22 Cheap destinations for 2015 with great weather in June

Since June is an extremely popular month for vacations in the US and Canada, it can make for some interesting situations since nearly all Europeans wait until July and August for a long summer retreat. This means that many places have excellent weather and yet are not nearly as crowded as they’ll be the following month.

This also means that hotel prices are often lower, and planes are cheaper and less crowded, so a June trip can be the best of all worlds if you’ve got the time off. We’ve listed 22 cities from all over the world, so hopefully one or more are within your reach.

With each city you’ll notice a Backpacker Index price, which is calculated for typical backpacker expenses in over 120 cities around the world. You’ll probably end up spending more each day, but it’s still a quick way to compare which cities are much cheaper than others.

The Americas

In North America June is obviously the start of summer, but most of the north isn’t really cheap enough to make this list. In South America it’s winter in most places, so only the Tropical cities are worth a look for a good-weather bargain at this time of year.

The Caribbean

LaRomanaDRIf you are looking mainly to relax in the sun rather than explore a city then the Caribbean is ideal in the month of June. The weather is pretty much perfect even as hotels drop rates to low season prices. Mexico around Cancun is particularly cheap but Jamaica and the Dominican Republic also offer amazing prices. For those who want maximum value and especially people who like to drink by the pool or on the beach, the all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean have astonishingly low prices in June.

If you prefer to mix culture with good weather and reasonable prices then consider the rest of the list below.

Cartagena, Colombia

  • June avg high: 87F/31C
  • June avg low: 79F/26C
  • June avg precip: 4.2″/10.5cm

It’s true that it can be a bit rainy in Cartagena in June, but it’s the tropical type of rain that comes and goes quickly, so it’s unlikely to become a problem for most people. Hotels in this beach town are still in their off-season prices as well, as the summer demand doesn’t really pick up until July. The winter is probably the best time to visit, but it’s really quite nice all year round, and still very cheap as well.

2015 Backpackers Index: US$41.72

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Mexico City, Mexico

  • June avg high: 76F/24C
  • June avg low: 54F/12C
  • June avg precip: 5.3″/13.3cm

Here’s another one that does get a bit of rain during June, but its altitude keeps temperatures in Mexico City much lower than most people would guess for this time of year. People who might not be able to afford a trip to Europe should consider this as an interesting alternative. Flights from the US and Canada tend to be cheap, the city center area is very nice in many places, and prices are very low compared to almost anywhere else.

2015 Backpackers Index: US$34.87

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • June avg high: 81F/27C
  • June avg low: 64F/18C
  • June avg precip: 2.0″/5.0cm

Rio de Janeiro is just barely inside the Tropics, so it’s pretty much the South American equivalent of Miami. This means that its summer (December through February) can be steamy and a bit wet, but it’s nearly perfect during the rest of the year. An overvalued currency has made the city a bit more expensive recently, but it’s still quite a bargain compared to most other resort areas, and it’s a stunningly beautiful setting as well.

2015 Backpackers Index: US$53.27

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When June rolls in it’s still quite cold in the north of Europe, and incredibly expensive as well. The bargains with good weather are therefore toward the south this month. June is actually a perfect month to get some sun because peak season doesn’t start until July and yet the weather is perfect already. Check our list of Europe’s least expensive beach destinations for some options.

Sofia, Bulgaria

  • June avg high: 74F/23C
  • June avg low: 54F/12C
  • June avg precip: 3.0″/7.5cm

Travelers looking for places to relax for a while and keep their expenses low on a European trip can’t do much better than Sofia in June. The weather is pleasant day and night, and rain isn’t much of a problem. As a tourist destination this city still has some work to do to convince most people that it’s worth the trek, but the low, low prices are a good start so people are starting to take notice.

2015 Backpackers Index: US$25.85

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Krakow, Poland

  • June avg high: 72F/22C
  • June avg low: 57F/14C
  • June avg precip: 3.3″/8.3cm

It’s hard to emphasize enough what a bargain Krakow is compared to most of the rest of Europe. June has very nice weather, though you’ll still need a jacket for the evenings. The draw here is the lovely town center with its historic cathedrals and castles, plus a huge array of hostels and budget hotels that make shopping around very easy. This is the new hot destination for British stag and hen parties, and one look at the beer prices makes it easy to see why.

2015 Backpackers Index: US$27.41

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Budapest, Hungary

  • June avg high: 76F/24C
  • June avg low: 57F/14C
  • June avg precip: 2.7″/6.8cm

Many parts of Europe become stifling in July and August, and some of them have little air conditioning to help deal with it. This makes a place like Budapest ideal during June, when daytime temperatures are still warm but not steamy. Prices here are easing up in recent years, but still this is a classic and beautiful European city that remains a fantastic bargain for most people.

2015 Backpackers Index: US$30.95

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Istanbul, Turkey

  • June avg high: 79F/26C
  • June avg low: 61F/16C
  • June avg precip: 1.0″/2.5cm

June is still going to be extremely crowded in Istanbul, but it’ll be far more tolerable than July or August, so this is a good time to come. Prices have been heading up here lately, especially for hotels and hostels, so finding bargains is much more challenging than it was just a few years back. Still, this is a fascinating and photogenic city with plenty to offer the budget traveler, so it might be wise to schedule a trip soon, before prices rise much more. The rest of Turkey is generally quite a bit cheaper, thankfully.

2015 Backpackers Index: US$39.52

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Prague, Czech Republic

  • June avg high: 72F/22C
  • June avg low: 54F/12C
  • June avg precip: 2.9″/7.3cm

Speaking of prices going up, Prague has been raising things and having its currency head north at the same time, so this is nowhere near the bargain that it famously was a decade or so ago. June is an ideal time to come, weather-wise, since many cheaper places have no air-con. Crowds seem to be perpetually crazy here so the key is to try to take side streets and minimize your time in the main squares. It does get worse in July and August, so June is a good compromise with nice weather.

2015 Backpackers Index: US$42.69

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Antalya, Turkey

  • June avg high: 89F/32C
  • June avg low: 66F/19C
  • June avg precip: 0.4″/1.0cm

Due to a limited number of actual hostels in Antalya, it’s not a classic backpacker destination. In reality, you can get a private room at a nice 2-star hotel in the historic center for sometimes less than a dorm bed. This city is a fantastic bargain, and the weather in June is wonderful, at least until the end when the July heat starts kicking in a bit early. The entire Mediterranean coast of Turkey is the place to be this time of year, just before it fills up during its two hottest months. It’s not technically in Europe, but it very much feels like it is.

2015 Backpackers Index: US$28.19

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Lisbon, Portugal

  • June avg high: 77F/25C
  • June avg low: 61F/16C
  • June avg precip: 0.7″/1.8cm

The temperatures in Lisbon during June are pretty much perfect for climbing up and down its seven hills without making a mess of yourself. It’s hard to make a case for flying a long way to visit Portugal alone, although there’s actually plenty to see and do, plus the wonderful Algarve region in the south, so this is usually an add-on to some trips of Spain. If you are on the fence, definitely take the leap and you won’t regret it.

2015 Backpackers Index: US$48.75

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Athens, Greece

  • June avg high: 88F/31C
  • June avg low: 65F/18C
  • June avg precip: 0.4″/1cm

The end of June can begin to get sweltering, and you probably don’t even want to think about coming during July or August, so this would be a good one about now, especially as a 3-day stop on the way to a Greek Island for the balance of a trip. This isn’t exactly a cheap city, but it’s very much worth seeing at least once in your life, with some of the world’s finest sights. It’s also much less untidy than it was before the Olympics, so its former reputation no longer really fits.

2015 Backpackers Index: US$53.52

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Dubrovnik, Croatia

  • June avg high: 77F/25C
  • June avg low: 66F/19C
  • June avg precip: 1.9″/4.8cm

It’s true that Dubrovnik isn’t really considered cheap, especially compared to most other cities on this page, but it really is good value compared to most other beach resorts in the Mediterranean area. Accommodations within the City Walls can be extremely expensive, but there are plenty of options just a bit outside and those are still convenient enough for most people. The weather during June is just about perfect, night and day, as well.

2015 Backpackers Index: US$73.94

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Madrid, Spain

  • June avg high: 80F/27C
  • June avg low: 59F/15C
  • June avg precip: 1.0″/2.5cm

As the prices rise the further down this list we go in Europe, Madrid is another that’s not terribly cheap by most standards, but compared to most of the rest of Europe it’s very good value, and June is pretty much the perfect time to visit. Days get warm this month, but still rarely that insane type of oppressive heat that can feel even worse in this mostly-concrete city. With no sea breeze to help out you may feel a bit uncomfortable during the middle of the day, but since everything is closed it’s a good time to take a nap back in your room anyway.

2015 Backpackers Index: US$56.57

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Barcelona, Spain

  • June avg high: 76F/24C
  • June avg low: 60F/16C
  • June avg precip: 1.7″/4.3cm

The daytime temperatures in June for Barcelona are still very reasonable, and the ocean breezes can actually make it feel cool in the mornings and evenings. As a beach city this place does stay very busy all summer long, so June is a nice compromise before things get too crazy. It’s another that may not be super cheap, but it’s very reasonable compared to the rest of Western Europe, and definitely worth a visit at least once in your life for the unusual architecture alone.

2015 Backpackers Index: US$58.18

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June is obviously winter in South Africa, and it’s blazing hot in most of the middle of the continent and over in Egypt, so you don’t have many great choices this month here.

Fez, Morocco

  • June avg high: 82F/28C
  • June avg low: 59F/15C
  • June avg precip: 1.0″/2.5cm

Much like nearby Marrakech, Fez sounds to many people like a place that would be in the heart of a forbidding desert, but Morocco is just south of Spain, and the Atlas Mountains keep most of the heat on the other side, so this country is fairly pleasant even in June. Most visits tend to come as part of a trip to Spain, and those who make it past the hard-to-recommend border city of Tangier will find a fascinating culture and very appealing prices.

2015 Backpackers Index: US$35.25

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The cheap destinations in Southeast Asia will be celebrating the start of the drenching rainy season in June, so it’s not really an ideal time to visit if you have a choice. Still, there are some good options to consider.

Nha Trang, Vietnam

  • June avg high: 89F/32C
  • June avg low: 80F/27C
  • June avg precip: 1.7″/4.3cm

The exception to the Southeast Asia rainy season pattern, this beach town on Vietnam’s southern coast avoids nearly all the wet during summer, so it’s especially appealing for Australians and such who are escaping their own winter down under. This is not Vietnam’s best cultural experience, but the beaches are very nice, the nightlife is surprisingly good, and it’s extremely cheap once you get there.

2015 Backpackers Index: US$19.28

>>>Nha Trang prices

Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

  • June avg high: 85F/29C
  • June avg low: 77F/25C
  • June avg precip: 2.8″/7.0cm

Bali is near the equator so temperatures are similar all year long, but fortunately June is not part of the rainy season so this is one of the best times of the year to go. Rain never seems to be too far away, but of course the island is well adapted to the quick downfalls, so things get right back to normal again. Those who only research on big travel sites might think Bali is very expensive for hotels, but there are still many cheap and cheerful guesthouses in all the main tourist areas, so just showing up might save you quite a bit compared to reserving online in advance.

2015 Backpackers Index: US$29.77

>>>Kuta, Bali prices
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Beijing, China

  • June avg high: 86F/30C
  • June avg low: 66F/19C
  • June avg precip: 3.0″/7.5cm

Beijing can get really sweltering, steamy, and smoggy during summer, but June is a decent compromise before things start getting too bad. Of course this is one of the world’s most important cities, past and present, and it’s loaded with interesting things to see and do. Hotels and food are very good bargains here, and things are even cheaper in pretty much all of China, so this is a good time for a tour of multiple cities if you can pull it off.

2015 Backpackers Index: US$29.00

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • June avg high: 91F/33C
  • June avg low: 75F/24C
  • June avg precip: 4.9″/12.3cm

Another city very close to the equator, Kuala Lumpur is hot every day of the year. And while there will be some noticeable rain during June, this is actually the driest month on average. An impressive and modern city, KL is built to drain off the wet stuff very fast, so it rarely impacts a visit. It’s not as cheap as the rest of Southeast Asia, but when you get to Kuala Lumpur you realize why, as things are much nicer than they are in most of the region, and more cosmopolitan as well.

2015 Backpackers Index: US$38.99

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Middle East

A bit surprisingly, much of the Middle East still has very reasonable temperatures in June.

Amman, Jordan

  • June avg high: 87F/31C
  • June avg low: 64F/18C
  • June avg precip: 0.0″/0.0cm

Quite cheap by international standards, Amman is usually used mostly as a launching point for trips to Wadi Rum and Petra nearby, but the city itself does impress many visitors. The weather in June is still quite nice, at least in the first half of the month, and the threat of rain is literally zero. It might not be worth flying a long distance just to visit Jordan, but this region is quite worth a visit so connecting a few nearby countries is worth a look.

2015 Backpackers Index: US$36.24

>>>Amman prices
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Beirut, Lebanon

  • June avg high: 80F/27C
  • June avg low: 69F/21C
  • June avg precip: 0.1″/0.3cm

Similar to Amman, Beirut is actually quite pleasant during June with no rainfall at all. Prices here aren’t as low as they are in Jordan, but this city has plenty to see that might make it worthwhile on a visit to the region. There has been a long history of turmoil here and that has certainly hampered tourism. Nearly everyone who actually makes the trip seems to find it fulfilling, so it’s a good choice for the bold among us.

2015 Backpackers Index: US$34.62

>>>Beirut prices

Tel Aviv, Israel

  • June avg high: 82F/28C
  • June avg low: 69F/21C
  • June avg precip: 0.0″/0.0cm

Carrying on with the theme of places that aren’t as hot in June as you might expect them to be, Tel Aviv has its nice beaches to keep things even nicer than the inland cities as well. This is not a particularly cheap city compared to most on this list, but June is one of the best weather months here, again with no rain at all, so if you are thinking about an Israel trip you might as well do it this time of year.

2015 Backpackers Index: US$68.29

>>>Tel Aviv prices

14 Responses to “22 Cheap destinations for 2015 with great weather in June”

Darshan Singh says:

A great Website…but if you offer also offer to convert the interest in to a Trip…by suggesting some lucrative options….Wow!

alaka says:

June end is off season visit and plan holiday outside India. Please suggest good international destination close to India for (25 to 29 June 2014 for 6 Adults )



    That’s a short amount of time for an international trip, so it’s probably best to not go too far. I’d suggest Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and the area around it if you are looking for a city, and Bali, Indonesia if you would prefer beaches and nature. Or of course you could go to Dubai if you don’t mind the (dry) heat. -Roger

Ravi says:

Pl suggest good and cost effective international destinations for 9/10 days beginning say 20th June



    I might have more suggestions than those on this list, but I’d really need to know your starting point. They aren’t too cost effective if they are cheap only after a US$2,000 flight to get there. -Roger

Safiya says:

Actually, there are more countries in Africa that should be visited during the summer time because that’s when their “cold season” happens. So instead of blazing hot the weather is just perfect for the most part. This applies to Eastern African countries. I would highly recommend traveling there.

vidya says:

informative website…so here i”am asking for a desperate solution for my problem…i want to travel in the month of june with 4kids..so looking at a kids friendly place where we can have a lot of fun but also a bit easy on the pockets,please help me find a destination!



    I’ll try to help but I’d need to know your starting point and an idea of your budget for flying somewhere and how much you could spend on a hotel or apartment. -Roger

Julie says:

Starting off in California and need a 7 day anywhere in Europe for 1500 ish lol any suggestions for June-July and love the beach or a cool city that’s not too crowded?



    I assume you mean a 7-day budget of US$1,500 per person for a flight and hotels leaving from California and going to Europe? That will be cutting it close because the flight itself will be around US$1,000 or more. All European beaches are packed in July, so you’d want to go in June if you want to go to a beach. I’d say your best bet would be to fly to Lisbon, which is a cool city that isn’t very crowded, and it’s one of Europe’s best bargains. You can spend a few days in the city and then a few more days down on one of the beaches in the southern region known as “The Algarve.” Faro is the biggest city and transport hub in the Algarve, but it’s a big area and you should be able to find a nice hotel at a good price somewhere in that area. I hope this helps, and if not feel free to give us more info so I can try again. -Roger

Manisha says:

me and my husband would like to go to a 4 to 5 day international trip in and around 20th June to celebrate our wedding anniversary….i would like to know some good peaceful destination with friendly weather (neither too hot and neither too cold)…budget not too very tight and cant spend like a king too…plz suggest



    Any recommendations I would make would be much better if I knew your approximate starting point. In 4 or 5 days you probably don’t want to fly halfway around the world, even if it’s a cheap and perfect place once you arrive. If you are in the United States then Mexico or the Caribbean are the obvious top choices for a shorter trip like that. If you let me know your starting city and maybe a bit more about the sort of place you’d prefer, I’ll take a shot at helping. -Roger

Nidhi says:

Hi. I m lookin for an international trip around 20 June for 5 to 10 days, starting from new Delhi, India, budget not more than 60000 Indian rupees perhead. Have been to kaula lampur and Singapore already. Want more of adventure filled activities n sightseeing than shopping in trip. Will dubai be too hot to enjoy? Can u suggest me any other place



    Okay, so 60,000 Indian Rupees is about US$1,000. And you’ll probably have to spend about half of that on airfare alone, so you’ll need to find a fairly cheap destination if you want to stay from 5 to 10 days.

    Dubai will be hotter than Delhi, but also less humid in June. So you might find the weather to be okay, but it’s still more of a shopping destination than an adventure destination. Dubai has “adventures” such as dune bashing (jeep tour over sand dunes) and even that indoor ski slope in a mall, but all of those are very expensive.

    I think you’d be best off going somewhere in Thailand on your budget. You could fly to Bangkok and then take another cheap flight to Phuket or Koh Samui or another island from there on Air Asia. You could even spend a day or two in Bangkok, which is an incredible place to see (much more so than Kuala Lumpur). And once on one of the islands you’ll have the chance to rent scooters or Jet Skis or even go zip-lining or that sort of thing. Phuket in particular has a great variety of outdoor and adventure activities, and they tend to be fairly cheap by international standards. If this is a family trip then avoid the Patong Beach area in Phuket because it has a very “adult” focus, and it’s too crowded anyway.

    From Delhi you might also be aware of the wonders of nearby Nepal. If you wanted to do hiking and that sort of thing, you could fly to Pokhara as a base, and you’ll have many outdoor options there. Pokhara is also very cheap once you get there, although I think June is the beginning of one of the rainy seasons, so the end of the month could be quite wet there, unfortunately.

    I hope this helps, and feel free to follow up if you have other questions. -Roger


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