because the rest of the country is more interesting) and spend the rest of the time driving a minivan through some small towns and to castles and such. You could even rent homes or Airbnb places for the whole group and come in on a pretty good budget. Ireland in June is glorious and it would be interesting for everyone, not to mention fairly easy.

    Another option that would be cheaper would be to do Montreal and Quebec City for 3 or 4 days each. As I’ve mentioned recently on here, the Canadian dollar is so low right now that the whole country is quite a bargain. Those two cities are both beautiful and quite interesting, although you could also do Vancouver and Victoria (on Vancouver Island).

    Let me know if either of those sound interesting, and I can add more details. Or if you had something else in mind, let me know and I’ll try again. -Roger

Meg says:

I’m looking to travel end of June/beginning of July and all these places sound like good ideas until you factor in the $1500++ just for one rt flight. I really want to do a beach destination for around 9/10 days, I looked into the Balkin coast but flights and accommodations in Croatia and Greece are so expensive. If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear back!!

    Roger Wade says:


    I’ll be happy to give you some custom recommendations, but I’ll need to know your starting point first so I can factor in the airfare. These articles are read by people all over the world so I can’t sort them out by airfare from the US or any other place. And by the way, there are some cheaper beaches in Europe for accommodation, although they aren’t all sandy-beach paradises near the top of the list. -Roger

PL says:

Hi Roger. You are doing a helluva job here with your advise. Let me too try and benefit from it. Me and my wife wish to take a 7-8 nights vacation this June. Budget shall be $2000-2500 (cumulative) and New Delhi, India shall be our starting point. We do not want beach and adventure holidays. Don’t mind semi-crowded places. Any suggestions? Also, if we want to visit Dubai, what exactly do we do there apart from Desert Safari and Al-burj? This, of course, is apart from any other destination that you can suggest. Looking forward to it. Thanks.

    Roger Wade says:


    Thank you. And interestingly enough, I was in Dubai when you sent this, and I just arrived in Malta last night after 4 days in the UAE. It actually could be a very good option for you, although Dubai is a bit unusual in that there isn’t a long list of famous attractions. That could be nice because it allows you to just relax and shop and try different restaurants and such, rather than race from one place to the next.

    The Desert Safari is really fun, and this was my first time in Burj Khalifa, which was better than I expected. You can go see Burj al Arab on its beach, although it’s not close to anything else aside from the Wild Wadi water park. The Dubai Museum is interesting and well done, but only for maybe two hours tops. Weirdly enough, I enjoy walking through the huge malls, and the Dubai Mall in particular has several attractions like a huge aquarium. It’s just a very pleasant and good-value city, although in June of course it will be very hot. The good news is that most of your time would be spent indoors anyway, as it’s very well set up for the heat, with air conditioned walkways in many places. You can also spend a couple days in nearby Abu Dhabi, which is similar in some ways but different in others. The new temple there is stunning. And there is an oasis town called Al Ain not far away, and that’s also worth part of a day.

    If you aren’t keen on Dubai after reading this, you could also head somewhere like Chiang Mai in Thailand or Luang Prabang in Laos. Let me know what you are thinking and if you want more suggestions let me know and I’ll try again. -Roger

Kay says:

Hi Roger, also looking for suggestions for a 2 week trip in the end of may-june. starting from NYC to anywhere in europe. with possibly a stopover in iceland. not really interested in big city vibes, more relaxing/scenic. beaches are nice. and we really like food. our budget is hopefully <$2000.

    Roger Wade says:


    I’m assuming that you mean your budget per person is hopefully under US$2,000, and I’m assuming that you want that to include the airfare. If so you’ll definitely have to go to one of the more affordable areas in Europe, which I imagine is why you are asking in the first place.

    First off, I strongly encourage you to do the Iceland stopover if you can. I have a whole separate article that discusses the wonders of Iceland and how to visit on a budget. If you can afford it, I’d recommend staying 8 days with 1 of those days in Reykjavik and the other 7 days in a rental car doing the Ring Road. It’ll probably be your favorite trip of your life if you are like me and most other visitors. However, when you include the rental car, a couple will need at least US$200 per day to do it comfortably (Rather than sleeping in a tent the whole time).

    If you don’t want to spend 7 or 8 days there, then 3 would be good as it would allow you to see the main sights along the southern coast. I’ll be happy to help you plan that more if you like.

    As for beach or nature destinations in Europe itself, you are going at a great time because most places don’t get too crowded until the middle of June, yet the weather is nice in late May. One possibility is to fly into Lisbon, which is a very nice and surprisingly affordable city for a couple days, and then take a train down to the Algarve, which is what they call their southern coast. The area around Faro is quite nice, fairly cheap, and mellow.

    Other options would be the southern coast of Spain, although it’s not culturally very interesting, or even Spain’s islands of Ibiza, Mallorca, or even Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

    Beyond that, and keeping it affordable, you might enjoy the coast of Croatia around the city of Split. The city is very nice and affordable, and after a couple days there you could take a ferry to one of the nearby islands or a bus to one of the smaller beach areas to the north or south. You’d also want to do a trip to the amazing Plitvice Falls National Park, which isn’t too far away.

    The last good cheaper option in Europe would be the Greek islands. Santorini is probably the best first choice, and it has some interesting sights, although most people (northern Europeans) just go there to relax on the beach during the day and drink at night.

    I’m actually in Malta as I type this, and it’s another one to consider. There aren’t many sandy beaches here, but it’s otherwise a really beautiful and relaxing island in the Mediterranean with a great mix of visitors and English as one of the official languages (so it’s stress free).

    Let me know if any of these sounds interesting and I’ll be happy to offer more details. If you had something else in mind, let me know and I’ll try again. -Roger

Nikhil says:

Planning for a solo travel in 1st week of june. Can u suggest me few places which can be cheap and also provide me a awesome experience.thanks.

    Roger Wade says:


    I’ll be happy to try to help, but I’d really need an idea of your budget, your starting point, and hopefully some clue as to if you are looking for a beach or a city or nature or whatever else you are hoping for. -Roger

Pompa says:

I live in the SF bay area. Would like to go somewhere in June for 7-10 days. Four adults; My husband and two adult boys. Budget $1500 per person. Please suggest some places to go.

I wouldn’t mind going to Greece, If that would be reasonable.


    Roger Wade says:


    Airfare from SFO to Europe in June will start at around US$1,000 per person. You might find a fare to Ireland for closer to US$800, but almost anywhere else is going to be US$1,000 or above. And the minimum per day budget for any of the popular destinations in Europe is going to be close to US$100 per person. You could visit a place like Krakow or Budapest for closer to US$60 per day, but once you factor in the train tickets between cities, it still gets expensive.

    For 7 days in Greece you’d probably need about US$2,000 per person. If you want more information on that, let me know.

    Closer to home, you could have a great time in British Columbia on that budget, especially since the Canadian dollar is still fairly weak. Vancouver and Victoria are really lovely in June.

    You could also either do Mexico or somewhere in Central America on that budget. Costa Rica is the easiest country to visit in that area. Hopefully this helps a bit. Let me know if I can help further. -Roger

Rick says:

Want to get away for the first couple weeks of June. I’m flying from Seattle and the gal I’m meeting is flying from Brisbane Australia. Had planned on Thailand with time in Bangkok maybe a trip to Singapore, some elephants and some island time. The weather really makes me nervous. From seattle….don’t want rain. Now changing my mind to Maui. Any thoughts? Of course don’t want to break the bank.

Also mapped out a Switzerland then Italy trip. Europe makes me a little nervous right now and stupid long flight from Brisbane.

    Roger Wade says:


    Yes, finding a destination that is a reasonable distance from both Seattle and Brisbane is tricky. Hawaii is an obvious choice, as you say, because it (along with Tahiti, Fiji etc) is the only place that you could both reach within 7 or 8 hours. I was just in Maui a few months ago and it is wonderful, but even modest hotel rooms or apartment rentals will start at around US$150 per night, and US$200 is probably more realistic for a place that would suit a couple in a desirable location. So if you can afford that, then Hawaii is ideal.

    As for Europe, that’s where I am now (in Malta right now, going to Barcelona tomorrow) and I’m not worried at all about anything going on here. However, the flights for both of you would obviously be really long, and most things here are fairly expensive as well.

    I actually think the SE Asia idea is a good one, assuming you are hoping to keep costs at a modest rate. I’ve spent a lot of time (well over a year) in that area, including living in Bangkok for 3 months including June, and the weather isn’t a big problem. It’s true that it’s the beginning of the rainy season, but it’s also a bit cooler than the scorching month of April. Also, the “rain” in SE Asia (and the Tropics generally) is the exact opposite of Seattle style. What happens is, about 15 to 20 days a month, it’ll be sunny in the morning and a bit cloudy in the early afternoon. Then about 3pm the clouds get dark and the skies open up for 15 or 20 minutes. About an hour later it’s mostly clear again, although sometimes there is a bit of localized flooding. The point is, the rain in that area comes in short bursts (sometimes overnight), and it’s easy to take shelter from it for the short time it lasts. It’s kind of fun, actually. The same is true in the islands of Thailand, where you can be on the beach and eventually you notice the clouds are getting dark. Once the first drop lands, everyone heads inside for a bit, and then usually back out again when it clears up. You might get unlucky and get a day or two when it rains for a few hours at a time, but that’s rare. So if you want an interesting place where it’s warm and prices are reasonable, I’d do Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, or even Vietnam. In fact, the beach area of Nha Trang gets almost no rain in June. Let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger

Marina k says:

Can you please recommend a destination for a solo female traveler in her 30s? Looking to get away in mid June for up to 9 days, starting from NYC. Willing to splurge a bit. Ideal for me would be a mix of beach time and sightseeing so perhaps 2 cities. Many thanks

    Roger Wade says:


    The first thing that comes to mind is Mexico, and I did a solo trip exactly like this last June, for exactly 9 days believe it or not. First fly to Mexico City, which has surprisingly mild and nice weather in June. It’s really a safe and wealthy city in the main business and tourist area, which is huge. There are pyramids and other archaeological sights near the city, and many really cool sights in the heart of the city. I spent 3 nights there and could have stayed longer. I speak very little Spanish, which was a bit challenging, so if you speak more than a little you’ll have an easier time.

    From Mexico City I flew to Cancun on a cheap flight and spent 3 nights in the main hotel district in Cancun. It’s quite nice, if a bit generic, but it’s fun and the beaches are excellent. Then I took a bus down to Playa del Carmen for 3 nights, and I loved it there. Unlike Cancun, which is mainly just a strip of big hotels and condos, Playa del Carmen is a small (tourist-oriented) city with hundreds of bars and restaurants and whatnot. There are also the Tulum ruins nearby, and Chichen Itza is also a very popular day trip. The island of Cozumel is a short ferry ride away.

    So again, this is just my first thought, but I’d do 3 or 4 days in Mexico City, and then fly to Cancun for the rest of the time. Personally, for a single traveler, I think Playa del Carmen is much more interesting and social, so that’s where I’ll go next time. You can obviously fly home directly from Cancun and the flights will all be pretty cheap.

    If not that, then you might consider Costa Rica. It’s got nice beaches on both coasts, and excellent adventure and nature sights in between. The capital, San Jose, is a bit of a dud though, so I wouldn’t recommend it. The volcano area is nice though, and the beaches on both coasts are very different.

    I’m actually in Tenerife in the Canary Islands right now, and I just toured through the Costa del Sol and other places in Spain. You could fly to Barcelona and spend 3 nights there, then take a train to Madrid for 3 nights, and then another train down to the Costa del Sol for 3 more nights in the busy beach town of Torremolinos. It’s all good value in general, and better this year due to the USD being strong against the Euro.

    Another similar option would be to fly to Lisbon, which is also wonderful and surprisingly affordable, and then after 3 or 4 days you can take a train down to Faro, which is in the beach area called the Algarve. My favorite town there is called Tavira, but it’s one of many.

    Those are a few ideas to consider. Let me know if I’m even close and I’ll be happy to try again or provide more details. -Roger

Saksham says:

A weeks international trip to escape the heat of Delhi, India with my family not too expensive as well. Any suggestions?

    Roger Wade says:


    This is a tricky one because obviously in June the entire Northern Hemisphere is going to be hot. Most places won’t be quite as hot as Delhi, but they still might not be cool enough to make it worth the trouble. I’ll try a few suggestions and you can tell me if anything sounds interesting.

    As you certainly know, when you get into the mountains of Nepal it is cooler, and the resort town of Pokhara is very cheap as well. That is definitely your cheapest cooler place that isn’t far away.

    Bali is just in the southern hemisphere and June is one of the cooler months there. It’s worth a look.

    If you really want pleasant temperatures near you in June then the only ones I can think of will be in the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia, and Da Lat in Vietnam. Both are tourist-friendly hill towns that I like a lot, with pleasant temperatures every day of the year, along with some rain at times.

    Let me know if any of those are anything like you were thinking about. If not, give me some more information and I’ll try again. -Roger

Mia says:

Can you please recommend a place for a 5-7 day trip for a couple with two adult children starting from Central Europe in the first 2 weeks of June? Languages are not much of a problem, have traveled around quite a lot, love culture, history, art, but not shopping. Would prefer nice weather, not cold rain and wind ( that alone keeps me from going to Northern Europe). Scenery important, beach a plus but not necessary, budget is flexible. We are not for luxury, but willing to splurge on a unique experience for culture connoisseurs. Obviously, a shorter distance would let us see more, so up to a 5 hr flight, or a day drive is our limit. Thanks!

    Roger Wade says:


    Without a more specific location than Central Europe, it’s hard for me to know what might be within driving range. So I’ll assume that you are going to fly, and a 5-hour range gives you many good choices.

    The first thing that comes to mind would be Portugal. You can get a cheap flight into Lisbon, which is an excellent and scenic cultural destination with great June weather and surprisingly low prices. You could spend 3 or 4 nights there, and then take a train down to the Algarve area around Faro for some beach time. There are some lovely towns down there such as Tavira that are near the beach but are not the cheesy mass-market resorts like you get in Spain and much of Greece. Or instead of the Algarve you could spend 2 or 3 days in Porto, which is also historic and quite different from Lisbon.

    Another interesting option (just guessing since I don’t know where you’ve been) would be Morocco, which is also cheap and has very nice weather in June. I think the cheapest flights are into Casablanca, but it’s not a good tourist city (in spite of the famous name and its size) so it’s best to hop right on a train for Fes or Marrakech. There are also expeditions to the Atlas mountains to consider. If you haven’t been there yet you’ll love it as a cultural destination, and it’s quite well organized and safe as well, which you can’t really say about most of its neighbors.

    The last great option that I can think of would be Croatia. You can get reasonable flights into Split, and it’s a wonderful cultural destination on its own. In my opinion, it’s just as interesting and photogenic as Dubrovnik, and it’s much cheaper, easier to reach, and not packed with tourists like Dubrovnik. After a few days there you could take a ferry to one of the nearby islands, or rent a car and drive to the amazing Plitvice Falls National Park for 2 days or so. Rental cars in Croatia are pretty reasonable, and accommodation in the country is mostly offered in apartments rather than hotels. In early June you could get a pretty good deal on apartments with enough beds for all of you, wherever you go in Croatia.

    Hopefully this helps. As always, let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger

Adite says:

Hi Roger,

Amazing work there! I followed your suggestion the previous time and went to Dubai for my vacation in Jan this year, this time I wanted to know your ideas for a fun filled holiday with my husband with nice weather for 4-5 days near India. Budget about 1000$ Per person. We been to Seychelles, Dubai, Kerela and Goa since last Feb. But we still love the beaches. Bali or Singapore was what was on our mind as it is incredibly hot here in Delhi. Thanks in advance.

    Roger Wade says:


    Staying near India in June and staying on a reasonable budget, you don’t have a huge range of choices. Bali would be very nice and June is one of the cooler months there, although one of the busier months as well. I recently spent another month there and I can give you more information if you need it. It’s possible to stay there on a moderate budget, and the beaches are fantastic for the most part.

    Singapore is very nice, but it’s also very expensive and it’s mostly just a big city so it’s not a good beach destination. You could potentially go to a place like Malacca in Malaysia, which isn’t far north of Singapore and it has beaches.

    Another obvious possibility would be Sri Lanka. The beaches along the southern coast are great, and you could get a cheap flight either into Colombo or the new airport. Unsurprisingly, it’s quite like India in many ways, but it’s quite different in other ways. I think that would be my top recommendation for you, partly because Bali is quite a bit farther and it’s so crowded these days. Sri Lanka’s tourist infrastructure feels like it’s still being built, so it’s not nearly as crowded.

    The other main option to consider would be an island in Thailand such as Ko Samui or Ko Phi Phi or even Phuket. Those are gorgeous places with excellent beaches and many resorts to choose from.

    Let me know if any of those appeal to you and I might be able to provide more information. -Roger

      Adite says:

      Thank you so much for such an informative reply. Will let you know what we finalize. It was such a help. Thanks again. Great work there and really impressive stuff out here. Keep it up!

Lillian says:

Hi Roger, am a Ugandan and looking for the best destination for family (2+1)for a small vacation in preferably Europe. The option would be Asia
I would like a place where one can do good shopping with favorable weather. Kindly give two options for us.
The budget is USD.1500 per head excluding flight costs.

    Roger Wade says:


    The weather all over Europe will be really nice in June, and the shopping is quite good in all larger cities and many smaller ones. I guess it depends on the kind of shopping you want. If you are after brand-name clothing and that sort of thing, the same chains are found in pretty much every city, with fairly similar prices throughout Europe.

    You don’t mention how long your trip is supposed to be for the US$1,500 per person. If it’s 7 days, then you could go almost anywhere. If it’s 21 days, you’d want to pick some of the cheaper cities. If you provide more information I’ll happily suggest some custom ideas.

    But to start, I think the best places for a first trip to Europe are the classics, notably London, Paris, and/or the Big 3 in Italy, which are Rome, Florence, and Venice. All of those are exceptional and quite easy for first-time visitors. It’s probably best to choose at least one or two of those, and use those as your main anchors for the trip. If you have more time, you can take a train to another city or two or three.

    Again, I’m happy to help with custom suggestions if you tell me more about your time frame and preferences. -Roger

      Lillian says:

      Thanks for the response Roger. I really appreciate your feedback

      Hi Roger, am a Ugandan and looking for the best destination for family (2+1)for a small vacation in preferably Europe. The option would be Asia
      I would like a place where one can do good shopping with favorable weather. Kindly give two options for us.
      The budget is USD.1500 per head excluding flight costs. We are looking at spending there 7 days.
      We are meant to set off on 19th June and return 26th June.

      I would also like your view of Thailand. Is it a place to go to end of June

      Looking forward to a pleasant holiday

        Roger Wade says:


        I’ll give you a few ideas, but I’m still a bit unsure what kind of shopping you hope to do. The big department stores can be found in every larger city in Europe, and prices won’t be too different among them. It’s the same story for electronics or other name-brand items. For trendy clothes or antiques, some cities are much better than others, though I’m not a big expert on either of those things.

        With a budget of US$3,000 for 7 days and nights in Europe for a couple and a child, you can afford to go anywhere and have quite a nice time. With that in mind, the two top choices would have to be Paris and London, as each has plenty to keep you busy for at least a week, including some really good day trips. Those would also probably be the two places where you’d find other people from Uganda, in case that matters to you.

        Another great option would be Barcelona, which you could combine with a visit to Madrid or perhaps Valencia. You could spend 4 days in Barcelona and the other 3 in the other city, and have an excellent time.

        One more obvious and highly recommended option would be Rome for 3 or 4 days and then the rest of the week in Florence and Venice or in Sorrento and Naples. I wouldn’t recommend spending a full 7 days in Rome because it’s a bit chaotic and stressful, so not very relaxing for a holiday (although the sights are among the world’s greats).

        Bangkok could be a good choice as well. It will be hot and fairly humid in June, but it’s not too bad because the quick rainstorms and occasional clouds cool it off a bit. Bangkok is one of the world’s great shopping cities as well, with a huge number of modern shopping malls all clustered together in the Siam Square area and along Sukhumvit Road. You could spend 3 or 4 nights in Bangkok, and then go to nearby Pattaya Beach for the other 3 or 4 nights. Or you could take a short and cheap flight to Ko Samui or Phuket.

        Kuala Lumpur is another excellent city for shopping malls, but otherwise it’s not as interesting as Bangkok, and it’s a bit more expensive.

        Let me know if any of these ideas sound good, and I’ll provide more information if you’d like. -Roger

          Lillian says:

          Thanks Roger. This is very helpful
          The shopping will be mainly clothing and a few electronics

Denise says:

Hi Roger,
Love your site, really excellent, intelligent and detailed information. Makes me want to be a backpacker again! However, I am at a different life stage now and am looking for a good destination for mid – late June, for around 12 days, leaving from the Bay Area. We have 2 teenage girls who would like to use their learned Spanish. Have looked at Troncones private rental combined with a few culture days in Mexico City, as well as an all in in Ixtapa, again combined with Mexico City. Also considering the area around Cancun so that we could go to chichen itza and other sites. Am open to any other suggestions. Our budget is around $6,000

PS Could go higher on the budget if needed!

    Roger Wade says:


    Thank you for the very nice words. I think your plan sounds very good as it is. Unfortunately I’m not sure how much help I can offer because I have only been to Mexico City and most of Mexico’s beach resorts as an adult, so I can’t give much advice outside of those.

    What I can say is that Mexico City is an excellent choice and it will be very good Spanish immersion because almost no one speaks English there (except for at high-end restaurants and hotels). I speak very little Spanish and I loved it there. I’d think that about 4 days would be enough time to see all the main highlights.

    On that same trip, I visited Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Cozumel, and by far my favorite of those was Playa del Carmen. Cancun has the best beaches of the three, but it’s essentially a long strip of tall hotels and time-share buildings where most of them are only close to a few things except at the very corner of the Hotel Zone. Playa del Carmen is a fairly large and tourist-friendly city with hundreds of restaurants and hotels to choose from, all within walking distance of each other. It’s a real town with things in all price ranges, and plenty of things to do.

    Cozumel, as you may know, is a small island across from Playa del Carmen that is also nice, but I preferred Playa del Carmen because it had so many more choices. Cancun and Playa del Carmen both offer Chichen Itza day trips, and the Tulum ruins are very close to Playa itself. So I can’t help much with other areas, but I can highly recommend those. Have a great trip. -Roger

      Denise says:

      Many thanks for your suggestions Roger.
      We have actually decided to combine Mexico City with Puerta Vallerta this time, and will plan on going to Playa del Carmen and Merida and some of the major Mayan and Aztec sites on another trip. Keep up the good work!

Ramesh says:

Hi Roger, Me and my wife are planning for an anniversary holiday from Bangalore. it will be between 27th may to 4 June(flexible) Our budget is $3000 USD / 2 lac INR (Air ticket,stay,shopping,sightseeing,fun). i want to go to Italy and other places surrounding it or Bali,Maldives,Mauritius have been to Bangkok, Singapore, Malaysia. Plan is to cut the cost on travel and stay. but i am confused with location and i dont like to go on package.is it difficult to go to Italy on our own ? Can you advise me on the itinerary for this location so that i dont miss anything when i am there.Also need to get visa in next 20 days is it possible. Please help.

    Roger Wade says:


    I just checked on airfare costs on flights from Bangalore to Rome and I was shocked that you can do that round-trip for US$645 per person with a quick change of planes in Delhi on Air India. I was expecting to see fares twice that expensive. As a result, I think your budget will work well enough to visit Italy since that seems to be your first choice.

    With US$1,300 going to airfare for two, it would leave US$1,700 for 7 or 8 days on the ground. Hotels in Italy go the whole range, with double rooms in the tourist cities starting at around US$60 per night for poorly located places, or about US$100 per night for a double room with a decent location. Most hotels are more expensive than that, but you can find something decent in that range if you need to.

    Italy has a “Big 3” for first-time visitors and that is Rome, Florence, and Venice. They are the Big 3 for a reason and I’d highly recommend focusing on those cities for the best first visit. Spend your first 3 days in Rome and then take a train to Florence for 3 more days. Then wake up early and take the 2-hour train ride to Venice and stay there for about 24 hours. Then you can take a train back to Rome for your flight home, perhaps staying in Rome one last night.

    That is the classic Italy visit and it’s filled with all the best highlights. I explain more details and how to do it in this post about the best Italy and France itinerary for first-time visitors.

    That obviously would be a culture and history filled trip. If you wanted to go to the Maldives, it would be simply to relax in similar heat to where you live, although with sea breezes. I haven’t been to Mauritius but I’ve heard it’s similar. Bali has plenty of interesting culture to go along with its relaxing beaches, but I feel that it’s too overbuilt these days to recommend and that there are better options nearby.

    In other words, if you want to do Italy, you have enough money to do it as long as you shop carefully for hotels and buy those train tickets online as soon as possible from trenitalia.com. But if you are more in the mood to go somewhere that is very hot and mainly just relax, then you can afford one of the others.

    Oh, and yes, you can definitely do that Italy trip without a package by planning it on your own. Italy is filled with tourists, most of whom speak little or no Italian, and so nearly everyone you encounter will speak at least enough English to help you. And all of the important signs (airports, train stations, museums etc) are in Italian AND English. I’m writing this from Tenerife in Spain right now, and I barely speak any Spanish, yet it’s quite easy to do what I want and enjoy the place. Let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll be happy to help. -Roger

YohanJohn says:

Hi Roger,
My wife and I (am close to 60)are thinking of firming up (by Wed 11th May ) with Cox & Kings for 7 night ex Mumbai 25th June, covering Paris Chamonix Brussels,, Amsterdam, , Cologne,Heidelberg, Rhineland, Black Forest, Drubba,Lucerne, Zurich.
Will cost us about 3000 US (airfare, visas,accommodation and food) excluding only personal expenses I think.
Our priorities a laid back holiday in comfy accommodation and good weather (not wet, not cold, not hot)and not too crowded (!),. Are there any other similar places where we could get more for the money etc.

    Roger Wade says:


    Just so I’m clear, this itinerary you mentioned is for a 7-day bus tour of Europe? In 7 nights, it would mean spending most of that time on the bus, and only a few hours in each destination. If that IS what we are talking about, then there is nothing laid back about it. Even if that was a 14-day itinerary, it’s still a LOT of moving around on a short visit. I think you can do much better by booking yourself and choosing only a few cities so you spend more time enjoying them and less time traveling between them.

    As an example, have a look at the answer I just gave (hopefully right above this one) for someone wanting to visit Italy from India on the same budget in the same month. I’d recommend doing something more like that, choosing whatever nearby cities that interest you most.

    The June weather in most of Europe tends to be warm and rarely scorching and rarely wet, but you will get large crowds in all of the big cities. However, as someone who has spent 4 months in India myself over two trips, I can assure you that you won’t see any crowds resembling the city crowds in India. Europe’s busiest cities will feel empty by comparison, so I don’t think you should avoid them necessarily.

    Let me know what you think about this and I’ll be happy to offer more specific advice if you like. But also please keep in mind that you really want to spend 3 nights in each of the larger cities you visit, or perhaps 2 nights in smaller cities. If you go faster than that, you end up spending half of your holiday in trains and in train stations. -Roger

      YohanJohn says:

      Roger (Roger that ! and pardon the fun pun) I am just so glad that I seemed to be getting timely advice, so very glad.
      I did see the advice you gave Mr. R. and that seems good.
      We would prefer that all the formalities etc. are taken care of (as they would be through this agency). Maybe we could ask them for a package that covers a lesser number of places. (We did a 5 day 4 night trip to Dubai and were quite happy that it was a good hotel, did a creek cruise, some dune bashing, took in some of the sights with a friend/Burj/Dubai Mall etc,avoided a city tour, played some tennis at the Hotel, no shopping, ate at a couple of nice places french and another local; and we were happy !!
      \So how would you advise somebody like us (apart from letting us out to pasture !!).
      For the price we are paying, a) which places should we shortlist b) how many days c) should we consider increasing the number of days (for the same price/lesser number of places. Should we shift locations and consider London and thereabouts.?
      I think this agency will do a personalized tour instead of a group tour.
      Please try and empathize, maybe you will understand better than I have expressed it. Do advise.
      Thanks and best wishes

        Roger Wade says:


        Sorry to keep you waiting, but I generally try to answer all questions and comments within 24 hours, 7 days a week. But especially on weekends I usually only do this once per day. I hope you understand.

        I understand your travel preferences more now, and I think your own idea of a cruise is the perfect solution. Even if a tour company makes all the arrangements and bookings for a multi-city trip, it still means that you have to be on a tight schedule and that you spend a LOT of time in transit. In my opinion, on a 3-week trip it’s fine to visit 6 or 7 cities because you still have at least two full days in each place. But to see that many cities on an 8 to 10-day trip would mean that you literally would spend half of your daylight hours on trains.

        Obviously, a cruise would be the perfect compromise for you because a cruise makes it easy to visit one city per day, while the guests are comfortable and only have to unpack and repack once. On one hand, a cruise typically gives you 8 to 12 hours in each city, and that is only enough time for a superficial look at a city like Rome or Barcelona. But on the other hand, if you were considering a land tour that only gave you one day in each city, then a cruise is going to be far more enjoyable and far less stressful.

        So my recommendation is to do the cruise and choose an itinerary that sounds most interesting to you. If you don’t do a cruise, then I’d recommend staying 2 or 3 nights in a smaller number of cities, and getting around by train. Let me know if you have other questions. -Roger

YohanJohn says:

Have you given up ?
Would a Cruise be right for us. Say 7 to 10 nights, Italy etc.?
Around 1500 US per head ?

Kevin says:

Hi Roger
Planning for trip the last week of June 7-9 days for 2 single looking to golf and some nightlife. Starting point is Toronto. budget $2500-$3000 per person where would you recommend?

    Roger Wade says:


    On that budget you can go almost anywhere, as long as your green fees don’t get out of control. When you want to combine a good selection of golf courses and also nightlife, the first two places that come to mind are Oahu and Cancun.

    You can get a nice hotel in Waikiki Beach for around US$200 per night and up, and rent a car for at least part of your stay to get to the many nearby golf courses. There are loads of bars and restaurants throughout that area. I’d say that nightlife is best suited to people over 30 years old, and it’s an interesting and international crowd.

    Cancun has several huge mega-clubs where you pay like US$50 for entrance and then you can drink all you want for free once inside. Those are obviously more suited to those in their 20s. The clubs are all located near the corner of the hotel zone, so if that interests you it’s best to book a hotel within walking distance of that. The hotel zone is otherwise about a 15-kilometer strip of hotels and timeshare buildings, and most of them are spread out, so only about 10 of them are within walking distance of clubs and bars and restaurants and such.

    Kind of a combination of the above would be Playa del Carmen, which is a lovely town about an hour south of Cancun airport by taxi or shuttle. It’s still close to a handful of very nice golf courses, and the town is filled with bars and clubs of all sorts, appealing to any age range. Unlike the Cancun area, Playa del Carmen is a complete town where every hotel is within walking distance of 100+ bars and restaurants. That’s probably the option I’d suggest if I was going on this trip.

    Hopefully this helps. If you were thinking about going somewhere farther or more exotic, let me know and I’ll try again. -Roger

      ke says:

      I was thinking going somewhere farther or more exotic.

        Roger Wade says:


        Okay then, let’s see…The challenging thing here is that golf and nightlife are already kind of a rare combination, unless you want to go to Las Vegas, which wouldn’t be a good idea in June anyway. Then to add in “exotic” (for a North American) gets a bit trickier.

        One thing that comes to mind is Scotland. Edinburgh is a wonderful city with great nightlife, and it’s within an hour by train (or rental car) from dozens of world-class golf courses, including the cluster of courses at St. Andrews. You could stay in Edinburgh and maybe hit a couple famous links courses during the days, and then head up to Inverness for a few more days for a look at the Scottish Highlands and maybe another round or two up there.

        If you want farther and even more exotic than that, you could head to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. They have quite a few golf courses within easy reach of the city, and also great nightlife. KL is actually my favorite city in Asia because it has so much to offer and it’s fairly easy to handle for an English speaker.

        There are some nice golf courses near Antalya in Turkey, which is another really nice (and very affordable) city with decent nightlife.

        Dubai is another interesting option with good golf courses and great nightlife (although alcohol is quite expensive there). It will obviously be hot in June, though not very humid.

        Let me know if any of those ideas sound interesting, and I’ll be happy to provide more information if you like. -Roger

          Kevin says:

          Thanks Roger. if we skip the Golf where would you recommend?

          Roger Wade says:


          If you are mainly looking for a place that has good nightlife and is at least somewhat exotic for someone from Toronto, it’s a long list. If you wouldn’t mind, could you give me a few more things you are hoping to find? Beaches, great value, interesting architecture, famous sights, mild summer weather, blazing heat, attractive locals and fellow tourists? I’m happy to keep trying if you give me a few more clues. -Roger

          Kevin says:

          Roger we are in are early 30’s we are looking for some sights some attractive locals and fellow tourists. decent night life. don’t want to lie on a beach all day. Would like to do a cruise but not sure if we will find any other singles to hang out at night

          Roger Wade says:


          Okay then, I’ll take a few more stabs at this and if anything sounds interesting I can add more information. Speaking of cruises, some lines are better than others for singles and younger people, so that might be a really good idea if you find the right one. I did a cruise as a solo traveler on Norwegian last year from Miami and I really loved it. Most passengers were couples or families, of course, but there were actually many other singles and I met people every day. It’s also great value in general.

          If you are open to Europe and want to see some interesting places, I highly recommend Prague and/or Berlin. They are 4 hours and 28 minutes apart by train, so you could easily spend 3 or 4 days in each. Both are very exciting cities with excellent nightlife and social opportunities, and both are places where you can basically speak English all the time and you’ll be understood. Prague is known for its impressive architecture, while Berlin is filled with expats from all over so you never know who you will meet next. Both are fairly affordable and easily among the most “fun” cities in Europe.

          Another pair to consider would be Barcelona and Ibiza. Barcelona is a gorgeous city with famous architecture and nightlife, while Ibiza is obviously the party capital of Europe all summer. There are ferries between the two, but also cheap flights. Barcelona can be a bit challenging if you don’t speak Spanish, while Ibiza is mainly English-speaking tourists, so it should be easy.

          The last one I can think of off the top of my head is San Juan, Puerto Rico. It’s got a great mix of beaches, culture, and nightlife in the newer areas, and Old San Juan is a gorgeous Colonial city that is filled with great restaurants and interesting nightlife. You could rent an apartment in either area and take a cheap bus or taxi to go between them, or rent a car and explore other parts of the island.

          Let me know if any of those sound interesting and I’ll be happy to add more info if needed. -Roger

          Kevin says:

          Thanks so much for the info. I’m doing Europe in August. so it will be a cruise

Rod says:

Hi Roger
Planning for trip the last week of June or first week of
July for 2 single guys looking to site see and some nightlife.don’t want a beach vacation. leaving from Ottawa. budget $2500-$3000. Where would you recommend?

    Roger Wade says:


    This sounds similar to a series of questions I recently answered for a guy named Kevin. Scroll up a bit and have a look at the responses I gave him because it’s the same advice I’d give you, at least to start with. If you have any specific questions about any of it, let me know and I’ll take a shot at them. -Roger

Sunny says:

Hi Roger,

Really impressed by the suggestions made by you in this forum for travel. I am also seeking for some guidance for my honeymoon . I am looking for a 6N/7D trip. Where I can spend a day on the beach, may have good night life,Beautiful cities and sites ,great architecture, may be a day on the cruise. Scenic ,fun places. Places not much hot. Temp in the earLy 20’S. Some where in Europe preferably. We will be starting from Mumbai. The total budget is 3000 USD (Including everything) total for the two of us. Planning in July.

    Roger Wade says:


    If you want to find a Europe destination with cool (25C or below) temperatures in July, then you’ll either need to go to the north of the continent, or high in elevation. However, as long as you avoid the southern (Mediterranean) countries, then the daytime temperatures should be pleasant, and at night even more so. Everywhere in Europe will feel nice compared to Mumbai that time of year. 🙂

    And if you avoid the hot, southern European countries, it will be hard to find a beach and a cruise. This is challenging. Trying to balance out all of the things on your wish list, I’ve come up with 3 suggestions that should all come close and be affordable.

    Barcelona arguably has Europe’s most distinct architecture, excellent nightlife, nice beaches, and plenty of things to see and do for 6 days. Days will be around 30C or maybe higher, but since it’s on the coast there is often a nice breeze. There are plenty of good day trips available, and you could even take a high-speed train to Madrid or nearby Valencia for a couple days, as both of those are very different from Barcelona.

    Lisbon, Portugal has most of the same features, though its architecture is more classical than experimental like Barcelona’s. Lisbon is also a bit cheaper and it’s great value once you get there. There are no great beaches nearby, but you can take a train down to the southern coast to an area known as the Algarve (around Faro), which is a very nice beach resort area.

    Split, Croatia is the last one that I’ll recommend, which is even a bit cheaper than Lisbon. It’s gorgeous with fantastic architecture and very good nightlife. There are also beaches just a bit away from the historic city center, and nearby islands with great beaches that are good for day trips or for a couple of days.

    I think Barcelona is the most impressive and memorable of the three, but I think you’d be happy and impressed with any of them. If you would like more information on any of them, let me know. Congrats and best of luck with all of it. -Roger

Bridget says:

Hello Roger! Departing Melbourne, Australia in early June & looking for a warm destination or destinations to stay for approx. 1 month? Beach, relaxation, pool – 2 adults & 3 childrean aged 5, 7 & 8. Thanks in advance 🙂

    Roger Wade says:


    I’ll be happy to send along some suggestions, but I could use a few more hints first. From Oz it’s obviously far faster and cheaper to head to Asia, like Bali or one or more of the Thai islands, but those may not be ideal for younger children. If you were thinking more about Europe or nearby, I will have some suggestions, but it will be helpful to know if you are mainly looking for an easy and friendly place for the family to relax and swim, or if you also want to be near attractions and shopping and culture and so forth?

    For a month and with children I assume you’ll want to stay in an apartment rather than in a hotel, right? That is becoming easier every year. In fact, I’m currently typing this from Tenerife in the Canary Islands, which has exactly what you are looking for, and not much more.

    How cost sensitive are you? For example, for what you are looking for it’s hard to beat Hawaii in June, and it’s not too far from you, but it is kind of expensive compared to Europe and far more expensive than Asia. So please give me a few more things to go by on your wish list, and I’ll happily make some suggestions. -Roger

Gigi says:

Hi, My husband and I would like to take a vacation June 9 through June 14th to celebrate his birthday and our anniversary, but we’really looking to stay in a budget of $1,500 or less. We are leaving from South Florida (Palm Beach, Broward / Miami). Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

    Roger Wade says:


    On your budget you will need to stay within a couple thousand miles, which is probably best for only 5 days anyway. It’s hard for me to confidently recommend anything without knowing more about whether you want a beach (I doubt it if you live in south Florida) or a city.

    Off the top of my head I can highly recommend Mexico City. I lived in Miami all of last year and I went to Mexico City in June, partly because of the moderate temperatures. It’s a very nice city with an endless supply of things to see and do, and the whole huge central area is at least as safe as Miami or Miami Beach. It helps if you speak some Spanish, but I really don’t and I got on fine.

    If that doesn’t sound good you should consider Canada. The exchange rate is still very good for Americans so you can live it up a bit. Montreal is the most interesting city up there and the one I’d recommend first. But Toronto is very nice as well.

    If none of these ideas works for you, let me know with more information and I’ll try again. -Roger

Pramod Mohan says:

Hi Roger,

We are Indians residing in Dubai. Looking at a week trip during last week of June for a family of 2 adults & 2 kids – 11 & 16 yrs. We want to narrow down on 1-2 places that we can cover in 5-7 days. Want to avoid the hot & rainy places. Flights are OK as wife works with Airlines. Budget around 1000 uSD per person. Have already been to Rome-Florence-Venice, Jakarta, Kenya, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangkok, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Istanbul etc. Definitely want to do a different set of cities this time. had in mind – Austria-Germany-netherlands/ hungary OR spain for the bull run & tomatino etc. I also liked your suggestion of Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia as my son is a big Real Madrid fan. Also thought of South Africa / China / Orlando as options. Looking forward to your thoughts & recommendations. – Pramod

    Roger Wade says:


    It sounds like you are already very well traveled, so this is a bit challenging. In 5 to 7 days I’d recommend exactly two cities, assuming you want some culture rather than just relaxing.

    Spain is notoriously hot all summer, though not as hot as Dubai, so if that is a factor then I’d probably head north of there. If you do want to visit Spain I’d highly recommend dividing your time between Barcelona and Madrid, and taking the high-speed train between them. They are both very large and interesting cities that are quite different from one another. Valencia is quite nice, but you can save it for a future trip. I don’t know much about those festivals, aside from seeing them on TV, so I can’t be of much help.

    Since there are so many great places in Europe that you’ve yet to visit, and it’s closer than most of the others on your list, I’d choose from European city pairs. Here are some pairs in the areas you mentioned that would complement each other well on a 2-city trip:

    Vienna and Salzburg, both great and very different from each other.
    Berlin and Munich
    Munich and Salzburg
    Amsterdam and Paris
    Berlin and Prague
    Vienna and Budapest (although they are somewhat similar)

    I’d say that you’d do very well with any of those pairs, and all should be within your budget. Amsterdam and Paris are the most expensive option, but both are also in my personal Top 5 great European cities, so they could be worth it.

    Let me know if you have any questions about any of these, and have a great trip with whatever you decide. -Roger

Swetha says:

Hi… We lookin for a holiday by June 15 th.. Can u suggest us a good place considering our 1.5 yr son… We are actually thinking of Sweden Denmark n Finland.. Is it the right place …??

    Roger Wade says:


    Nearly all of Europe is well suited to traveling with young children, as nearly everything is accessible for strollers and such. So it all depends on where you want to go. Sweden and Denmark are both lovely, and Stockholm and Copenhagen are two of Europe’s prettiest cities. They are both quite expensive, however.

    I can’t really recommend Finland unless there is something specific you want to see there. Helsinki is quite dull compared to the others, and there isn’t much else to see in the country. It’s also quite expensive.

    If you give me more hints as to what sort of thing you are looking for, I might have more suggestions. -Roger

Dan P says:

My girlfriend and I are looking to travel to Costa Rica mid to late June. It will be ten days and we plan on doing Puerto Viejo, Arenal, and Manuel Antonio. Our concern is the weather. Based on your knowledge, is the rain completely miserable? Or is it scattered showers? We would like to enjoy a little bit of sun while we’re there. Thanks!

    Roger Wade says:

    Dan P,

    It’s true that June is one of the wetter months in Costa Rica, but like most of the Tropics, the rain tends to come all at once, and usually in the afternoon. So on the beaches it will typically be sunny in the morning, start to get a bit cloudy in the early afternoon, and then the skies will be gray at 3pm. Then it dumps down a bunch of rain for 20 or 30 minutes, and the clouds start moving out again. That might happen 20 days in June, and also some rain overnight. Along the coasts it’s very rare for a whole day to be rainy, and it’s almost never drizzly.

    How, Arenal has its own climate, and it can be rainy for days at a time, and foggy as well. In that case you might just check the forecast and then head there when it looks like it’s going to be clear. Personally, I enjoy traveling in that sort of season because crowds are thinner, hotels are cheaper, and the rain is surprisingly easy to avoid. Have a great trip. -Roger

      Dan P says:

      Hi Roger,

      Thank you for a really quick response. Just for research sake, would the weather in the Cancun and Belize area be comparable? Or less rainy?

Birin says:

Hi Roger
I am planning Europe trip for 21 days starting July 1st travelling with my wife, 2 kids (13 and 9) and two small suitcases.
Entry port will be Frankfurt and exit from Brussels.
We are planning to keep it budget trip.
This will be our repeat trip to europe. Already visited Munich, Paris, Venice, Madrid, luzern and other adjoining swiss cities and brief visit to Amsterdam city.
Our rough itinerary plan is Frankfurt > Berlin > Amsterdam/ Rotterdam, Paris > Brussels

Could you please suggest a family friendly cheap itinerary.
How many days I should keep for each destination with the suggestion of nearest attractions.
We are planning to travel mostly by train with a provision of renting a car in case of requirement.

Sushant says:

Hi James,

I am unable to decide to choose between Bali and Thailand. My wife choice is shopping n adventure with natural flora little bit. Singapore I been so nothing much to do.We are planning for June end or july so please elaborate where to go for Thailand 5 nights or Bali or any suggstive place.
Budget is max Rs 70000 it’s a short tour.
Read ur suggestions found really helpful.
Please advice thanks.

    Roger Wade says:


    I’ll try to help. Bali isn’t a very good shopping destination really, mostly because the stores are almost all quite small and spread out. There are hundreds or thousands of little “designer clothes” shops from major brands spread along the tourist streets, but they are so spread out that it’s very inefficient for a real shopper. And worse, walking along those busy streets in Bali is quite unpleasant, as you have to frequently walk into the street around motorbikes and such.

    Bangkok, on the other hand, has about 20 modern (and air-conditioned) shopping malls all bunched together in a fairly posh part of town around Siam Square. It’s FAR more pleasant and I’d imagine that prices are at least as good. There are also large malls in Phuket (in Patong Beach) and in Chiang Mai as well, but Bangkok is the king. By the way, Kuala Lumpur also has many nice malls in one area, and it’s an easier city to visit because almost everyone speaks English.

    As for adventure and flora, Bali is quite good for that, but I’d still recommend Thailand. It’s just much easier to move around quickly, and far more modern. So I’d recommend Thailand (or Malaysia). You could start in Bangkok and spend 2 or 3 nights there, and then take a cheap flight to Phuket or Kho Samui (or one of the other islands) for some nature and relaxation for the other 2 or 3 nights.

    Or you could just go to Phuket for the whole 5 nights, which would obviously be a bit easier, although Bangkok really is an amazing city so missing it would be a shame. The one tricky thing about Phuket is that 90% of the shopping and nightlife and other tourist-oriented things are in the town of Patong Beach, but mostly because of that, it’s not very relaxing. A big part of the center of Patong Beach is dedicated to “adult” nightlife, and there are massage places all over town with fairly aggressive employees out front trying to get business. The massage people are family-friendly and harmless, but still a bit annoying after a while.

    So if you stay in Phuket you might be better off staying in a nearby town such as Kata Beach or Karon Beach, and then take a taxi into Patong on days you want to shop and whatnot.

    Let me know if you have other questions. -Roger

Jason says:

Hi Roger, great recomendations. I am flexible and have off now until June 19th and am looking for a last minute international trip leaving from SFO. My budget is about 2k and I am looking for outdoor adventure nature and culture. Do you have any places you would recommend for an active guy in his 30’s?

    Roger Wade says:


    For nature and outdoor adventure near SFO, I’d think about Whistler, British Colombia first, especially as the Canadian dollar is relatively weak to the US dollar these days.

    If you are thinking more about the Tropics than the mountains, you should look into Costa Rica. It’s the tail end of the “dry” season now, so crowds are down a bit, but the weather will still be fine, even if you have to dodge a quick rain shower or two each week in the afternoons. Costa Rica practically invented the whole zip-lining and canopy tour thing, and that’s just one of about 20 different adventure-oriented activities you can do there. Costa Rica is also reasonably cheap, although it has higher standards of safety and organization compared to its neighbors. In other words, Belize and Nicaragua offer those things a bit cheaper, but they have been known to cut some corners.

    Actually, Belize could be another interesting choice depending on what you want to do, and it’s easier for someone who doesn’t speak Spanish because English is (more or less) one of its official languages. There should be plenty of other people in their 30s, and more than a few other singles, at all of these places in June.

    Hopefully one or more of those sound interesting. If you need more details, let me know. Or if I was totally off, let me know with some more details and I’ll try again. -Roger

      Jason says:

      Thanks Roger! Thanks for the recos. I ruled out Canada because with this much time off I want to take advantage of that and travel a bit further. As for Costa Rica you nailed it however I was there already and it was exactly what I was looking for. There is too much out there to explore in the world to do the same place at this point. What are your thoughts on Bali? I see in you article you recommend it, it seems cheap once you get there and they do speak English I believe. Have you been and do you think it provides a decent amount of adventure like hiking, motorbiking, snorkeling and etc… ? Thanks again for your input. It is very helpful and can’t believe you are responding to everyone so quick.

      Oh I forgot to mention Belize looks amazing and a great suggestion. Do you think it is too close to the rain season there though? I think it starts in June. Thoughts?

        Roger Wade says:


        My first trip to Bali was in 1998 and for many years I told people it was my favorite destination on earth. I recently visited for the third time, spending a full month there, and I like it much less now. Pretty much all of the popular areas are over developed in a sloppy way, so traffic is horrible and it’s just not all that nice anymore. It’s still a great surfing destination, and the Kuta Beach area is really fun if you want to party with boisterous Australian people, but it’s not really much of an adventure destination really. Actually, there are some still-wonderful areas in the north of the island (around Lovina), and on the Gili islands and nearby Lombok, but I’m not sure it’s worth the trouble.

        For what you have in mind I’d instead recommend Thailand. It’s the most popular destination in that area for a reason, as it’s fairly well organized and very tourist-friendly. Unless you’ve been there before, I’d recommend spending at least a few days in Bangkok (the Khosan Road area is incredibly fun, and cheap, in spite of all the complaints), and then fly down to one of the islands. Ko Samui is probably your best choice, but you could also look at Ko Pha Ngan and/or Ko Phi Phi. They are all beautiful and should have good crowds in your age group. I wouldn’t recommend Phuket, as it’s far better suited to families, shopping addicts, and stag parties.

        As for Belize, the rain starts coming more heavily in the second half of June, although with this year’s El Nino, weather has been weird almost everywhere so it’s hard to say. At this point you are probably near enough to just look at the month-view forecast to see what it looks like. If you go I’d recommend spending at least some of your time (if not all of it) on the main islands of Caye Ambergris or Caye Caulker. Let me know if you have any more questions. I enjoy trying to help people plan trips like this, so it’s nice to actually get something worthwhile out of decades on the road. -Roger

scope says:

Hi Roger, you are a good man for answering all these questions! I’ve been wanting to tour Switzerland and/or Bavaria for a long time, and this summer I’m going to make it happen. I love outdoor hiking, scenery, photography, etc. and I think the Alps are so incredible! I probably only have about 10 days, and I’m a grad student without a lot of money, so I can’t afford lots of expensive hotel stays (but I hear Switzerland can be pricey). Do you have any recommendations as to which cities to visit in late June? Right now I’m hoping to see Zurich, Bern, Geneva, Montreaux, and maybe Fussen and/or Konstanz Germany. Possible? Other recommendations? Thank you!

    Roger Wade says:


    First off, please have a look at my article on where to go in Switzerland. It will answer many of your questions, and it’s easy to scan to find what you are looking for.

    Also, I give you some worthwhile choices in my article on where to go in Germany, which includes Fussen.

    Those aside, Switzerland can be shockingly expensive, but you should go anyway because there is no other place in the world like it and its views of the Alps are among the world’s greatest sights. Focus more on Interlaken and Lucerne, and of the cities Bern is the only one that really has a payoff that is worth the costs. Zurich is nice, and spending a day and night there wouldn’t be a terrible idea, but it’s ridiculously expensive and hard for backpacker budgets.

    Montreaux is a nice-looking lake town in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, but again I’d focus more on the outdoor sights and less on the cities to keep your budget in line. There are nearby cities in France that are at least as interesting, at half the price.

    Book at least a couple nights at the Mountain Hostel in Gimmelwald for the most amazing scenery in a tiny mountain town that you won’t believe still exists (and is easy to reach).

    So again, Switzerland is expensive, but I don’t hear many people regretting the splurge because its in a class of its own, at least as far as scenery is concerned. I’m happy to give you more specific recommendations after you’ve gone through those articles if you still have questions. You’ll also find a lot of extra info in the comments of that Switzerland article as well, because I get these questions a lot. -Roger

      Scope says:

      Roger, you are amazing! Thank you so much, your recommendations are exactly what I’ve been looking for!!

Praps says:

Hi Roger, am impressed the way you have a solution / recommendation in most of cases.
I am planning to go on a 7 night tour along with my wife and 7 year old kid. Would like to keep it leisurely and relaxing and avoid hectic planning. However, some fun and entertainment required for the kid. Preference is sea beaches, good city architecture, and interesting monuments. Was exploring Europe.
Time of visit – last week of June .. for 7 nights
Budget – around 1500 USD per head
You may provide options like – city pairs in Europe, or even places in Caribbean, Singapore, etc … higher the options along with pros and cons, better it is

    Roger Wade says:


    I’ll try my best on this. For a 7-day trip I won’t recommend anywhere in Asia because it pretty much takes a full day each way in transit, not to mention the jet-lag you’d struggle with.

    I’ll assume you are in the US or Canada, and if so the best place that hits your whole checklist is San Juan, Puerto Rico. You can rent an apartment for a week in one of the more modern neighborhoods such as El Condado, and you’d be walking distance to some of the best beaches in all of the Caribbean, and a short bus or taxi ride from Old San Juan. The historic part of San Juan is simply gorgeous and loaded with great restaurants and attractions. There are also the two colonial forts and quite a few other things to see nearby. Then you could rent a car (cheap and easy because it’s part of the US) for a few days and do some trips to elsewhere on the island, including the nearby rain forest.

    The whole thing would be fairly stress free and surprisingly inexpensive, partly because June isn’t one of the busier months there. And unlike many other Spanish-language destinations, Puerto Rico (at least in and around San Juan) is quite easy to get by on English only if you have to.

    If you wanted something a bit more exotic you could try Cartagena, Colombia, which is cheaper and also very interesting. But its walled Old City isn’t as nice as San Juan, and the beaches aren’t quite as nice either.

    If you wanted to go to Europe the first option that comes to mind is Portugal. You could spend 3 or 4 days in the wonderful and beautiful city of Lisbon, and the remaining days down along the southern beach in the area known as the Algarve (near Faro). You could travel by train and then get around by taxi or bus once you got down to the coast.

    Aside from that, it’s hard to recommend Europe for what you have in mind. Spain has some very nice beaches, but almost all of them are in areas where northern Europeans come to reach places that feel more like home than like Spain. The one exception is the city of Malaga, which is quite nice and does have good beaches. But I don’t think it’s worth crossing the Atlantic just to go to Malaga. Believe it or not, most of Europe’s beaches are terrible and/or overcrowded, at least compared to US and Caribbean beaches.

    These recommendations are mainly keyed on the fact that you started your list with “leisurely and relaxing” and that you’ll have a 7-year-old in tow. Seriously think about San Juan, and I’ll be happy to give you more info if you like. If none of these sound interesting, give me more preferences and I’ll try again. -Roger

Leticia Perez says:

Taking a trip May 29 for 2-3 weeks. Want good weather and combo culture, maybe a few days of beach. Thinking of Bali. Where do you recommend we go? This will be our first time there. We are Mexican, pretty spiritual and very open. Curious and love variety, fun and maybe some water activity. We do love beauty and nature (and to snorkel or just enjoying what is easy to get to. Should be stay in Bali or go into another country?

Forgot to say, we are 50, young hearts, and live in bay Area, California. Not rich. Have access to Sheraton hotel discounts (husband works for Starwood company of hotel). Had considered Japan and Bali but it looks like we should save japan for a Sept./Oct trip.???

    Roger Wade says:


    Bali could be a good choice for this trip, especially as you say you are spiritual. As you probably know, the spiritual side of Bali is fascinating and perhaps its most unique feature. No other popular Asian destination shares its spirituality nearly as much, although Thailand and Laos are others to consider.

    As of a few years ago I would tell people that Bali was my favorite holiday destination in the world, and then I spent a full month there earlier this year. It’s still very nice in many places, but it’s also crowded and overbuilt in the most popular areas so choosing where you stay and where you go is critical. I’d avoid spending more than a day or two in the Kuta-Legion-Seminyak beach area, which is by far the most popular. It’s worth seeing, but just don’t linger there. You could spend a week or more in the Ubud area a bit up in the hills. It’s also fairly crowded, but not nearly as much as those beach areas.

    The next time I go to Bali I will base myself in the Lovina area, which is a beach that is still pleasant, beautiful, and uncrowded like Bali used to be all over as of 20 years ago. It takes a couple hours to get there from the airport, which is exactly what it’s not overrun yet. There are also some other nice beaches to consider, as long as you aren’t too close to that main Kuta area I mentioned. With that advice I think you could find something really nice, and for a decent price.

    And really, Thailand is better organized and it also has a lot going for it. You could spend a few days in Bangkok and then move on to one of the islands for the remainder of the stay. Let me know if this helps and if you have any other questions, and I’ll be happy to try to answer them.

    Japan does get really hot in summer so an autumn trip might be better. And of course Japan is MUCH more expensive than Bali, so it’s a whole other type of experience. -Roger

      Saquib says:

      Hello Roger,
      I’m planning a trip somewhere in Jun-Jul 2017 with a max. budget of $2500 (incl. airfare and lodging). The dilemma is I am confused whether to go the USA (CALIFORNIA to be more precise) where a friend stays, so would be saving on the lodging expenses or to go 2-3 European countries (which countries is undecided yet.
      I plan to have an approximately 2 weeks stay wherever i go.
      Kindly advise on the same.

        Roger Wade says:


        It’s hard for me to give you much advice on this without knowing your starting point. Airfare in summer could be at least half of your US$2,500 budget, depending on where you are.

        All of that aside, if you’ve not yet been to California and you have a free place to stay there, I think it would be a great idea, and easily within your budget as long as the flight wasn’t more than US$1,200 or so. I grew up in California and I find it a frustrating place to live, but there is no doubt that there is a huge list of interesting attractions and sights, many of which are free or very cheap.

        If you let me know your starting point and also which European countries interest you most, I might be able to offer more insight. -Roger

Becky says:

Hi Roger,

My boyfriend and I are looking to travel somewhere around mid-June for about two weeks. We are based in Phoenix so could probably make it to LAX fairly easily. We’d like to go somewhere international, and would love a mix of adventure/culture and relaxation. We went to Costa Rica last year and loved it, and would love to explore another part of the world. Budget is around $3,000 per person. Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly welcomed!!


    Roger Wade says:


    Since you’ve got two weeks and you want to explore another part of the world, I think it’s the perfect time to visit Asia. April is actually the hottest month in Thailand and elsewhere in southeast Asia, so by June it’s cooling down a bit, partly because of a cloud cover and occasional quick rain storms.

    So my top recommendation would be to fly to Bangkok and spend a few days there, and then head to Siem Reap to visit the amazing Angkor Wat temples and just hang out in the very cool town. Then you could head to one of the islands of Thailand for the last 4 or 5 days. It’s quite easy, and also cheap once you get there.

    The other recommendation would be to fly to Bali, which has its best weather in June. You could spend at least a few days in Ubud and also at least a few days in Lovina along the northern coast. As long as you don’t spend too much time in the Kuta/Legian/Seminyak area (the popular beach area that is overcrowded), you’ll love Bali and it’s also quite cheap. Even including airfare, your budget would allow you to have a great time.

    Of course the other option to consider would be Europe. Your budget would be enough for cities like London, Paris, and Rome as long as you plan well, or you could splurge in cities like Prague, Budapest, or Krakow. Let me know if any of these appeal to you and I’ll give you more details if you like. -Roger

Amanda says:

Hi Roger,
I’d love your advice on some destinations where I can take my blended family of eight for my 50th in June 2017. We live in Perth, Western Australia and so we’re used to travelling long distances but Northern hemisphere might be too far. Initially I thought skiing in Japan but there’s no snow then. Can you think of something amazing that kids from 25 to 11 would enjoy and that’s not going to break the bank?
Many thanks, Amanda
P.S. We just returned from Bali last week. It’s cheaper for people from Perth to fly to Bali than travel anywhere else in Australia. First world problem I know.

    Roger Wade says:


    I’ve met many people from Perth in Bali, so it makes sense that it’s cheaper to holiday there than, say, the Gold Coast.

    If you would rather not go much into the northern hemisphere, then you’ll either get cooler temperatures in the southern hemisphere, or blazing heat in or near the tropics. The first place that comes to mind is Boracay Island in the Philippines, which is a bit north of Bali, so in the northern hemisphere. It does get cloudbursts in June, but they usually only last 30 minutes or so. It’s a wonderful little island that is sort of like Bali was maybe 25 years ago, except smaller. They have water sports and activities for the younger ones, including wind surfing on the beach on the less popular eastern side of the island, which is a 10-minute walk from White Beach on the west side.

    Cape Town is affordable with plenty to do, but it’s a bit chilly in June, of course. You could also head to one of the islands in Thailand, such as Ko Samui or even Phuket, but of which are loaded with things to do and are affordable. Again though, it’s the start of the wet season so you will get some quick downpours. The rain in Thailand can be relentless in September and October, though in June it’s still easy to work around.

    I wish I had some better suggestions, but I’m not sure there are any places close enough to Perth with decent weather and prices in June. Let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger

ashish says:

Hey Roger,
Was going through the advice you gave to other travelers and was really impressed by your involvement! I was hoping to get some advice myself.

I am from New Delhi, India and looking forward to have my first solo backpacking trip hopefully in Europe in the summers next year. I have a budget of $1500 give or take, including flights, accommodation and visa ($100). I am pretty sure that the flights will be around $500 definitely. I will sleeping in dorm rooms. My trip will most probably last 13-14 days. If I take $400 for the accommodation, that leaves me with just $500 to enjoy and eat for 13 days.
Will that be enough for western Europe (Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels)?
and if not, what things should I take into consideration and how much should I extend my budget?

Any other itinerary that can be achieved in a budget of $900 in Europe given that the flight and visa are paid for?

thanks in advance!

Rebecca says:

Hi there! My daughter is graduating highschool & I’d like to take her on a trip to celebrate. She loves culture/history but also wants to relax beachside. We would fly out of Chhicago or St. Louis, Mo. Budget would be $2000 per person. Looking for a weeklong vacay. Suggestions? Thank you!

    Roger Wade says:


    It’s interesting that almost none of the places that are big on culture and history are also good beach destinations. If I were you I’d focus more on the culture side of things because she will have unlimited chances to go to places such as Miami Beach or Cancun or Hawaii in the future, and she’ll get far more out of a memorable culture trip at her age.

    Airfare from Chicago to Europe should be around US$1,000 per person, roundtrip in June, and you could have a very nice time in almost any city on the rest of your budget. If you want to go for a week I’d suggest focusing on two cities, or maybe 3 at the most. My top suggestion would be Paris and London. You could also do Paris and Barcelona (a 7-hour train ride between them) and Barcelona actually does have nice beaches. Or you could do Barcelona and Madrid for 3 or 4 days each.

    The other popular suggestion would be 3 days in Rome, 3 days in Florence, and 1 day in Venice. There are no good beaches near those, but Italy is amazing.

    Since you can afford Europe on your budget, I think you should do it. You could fly down to Cancun and spend half your budget, but you’d be bored in a few days. Let me know what you think and I’ll be happy to provide more suggestions and details if I’m on the right track. -Roger

isaac says:

Dear Roger,

Need your advise on this:

I am looking at June 2017 for about 14 days of travel from Singapore. i am thinking of 2 different itinerary. One is Czech Republic, Prague – Krakow Poland – Budapest Hungary – Sofia Bulgaria. too ambitious?
Another possible itinerary is Solvenia – Croatia – Bosnia – Montenegro. I am interested in Nature like mountains, rivers, old towns, castle. May i know which is your preferred route? i am bringing a friend who is going Europe for the first time 🙂

love to year your views. thank you.

    Roger Wade says:


    If your top priority is nature as well as history, then Slovenia and Croatia is the much better focus. Both of those have some of the best natural sights in all of Europe, and you can include stops in Split and Dubrovnik for the history. Prague, Krakow, and Budapest are all really interesting and historic cities, but they are all big cities with almost no nature sights. Sofia does have some Roman ruins in the city center, though aside from that it’s kind of dull compared to the others.

    In Slovenia you have Lake Bled and the Karst mountains as the top highlights, and Ljubljana is quite nice for a day or two as well. You could skip Zagreb (not very interesting) and head to Plitvice Falls National Park for one of Europe’s absolute best nature sights. Then you can head down to Split and Sarajevo and to Dubrovnik if you have time. I’ve yet to make it to Montenegro, though I have heard good things.

    Normally I recommend 3 days in each city you stop in, but on a trip like this it’s better to just make sure that you have one full day in each of the scenic stops such as Plitvice. Split is fantastic and it’s worth 3 days, including a possible boat trip to a nearby island. Hiring a car for some or even all of this trip might be best because it can be challenging to reach some of the nature sights using only public transport, though it can be done. I hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger

      isaac says:

      Dear Roger,

      Fantastic! think i will just do that in June 2017. Very detailed itinerary ideas you have given and i am grateful. If i have time, i will go Montenegro, Bay of Kotor. hear good things about there and the good price.

      many thank to you again and God bless you.

isaac says:

HI Roger,

just found out Air tickets most more for return tickets back to Solvenia and Bosnia back to Singapore as i think this 2 countries is not a popular route to take. any suggestions for this? air tickets cost around $1500 SGD currently.

Bosnia, Crotia doesn’t use the euros. How best do u suggest to change currency at? As we are travelling around Euro and do not wish to make small changes to another country when we are most likely staying for a few days. What will you if you are travelling?


Nisha Singh says:

Hi m planning for a vacation of 9-10 days outside india in month of june july…budget is flexible.. travelling with a toddler… want to know some places where baby can alao enjoy. .

    Roger Wade says:


    This is an interesting query and I wish I knew more about what toddlers like to do on holiday. If you are thinking about a hotel or resort with a children’s pool and a Kids Club and that sort of thing, you might consider Phuket, which has many of them and will have great rates in June. You can also find some really nice resorts at reasonable prices in Malaysia, particularly in Penang and in the Sepang area close to Kuala Lumpur.

    If you have something else in mind, please give me more clues and I’ll be happy to try too come up with something else. A general budget would also help. -Roger

Swapna Das says:

Hi I just came back from a all girls trip in Phuket and have not really come out of that mindset. It was awesome and we girls had a splendid time out together. Next trip I want to plan in June next year with my hubby. My budget is upto 2.5 lakh INR maximum. I have few destinations like Santorini, Venice in my mind. But I would like to be served with multiple option from an expert. Please advice.

    Roger Wade says:


    Phuket can have that effect on people. For non-Indian future readers of these questions, one Lakh is 100,000 rupee, which equals about US$1,500 at the moment. So your budget is no more than US$3,750 for two people. You didn’t mention how long the trip will be, so for now I’ll assume somewhere between one and two weeks.

    If you are thinking southern Europe then you obviously have many great options. Santorini is a bit like Phuket in that most people go there simply to relax on or near a beach. There are some cultural sights, but still most people are there to relax. Venice, on the other hand, is amazingly crowded and beautiful, where it’s almost impossible to relax. I really don’t recommend more than 1 or 2 days in Venice because it’s small and so crowded that it begins to get unpleasant after a while.

    So it really depends on how long the trip will be and whether you want more of a relaxing holiday or one with more cultural sightseeing? Many people who go to Santorini also stop in Athens for a few days, and I would recommend that as well, so you can mix in a bit of culture with the relaxation.

    But if you wanted mostly culture you could do a week or more in Italy. Venice for 1 or 2 nights is great, and then a short train ride to Florence for 3 nights or so, and then another short train ride to Rome for 3 more nights. That is the classic first-time in Italy trip to the Big 3. I’d highly recommend it. You could also add 3 or 4 nights in Paris, which you can reach by plane.

    So let me know if any of this sounds good and I can offer more suggestions if you provide a bit more information. -Roger

Michael says:

Hey Roger, my wife and I both in our late 20s, are looking for a good backpacking destination for this summer. We are going to be heading out second week of June and would like to be gone 4-6 weeks. We’ll be working with a budget of about $4000 for the trip and will be flying out of Atlanta GA.

I was looking at places like Nepal or India but then realized we would be there right in the middle of monsoon season. We both especially enjoy the outdoors but wouldn’t mind some city exploration as well.

    Roger Wade says:


    It’s great that you did enough research to realize that June is NOT a month to visit Nepal or most of India. If you want to stay in that same region you might instead consider Sri Lanka, perhaps along with another stop. The rains in Sri Lanka are winding down by mid June, although you’ll still get some storms. It’s really a wonderful country for outdoor sights and experiences. Your budget is a bit on the low side, but it should work there, at least for part of your trip. I’d say that 3 weeks would be an ideal time to explore some coastal towns as well as the main tourist towns in the hills in the interior. Colombo isn’t a place to linger, but it’s worth a couple days.

    Another area to consider would be Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and/or Vietnam. There is some rainfall in those areas in June, but it tends to come in cloudbursts that typically last 30 minutes or less. Since the storms are so intense, you can always see them forming and take shelter, so traveling around that time of year isn’t really problematic, and it keeps temperatures down a bit. Those countries would also fit your budget nicely because there are so many cheap and worthwhile destinations there. In 4 to 6 weeks you could see all of the highlights of Vietnam, or the highlights of Thailand and Cambodia or Laos. Those countries all have a nice mix of scenery and culture sights along with some big cities that are worth a look for a few days each as well.

    Those would be my top picks in the budget range. I’m happy to provide more information on any of this if you have more questions. -Roger

Sanjeev says:

Hi Roger,

I just went through your website – you are doing an awesome job helping people.

We (2 adults + 12 & 17 year old boys) want to go for an international vacation in June 1st week for about 5-7 days. Our starting point is Mumbai and all-inclusive budget is about USD 1500 per head. We would like to have some water sports and other adventures as well as have relaxing time. While not interested in shopping, we would not mind a few sight-seeings.

Pls. advise.

    Roger Wade says:


    This is kind of a tricky one, as you probably know. For 5 to 7 days you don’t want to fly too far, and of course longer flights will cost much more. For example, you could go to Santorini, Greece or Antalya, Turkey to find what you want, but the flight alone from Mumbai would cost about US$750 per person. And many of the closer islands and beaches that would suit you have their rainy season going in June, such as Phuket. You can get really good hotel deals in June for that reason, but you might get unlucky and get a few days of rain in a row.

    One place that could work is Bali, Indonesia, as it’s just south of the equator and its rainy season is December through February. And flights from Mumbai start at around US$350 return. I used to love Bali almost unconditionally and recommend it to anyone, but I spent a month there last year again and much of it is so crowded that I think it has partly lost its luster. The main town of Kuta Beach is packed with Australian surfers and party people, and that might not be a good fit for you. Thankfully your budget is quite high for a Bali trip, and you should be able to afford a nice hotel in the purpose-built resort town of Nusa Dua in the south of the island. The hotels are mostly quite luxurious and spread apart, and there are no crowds except for fellow hotel guests. See what you think of hotels there.

    There are other towns on Bali that might also work, and I can give you more advice if you are looking for something different. So unless you are willing to put up with the chance of rain storms, I think Bali is your best bet based on what you are looking for. Let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger

      Sanjeev says:

      Hi Roger,

      Thank you for your suggestions. These are quite useful. Based on inputs from others, I am thinking of Mauritius also as one of options.


Stine says:

Hi Roger. I was wondering of you could give me your view of traveling to Southeast Asia in June/July. We have our hearts set on Vietnam and Cambodia and maybe the Philippines, but unsure if this would be best explored outside rain season. How “bad” is it? We’s want to travel down the Mekong to Cambodia and I understand this could be challenging if it floods? We’re thinking around 4 weeks that hopefully will include at least exploring Hanoi, Mekong Delta, Angkor Vat and the Killing fields as well as the possibility of stopping at beach locations to unwind in between. Would also love to go to Boracay or another dreamy beach in the Philippines if time permits. Budget is somewhat flexible bit nothing too over the top and no kids resortsAny recommendations or other suggestions?

    Roger Wade says:


    I’ve spent a couple of Junes in Southeast Asia and the rain actually isn’t very problematic. In fact, the cloud cover and bursts of rain can cool the cities down a bit, which is welcome that time of year. That time of year you might get an afternoon cloudburst maybe 5 days a week. It’ll be sunny in the morning and then cloudy in the afternoon. At around 3pm the clouds get dark and shortly the sky will open up for maybe 20 minutes. As long as you are paying attention, it’s usually easy to seek shelter before it even starts. And they rarely last more than 30 minutes or so. Sometimes the storms are overnight.

    The only time it can be problematic is if you are visiting a temple or outdoor attraction where there isn’t much shelter. That happened on one of my days in Angkor Wat, but the tuk-tuk driver that I hired to take me around had sort of rain walls on the back, which he zipped into place just as it started raining and I didn’t get wet.

    I think your general itinerary looks quite good. I’m not sure if Boracay is worth the hassle as part of that because it takes most of a day to get there and to get back, even from Bangkok. Boracay’s remoteness is part of it’s charm and it IS a much nicer beach than any I’ve seen in the areas where you’ll be going, but that is a lot of hassle and money to reach a nicer beach than the beaches you’ll be going through on your own already. For the record, Nha Trang in Vietnam is a very nice beach, and there are nice beaches in Danang, near Hoi An as well.

    For more itinerary suggestions and guidance you should go to travelfish.org, which is run by a friend of mine and it’s by far the best travel guide website for SE Asia. They have a good community in their forums that will answer questions as well. They don’t cover the Philippines though. I can answer other questions if you have them if you like as well. -Roger

Mary Motiff says:

My daughter is graduating from HS and we are looking for a trip somewhere warm with good beaches but also with some culture in early June for about 10 days flying out of MPS or O’Hare. Budget of $2400. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

    Roger Wade says:


    My top recommendation for a warm place with great beaches AND culture is San Juan, Puerto Rico. The beaches right in the city area are probably the best city beaches in the Caribbean, and the adjacent Old San Juan area is a gorgeous and historic colonial town with many interesting sights along with good restaurants and shopping. It feels exotic and it is to some degree, but since it’s officially the US you use the US Dollar and it feels safer than some other Caribbean islands.

    The Condado area is my favorite, as it’s a short (free) shuttle ride from Old San Juan, and the beaches are fantastic. You might get a better deal by renting an Airbnb or other apartment than a hotel.

    Another one to consider is Costa Rica, which does have good beaches on both coasts, but not really much culture in the traditional sense. Let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger

Heidi says:

Hi! Turning 40 June 18 and would love a good vacation. Have about 10 days, 2 of us, $4500 total to spend for both of us including airfare. We want a good mix of good food, good drinks, and impressive views. We dont want to hop around too much once there but don’t mind travelling far. Already been to Costa Rica and Bangkok and Mexico city. Not too touristy or crowded or too city vibe. Live in LA.

    Roger Wade says:


    Hmmm…your budget should be enough for a very nice Hawaii vacation, which I’d highly recommend if you haven’t been there before. You could spend half your time on Waikiki Beach for the good food and drinks, and half your time on Maui, Kauai, or the Big Island for the views and other experiences. Airfares from LA are always pretty reasonable, but I assume you probably know that.

    If not Hawaii, you might consider Rio de Janeiro, which is nearly in the Tropics so it’s still warm in June (winter). You won’t find more impressive views anywhere, and of course the food and drink scenes there are legendary. It’s fairly cheap once you get there. You could also potentially combine Rio with another city such as Buenos Aires (fairly cool in June), or maybe stop in Panama City, Panama on the way there or back?

    One more suggestion would be San Juan, Puerto Rico. The historic colonial city is gorgeous and really interesting with great food and drinks, and the beach areas right next door (the Condado district) is really nice and not overly touristy. You could rent an apartment there for cheaper than a hotel.

    Hopefully this is helpful. Let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll be happy to add more. -Roger

VIkram Pate says:

Please suggest a place for holidaying around 4-5 days in Europe with good beaches and culture. We would be flying from Dubai-UAE and would be looking for pleasant climate for sure. Little bit of rains are also fine. Travelling with a toddler and budget should not be too high. Any suggestions are appreciated

rakesh says:

i am from india . My budget is RS 600000 indian .I am planning for 10 days with family.

    Roger Wade says:


    That appears to be almost US$10,000, which should be enough to go quite a few places, depending on the size of your family. If you give me more guidelines as to what you are looking for (beaches, cities, shopping, nature etc), I will be happy to try to suggest some places. -Roger

Dr Kanika says:

Hi I am planning to visit Singapore in the month of June. Can you help me whether the temperatures are conducive with kids and family.


    Dr Kanika,

    Well, Singapore has the normal amount of its own children living there, and some of them don’t have air conditioning. June is actually a bit cooler than April and May, which is true all over southeast Asia. All hotel rooms will be air conditioned and the shopping centers and metro are as well. So it’s really a matter of how sensitive your family is to heat and humidity in general. It’s always very warm in Singapore, even at night. I’m a larger guy who sweats more than most people, and I love Singapore and don’t let the weather slow me down. Even the theme park on Sentosa Island is suited to the warm weather and families, so I think you’ll be fine. -Roger

Shabnam says:

Planning an international holiday from 25 June 2017 for 6/7 days. We are five of us (4 ladies & one boy) please suggest good place where there is more of sight seeing and beaches.
Budget as economical as possible

Sorry i missed out to let you know that we are from India and starting point is Mumbai



    I’ll be happy to try to help. But I’m a bit confused when you say that you are looking for something more of sightseeing and beaches? Does that mean you want sightseeing and beaches? Considering you are looking for something in the lower budget category, you might be helped by scanning our list of Asia destinations ranked from cheapest to most expensive. Many of the cheaper places are in southeast Asia, including Bangkok, Thai islands, and the lovely town of Luang Prabang in Laos. Many of those places do get summer rain storms in late June, but they don’t get long rain storms so it’s easy to get shelter for 30 minutes or so. I’ve traveled all over southeast Asia in June a couple times and the rain isn’t a problem like it can be during monsoon season elsewhere.

    Have a look at that list and let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger

surabhi says:

Hi we (2 adults and 4yr old daughter) r planning to go for 5 to 6 days holiday in 2nd week of June 2017. our starting point will be mumbai (india) we are considering Male , but not sure if it is a good season to visit there. can you please suggest we are open for any other international destination as well . Our total budget is approx 1.75 lakhs. We prefer natural sightseeing places.



    With a budget of 1.75 lahks, which is about US$2,700 at the moment, you have quite a few choices for a 6-day holiday for 3 people leaving from Mumbai. June is actually the only month in the Maldives that can get consistent rainfall, as opposed to the quick storms that are common the rest of the year (and that you know very well in Mumbai). Also, the Maldives are excellent for beach-resort holidays, but there isn’t much good sightseeing. The city of Male itself is very crowded and not too interesting.

    My first thought would be Sri Lanka, unless you’ve been there already. June isn’t too rainy there and the scenery, especially in the hills and mountains, is fantastic. I wouldn’t recommend spending much time in Colombo, however, as it’s also very crowded and there aren’t many notable sights.

    As you certainly know, June is a rainy month in many countries in your area, so it’s a tricky time in a way. Another option would be some combination of Thailand, Laos, and/or Malaysia. There are quick tropical rainstorms in June in those areas, but usually not the sustained monsoon-style storms, so they are usually over in 30 minutes or so. Bangkok is obviously a big city, but it has loads of great sights. Chiang Mai is a much smaller city that is filled with temples, but also good sightseeing in the nearby mountains and surrounding area.

    Luang Prabang is a smaller city in northern Laos, which might be expensive to reach by plane from India, but from Bangkok it wouldn’t be too expensive. There are many great cultural and natural sights in that area as well.

    Malaysia has a lot to offer, including the northern island of Penang and the hill towns of the Cameron Highlands, which are pleasantly cool all year round (if a bit rainy at times). Hopefully this at least gives you some ideas. With only 5 or 6 days I don’t think you want to go on a very long flight each way, which also limits your choices a bit. Let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger

Rajesh Menon says:

Hi – We’re a family of 4 including a kid who’s 6 – looking for an option with flying time of not more than 5 hours from Dubai towards last weekend of June, Please do give some suggestions.



    If you need to stay within 5 hours by air from Dubai then you can really only get as far as Istanbul if you head towards Europe. Or you could make it to India in the other direction. Of the two I’d recommend Istanbul in June, since much of India is very wet in June. From Istanbul you can also visit Cappadocia or some of the beach areas around Antalya or Izmir. If you are willing to fly farther then let me know what sorts of things you are hoping to see or do when you get there. Best of luck with this. -Roger

Mayank Suri says:

Hi me n my wife wud like to know the options for 7 nights starting from new delhi with a budget of about 4 lakhs where there is good weather good food and nice scenery.. we r thinking of salzburg or vienna wud that be ok.. or may be London..



    With a 7-day budget of 4 lakhs, which is about US$6,200 right now, you could go almost anywhere. It looks like a flight from New Delhi to London or other European cities could be as low as about US$650 return, which is a fantastic fare in June. Even if you pay US$1,000 each, you’d still have US$4,200 for 7 nights, which is US$600 per day for both of you.

    If you are thinking Europe then the best scenery is in Switzerland, and particularly around Interlaken and Lucerne. It’s also the most expensive place in Europe, but the dramatic scenery is so beautiful and unique that it’s worth the splurge. The food isn’t all that special, however. So one thing you could do is fly into Paris, where the food is amazing, and after 3 days there you could take a high-speed train to Interlaken for 3 or 4 days. You will get much more information on that in my article about where to go in Switzerland. Interlaken is unusually popular with visitors from India, which I believe is partly because of some of the Bollywood films that have been shot there. There are many Indian restaurants and vegetarian places there as a result.

    You could also do London and Paris for 3 or 4 days each, taking the Eurostar train between them in a bit over two hours. Both cities are very different and London now has excellent food available, even if many locals still eat mediocre meals most of the time. Or you could do London, Bath, and York, or some other tour of just England.

    Salzburg is a gorgeous town, even if the Alps views aren’t quite as dramatic as they are in Switzerland. I’m a big fan of Salzburg, and it’s historic center is extremely charming. Vienna is a more dense large city, although it’s also quite beautiful. Vienna is very big for high culture such as opera and orchestras and that sort of thing, although June is kind of the off season for those things, so the top performers won’t be performing then. Those cities are easy to reach from each other by train as well. The food in Austria is quite hearty, similar to German food, and that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Speaking of food, if you want to save France for another time you could also visit Rome, Florence, and Venice, which makes a very nice one-week trip.

    Hopefully this helps a bit. Let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger

Moli says:

Hi Roger,

My friend and I are planning a 7-10 day trip at the end of June. She’s leaving from Los Angeles and I’ll be leaving from Houston. We’d like something exotic, definitely outside of North America, preferably with a little culture mixed with nature. No specific budget, but probably less than $2000.




    If you want to do a 7 to 10-day trip with a hopeful budget of under US$2,000 per person, including airfare, you have quite a few choices. You could go to Thailand or Bali, for example. The flight might be close to US$1,000 per person, but you can have a very good time in each of those places for under US$100 per day if two people are sharing a room. The main downside is that it takes literally a whole day to get there and another day to get back when you add it all up. It’s usually better to go to Asia if you have more time to deal with the flights and jet lag and such.

    You could even go to Europe on that budget, although that may not be “exotic”, depending on where you’ve been. Since you asked this question under an article about places with great weather, I’ll assume you are looking for a warm place. One place that comes to mind is Rio de Janeiro. It’s technically winter in the southern hemisphere, but Rio is in the Tropics so it’s warm all year. You could have a really wonderful time there on your budget. You could explore more of Brazil or even fly to Buenos Aires for a few days. Buenos Aires will be cooler, but still pretty comfortable and it’s an amazing city of culture, food, and wine. Both places should feel quite exotic if you haven’t been there before.

    An even cheaper and perhaps more exotic place would be Colombia. You could go to Cartagena, which has a wonderful walled Colonial town with great restaurants and bars and such, and it’s a short taxi ride to another area with hotels along a nice beach. You could even head to Medellin up in the mountains for something different. Those are what come to mind. Let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger

Lori says:

Hi Roger,
I want to surprise my husband with a trip for his 60th birthday and our 30th anniversary. It would be mid to late June and my budget would be around $3000 including air and leaving from philly or somewhere close to philly like Newark if that’s cheaper. We just came back from a short trip to Dublin and did lots of touristy things. My husband likes to tour a little but really likes to relax and take in the sites. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



    Since you just came back from Europe, I’ll assume that you probably don’t want to go there so quickly. I don’t see where you mentioned how many days the $3,000 would need to last, so I’ll assume about a week?

    If you haven’t been you might consider a visit to Montreal and possibly also Quebec City. The USD is very strong against the Canadian Dollar, so your money goes a long way and both are wonderful cities that don’t feel very American. For that matter you might consider Toronto, which is also really nice.

    If you are more in the mood to relax and spend some time on the beach, I highly recommend the San Juan, Puerto Rico area. The Old San Juan historic city is gorgeous and very interesting, and the modern beach areas start right next to it. The beaches right in San Juan are among the best in the Caribbean. You could rent an apartment there for a reasonable price, and there are great restaurants and nightlife in the Condado area.

    Playa del Carmen, which is just south of Cancun, is another option I like a lot that is great for relaxing without too much pressure to go sightseeing every day.

    If you did want to go back to Europe, Lisbon and elsewhere in Portugal could be good. The June weather there is very nice, and it’s surprisingly cheap considering how interesting and enjoyable it is.

    Hopefully those ideas at least get you started. If you had something else in mind, let me know and I’ll try again with new information. -Roger

Karen says:

Hi Roger,
Ive got a few weeks off from May 27 to June 12. I’m in Sydney, Australia. I’d like some ideas on places to go in Europe that are easy and safe for a single female to get around. interests are nature, culture, art, architecture, design. For a part of it I’d like to do maybe a tour/cruise/something with others. Bike rides in south of France ? I honestly have very little idea. I’ve recently been to London,Berlin, Ireland. Also Spain (a long time ago) and lived in Germany in the late 80’s. Many thanks.

Oh, and a budget of $2-3000 exclusive of airfare.



    Okay, so about 2 weeks on a budget of US$1,000 to US$1,500 per week on the ground in Europe (or about 25% less if you mean Aussie dollars). A Mediterranean cruise could be great, or even one of the many river cruises that have become so popular on the Danube, Rhine, and others. One thing I’m not sure about is whether you can get a single cabin. I just Googled it and evidently Norwegian, Costa, and a few other lines are offering single cabins in the Med. I actually did a Caribbean cruise on Norwegian in one of those single cabins a couple years ago, and I absolutely loved it. It’s possible that the river cruises don’t offer them though, as they are much smaller and usually an older crowd.

    So yes, if I were you I’d look into a Med cruise. Rome and Barcelona are two of the most popular departure ports. Since you’ve been to Spain, maybe you could leave from Rome (or Venice) and explore Italy during the remainder of your trip? Rome and Venice are pretty expensive, but you could stay in Florence or Sorrento for a more reasonable price, and do all of the wonderful day trips from either of them. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger

Jithesh says:

I am looking for an economical destination to travel with my wife and kid . It would be 3-4 days short trip from Doha and end in Doha , Qatar . Please suggest a good itinerary .

Thanks in advance



    With only 3 or 4 days I assume you’d want a place you can fly directly into and that the flight wouldn’t take more than 5 hours or so. Fortunately Qatar Airways covers many large cities in Europe. My best advice would be to have a look at my recent article about the best June destinations in Europe, and focus on the ones that are obviously closer to you and large enough for direct flights.

    Probably the better ones to consider would be Istanbul, Athens, or Rome. You could go to Paris on a slightly longer flight. Let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger

SAKINA says:

Hi Roger,

Please can you suggest cheapest places to go from UAE in June/July for solo female backpacking? By cheap, I especially mean cheap air tickets.

Many thanks.



    If you are concerned by the cost of the flights you might have a look at this tool on Kayak, which shows the best airfares available to all cities from Dubai (in this case). You can change it to Abu Dhabi, if you are closer to that one.

    The cheaper places on that list that I recommend are Sri Lanka, India, and Turkey. June is a rainy month in much of India, but not all of it. It’s fairly dry in most of the better places in Sri Lanka. India is generally cheaper than Sri Lanka for backpackers, as long as you stay out of the big cities, which is recommended anyway because India’s big cities are insanely crowded and frustrating.

    You can also get a cheap flight to Istanbul, which has very good weather in June. I’d highly recommend spending a few days there and then taking a bus to Goreme in Cappadocia, which is even cheaper and one of the most amazing sights in the world. You could also take a bus from there down to Antalya, or one of many other interesting places in Turkey. It’s quite cheap there at the moment, and it’s far safer than some people think. I lived there for a year only a few years ago and still have many friends there. I hope this helps, and let me know if you have other questions. -Roger

Dilip says:

Hi, I live in New Delhi. looking for a break in June, have done Europe extensively, but are there any places in Asia where June is not so hot, preferably a city experience as opposed to beaches, done singapore, bangkok, dubai, Hong Kong, still to do Bali or KL.



    June is one of the nicer and least humid months in Bali, but it’s not really a city experience. I recently started a new series listing the places in Europe and Asia with the best weather each month. Here is the one for the best places to go in Asia in June. There are a few cities on there, so hopefully this helps.

    I haven’t been to Jakarta yet and I haven’t heard many good things about it. Aside from that you might consider Australia, as it’s winter in June yet Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne all have pretty decent weather. -Roger

Vishal Pandit says:

Hi Roger,
Me and my wife are planning for our first international trip in 2 ND week of June for 7 nights. Our starting point is mumbai with Budget of 1 lakhs.Is Bali a good option. Please suggest.
Many thanks



    Right now 1 Lakh is about US$1,500 and I think Bali would be a fine option in June. The June weather is less humid and a bit cooler than the rest of the year, so it’s quite popular with Australians, but there are so many hotels and places to go that it’s still fairly cheap. I used to adore Bali, but now I feel that the most popular beach areas of Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak are just too crowded since there is almost no open space anymore. It really depends on what you are after. If you want to stay on or near a beach then it’s important to check hotel reviews carefully because some are far nicer than others. The town of Ubud up in the foothills is really nice still. And the beach town of Sanur is less crowded than those others. If you want something even less crowded then book a place on the northern shore in or near Lovina. You get a lot for your money in Bali so I think it’s a good choice, but I also think it’s important to research where you will stay and what you’ll do because Bali has some disappointing options as well. Let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger

Sachin says:

I would like to start from Doha to a cooler and a weather friendly place during eid holidays. Preferably starting from june 22 or 23 for maximum of 7 days. Budget could be around 1000$ per person excluding air tickets. Please suggest a place for a family of 3 including a child of 3 years, should be place of calm and cool and a bit of shopping and some fun for family.



    June is a tricky month for holidays to places that aren’t hot, which I assume is why you asked the question. One place to consider would be Great Britain, as the June high temperatures tend to be 20C or so on average. London is wonderful, although maybe a bit too expensive for your budget for the whole time. With the GBP exchange rate pretty low, Britain is cheaper than it has been in in years. You could go to Scotland, which is generally cheaper than England. Edinburgh is cheaper than London, and Inverness is the gateway to the Scottish Highlands, and even cheaper than Edinburgh. It’s also very nice, especially that time of year because the days last forever, or so it seems.

    You could also do a little tour of Ireland, which is also cooler than Qatar by quite a bit, and fairly affordable as long as you can get a cheap enough flight. If you do choose Ireland I would only recommend a day or two in Dublin, and then the rest in smaller towns.

    My last idea for a place with cooler June weather would be Lisbon and southern Portugal. Because of it’s location in the Gulf Stream, the June weather is still pleasant and cooler than most of Spain. Lisbon is a wonderful city, and the Algarve (the southern part of Portugal) has lovely beaches. I hope some of these ideas help. I’m happy to add more information if you need it. -Roger

Taryn says:

Hi there,

I’m inspired by your excellent advice so here goes. I’m trying to decide on an international destination for 3-4 weeks starting early June, leaving from the SF Bay Area. I need warm weather, very different culture to explore, and some time in the water and nature. Specifically looking for excellent diving and an excursion into a jungle or forest to see birds and other fauna. I’m thinking about Thailand and/or Vietnam, Bali, and a stop in Singapore for the bird park. Some comments about rain in SE Asia got me thinking in other directions, nice to see your notes above quelling that concern.
The other thought is Portugal and another destination or two in that direction…Croatia was on my mind. I’ve spent a bit of time in Italy and such. I like a mix of low budget with a few splurges and will adjust time to budget based on destination.
Thanks in advance. Can’t wait to see your thoughts!



    For a trip of that length I really like your idea to go to Southeast Asia. Bali actually has its nicest weather in June, so that could be a good stop for a week or so. As I’ve said before, I used to adore Bali but now I feel that the most popular beach areas of Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak are just too crowded and over-developed to enjoy. It’s worth stopping in for maybe a day or two to see what the fuss is, but I’d base myself in Ubud or possible up north in Lovina if I were you. The culture there is wonderful.

    And as for the weather thing, June is actually quite nice in that area. It does rain mercilessly in the autumn in some of those places, but the rain storms in June tend to be over in 30 minutes or less. Vietnam is a really fantastic country for quite a few reasons, but it’s also a bit more of a hassle than the others and it can turn some newcomers off a bit. Things there tend to be ridiculously cheap, but it also feels like many people are trying to take advantage of tourists, which can be tiring after a while. Either way, put Angkor Wat on your list since you have enough time. It’s by far the single most amazing thing in that whole area, and the town of Siem Reap is really nice as well.

    Portugal and Croatia are both nice, but in June they are mostly filled with people from northern Europe who are sitting in the sun, so the culture doesn’t feel very exotic or even authentic. They will feel somewhat like Italy, while SE Asia will feel like being on another planet. I love the sound of your trip and I’m happy to offer more advice if you need it, so feel free to ask in another comment. -Roger

Sachin says:

Thank you Roger for excellent idea. This Euro trip came to my mind because of the cool weather. I was considering Rome as first choice. However, I need to apply for visa and all that hectic I would like to avoid as of now because I just went through USA B1/B2visa process and paid a lot for it. Well, apart from Europe do you have any other option? I would be still okay if it slighlty cool if not chilled. Anywhere 20 – 24c should be fine I believe. Please let me know



    If you would rather avoid Europe in June then you might consider Japan and/or South Korea, or even China. Aside from those, pretty much every other place is blazing hot or too cold or has poor tourist infrastructure. I wish there were other choices. Best of luck on this. -Roger

Sachin says:

Well Roger, in that case lets talk about Euro Trip itself. What are ypur best plans for 1 week trip. lets say 5-6 days trip in one country. I would prefer London…what say? There are many cities and attractions to be seen rt. Second option is Italy. Same way. Could you please guide to have a complete 6 day planner for both countries. As in 6 days for london and 6 days for Italy. So I will have a choice to make between these two.

And please also suggest me if you have a better option. Thanks a on coz you are making life easier with trip planning.

Adolfo Aguirre says:

Hi there,

I would appreciate recommendations for a trip in late June for about 6-7 days. My finacee and I will be departing from Los Angeles, CA. We haven’t really talked about a budget but I’m going to say $3,500 max. We prefer a nice beach with beautiful water were we can relax, walk around town and eat at different restaurants. We have already been to Cancun and Playa Del Carmen. We were thinking about Belize, Cuba, Costa Rica,the Bahama, Dominican republic or Puerto Rico. Our ideal vacation will have no rain (is possible) and a not too long flight from LAX.

Thank you!



    I’ll be happy to try to help. Americans are still unable to visit the big beach resorts in Cuba, and I’m hearing mixed things about Havana, so I’d save that one for later. Belize is nice, but most of the good beaches are in the Plancencia, which doesn’t have a great variety of restaurants or other entertainment. The Bahamas are quite expensive compared to most others on your list, and you get get better value elsewhere. The Dominican Republic is great for all-inclusive resorts, but if you want something more like Playa del Carmen or Cancun, there isn’t much there.

    My top recommendation is going to be San Juan, Puerto Rico. It’s obviously not the shortest flight from LA, but at least it should be reasonably priced. The district called Condado is right next to the gorgeous Old San Juan area, and both areas are packed with great restaurants and such. The beaches in San Juan are also some of the best city beaches in all of the Caribbean. You should be able to rent a condo there for a pretty reasonable price, as many people own them but only live in them a couple months a year. You might get a couple of quick rain storms in June, but they tend to be over in 30 minutes or so.

    If you’d prefer not to do that long flight you could go to Costa Rica. You could fly directly into the Liberia airport up north and stay in Tamarindo or one of the other resort towns around there. Or you could fly into San Jose and then book a shuttle to one of the older beach towns in the south, such as Jaco Beach. The south part of the Pacific is more old school, while the beach areas around Liberia in the north are mostly newer and more posh. I hope that helps. -Roger

Christine says:

Just came across your great travel recommendations!!!! My search: time frame one week of June 5, starting trip out of San Francisco, my son is 23 and I ( mom) 59 and in good shape, are looking for a memorable vacation week together. Should include some adventure, safe and gorgeous surrounding, can be lovely beach and or town, city, different culture desired as i have travelled internationally quite a bit. Challenge is to get two age groups together. Was thinking: Costa Rica macchu picchu cruise etc and about max of 4000 for both. Any exciting idea for us would be fantastic !!!!



    I think both of your ideas could be great, and a cruise could be very good as well. If you only have a week I don’t think you’ll have time to do the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, but you have time to take the train from Cusco if you book in advance. June is one of the best months for that since it’s very dry there. You could fly to Lima and spend maybe 2 days there before flying on to Cusco for the rest of your trip. Cusco is a wonderful little town with loads of other interesting sights nearby. Visiting Machu Picchu is a full day, and the train is expensive, but it’s worth it.

    And Costa Rica is probably the top “adventure” destination in the Americas. About a third of the country is national parks, and they have zip-lining and canopy tours and waterfalls and volcanoes and lakes, not to mention very nice beaches on both coasts. You could have a really wonderful time there on your budget. There is much more to see and do along the Pacific coast, so that’s probably the place to focus. Of the two, I think Costa Rica is probably the better choice, and the flights will obviously be shorter.

    A cruise could also be fun, but unless it was to Alaska (which is possible), it may be hard to work in the same sort of adventure that you’d get in Costa Rica or Peru. In other words, I think you are already on the right track. Let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger

Taryn says:

Thanks for the great advice! My next question is about travel and route. I’m a bit late in getting my ticket and need to do it now. Do you have recommendations for route and/or which airports to fly into or avoid? Or airlines? Or anything else about travel?
I’m thinking I should get a ticket into Singapore, then travel to Malaysia (bird parks in Singapore and Malaysia). Figured I could play travel around Thailand and Vietnam by ear…,then fly to Bali and get my return ticket back to Bay from Bali (so purchase tickets now for to Asia, from Asia, and between SE Asia and bali). How does that sound? Do you have a recommendation for where I end my Thailand/Vietnam jaunt/fly to Bali from? Better from Thailand or Vietnam?
Any other travel suggestions welcome. Airline ticket is my priority.
After this, I’ll be looking to nail down what I can of my route, and looking for specific suggestions around places to stay, places to dive and aby other stops I shouldn’t miss.

Thanks in advance for the air ticket advice!

Taryn says:

Thanks for the great advice! My next question is about travel and route. I’m a bit late in getting my ticket and need to do it now. Do you have recommendations for route and/or which airports to fly into or avoid? Or airlines? Or anything else about travel?
I’m thinking I should get a ticket into Singapore, then travel to Malaysia (bird parks in Singapore and Malaysia). Figured I could play travel around Thailand and Vietnam by ear…,then fly to Bali and get my return ticket back to Bay from Bali (so purchase tickets now for to Asia, from Asia, and between SE Asia and bali). How does that sound? Do you have a recommendation for where I end my Thailand/Vietnam jaunt/fly to Bali from? Better from Thailand or Vietnam?
Any other travel suggestions welcome. Airline ticket is my priority.
After this, I’ll be looking to nail down what I can of my route, and looking for specific suggestions around places to stay, places to dive and aby other stops I shouldn’t miss.
Thanks in advance for the air ticket advice!

David says:

Hey Roger!
I am very confused about where to go.
Here’s my problem:
I am currently in Siem Reap, Cambodia, flying to Hanoi on the 30th of this month and that will be the “start” point of the trip.
I am a backpacker on a budget of 1200$ including the flight ticket, and i am looking for a good destination to backpack, hitch hike and couchsurf. I am open for every suggestion as i dont know where is good now, and there is a lot of rain and clouds around S/E asia right now unfortunately, so i would like to find some good weather.



    It’s interesting that you ask this question because I recently wrote articles on the best Asia destinations in June and in July. I basically went through all of the major areas to find the better destinations that were not insanely hot AND were not in the worst of the rainy season. The lists aren’t too long, but there are some good ones on there.

    On the July list you’ll notice that the bottom entry is Nha Trang, which is a really nice beach in southern Vietnam that gets less rain than almost anywhere in that region. I spent 5 weeks there and it’s a pretty nice place (and very cheap) to linger. Best of luck with this. -Roger

Vikas says:

I want to go to Bali, Jakarta etc (indonesia ) from 22 June to 26 June. How would be weather and what could be the apprximate cost for 2 person



    Bali is near the equator, but it’s just south and June is one of the nicer months. Still, it’s hot and fairly humid in Bali every day of the year, and you can get a rain storm any day as well. It just rains a bit less and is a bit less humid in June.

    As for a budget, you can find hotels in Bali starting around US$10 per night, but the good ones start more like US$30 per night. Food and drinks are fairly cheap as well, but it depends where you go. If you go to tourist restaurants then meals will average US$5 to US$10 each or even more. But if you go to the places where locals go you can eat very well for more like US$3 per meal. Let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger

Preethy says:

My hubby and me are planning for a holiday next year june july 2018 we stay in dubai and we want to go to destination which is better for our 3 yr old kid. We dont want a hot or too cold climate something moderate would do . Could you please suggest which place would be good . We have Bali and sri lanka in mind . Pls let us know which is good and budget friendly .and if any other place pls include that too



    Bali is pretty hot all year round, but June and July are the nicest months with reasonable temperatures and lower humidity. It will be cooler than Dubai, but quite a bit more humid. June is one of the rainy months in Sri Lanka, and it’s pretty hot as well. July has less rain, so that might work.

    This is a tricky request because June and July are obviously very hot in the Tropics and you have to go quite far north in the Northern Hemisphere to find moderate temperatures. One possibility would be to go to a place like Salzburg, Austria, which is in the foothills of the Alps and it never gets very warm. It’s also very family friendly. Or a city like Prague, which never gets very hot and is cheaper than Salzburg. Those are my best suggestions off the top of my head. Let me know if you had something different in mind. -Roger

Jay says:

Hi Roger,

I’m looking for a place to spend 8 weeks from May-July to volunteer (I can sort the volunteering part myself so don’t worry about that part, just the location). Ideally a place that’s safe for a solo female traveler and has reasonable living costs and weather. I will be flying from Australia.

Thanks for your help



    You could consider almost any of the locations in the article above, as they all have good weather that time of year as well as reasonable costs. So it’s really more about which places interest you more, or provide the volunteering opportunities that you want. There are many parts of Europe that are quite cheap and have lovely weather that time of year. You can also have a look at our Europe Backpacker Index list where 56 Europe destinations are ranked cheapest to most expensive.

    Southeast Asia has its hottest month in April and by May and June there is sometimes cloud cover that makes it a bit nicer. You also get quick rainstorms that usually last only 30 minutes or so, so you could go to Thailand or Cambodia or Laos. Even Central America is pretty nice that time of year. Let me know if you have any other specific questions. -Roger

Shonali says:

I want your sincere suggestion regarding a trip that i am planning in the month of june. We are a family of three….looking fwd to an exciting vacation…i do not want to waste too much time in travel…want to visit more than two countries



    I’ll be happy to help, but it’s much easier if you tell me your starting point and the type of vacation you are interested in. Beaches? Historic cities? Beautiful scenery? Adventure activities such as rafting and hiking? -Roger

Ina says:

Merry Christmas and thank you for this impressive site and the knowledge you share!
Would you have a piece of advice for a 10-14 day trip next June with starting point Germany (MUC) and budget (flights and accommodation – 3-4star) ~ $2500 for 2 adults (30s&40s)? We would like to be far from Europe (in many ways 🙂 ) and enjoy exploring cities on foot. If possible, we always try to visit 2 countries in one trip. We have felt great in Hong Kong and Tokyo but also enjoy slower and smaller places, as long as they are inhabited. So what we came up with as options is Costa Rica+Panama, Cambodia+Vietnam, or China only (Beijing+Shanghai) but we are unsure if the month and duration are right for any of these and if the budget is adequate…I would very much appreciate your comments!



    Thank you for the kind words. I like all of your choices, but unfortunately June is already the start of the rainy season in Central America and sometimes they get so much rain at once that it can be problematic. So I would recommend Costa Rica and Panama, but much more in December through mid May or so.

    In 10 to 14 days you could see the highlights of Vietnam and Cambodia, though Vietnam alone might even be better. On a trip of that length there is really only one worthwhile stop in Cambodia, and that is to visit Siem Reap for about 3 days to see the amazing Angkor Wat temple complex. It’s easily the most impressive attraction or sight in all of southeast Asia. The challenge is that you won’t have enough time to get there on the ground so you’d have to fly in and then back out again. If you can get cheap enough plane tickets then it’s definitely worth it, so you’ll have to check that.

    The best Vietnam itinerary is to fly into Hanoi and spend 2 or 3 days there and then spend a day or so in Halong Bay. Then take the train down the coast to Danang and from there take a short bus or taxi ride to Hoi An. Hoi An is the highlight of many people’s whole Vietnam trip and it’s not to be missed. Then take the train down to Saigon for the remainder of your time, or spend just a couple days there and then fly to Siem Reap if you are interested in that. You can expect some rain in Vietnam as well in June, but it tends to come down all at once so 30 minutes later it stops. Southeast Asia is also better from December through March, but I would still go in June and I’ve spent a few Junes there myself.

    For China it’s actually easy to see whether you can afford it because it tends to be cheapest to go as part of a package. I actually did my own tour of China a few months ago and I wrote an article on whether to visit China on a tour or on your own. Even though I recommend independent travel in nearly all cases, I actually recommend a tour of China for the reasons mentioned. They tend to be strangely cheap as well, including airfare. They all include Beijing and Shanghai, and in 10 to 14 days you could get a tour that also includes Xi’an and Guilin (all of this is described in the article). Of the two I recommend Guilin. Visiting Xi’an is all about the Terracotta Warriors, and aside from that the city isn’t all that interesting compared to the others. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger

Madhu says:

I & my husband are planning to go for foreign trip to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary in the 1st week of june
Our starting point is pune
Please suggest some places



    I’ll be happy to help with other suggestions if you give me a bit more information on the sort of thing you are after. The article itself contains my 27 best suggestions around the world, but I am familiar with many more places if you are looking for a beach or large city or interesting scenery or unusual culture? A week is kind of a short trip to Europe starting from India, but it can be done and there are many fantastic options there. Give me a bit more information, including your budget if that’s an issue, and I’ll try to make suggestions for you. -Roger

Madhu says:

Thnx for the reply
Our budget would be $1000 per person
I want 2 visit bali or malaysia singapore or thailand bangkok
Which would be better in the 1st week of june



    You’d get the nicest weather in Bali in June, as it’s slightly below the equator so that is the coolest and driest time of the year. Bangkok, Malaysia, and Singapore will all be very hot, and there are quick rainstorms on many afternoons. The storms rarely last more than 30 minutes, so they are easy enough to avoid and then get on with your day, but it will still be very hot.

    Have a look at part of a new series I’m doing with the best Asia destinations in June. That will show you what I think are the best options, along with the weather in each one. But again, Bali might be your best choice after all. -Roger

Rick jackson says:

We need a fairly cool destination for a family of 4. My daughter cant handle high heat and lots of standing or walking. Our budget is $4,000. 7 days about the end of June. We live in So. California. what do you recommend?



    The first place that comes to mind is Vancouver, BC. It’s a fabulous and beautiful city with a good public transportation system and many things close together. And it’s almost always pretty mild in June. You could also go to Victoria, which is a small town on nearby Vancouver Island, and known for feeling almost exactly like an English village. You could also go into the nearby mountains of Whistler as well, and they would also be pretty mild. Of course, Seattle and Portland both have similar weather in June, and plenty to do in each. San Francisco never gets hot either, and it has good public transport and a dense city center.

    If you are feeling more adventurous you could head to Mexico City, which has a high elevation so it never gets very hot. It helps if someone speaks a bit of Spanish, but I visited speaking almost none and I loved it. The whole city center is actually very modern and attractive, and it’s probably safer than most large US cities. Mexico still has its problems, but Mexico City is one of the safer areas and it’s great value as well.

    Aside from those you could look into Yellowstone or some other national parks in the northern states. I can’t think of anything else that would fit at the moment, and I hope this helps. -Roger

Parag says:

Our son Studies in San Diego and we stay at Kuala Lumpur. Planning to spend a 10-15 days holiday at a destination where our son can join from San Diego( other than Americas). We Perhaps travel as KL -destination ( can be stopover) – KL. And Our Son can travel San Diego- Destination- KL- San Diego. Can you please suggest. Perhaps other than Airfares the buster to USD 2500 per person.



    Kuala Lumpur is my favorite city in Asia, and I’ll be happy to try to help. But it would help to know the sort of thing you are looking for. Do you want a beach area or a city or a place with scenery or culture or something else?

    New Zealand and Australia could be good choices, depending on what you are after, as your son can go up to Los Angeles and get a nonstop flight to Auckland or Sydney, and you should be able to get there nonstop from KL yourself. June is winter there, but the weather is mild in most of both of those countries. Bali is another interesting option. Your son would have to change planes in Seoul or Tokyo most likely, but you can get there from KL on AirAsia. Let me know if you have something different in mind. -Roger

Glory says:

Hi Roger,
This is a great site. I currently live in Myanmar and am looking at making 2 vacations in the SEA. I have about 9 days each . One is in Mid April, the other is in early June. Some destinations I have been thinking about are Malaysia- KL-Penang- Perhentian Islands, the other is Vietnam – Hoi An- Phu Quoc- Hanoi. I have not been to either yet. I know you mentioned Bali for the great weather in June, but I detest large crowds at beach places. I don’t mind in cities ( like Hanoi). Thanks for your advice. Flights are reasonable from mdl/rgn so it’s just the cost once I am there. What do you think is a reasonable budget p/day ? 50$usd? Thanks !! Glory



    I’m happy you find this site worthwhile, and Myanmar is one of the very few countries in that region that I’ve yet to visit. If you dislike crowds I think avoiding Bali is wise. Bali used to be my favorite place in the world, but I spent a month there recently and now almost everywhere you go is so crowded that most of the charm is gone.

    The crowds in April won’t be too bad in SEA, partly because it’s literally the hottest month in most of the region, which you probably already know. Both of your trips sound interesting and worthwhile, and I must admit that I’d never heard of the Perhentian Islands until just now, much less been there. They look amazing in the photos. I’m a big fan of Malaysia and I’ve been to many of the better places in the peninsular part of the country. It’s much easier to get around and do things there than most other countries around there because English is widely spoken, which isn’t true in Vietnam or Thailand. Still, since nearly all foreign visitors speak English, that is now the language of tourism and it’s pretty easy to do whatever you want in any of those countries speaking only English.

    Your Malaysia trip might struggle to come in at $50 per day, assuming you will be staying in hotels rather than dorm beds. And usually those island destinations are more expensive than the land places, so that will push your budget even more. But the Vietnam part should be quite easy on US$50 per day. Have a look at my Asia Backpacker Index and the Asia 3-star Index for typical budgets of backpackers staying in hostels as well as a person staying in 3-star hotels for each major city. It sounds like you are going alone and that is a bit more expensive because single hotel rooms are more than half as expensive as double rooms, but in that part of the world it’s usually not hard to find a single room for anywhere between US$10 and US$30 per night, including breakfast.

    If you want to escape the heat in Malaysia you might spend a couple days in the Cameron Highlands, which are easy to reach by bus and are a pleasant temperature every day of the year (although rainy at times). So again, the Vietnam trip might be doable on US$40 per day, and the Malaysia one might be more like US$60 per day, so they would work out as an average of US$50 per day. Let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger

Priti says:

I am looking for a honeymoon destination in the month of june for 6 days. I will start from mumbai. My budget is around $1000 per person
So, can you please suggest some places where the tempeature is not too hot in the month of june.



    Bali is slightly in the southern hemisphere and so June is one of their coolest and driest months of the year, but it’s still in the Tropics so it’ll be warm even if it’s not as hot as Mumbai or Goa. Bali can be really good value for money as well, and flights from Mumbai should be affordable. The key is to stay somewhere that isn’t overly crowded. The main tourist area is Kuta Beach and Legian and Seminyak, and that whole area is now overly crowded. But there are lovely places elsewhere on the island that are well suited for a honeymoon.

    The only places that are near enough to Mumbai that are actually cool in June would be in the mountains, including those in India and Nepal. I wish there were more choices but in June if you want something that isn’t very hot, you’d have to go a LONG way from India. Best of luck with this and let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger

Erik says:

Hi Roger,
Thanks for a great site! I wonder if you could advice us regarding our vacation plans in June this year.

We are a couple in the early 30s living in Stockholm, Sweden and we have 3 or 4 weeks vacation and would like to go outside Europe and preferrably to the Caribbean or Asia. We like traveling off the beaten track but in a modest way :). No/low interest in shopping, partying instead we like getting to know the culture and seeing things.

Based on your advice we have found three options:
– Dominican republic
– Thailand/Laos/Cambodia
– Vietnam

Which option would you recommend if you have 4w in June? If Dominican republic, is 3w more than enough? Or would you recommend another option outside the three I mentioned above?

Kind regards



    I don’t think I’d recommend the Dominican Republic for what you have in mind, although you might consider Mexico itself. The DR is pretty generic outside of the small colonial remnants, and almost the entire tourism industry for foreigners revolves around all-inclusive resorts. Even Santo Domingo is kind of dull unless you speak fluent Spanish and have specific interests there. Again, I think Mexico City as a starting point could be a MUCH better option for something like that.

    If you’ve never been to Asia I’d go there for sure. Both of your options could be good and it’s interesting that you separated Vietnam from the other three. It’s actually not too easy to get from Vietnam into the others, so I too would make the same distinction that it’s better to do all of Vietnam or a combination of the other three.

    Vietnam is the cheapest of those countries by at least a bit, but for someone coming from Stockholm they will all appear to be absurdly cheap. I think if your main goal is really to experience the local culture and see the main sights I would go with Thailand/Cambodia/Laos. I love Vietnam and I spent 4 months there on my first and only visit, but fluent English isn’t widely spoken so nearly all of your encounters with locals will be fairly superficial in that they can check you into a hotel and show you were the famous statue is, yet they can’t really have any kind of deep discussion with you. In Thailand you’ll find some people who speak English pretty well, and in the other two it’s even easier because English is the language they speak with most of their tourists and quite a few people get good at it. At a place like Angkor Wat and staying in Siem Reap you’ll find many people who speak English, including most tour guides and drivers.

    You’ll definitely want to visit Bangkok, of course, but if you have no interest in partying you could probably skip the islands (unless you find yourself in the mood once you get there). The journey between Chiang Mai and Luang Prabang is really lovely for those with the time. I’m happy to help more if you have other questions. -Roger

Erik says:

Thanks for your reply Roger!

Interesting to hear that you do not favor DR as we just started to lean towards DR :).

We have been traveling around China previously. We thought that June is better for DR since the weather is slightly better than in SE Asia (especially Vietnam) and that 4w is too short for three countries and Vietnam has bad weather in June.

Vietnam is where we would like to travel the most, therefore we are also hesitant because of the weather in combination with our high expectations. If the weather is much better let say feb-mar then our reasoning is that we visit Vietnam that period instead.

We’ll check up Mexico for sure as well. We’ve read that DR is great if you stay out of the touristic places (puerto plata, punta cana). Probably will read more about DR to confirm that. Have you any idea if it is easy to combine DR with another island? It sounds like you recommend 3 and not 4 weeks at DR, should we go there.

Thanks again, much appreciated.



    I’m glad you’ve done a lot of your own research, and your visit to China will certainly prepare you for its neighbors. I’ve only been to the DR once, and that was to Punta Cana and Santo Domingo, but I lived for quite a while in New York City and I know many Dominicans and have other friends who’ve visited there. The consensus seems to be that the “culture” isn’t particularly strong for outsiders, and especially if you don’t speak fluent Spanish. However, my information might actually be tainted by the fact that the DR is considered a backwater by expats who now live in NYC. If you’ve lived in Europe and aren’t too familiar with Dominican expats, it all might be lovely and exotic to you. So maybe take my advice with a grain of salt, or at least don’t accept it as gospel.

    As for SE Asia, I’ve spent 2 or 3 Junes there (and about 15 total months) and the weather isn’t really problematic. It’s insanely hot in April and then May and June start cooling off a bit because of the cloud cover. It does rain a few times a week in most of the region, but those storms are almost always very short, as in 20 minutes at most. So the rainfall totals make it look like the “rainy season” even though that is mostly from 60 to 90 minutes of storms each week. Those storms are also easy to take shelter from, and they can be kind of fun and cooling as well. In most of SE Asia there IS a rainy season in late summer or early autumn, and during those months it can rain all day if you get unlucky.

    Obviously you could visit Haiti on that same DR trip, and you could easily get a flight to Puerto Rico (which has mostly recovered from the hurricanes in the San Juan area) or some of the others. I’m not sure if I’m helping or not, but feel free to ask other questions if you have them. -Roger

gurismran Kaur says:

hi I was looking for a great vacation relaxing one for the month of June or July I am from California, Bay Area. my budget is around 1000-1600 per person. I was considering Phuket Thailand and Africa but I don’t know how the weather would be like their. if you can help me?



    If your budget of up to US$1,600 per person also needs to include the flight, then it would be hard to do Thailand or Africa, but if that doesn’t include the flight you could pull it off. Speaking of Africa, the only cheaper “relaxing” vacation spot that I’m aware of is Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, and I don’t think it would be worth going all that way to sit on a beach like they have there.

    The weather in Phuket and elsewhere in Thailand is actually pretty nice in June. It does rain, but it’s usually only 20 minutes at a time and then it’s sunny again. I’ve spent two or three Junes in Thailand and that area and I preferred it to April, when it was insanely hot. If you go to Phuket in September it can sometimes rain all day, but in June the storms are always pretty quick and easy to take shelter from.

    If you also need to include a flight in that price I would suggest Central America. The Guanacaste area in Costa Rica has plenty of resorts that you can afford on your budget. The weather pattern there is the same as Thailand in that you’ll get some quick rainstorms but it’s unlikely to rain for many hours at a time. Let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger

Ann says:

Hi, i would like to go somewhere in Europe that is not too hot ( prefer the cold weather) and not too popular.Trip with a family of 6 ( 2 young toddler plus 2 pre teens). I am flying off from Malaysia.Thanks.We can only afford 6 days of leaves, so its going to be a short holiday..prefer some historical places, easy access to food and not too expensive. Budget excluding airfare, about 2k usd .Thanks again..



    If you are looking for a nice and historic city with mild weather and affordable prices I would go to Krakow. You can find nice hotel rooms near the center there for around US$50 per night, and the same room would cost three times as much in London or Paris. You might also go to Warsaw for a few days since you can get there in about 2.5 hours on a fast train. There are some other cities you might also consider on my list of the best-value destinations in Europe. Some of those are also fairly mild in summer. -Roger

Prashant says:

Hello Roger,
We a family of 4 wish to go on a holiday during mid June to end June 2018 for 6-7 days. My daughters prefer beach locations. My budget is Max US$ 4000-4500 for the whole trip including airfare etc etc. from Mumbai. We had been to Bali last year hence would not like to repeat it.

I have read bit about beaches in Thailand but the reviews are varying too much. Some say the beaches are highly untidy, with lot of plastic waste, corals are dying, cases of drowning increasing, etc etc but some say its heaven on earth. Highly Confused.

If Thai beaches are still good please guide me which one I should be going with my limited funds & time Or please suggest alternate location.

Best Regards



    I think one of the Thai islands could be your best option in June. And I think both things are true of Thai beaches in that some of them have become out of control with party crowds and vendors with rubbish that doesn’t get picked up each day, and other beaches are quite pristine and still lovely. Phuket actually has huge stretches of really nice beaches, but in June they get quick rainstorms many afternoons, while islands closer to Bangkok get less rain. Since you are from Mumbai you know the difference between the time of year when you get a 20-minute downpour most afternoons compared to the times when it can rain off and on all day. In Phuket June tends to be the quick storms that are easy to avoid, and in September and October the rain can last all day if you are unlucky.

    If you are open to Phuket (I know a lot more about Phuket than I do the other islands) you could consider my favorite beaches of Kata and Karon Beach, which are both just a bit south of Patong Beach. Patong is the nightlife and shopping area, and just a bit south you have those more family-oriented beaches with very few “party people”. Phuket has many more beach areas to consider as well. If you find a hotel or resort that is located on the beach, and especially if they have a pool and family facilities, there is a good chance they also keep the beach in front tidy even though it’s not a private beach. In Patong Beach and in areas on other islands the beach is located across the street from the hotels, so the party crowds move in and can ruin a family vibe.

    I’ve also been to Ko Samui, which is another very popular island and they have quiet beach areas and party beach areas as well, so it’s all about where you stay. Ko Samui gets less rain in June, as do the nearby islands such as Ko Pha-ngan. Again, I think it’s mostly a matter of choosing a hotel on its own quiet stretch of beach.

    One reason Thailand is probably your best option in June is that they have by far the best tourist infrastructure (airports, hotels, English speakers, international restaurants etc) compared to its neighbors. And aside from Bali, most other beach areas close to you have unpleasant weather in June. I hope this helps. -Roger

Prashant says:

Hello Roger,
Many thanks for your prompt response which was very much useful. We have finally settled with 3 days in Bangkok & 4 days in Phuket trip. Fortunately I got booking for “Thavorn Beach Village Resort”. The reviews were good and hope it is.

Looking forward to have a nice holidays.
Once again thanks from my twins (15yrs) also.

Best Regards

Can I & if yes how do I seek your guidance for local trips etc please?



    Your plans sound fantastic. The Thavorn Beach Village Resort has a great location and it’s far enough north of the town center there that the beach should feel almost private. And it’s close to Patong Beach if you want to do some shopping.

    I’ve spent a lot of time in that part of Phuket, but I won’t be your best source of local advice for trips because it’s been a few years and things can change quickly. You might check a website run by a friend of mine called travelfish.org, which is the best website for southeast Asia travel. They have message boards with many locals on them so they can help you with questions from local experts. Have a great trip. -Roger

Sathya says:

Hello Roger!
Have been going through your comments and you seem to be doing an awesome job! 🙂
I am planning a 7-day trip with my husband in the 2nd week of June this year. Our start point is Bangalore, India. Our overall budget is approx $ 2000 (including everything). We were considering Sri Lanka, Bhutan (both are completely different experiences, I know, but we are open to anything!). We have been reading mixed reviews about the weather in both places- as to this being rainy, with landslides et al especially in Bhutan. Would love to hear your suggestions (please do suggest any other options too, if you could)
P.S. We have been to Bali, Dubai, Malaysia.



    I appreciate the kind words. I’ve yet to make it to Bhutan myself, partly because of the travel restrictions and the unusually high cost, but it does look nice. I’ve spent 3 weeks in Sri Lanka seeing the top destinations and attractions there and that could work well for you, as you say. It seems that the rainy season takes a little break in June, so it’s probably quick storms rather than raining all day like in previous months. And of course the flight should be short and cheap, which will help your budget. Many people go for the southern beaches, but really the mountain towns seem to be the most interesting things in Sri Lanka, and I personally thought that Colombo was a disappointment. Coming from Bangalore it’s hard to say how enjoyable Sri Lanka would be based on my own experience as an American who has traveled all over Asia and the world. To me it was quite nice and more mellow than India, but of course there are similar places in southern India as well.

    The other obvious one to consider would be Thailand, which is more exotic than Malaysia and yet they have a very good tourist infrastructure. Bangkok is a fascinating city that is worth 3 days or so, and after (or before) that you could go to Chiang Mai or one of the islands. Thailand does get some rainfall in June, but it tends to come in a few 30-minute storms each week, so they are easy to avoid or shelter from. In September and October it can rain all day, but that is very rare in June. Thailand should work within your budget and you get a lot for your money once you get there. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger

Penny says:

I am looking at taking a trip by myself so I’m looking for ideas somewhere that is safe, right by the beach, some culture/history/siteseeing, not too hot or rainy. I’m looking beginning of June for 7-10 days with a budget of 2500 US dollars. Leaving from Toronto Canada. Thank you.



    As you’ve noticed, finding a tropical beach that is affordable in June is tough because so many of them have their rainy season starting then. Based on what you’ve mentioned I’d recommend Bali because it’s affordable and it has excellent culture and sightseeing to go along with the lovely beaches. It’s just south of the equator so June is actually one of the drier and less humid months, but that also means it’s high season. Still, it’s a great choice for solo travelers because there are so many other solo travelers there so you can socialize or stay on your own if you prefer. It’s worth spending a few days in the Kuta Beach area, which is the party zone and usually filled with Australian surfers, but I’d also spend some time in Ubud and perhaps Lovina as well.

    You could do a Thai island if you prefer. Even though June is one of the rainy months, the storms then are almost all over in 30 minutes so they are easy to avoid. It is pretty hot there though, except right after a rain storm. I’d do Bali as long as you plan pretty carefully and don’t end up bogged down in the overcrowded areas the whole time. Let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger

Jennifer says:

Hi Roger! I love your site and your suggestions and advice are spot on!! I am looking to go on a vacation for my birthday at the end of June (for 7-10 days perhaps around the 26th-July 5). I am flying from my home in Houston, Texas. I want to be budget friendly and I am thinking $1500 should suffice. Hopefully, it’s not crazy expensive as I may be traveling alone if I can’t get anyone else on board. I definitely want to go somewhere off the beaten path that not everyone would typically go to, and was trying to get away from the Caribbean and head somewhere more exotic. I really want a place on the water with some nice beaches and hope for some history and TONS of culture in the mix! I tend to want to “live as the locals do” and try to get recommendations from them besides just the tourist spots. I want to get the true flavor of the locals in my trip.

I have been to Cabarete, Dominican Republic, Bermuda, and Oslo, Norway (my company is based there and I love their travel adventures, they inspire me) so I have grown affectionate with a more unique locale. I was thinking of Croatia as a possibility, as well as the north coast or some island in Spain besides Ibiza, Vietnam, Malaysia, Greece and its surrounding islands, and possibly Thailand… although I am open to more unique suggestions (Zanzibar even popped in my head as well as Africa.

I realize the plane ticket may be the most expensive part, but fortunately, I also have about $500 in travel points to help out. If I can do the rest of the trip being budget conscious, that would be nice. I am also thinking of using Airbnb for accommodations.

Any sage advice would help as I am all over the map trying to see where I can go to celebrate my 34th bday.

Thank you so much!!!! – Jennifer



    I’m glad you find this helpful. Late June is a tricky time of year, as you’ve discovered, because most of the better tropical destinations have their first month of the rainy season then. Spain, Portugal, and Croatia might work if you can find a cheap enough flight, as long as you can finish your trip before July 1. Those beach areas all become overrun starting July 1 and room rates can double along with crowds.

    My top Europe recommendation would be to fly into Split, Croatia, which is a gorgeous and historic city with pretty good beaches nearby and some nearby islands that you might also spend time on. In June you should be able to get rooms in local apartments that they call “sobes” that should be within your price range. The entire historic center of town is made of white stone similar to Dubrovnik, but it’s not nearly as touristy or expensive as Dubrovnik so it could suit you well. You could also take a trip or two to elsewhere in Croatia or Sarajevo, which is close by and very interesting not to mention historic. As long as you can use those points to find a flight that you can afford, I think you’d really love it there and be able to enjoy your time on your budget.

    A few days in Athens followed by a ferry or flight to Santorini or one of the other islands could also work, but you’d be surrounded by tourists all the time and it sounds like you want to avoid that.

    Thailand could also work. June is part of the rainy season there, but I’ve spent two Junes there and the rain tends to come only 20 or 30 minutes at a time in the afternoons, so it’s easy to avoid. It’s hard to avoid tourists in Thailand unless you speak Thai pretty well because nearly all of the English speakers work in the tourism industry. But I still think you’d enjoy it because it’s very exotic and it doesn’t feel like a theme park. You could spend 3 days in Bangkok and the remaining time in Chiang Mai and Ayutthaya, or head to one of the islands. The islands are all pretty touristy, but you can still experience the Thai lifestyle because there are local restaurants and shops all over the place (along with a 7-Eleven on every block). Let me know if you have any other questions I might help with. -Roger

Amit says:

Hi Roger
Planing for 6-8 days vacation in june with family( Husband, wife daughter 17 yr & son 12 yr old) our starting point is delhi.our overall budget is 3000-4000$.including all



    Since you are including 4 plane tickets in your budget, I think you’ll have to stay within Asia because flights to Europe or Australia would cost most of your total. I think your best destination with affordable flights is Thailand. You can fly nonstop from New Delhi to Bangkok for around US$350 per person, and that would give you enough of a budget to have a great time there. You could spend a few days in Bangkok and then a few days either up north in Chiang Mai or on one of the islands such as Phuket or Ko Samui or even one of the smaller ones close to Bangkok. It’s true that the rainy season in that area starts in June, but I’ve spent a couple Junes in Thailand and I can tell you that these are the rainstorms that tend to last 10 to 20 minutes and then it clears up again. At the end of summer they can have days where it rains most of the day, but in June it’s usually those quick storms that sometimes happen overnight or late in the afternoon, so they are easy to avoid. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger

Adam says:

Dude…your advice is amazing so I could not pass up the opportunity to ask you for some help. So me and the girl really want to get away (international) for some great hiking, night life and some relaxing beaches. I was thinking around 2k per person for one week in the month of June. We have looked at tons of options but need some help nailing a place down. We live in Charleston, SC so that would be our starting point. Not to crazy on hotel life and we can live minimally day to day with the occasional splurge on a good restaurant. Thank you before hand for any advice!



    I’m always happy to hear that people find this useful. As you probably know, June is a tricky time for relaxing beaches because many of the better and cheaper ones have the beginnings of the rainy season. But on your budget and starting from Charleston you should be able to afford Europe if that interests you. You could also afford Bali or Thailand, though those flights are pretty long for only a 7-day visit. Bali has excellent June weather and it’s very cheap once you get there so think about that one. I’d recommend Bali over Thailand in June, although Thailand is another one to consider.

    You could even consider Rio de Janeiro, which is warm and nice in June even though it’s technically winter there. You won’t find better beaches or nicer scenery anywhere.

    As for Europe I’d think about the Algarve region of Portugal or Spain. They get really crowded in July, but in June they aren’t bad even though the weather is pretty much perfect. It might not be easy to get cheap flights at this point, but it’s worth looking into. I’m happy to help with more information about any of these options if you need it. -Roger


I am planning a trip soon in mid June 2018 for 7 days. My budget is $1500 to $2k. Solo traveler. Looking somewhere peaceful, quite, and beautiful to relax. Flying out from California. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.



    As discussed, June is a tricky month for beaches because it’s the beginning of the rainy season in many of the better ones. Los Cabos is an exception though so that would be my first suggestion. It’s a very nice place and June is not one of the busier months so you should be able to get a nice hotel or rental within your budget, along with a pretty cheap and short flight. If you are from California then you might be tired of Los Cabos. In that case it’s challenging because the nice beaches near you are going to be crowded and quite expensive.

    If you can get a cheap enough flight to Bali it could be great but that’s a long flight for one week and June is a busy month there as well. A flight to Europe would take most of your budget and also most of a day each way, so that’s not great for a 7-day trip. You might consider Rio de Janeiro if you are up for an adventure and you can get a decent airfare. Sorry I don’t have any better suggestions. -Roger

Srinjini says:

My husband and I are planning a 5-6 days vacation in June for our wedding anniversary. Please suggest a good place with a budget of about $1500-2000. We will be flying out of Mumbai.



    On a budget like that for 5 or 6 days leaving from Mumbai I think your best choices are Dubai (which will be very hot and dry in June, although it’s easy to have a wonderful time mostly indoors there), or Thailand or Malaysia. Actually, Bali is also within that budget from Mumbai and June is their driest month and most pleasant for weather, so that’s another one to think about. The Thai islands or Malaysia will typically have short downpours in June, but usually 30 minutes or less per day. Being from Mumbai I’m sure you know all about that and that there are MUCH rainier times of the year.

    So for a wonderful place with the nicest weather I’d really suggest Bali. If you’ve never been there it can be kind of confusing because parts of it are really overdeveloped and too crowded, while other parts are still really lovely. If that interests you I will be happy to help you figure something out. -Roger

Callie says:

Looking to head off with my husband in the middle of June for 7-10 night get away leaving Melbourne. We preferably just want to lounge around doing not much in some warm weather with the option of doing a few activities. Looking at spending no more than $6000 USD for accommodation. Any suggestions?



    That is a really good budget and you could actually afford the Maldives in a water villa for that price. The downside is that June is part of their short rainy season when it can rain for hours at a time rather than just 30 minutes at a time like the rest of the year. But the good side is that it’s still mostly sunny most of the time and room rates are at their lowest for the year. You could even afford a large Jacuzzi Water Villa at the all-inclusive Meeru Island resort on that budget, and it’s a wonderful place.

    If that doesn’t interest you then I’d probably head to Thailand. June is part of the early rainy season there, but that only means that you get a quick and intense cloudburst (maybe 20 minutes) on many afternoons each week. You can see the clouds forming so it’s easy to take shelter, and then it leads to beautiful sunsets as the clouds drift away again. Starting in September through November Thailand and that area can be rainy all day for days at a time, so I avoid in that time of the year, but in June the storms are almost all very short (I lived in Bangkok in June and spent time on Phuket another June). As you may know, Phuket has the most options among Thai islands for high-end accommodation and the most things to do, and it’s the easiest to reach because it has a large international airport. But there is also Ko Samui, Ko Phangan, and Ko Phi Phi just to name a few other popular islands. I can help you more with that if it sounds interesting.

    Being an Australian I assume you know all about Bali and that June is the nicest month of the year for weather. I discuss all of these in my article about the best Asia destinations in June, which I think will be interesting. There are some other options on there that I didn’t mention here. Let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger

Robert says:

Hey Roger,

Been using your website for some years now to travel to destinations I never would’ve considered before. Wife and I are planning to travel mid June out of San Francisco. We plan on traveling between 7-9 days. We are already headed to the Jamaica in January so not really on our radar for June.

Would like to hear your recommendation.

thanks again for everything you do.

I’d like to hear



    It’s really nice to hear that at least some people are returning to this site to research future trips, and it helps make it worthwhile.

    In 9 days or fewer I don’t think I’d recommend going all the way to Asia since it takes a full day of travel in each direction. And June is obviously the winter in the southern hemisphere, so let’s cross that out. June can actually be a pretty good month in parts of the tropics, but that can be tricky because the rainy season typically starts in June in most places and it’s possible to get unlucky.

    I think with 7 to 9 days I’d head to Europe, or perhaps Canada. With 9 days you can have a trip of a lifetime in Iceland, spending a day in Reykjavik and then a week traveling around the Ring Road in a rented car. Some things there are expensive, including rental cars, accommodation can be quite reasonable and nearly all of the sights are free.

    Another great option in 7 to 9 days is Ireland. You could fly into Dublin and spend two days there and then rent a car or take trains to tour several other parts of the island. Ireland isn’t exactly cheap, but if you are staying in small B&Bs in small towns it can be quite reasonable.

    One more option if you have the budget for it is Copenhagen and Stockholm. Both of those are really beautiful cities and in June the sun doesn’t set until 11pm or so, which is a really interesting novelty. Both cities are lovely and both quite different from each other.

    Those are my top suggestions based on what you’ve mentioned and I’d be happy to provide more details if any of them sound interesting. -Roger

Puneet says:

Hi Rodger
I really appreciate your helpful efforts in advising travelers for their destinations.
i have a similar query. I am from New delhi, my family is looking to travel in june 2019 to any good international destination, but we are confused. Please suggest us. We are family of 4,my wife, 4year old daughter, my mother and me. WE have already done singapore and thailand this year.
I am looking for a adventurous and fun filled destination for 5N/6D approx with per person budget of around $1000 or total trip budget of $4500.
Please suggest us.



    I’m happy to try to help. One place to consider in June is Bali, which is their coolest and driest month (although it’s always warm there). Flights from New Delhi to Bali should be affordable enough, and it’s VERY different than Singapore and Thailand.

    You could also go to Dubai, although it’s very hot in June, of course, so most people stay indoors in the summer.

    I’m not sure if the flights are cheap enough, but Greece could be a good option because things are fairly cheap when you get there. You might be able to find an affordable flight into Santorini or Mykonos, which are two of the most popular and easy to reach islands. There is plenty to do in all of those places for a week or so for a family.

    Turkey is another option, but it’s out of fashion these days partly for political reasons, even though it’s cheap and still tourist friendly. Let me know if any of those sound interesting and I can probably help you more. -Roger

Juliet says:

Hi Roger,
I’m trying to plan a 1 week June family vacation of 10pax incl of my 80yrs old mum. We are traveling out of Singapore with a budget of $000 per pax. We have previously done with China, Thailand and Taiwan. Please help to suggest.
Thank you.



    I’d seriously look into going to Bali because June is its best weather month of the year (slightly lower temperatures and very little rainfall). June in Bali is crowded with Australians so it’s important to choose an area to stay in wisely. Especially for a family I wouldn’t recommend the Kuta Beach area, although Seminyak has some nice hotels and some affordable villa rentals. Bali is a wonderful place as long as you don’t need to drive/ride too much because the traffic can be challenging.

    For a family of 10 I’d look into either a resort (they are generally even cheaper than Thailand) or a villa rental, and probably NOT in one of the larger towns. I’m happy to help more if you need it. As you certainly know being based in Singapore, most of Asia is either rainy or extremely hot in June, or both. I hope this helps. -Roger

Sheri says:

Greetings Roger! Wow, your travel experience and suggestions are assisting so many people! My husband, myself, our 21 year-old daughter and our 18 year-old son plan to take a trip beginning after Memorial Day or the beginning of June for 8-10 days. We love hiking, culture, history, local food, wine & beer, snorkeling, SCUBA, kayaking, etc. Considering Croatia, Portugal & Spain, Poland, and maybe even Canada. Budget is $10K. Travel out of Phoenix, AZ. Grateful for your time & suggestions.



    Based on your fondness for water sports and wine, I’d probably eliminate Poland from the list. Poland is a really cool place and it’s wonderfully cheap, but it’s for a different type of trip than it sounds like you want for this one. As for Canada, you could always go to Vancouver and Victoria and Whistler, though things there will obviously remind you quite a bit of Phoenix so it’s the opposite of exotic, although still extremely nice and faster to reach.

    Late May or early June would be a great time to visit Croatia, Spain, or Portugal because it will be warm enough for water sports and a bit of sunbathing, but still about a month before the crush of Europeans descend on all of those places on July 1 every year.

    I think Croatia is the most interesting of the three, partly because summer tourism has become so industrialized in Spain and Portugal over the years. I’m a big fan of Spain and Portugal actually, it’s just that they are so popular with Brits and northern Europeans that beach hotels and resorts in those places are big business.

    As for Croatia, I think it could be perfect and I’d probably focus mostly on the Split area because it’s the main coast transit hub and there are some cool islands just a short ferry ride away. Dubrovnik is worth a day trip or even a night, but the historic walled town area is usually packed with cruise passengers and other tourists to the point that it feels like a theme park. Split is also interesting and fascinating, but cheaper and less overrun. Apartments are more popular there than hotels so you should be able to find places for all four of you pretty easily. I’d also consider a 2-day trip to the amazing Plitvice Falls National Park. You can rent a car in Split for a reasonable price and the highways to the falls are mostly new and easy to navigate. Let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger

Raman says:

Hi Roger,

We are interested in visiting to a couples location ( 2 adults) flying from Delhi-India in Mid June’19. Budget would be 60 K per person. Shopping is not of our interest. Outdoor activity can be an option is its not too hot. Was having Russia in mind, can you suggest some other please. Thanks Raman



    To be honest, I’ve yet to make it to Russia myself. Many of my friends have been there and most people agree that St. Petersburg is really the only worthwhile place unless you have a specialized interest in something else or in Moscow in particular. On the other hand, they probably do have some appealing package destinations from Delhi so it might be okay.

    My top recommendation in June for your area is Bali because it’s one of the few places where the weather is reasonably dry and not too hot. Bali is really amazing as long as you find the right place for your interests, and things are quite cheap once you get there.

    Another affordable option in June is Thailand, where flights should be even a bit cheaper. It’s quite hot in Bangkok and the islands in June, but it’s the beginning of the rainy season and that actually brings in clouds and the occasional sudden downpour. That might not sound great, yet it’s a pretty good time to be there and the rain storms are almost always over within 15 minutes. Also, if you go straight to Phuket or Ko Samui or one of the other islands you’ll have some nice sea breezes that keep it fairly comfortable. The rain in Thailand can go on for hours at a time in September and October, but in June that is very rare. It’s a tricky time to find a good and affordable place close to India that isn’t insanely hot, and those are my two best suggestions. -Roger

Ami says:

Hi Roger,
I’m hoping you can help me select a destination for my family vacation next year. It will be two adults and a 10 year old. We are constrained by my daughter’s school schedule. So, we would either travel in March (Spring break – 7 days) or during the summer 14-16 days or Christmas break 12-14 days. For a longer vacation, the budget would be $8-10K for the three of us. For a vacation during spring break, I would like to keep in no more than $5K for the 3 of us. We would be traveling from Dallas.

For a longer trip, I would prefer to visit Asia or Australia. However, I’m not interested in going anywhere where I feel I may burst into flames when I step outside or where there’s a lot of rain. We are usually pretty active when we travel…like to immerse ourselves in the culture, experience good food, nice scenery. I would like kid friendly options as well. I usually try to find things that will engage my daughter.



    This is like a three-dimensional challenge. I agree that for a 7-day trip that you wouldn’t want to go to Australia or Asia, and if you are interested in Spring Break ideas I’ve got a separate list of those.

    Personally, I think an Asia trip would be FAR more interesting than an Australia trip, especially for your daughter. Australia is nice, but it’s also pretty expensive and a great deal of the housing and culture there will remind you of the Dallas suburbs. As for Asia, there are obviously many options and some are very different from the others. Have a scan of my other article on best June destinations in Asia for some ideas of places with good weather that time of year.

    The main Asia options are really China or Japan and South Korea, or Southeast Asia. For China I’d really recommend doing a package tour to get the best experience and the best value, and I don’t think a 10-year-old would enjoy that too much.

    Japan and South Korea are both really interesting, and also fairly expensive (especially Japan), at least compared to Southeast Asia. Also, not much English is spoken or understood in those countries, so it can be a bit frustrating for some people.

    Given those choices (and I think they are good choices) I’d recommend Southeast Asia over Christmas break. June and July are not actually too bad in Southeast Asia (April is the hottest month), but you do get the fairly regular afternoon downpour, and the December weather is pretty much perfect and dry.

    The cornerstone of pretty much any first trip to Southeast Asia is Bangkok, so I’d plan on landing there. After 3 or so days in Bangkok you could go to Siem Reap to see the amazing Angkor Wat temples or to Chiang Mai in the north and perhaps over to Luang Prabang. Or another very popular options (especially that time of year) would be to go to one of Thailand’s many islands. Phuket is the largest and it’s very family-friendly for the most part, but I wouldn’t recommend it for a first trip because it’s also a bit generic. You could go to Ko Samui or Ko Phan gan or Ko Phi Phi, which are all more interesting and still family friendly. Your budget should be more than enough for a really great stay in those areas. Thailand, in particular, is a great place to start because it’s very exotic yet it had great tourist infrastructure including such things as a 7-Eleven on almost every corner (not kidding). I hope this helps and as always, let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger

Anoop Kumar says:

Hi Roger,
we are planning a 10-12 days family(Me, wife & two kids aged 3 years & 1 year) trip from India from 18 to 30 June 2019. The Start Point will be New Delhi. We have been to Thailand & Europe in the last one year, so these two places are not an option! We would like avoid too “hot &/or humid weather” as well as crowded places. The budget is approximately Rs 100,000 or $ 1500/ head, although we can extend it to $ 2000/ head. Could you suggest a suitable location for us.




    As you may have seen before, my favorite Asian destination in June is Bali. It’s the coolest and driest month there, and that means that it’s warm but not too hot and not too humid. As you obviously know, nearly all of southern Asia is scorching in June, and most beach areas are also quite rainy. Needless to say, Bali is very popular in June for this reason, but it’s still quite affordable and you should be able to get cheap flights from New Delhi and reasonable accommodation.

    Bali is really a gorgeous and amazing place, but I feel I should mention that the popular beach areas of Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak are now so crowded and overdeveloped that I really wouldn’t recommend them for a family. Nusa Dua, on the other hand, is a purpose-built resort area and it’s been very well maintained. There are other nice options including Lovina on the northern coast, which is much less developed and quite inexpensive. It’s critical to do research and choose an area and hotel wisely, and if you do you’ll really love it there. The nearby island of Lombok is another option to consider to avoid the crowds. -Roger

Anoop Kumar says:

Thanks a lot Roger. We were also thinking of Vietnam & Cambodia. What do you think about these two?




    I’m especially fond of Vietnam and I think Siem Reap is a place everyone should go to visit the amazing Angkor Wat temple complex. June is part of the rainy season in most of Vietnam and Cambodia, so as long as you are okay with that it will be great. I’ve been in these countries in June and the rain tends to come hard in the afternoons and be over in 20 minutes or so. It’s pretty easy to tell when it’s about to rain so it’s usually easy to find shelter for the 10 to 15 minutes of most storms. Then it’s a bit cooler after the storms so it can be nice, as long as you can get shelter. In September and October it can rain most of a day in these places, but in June the storms tend to be short. -Roger

Grace says:

Hello Roger, I am planning a milestone June birthday trip for myself, im turning 35, and im planning to go alone. As a single female, where would be a good place to go where i will be safe alone? Thanks in advanced for the help.



    My first thought on this might be a bit cliche, but I think it would be great and that is Bali. Bali has its nicest weather month in June (although it’s also pretty crowded) and it’s considered very safe for solo female travelers. In fact, it’s the “Love” part of ‘Eat, Pray, Love,’ in case you’ve read that book or seen the movie. The author stayed in Ubud, which is a place to spend at least part of your time as it’s the arts center of the island and also home to many yoga spas and that sort of thing. And you’d also want to stay by the beach for part of your time, although I wouldn’t recommend spending too much time in the crowded Kuta/Legian/Seminyak beach area. I’ve spent a lot of time in Bali and I notice quite a few single and solo female travelers. If this idea sounds good I can give you more info if you like.

    Aside from that, June is a rainy month in most other tropical destinations, although it’s usually quick showers in Thailand and Vietnam and Cambodia, and those are other places to consider. If you were thinking about something in another part of the world just let me know and I’ll try again. -Roger

DPipkins says:

Hello Roger. I am planning a family vacation for June 2020. We would love to go to either Europe, Asia, or Middle East, but there are a couple of things that we desire in a trip: great warm weather(limited rain), beaches, shopping, historical sites, activities for kids (12 &13). I would like to stay around 5000 for the trip and plan to go for 2 weeks. We want to be able to travel to different areas throughout the primary destination. Any suggestions?



    In order to find a place that meets your budget requirements I’d need to know your departure point. But until then I’ll mention that the best place in Asia that fits your list is Bali. The island is loaded with “historical” temples and things like that, even though it doesn’t have history in the way that, say, Rome or Beijing does.

    The Middle East will all be extremely hot in June, so I’d probably save that for another time of year.

    As for Europe, if you want beaches and history and nice weather at a reasonable price I’d look at Barcelona or the Malaga area in Spain, or Lisbon and southern Portugal. I’m happy to help if you give me a bit more information. -Roger

Anoop Kumar says:

Thanks a lot for the advice Roger. Grateful for it.

Tania Thomas says:

Hi Roger,

I’m so impressed with your travel experience and your insightful advice here. I have a tricky question for you.

My friend and I (both female, 30s) would like to get away together for some bonding, relaxation, and adventure time for 10-14 days in early June. I am flying from Vancouver and she from LA. Conservatively my budget is about $1000 CAD for myself, unless this sounds completely unreasonable to you for a trip of that length.

We don’t mind heat, and we love nature, culture, FOOD, and exploring. My friend gets “island fever” and would prefer a destination where we can see different cities or have a variety of activities. I do slightly prefer somewhere where there is swimming (but am Canadian and can swim in water of any temperature.)

Did I mention we like to eat? Here is the problem. I am deathly allergic to peanuts and fenugreek (a main spice in Indian cuisine) and moderately allergic to soy and beans. Essentially, the continent of Asia is completely out. Beans are relatively easy to avoid, so Latin America is a possibility. I’ve seen recommendations on this site for Mexico, Belize, Colombia, and Brazil. The East Coast (States, Maritimes, or combination) was something else we were considering.

Just a note- some places we have been and don’t wish to repeat so soon: Vancouver Island, Calgary, California/Oregon Coast, Vegas, and Puerto Vallarta.



    That is a tricky question and I’ll be happy to try to help if I can. First off, your budget is quite low even if you aren’t including airfare, and it’s almost impossible if you need to buy your plane ticket with that CA$1,000. It might be helpful to start with the Global Backpacker Index, which is my list of 137 destinations ranked from cheapest to most expensive based on a typical daily backpacker budget. Those daily totals are realistic in those places for traveling like a backpacker where you are staying in hostel dorm beds and trying to keep costs low, although it does allow for a “budget” sit-down dinner and a few drinks or general entertainment fund. It doesn’t include the costs of getting there or getting between destinations, and those extra expenses can add up pretty quickly unless you choose a cheap place and don’t move around too much once you get there.

    Most of the better places in Latin America range from US$30 to US$50 per day, even including Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires. The potential problem is that a flight from Vancouver to one of those cities might be more than your whole budget. If you can swing that with airfare I’d say Brazil is a place to consider, or even Argentina if you don’t NEED hot weather in June.

    Otherwise I’d probably recommend Costa Rica, where at least a flight in should be reasonable and there are plenty of things to do from beaches to rain forest tours to the Arenal volcano and quite a bit more. Costa Rica is more expensive than the rest of Central America, but it’s also got the best tourist infrastructure and it’s considered the safest country for travelers. As you might have noticed, June is the beginning of the rainy season, however in Central America those storms in summer tend to be over in 20 minutes in most cases. In autumn it can rain for days at a time, but in June the storms tend to appear in the late afternoon and after a hard rain of 10 to 30 minutes, it clears up and everyone carries on with what they were doing. Because of the rain, places will be less crowded and a bit cheaper in June, so it could work out well as long as you are prepared for it.

    I hope this helps at least a bit and I’m happy to offer more advice if you have more questions or are looking for something different. -Roger

Bhavita says:

Hi Roger,
I always refer to this website for assistance with places to visit and i cant thank you enough for all this content. My husband and i just came back in january from our trip to South Africa. It was surely one of the best recommendations ever.
We were planning to visit europe again from New Jersey USA june 28 – july 12 timeframe this year. We have already covered london,paris, Amsterdam, belgium/brugge, prague, venice, rome, florence, pisa, lisbon, barcelona, madrid, ibiza. Are there any other good cities you would recommend we visit now. We like city life, architecture but dont mind a bit of island/mountains /beaches. Our budget is flexible. Thank you Bhavita



    It’s great to hear that you have had success with my recommendations before. It looks like you’ve covered most of Europe’s top destinations, although fortunately there are many more great ones still to consider.

    If your budget can handle it you should think about Scandinavia, especially that time of year when the sun barely sets at all. Copenhagen and Stockholm are both beautiful cities with plenty to see and do, and they are quite different from each other. You could also combine those with a visit to Norway. Oslo is interesting, but really it’s Bergen along the west coast that is the best destination for visitors. It’s the gateway to the stunning fjord district along Norway’s western coast, and you can take short boat trips or even a multi-day cruise up the coast to see more of Europe’s most dramatic coastal scenery.

    Portugal is another one to consider, and it’s even a bit cheaper than Spain (and a lot cheaper than Scandinavia). Lisbon is a wonderful big city and Porto is less crowded and also loaded with history and sights. The southern coast known as the Algarve is one of Europe’s best beach resort areas so in two weeks you could combine all three. Portugal feels very different to Spain, by the way, so it will feel new to you.

    You seem to have encircled Germany without crossing in, so that’s another one to consider. Some people worry that it’s not as fun as, say, France or Italy, but it really is an amazing country with loads of castles and other great sights. Berlin is one of my favorite European cities and definitely one to visit. Munich is the capital of Bavaria and it feels very different, especially as it’s a rather rich city with a great summer climate. Have a look at my recommendations for where to go in Germany for more ideas.

    Lastly, Croatia is really wonderful, especially in summer, and it’s one of the more affordable beach destinations in Europe. Split is my favorite city and it’s a lot like Dubrovnik except it doesn’t get nearly as many tourists or cruise passengers. The capital city of Zagreb is pretty nice, although only for a couple days. They have a national park called Plitvice Falls National Park and it’s one of Europe’s best nature areas. Speaking of nature, you should also consider Switzerland, although it’s even a bit more expensive than Scandinavia.

    I hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger

Bhavita says:

Thanks Roger. We already covered Lisbon last year so might not go back for some time. So we were thinking of adding Paris to our list ( splurge shopping and sun) We went there 6 years ago for our honeymoon but the weather was terrible in November and it was just bitter cold and pouring. I did see the city but just felt like i needed to come back someday when the weather was better.
Thinking Paris, Berlin, Munich, Budapest, Split and Dubrovnik ( maybe Montenegro). This way we cover some big city feel, history/architecture , coast/scenic terrain. What are your thoughts?

Rekha says:

Hi Roger,
I need help in choosing a destination to celebrate my babies first birthday n June. I am from India and our budget is $3000. The trip is for 2 adults and 2 kids (a 10 year old and One year old). Please advise.



    As you might have seen in comments above, June is a tricky time in Asia and in the Tropics around the world. My top suggestion for most people looking for a sunny destination is to consider Bali or one of the nearby islands such as Lombok. Since Bali is just south of the equator, June is actually the driest month and it’s also a bit cooler and less humid than any other month. With your budget you should be able to afford something very nice in the Nusa Dua area, which is a purpose-built resort district in the south of the island. Most of the rest of southern Bali has become so popular that it’s overcrowded and traffic problems are common, but in Nusa Dua the hotels are all spread apart and there is a lot of green space, so it’s much nicer.

    If that doesn’t sound good then let me know and I might be able to come up with some other ideas. Bali is really amazing and it’s great value once you get there, but it’s important to do your research because the most popular areas are now too popular for many people. -Roger

Nidhi says:

Hi Roger,

We are a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 kids) travelling from Delhi. Planning to go for a 4-5 day trip in May end- June beginning and the budget is approx 1500 USD overall (including airfare). Could you suggest some places that we could go to… looked up Boarcay Island but that seems to be closed for now. We have done Bali last year in December already.
Thanks for your help.



    Actually, Boracay Island reopened in October, 2018 after being closed for six months while they upgraded the infrastructure. They did close some hotels and limit the number of guests that can come each day, but it’s open again.

    That said, I’d probably recommend going to Thailand instead anyway, as it’s much closer and cheaper to reach. In Boracay and most of Thailand the month of June marks the first wet month of the year, but the June storms in both places are almost always 20 minutes or less and sometimes they are overnight. In other words, you’ll get some rain at least a few times per week, but it’s easy to avoid it. In October and November it can rain for many hours at a time, but in June the storms are fast.

    For families I think Phuket Island is a good choice because it has its own large airport and there are many family-oriented hotels and beach areas. As long as you avoid Patong Beach, which is where most of the nightclubs and such are, Phuket is a nice family destination and the value is good. My favorite beach areas for families are Kata Beach and Karon Beach, which are both close enough to Patong Beach that you can visit and shop a little without being surrounded by loud nightclubs at night. Let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger

lisa says:

Hi Roger,
What would be your suggestion for first time trip and possibly last trip to Europe from San Francisco? Myself, husband, and kids (13, 15, and 19). We can only speak english, and would like to travel for 2 weeks. I have a budget of $15000. I may be able to stretch budget, but I want to know, if you were taking your family to Europe and you only had 2 weeks, what would be your priorities?
Thank You



    Except for a little high-school German, I only speak English and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to get along with just English in all of the popular countries. With two weeks and a first visit I’d do London, Paris, and the fly to Venice for about 24 hours before taking a train to Florence for 3 days and then Rome for 3 days. Those are all the most iconic and memorable cities and they are loaded with thrills for first-time visitors. You can get more specific recommendations and information on my article about best first-time Europe itineraries. I’m happy to help more if you have additional questions. -Roger

Manish says:

I am planning to visit somewhere from 31st may 2020 to june 7th 2020. For celebrating my wedding anniversary. Please suggest some good option according to that time and weather. I dont want hotter place from weather point of view. Budget will be around max 3000 usd



    It would help to know your starting point. My best recommendations are all in the list in the article and the weather averages are there for each one. I’m happy to give custom recommendations if you let me know where you’ll be coming from and a bit more about what you are looking for. -Roger

Asif says:

I am planning to visit somewhere from 6th June 2020. For celebrating my daughter 1st birthday. Please suggest some good option according to that time and weather. My starting point India (Chennai) and
Budget will be around max 1250 usd



    My top recommendation in that region is Bali, which has its driest and coolest (relatively speaking) month of the year in June. As you know, nearly everything in that part of the world is scorching and also rainy in June, and Bali is a nice exception. It’s quite crowded that month for that reason, but you should still be able to get very good value at hotels and a reasonable flight. I hope that helps. -Roger

Sonia says:


I am planning a trip for two weeks in the beginning of June, and was wondering about places to travel. We were initially planning on Thailand, but have heard that is not an ideal travel time due to monsoons. Please advise. We are travelling out of Canada, and looking for destinations that are immersed with culture, views, good food, and currency is cheap, with hot weather.

Thank you,



    June is a tricky month in most of Asia. It’s very hot in almost every city, and there will be rainstorms in pretty much all of the tropical cities as well. I’ve actually spent two Junes in Bangkok and I was happy there. The rain in June tends to be storms that last around 15 minutes and sometimes they are extremely intense. But it’s rare to get ongoing storms that create flooding issues so it’s usually just a matter of taking shelter. In a city like Bangkok that is usually very easy, and the same is true of nearly all of the better destinations in Thailand.

    June starts the low season for hotels, so you’ll get a really nice place for a good price. The culture there can’t be beat either. I’ve lived in Bangkok for 3 months and have visited many other times and I still really love the place.

    The best option if you don’t want to deal with even short rain storms is Bali, which is barely in the Southern Hemisphere so June is the driest month (although it can still rain there). Bali could be a great place to spend two weeks, perhaps also visiting nearby Lombok or other islands, but June is also the busiest month because of the nice weather and the fact that it’s cold in southern Australia so many people fly to Bali for a holiday. In other words, Bali will be even more crowded than it usually is in June, and I’d probably deal with a few downpours a week in Thailand. I’m happy to help more if you have other questions. I’ve spent a lot of time in both of those places and nearly every other major destination in the region. -Roger

Peter says:


I’m planning to travel in the first week of June, Starting will be from Chennai, India. Budget would be 60,ooo INR per person. We’re a group of 4 friends looking for some adventurous trip. Duration can be maximum of 5 -6 days.



    This question comes up a lot because almost every good place in Asia has rainy or super hot weather in June. The exception is Bali, so it’s the place I recommend most for June. It’s just south of the equator so June is the driest month of the year and it’s a bit cooler than normal as well. If you want to be a bit more adventurous you might go to Lombok instead, which is the island next to Bali and it’s less crowded and a bit cheaper.

    In fairness, Bali is very crowded in June because of the nice weather conditions (and that it’s hot and wet everywhere else), but there are areas in Bali that are much less crowded than others. I’ve just updated my list of the best Asia destinations in June, which can give you some other ideas. Let me know if you’ve got any other questions. -Roger


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