12 Best Asia destinations in June of 2019

Most of us from North America or Europe could easily assume that June is a perfect weather month for just about anywhere in Asia, but that is far from the truth. June is part of the rainy season in much of the Tropics, so figuring out where you should go this month could be tricky.

The good news is that the rainy season doesn't start until later in the year in some of the best Asia destinations. The hottest month is actually in April in the warmer areas closer to the equator, and by the time June rolls in you start to get afternoon cloud covers that make it cooler and nicer. Read below for the 12 best places for a trip to Asia in June.

12 Best destinations to visit in Asia in June

Bali, Indonesia

  • June avg high: 85F/29C
  • June avg low: 77F/25C
  • June avg precip: 2.8″/7.0cm

Bali is actually the only major resort island in Asia that is in the Southern Hemisphere (by a bit), and June is actually one of the cooler and dryer months here as a result. This is good news because being nearly on the equator, Bali is hot and somewhat humid every day and every night of the year.

One downside is that June is also one of the busier months of the year in Bali, as it's a very popular destination for Australians on a winter break. Still, the nicer weather is worth it, and it's still pretty easy to avoid the crowds in Bali if you avoid the Kuta/Legian/Seminyak beach area in general. Those looking for a less crowded and more pleasant experience should look into staying in Lovina along the north coast, or on nearby Lombok island.

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Tokyo, Japan

  • June avg high: 77F/25C
  • June avg low: 66F/19C
  • June avg precip: 6.5″/16.3cm

July and August are very hot and steamy in Tokyo, but June is still rather pleasant so it's an ideal time to visit not only Tokyo but Japan in general. Anyone who hasn't been following the news in recent decades might not realize that Japan isn't nearly as expensive as it used to be, even if a few things remain expensive. You'll notice that on our Global Backpacker Index, Tokyo ranks near Rome and Vienna, and is much cheaper than London or Amsterdam.

Many first-time visitors to Japan will just focus on Tokyo, which is understandable because it's a huge city with plenty to offer. But it's easy to take high-speed trains to Kyoto and Osaka, which are also very interesting, not to mention a bit cheaper as well.

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Seoul, South Korea

  • June avg high: 80F/27C
  • June avg low: 64F/18C
  • June avg precip: 5.2″/13.0cm

Since Seoul is even farther north than Tokyo, its winters are pretty brutal and even the springs and autumns can be a bit chilly. Things get even more complicated by the fact that July and August are not only warm, but also by far the wettest months of the year. Long story short, May, June, September, and October are by far the best months to visit Korea.

Fans of electronics and technology in general are attracted to Korea to see what this futuristic society looks like in person. The food is another big draw, especially for those from the western United States, where Korean food is one of the biggest trends in the last decade or so.

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Luang Prabang, Laos

  • June avg high: 91F/33C
  • June avg low: 76F/24C
  • June avg precip: 7.0″/17.5cm

While the eastern parts of southeast Asia can get very rainy in June, Laos and most of Thailand is still reasonably dry. Actually, it's more that the rainstorms are very quick and are usually over in less than 30 minutes, and they can actually provide some welcome temporary relief from the heat in the process.

Luang Prabang is the most popular destination in Laos, and it's a good transit hub for anyone who also wants to stop in at Vang Vieng and Vientiane as well. You can also take a slow boat on the Mekong as it heads towards northern Thailand, and then get transport to Chiang Mai, Thailand, which is also on this list.

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • June avg high: 91F/33C
  • June avg low: 75F/24C
  • June avg precip: 4.9″/12.3cm

Kuala Lumpur and nearby Singapore (see below) are not far from the equator and thus hot every day of the year. Still, June through August is the driest period of the year, so it's also a bit less humid and more pleasant in general. This is my personal favorite large city anywhere in Asia, as it provides a nice mix of exotic and modern, with excellent cuisine based on the intersection of Chinese, Indian, and Malay options.

Aside from alcohol in bars, which can be expensive, Kuala Lumpur is also a fabulous bargain city as well. The center is teaming with newer 4-star hotels that can go for under US$100 per night for two people. It's also a great base from which to explore peninsular Malaysia, with Penang, the Cameron Highlands, and Malacca not far away.

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  • June avg high: 88F/31C
  • June avg low: 78F/26C
  • June avg precip: 6.8″/17.0cm

If you want to visit the future it might be good to first have a look at Singapore. This extremely modern city feels utopian in some ways, with clean streets, gorgeous architecture, and affordable public transportation just to name a few things. While hotels are very expensive, meals from the famous (and spotless) hawker centers are fanastic bargains.

Singapore is small enough to see in 3 days or so, and that's good because hotels and alcohol are quite expensive, but it all feels worthwhile. June is one of the better months to visit because it rains less than the rest of the year. If you are coming all this way it's probably wise to also visit Malaysia on the same trip, since they are separated by only a bridge.

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Colombo, Sri Lanka

  • June avg high: 87F/31C
  • June avg low: 78F/26C
  • June avg precip: 7.3″/18.3cm

Unfortunately, Colombo is one of those large and crowded Asian capitals that is fairly expensive even though it lacks the charm of the rest of the country. But the good news is that Sri Lanka itself is ideal for a holiday of one to three weeks, with plenty of culture and nature to witness in every corner.

Unlike most of India to its north, the rains in Sri Lanka usually end in early June, so this begins one of the better times of year to visit. The beach towns along the southern coast are worth a look, but the national parks and nature sights of the interior hills are even better for a first visit.

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Bangkok, Thailand

  • June avg high: 92F/33C
  • June avg low: 78F/26C
  • June avg precip: 5.9″/14.8cm

It's definitely very hot in June in Bangkok, but it's actually nicer than it is in the hotter months of April and May, so this is still a good time to visit. Interestingly, it's the quick rainstorms that happen a few afternoons each week that bring temperatures here down and into a more pleasant range. You'll notice the skies getting gray in plenty of time to seek shelter, so avoiding them is surprisingly easy.

Even if it is hot and sometimes rainy outside, Bangkok is one of the world's best shopping cities, featuring about a dozen large and posh malls all clustered together in the Siam Square area. Taxis here are cheap and so is the metro system, so you can get around in comfort no matter what is going on outside.

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Chiang Mai, Thailand

  • June avg high: 90F/32C
  • June avg low: 75F/24C
  • June avg precip: 5.2″/13.0cm

You will get more June rainstorms on Thailand's islands and beach towns of the south, so June is a good month to head north to its second city of Chiang Mai. It's almost as hot as Bangkok during the summer, but it doesn't rain much and most hotels here have swimming pools. Speaking of hotels, Chiang Mai is one of the world's great bargain destinations, where a central 4-star hotel starts at at around US$40 per night for two people.

Chiang Mai is filled with interesting temples and cultural sights, but it's also surrounded by hills and mountains, and there is great trekking and other outdoor activities available in the area. If you are just looking for a place to relax with a nice hotel and cheap drinks, it's hard to do much better than Chiang Mai in Asia.

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Beijing, China

  • June avg high: 86F/30C
  • June avg low: 66F/19C
  • June avg precip: 3.0″/7.5cm

Most Westerners who visit China for the first time do it on a tour of some kind, to visit multiple cities on the trip. Beijing is obviously the starting point for most of these tours, and June is a very popular month for them. The main concern is the air quality in June in Beijing can be quite bad, so you really don't want to linger here more than a few days to see the highlights.

Whether you are on a tour or visiting independently, you'll find that Beijing is still quite a bargain. You might have to pay more for a hotel or for restaurants where English is understood, but it will still be cheap compared to Europe or Singapore or Tokyo. Here is why doing China on an organized tour is probably better than going independently for most people.

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Shanghai, China

  • June avg high: 82F/28C
  • June avg low: 69F/21C
  • June avg precip: 6.7″/16.8cm

The second most popular Chinese city for tours is Shanghai, and even though June is quite warm, at least the June air quality is much better than in Beijing. This is a far more modern city with striking architecture and an extremely impressive infrastructure.

Along with the modern touches, Shanghai is also known among visitors for some interesting copy-cat neighborhoods that imitate great European and even American cities. The food here is also a main attraction, with a dizzying number of styles available, in addition to the traditional local fare.

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Xi'an, China

  • June avg high: 89F/32C
  • June avg low: 67F/19C
  • June avg precip: 2.5″/6.3cm

If your tour of China includes a third city, it will almost certainly be Xi'an. This 3,000 year-old city has been home to many of China's ruling emperors, and much of the history of the country as well. The main thing that most visitors come to see are the Terracotta Warriors, which are 20 km east of the city center.

Aside from admission to the Terracotta Warriors itself, most things here in Xi'an are cheaper than in Beijing and Shanghai, so it's a good place to linger a bit if you are doing your own schedule. Finding locals who speak English outside of the international hotels and tourist restaurants isn't easy, but at least all of the important signs are in English so it can be done by anyone who puts in a bit of effort.

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