Best of 2011 that you might have missed

It’s been a great 2011 and we are very pleased with how many people have visited Price of Travel to help plan their trips. The site only launched in late 2010, and the numbers have been steadily increasing since then.

With hundreds of pages and different features spread all over the site, we thought we’d highlight 14 articles from 2011 that many people found interesting but that you might have missed. In almost all cases they are based on research that no one has done before so you wouldn’t know to look for them until you saw the title.

In 2012 we’ll be cranking out updated Backpacker Index lists for the whole world along with many new features, so stay tuned.

14 articles from 2011 you may have missed

1 – The cheapest country in the world for travelers is India

Having spent a few months in early 2011 in India, after spending the entire previous year in Southeast Asia, it’s pretty obvious that India remains king of the cheapies. Several people commented that crazy inflation in India has changed the situation, but no one has yet to offer a cheaper country.

2 – 11 Best-value European cities for backpackers

There are cheap cities and there are great cities, but they are usually different groups. This is a list of cheap cities in Europe that are also among the best for other reasons.

3 – The Price of rooms at 11 famous luxury hotels

Of the most famous luxury hotels in the world (including the Burj al Arab in Dubai and the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort, a few are cheap enough that you might be able to actually afford them, while others are insanely expensive.

4 – 12 Best-value Asian cities for backpackers

Just as in Europe, some of the cheapest cities are also among the coolest, so here’s a list of Asian cities that fit both categories.

5 – The Madam Tussaud’s Index

Fans of economics, world geography, and wax museums might find it interesting that these nearly-identical attractions vary greatly depending on where you visit them.

6 – World cities by latitude

Geography buffs might find it interesting to see which cities around the world line up at the same latitudes. There are definitely some surprises on the list.

7 – World’s cheapest beer, liquor, city, country, and hostel are all in Asia

Those paying attention might not find it terribly surprising, but still the cheapskates out there will be interested to see where they all can be found.

8 – The World’s 14 best-value destinations

Obviously Europe and Asia don’t have a lock on the best destinations that combine low prices with many other positives.

9 – Hidden city ticketing

Here’s an explanation and some examples of this controversial strategy that might save you money on airfare. There are downside risks to consider as well.

10 – British slang vs. American slang, which is less ridiculous?

This is a rare non-economics post that highlights some weird examples of how the language can differ on opposite sides of the Atlantic.

11 – The 15 most expensive museums in the world

You may be interested in knowing that the world’s most famous museums are almost all cheaper than the ones that top this list.

12 – Cities with the most hotels around the world

Trivia and geography fans should be interested in which cities have the most hotels of all. Interestingly, some cities known for huge hotels (like Las Vegas) are way down this list.

13 – Free walking tours list

Here’s a list of every free walking tour that we know of, which should be very useful for budget travelers touring Europe in particular.

14 – Cheapest Caribbean islands

We ended 2011 by comparing airfare and hotel costs to every popular Caribbean island and destination, to help the sunshine-seekers choose the best option for their own style and budget.

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