18 Best Asia destinations in April of 2019

April is a wonderful month for a trip to Asia since you have so many great choices. It's still dry in southeast Asia, even if it's extremely hot, and April is warm enough to visit China or some of the other places a bit farther from the equator.

This is also one of the best months of the year for travel bargains since it's low season in the beach areas as well as the bigger cities. April is also the first month of the year when Bali isn't in its rainy season, so you can choose from nearly every good Asia destination and save money in the process.

Important April holidays in 2019

  • April 14 to 20 – Holy Week/Semana Santa (Philippines)
  • April 21 – Easter
  • April 25 – Anzac Day – Public holiday (Australia, New Zealand)
  • April 28 – Orthodox Easter (Greece, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Serbia etc)

Important note about April weather in Asia

As strange as it may sound, April is actually the hottest month of the year in almost all of southeast Asia including Bangkok, Siem Reap, and Ho Chi Minh City. The good news is that April is usually dry in the whole region, which is why it's actually so hot. By May you start getting some cloud cover and rainstorms, which helps cool things off a bit.

The heat in such cities as Bangkok is no joke, especially as it's always fairly humid there, day and night. It's also easy to spend nearly all day in the pool or in air-con shopping centers, and spend nights in street markets and restaurants.

18 Best destinations in Asia for April

Bangkok, Thailand

  • April avg high: 95°F/35°C
  • April avg low: 79°F/26°C
  • April avg precip: 2.6″/6.5cm

As mentioned just above, April is the hottest month of the year in Bangkok, which is also the hottest capital city in the world. But it's mostly dry and the rare storms tend to be over quickly, so it's still a nice time to visit if you are prepared for it.

The main tourist season is over by April, so hotels are cheaper this month, and incoming flights are cheaper and easier to find as well. If you are going to Phuket (see below) or one of the other islands, the heat doesn't feel so bad there because of the onshore breezes most of the time.

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Phuket, Thailand

  • April avg high: 92°F/33°C
  • April avg low: 77°F/25°C
  • April avg precip: 4.8″/12.0cm

Phuket is another hot one in April, but as long as you are spending most of your days on the beach or poolside, it still feels pretty nice. You might get some rain in April as well, but that tends to come and go quickly, and it can be a refreshing break from the heat.

April is one of the slower months in the first half of the year in Phuket, so you will be able to find a great deal at one of the beach hotels or resorts. Patong Beach is the main beach town, but unless you are coming mostly to shop or visit the adult-oriented nightlife, there are better choices such as Karon Beach or Kata Beach just to the south.

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Chiang Mai, Thailand

  • April avg high: 97°F/36°C
  • April avg low: 70°F/22°C
  • April avg precip: 2.0″/5.0cm

One reason that many people flock to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand is the moderate weather, but the days in April are scorching even if the nights are on the mild side. If you come here from Bangkok you'll really enjoy the cooler evenings, and it's a great chance to visit one of the huge night markets here in Chiang Mai.

Hotels are always weirdly cheap in Chiang Mai, and in April the bargains tend to be even a bit better. You can get a nice 3-star hotel room in a hotel with a nice pool for around US$20, and something very nice if you spend double that.

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Bali, Indonesia

  • April avg high: 87F/31C
  • April avg low: 78F/26C
  • April avg precip: 3.7″/9.3cm

April is the first month of the year when Bali isn't having its rainy season, so it's a nice time to come before the crowds start rolling in in June. You might get some rain, but nothing like what you'd see in the months prior, and the storms tend to be quick.

This is a great month for bargain hotel rates in Bali because it's just at the end of the nice season and yet the crowds will still be thin. Kuta Beach is the main surfing and party beach, and also a good place to be surrounded by drunken Australians. If you want something more mellow you should consider heading up to the town of Lovina along the north shore, where prices are lower and the beauty of the island is easier to spot.

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  • April avg high: 89°F/32°C
  • April avg low: 77°F/25°C
  • April avg precip: 7.4″/18.5cm

You might see the weather numbers above and think Singapore is a bit rainy in April. That is true, but it's almost on the equator and Singapore is wet pretty much the whole year. Since the quick rain storms can come at any time, this rich and extremely well organized island has learned to deal with them so well that they never become a problem.

As this is a year-round destination, April is one of the cheaper months for incoming flights and hotels. Singapore hotels in particular have become the most expensive in all of Asia, but you can find decent deals in slower months like this one.

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Siem Reap, Cambodia

  • April avg high: 96°F/36°C
  • April avg low: 78°F/26°C
  • April avg precip: 2.3″/5.8cm

You may never have heard of Siem Reap until you started researching a southeast Asia trip, and you wouldn't be alone. This small city is built at the doorstep of the stunning Angkor Wat temple complex, which is the only reason it's as popular as it is. The good news is that Siem Reap is also a very pleasant, mellow, and inexpensive tourist town that many people decide to stay in much longer than originally planned.

The April heat in Siem Reap is something to be concerned with, but you can deal with it by doing your Angkor Wat visit at sunrise and then coming back again for the last few hours of daylight in the late afternoon. And again, this is a fun town in general, with plenty of cheap beer to keep folks hydrated.

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Luang Prabang, Laos

  • April avg high: 94°F/34°C
  • April avg low: 70°F/21°C
  • April avg precip: 3.7″/9.3cm

If you have ever wondered what Laos is like, Luang Prabang is the best place to experience it. The capital city of Vientiane is pretty underwhelming, but Luang Prabang is one of the favorite stops of experienced travelers to this region.

Getting to Luang Prabang isn't easy for those who prefer not to fly in, but there are buses coming from Vientiane as well as the famous slow boat down the Mekong from the Thai border. This is another mellow and pleasant town that you might want to linger in for a while.

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Hanoi, Vietnam

  • April avg high: 80°F/27°C
  • April avg low: 71°F/22°C
  • April avg precip: 3.2″/8.0cm

If you are doing a southeast Asia tour in April you should seriously consider adding Hanoi to the list. As you can see above, the temperatures are actually quite mild even during the day because of its northern latitude. Hanoi is also wonderfully cheap and a fascinating stop as well.

Fans of Vietnamese food should also make sure to come to Hanoi because many people agree that it doesn't get better than here. The French influence of the cuisine is easier to spot in the north than in the south. Hotels here are also extremely cheap and probably nicer than you'd expect as well.

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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

  • April avg high: 94°F/34°C
  • April avg low: 78°F/26°C
  • April avg precip: 1.7″/4.3cm

If you want to visit Vietnam you should really plan on starting in Hanoi and making your way south by train to Ho Chi Minh City, or doing it in the reverse order. The highlight in between the two for most people is the lovely village of Hoi An, so make it a point to stay there for a few days if you can.

Ho Chi Minh City, which is locally just called ‘Saigon', is much larger and more spread out than Hanoi. The two cities feel very different so visiting them both is ideal. Saigon is a bit more expensive for hotels, but the dining scene might even be more vibrant with trendy choices instead of just the traditional fare that people love.

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Hong Kong

  • April avg high: 77°F/25°C
  • April avg low: 69°F/21°C
  • April avg precip: 7.4″/18.5cm

Hong Kong is very rainy all summer, but in April the wet stuff isn't nearly as bad so it's the best warm month of the year for a visit. This city is booming in almost every way, so if you haven't visited in a while you might barely recognize it.

Hotels in Hong Kong are quite expensive by Asian standards, but unlike Singapore, it's possible to find decent deals in good locations if you look around a bit. Food in Hong Kong is an amazing treat, and you can eat for very little if you follow the local workers into the noodle shops instead of the other tourists into the trendy places. Alcohol in bars is very expensive though, so plan ahead.

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Boracay Island, Philippines

  • April average high: 88°F/31°C
  • April average low: 77°F/25°C
  • April avg precip: 2.4″/6.0cm

April is another near-perfect weather month in the lovely little island of Boracay. If you are fed up with concrete blocks and chain hotels on so many of Asia's beaches, Boracay is what you are looking for. This place still feels like an old school resort island where no one wears shoes and there are barely any cars on the whole island.

While Boracay does lack many great budget hotel options, it's actually better value than it might seem. This thin strip of land with perfect beaches along its western shore is small enough that nearly every hotel is either on the beach or less than a 3-minute walk from the beach. The food here is very affordable, and the alcohol can be incredibly cheap if you look for happy hour deals. Interestingly enough, Boracay Island was closed to tourists for six months in 2018 so they could deal with infrastructure issues, but it's now back open and better than before.

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Malé, Maldives

  • April avg high: 88°F/31°C
  • April avg low: 81°F/27°C
  • April avg precip: 4.8″/12.0cm

First off, you really don't want to spend any time in the crowded and tiny capital city of Malé. The Maldives is really the place for a sunshine holiday on one of its 120 or so resorts that are each located on a private island. More than 80 of those resorts offer water villas, which are called overwater bungalows in the South Pacific, and some of the Maldives water villa resorts are great value.

Beach villas at these resorts start just a bit north of US$100 per night, but the water villas tend to start around US$300 per night. About two dozen of the resorts offer an all-inclusive package including alcohol, which are very popular. Meeru Island Resort is typically the best value of the all-inclusive resorts with Jacuzzi Water Villas starting at around US$500 per night during the slower months.

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Pokhara, Nepal

  • April avg high: 79°F/26°C
  • April avg low: 55°F/13°C
  • April avg precip: 1.5″/3.8cm

Nepal is all about mountains and trekking holidays, and Pokhara is the capital of that. April is a perfect month to come for an adventure holiday as it's one of the warmer months that is also generally dry. You'll probably have to fly into Kathmandu first and then take another flight or harrowing bus ride to Pokhara, but it'll be worth it.

The trekking trips can be expensive depending on the length and the outfitter you choose, but almost everything else in Pokhara is amazingly cheap. In fact, this is actually the world's cheapest tourist city most years based on our annual Global Backpacker Index.

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Delhi/New Delhi, India

  • April avg high: 99°F/37°C
  • April avg low: 68°F/20°C
  • April avg precip: 0.2″/0.5cm

April isn't actually the hottest month in Delhi, but it will feel like it when you are here. At least it's almost always totally dry this month, and the evenings are mild enough that the days aren't quite as annoying. Delhi is a huge and fascinating city in itself, with New Delhi at its core, but this is also the best place to stay while visiting the Taj Mahal in nearby Agra.

Delhi has emerged as one of India's best tourist cities since there have been many affordable hotels and even quite a few hostels that have opened in recent years. The crowds you'll encounter every minute of the day will be exhausting, but the sights here are worthwhile at least for a few days.

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Goa, India

  • April avg high: 91°F/33°C
  • April avg low: 78°F/26°C
  • April avg precip: 0.3″/0.8cm

The summer in Goa gets very rainy, but April is still almost completely dry. Nearly all of the winter crowds have gone elsewhere by the time April comes, so you have excellent weather, small crowds, and cheap hotel prices. In fact, April is a good month to find a splurge here at a nice place on the beach that would charge double in January.

Goa is actually a state and it has around a dozen different beach towns that are all quite different from one another. Prices on all of them tend to be low, but still it's worth doing your homework to find the one that should suit you best. Goa also has some of India's cheapest and most available alcohol, in case that matters to you.

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Mumbai, India

  • April avg high: 92°F/33°C
  • April avg low: 75°F/24°C
  • April avg precip: 0.0″/0.0cm

Mumbai, which used to be called Bombay, is famously the home of India's film industry and its largest banks, but it's actually not a great tourist city. Fortunately it's totally dry in April so it's a good month to come for a few days to look around. But don't plan on staying more than 3 days unless you have been here before.

Hotels in Mumbai are the most expensive in India because of limited space in the tourist areas and those banks we discussed just above. If you are flying into Mumbai as your first stop it's worth staying for a couple days to look around. Don't be too cheap with your hotel choice though, as the cheapest places here are much lower in quality than you get in most of Asia or the rest of the world.

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Beijing, China

  • April avg high: 69F/21C
  • April avg low: 46F/8C
  • April avg precip: 0.8″/2.0cm

China has cold winters and summers that can be scorching, so April is one of the best months to come in for a tour. Since getting a tourist visa is expensive for almost everyone and also a bit of a chore, it's best to do a few cities in China rather than just popping into the capital and then home again.

Beijing should be on anyone's China itinerary, but it's not as tourist friendly as many other places you might go. The Great Wall is amazing to see and the Forbidden City is also very worthwhile, but aside from those you might want to limit your time in Beijing and spend more time elsewhere.

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Shanghai, China

  • April avg high: 66F/19C
  • April avg low: 52F/11C
  • April avg precip: 3.5″/8.8cm

Shanghai should also be on all China itineraries, and most people will find this huge city more enjoyable because it's infinitely more photogenic and far more people speak at least some English as well. Many people start in Beijing on a tour and then go to Xi'an to see the Terracotta Warriors and then maybe to Guilin to see the Karst hills along the Li River. Shanghai is an ideal place to finish a China tour for the reasons mentioned above.

Hotels in Shanghai can be pricey, but at least you often get a view of the Bund riverside area or a charming neighborhood such as the French Concession. The skyscrapers in the Pudong neighborhood across the river are one of Asia's most impressive sights, and there is no shortage of shopping in that area as well.

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