Is the Boston CityPass worth it? Boston CityPass review

7158516663_e75a0de9f1_zCertainly one of America’s finest cities for tourists, Boston is somewhat unusual in that it has almost no famous “checklist attractions” that everyone flocks to on a first visit. Instead, the city is more about the architecture and neighborhoods rather than standing in lines to see specific things.

Still, Boston has many great museums and other interesting attractions, and if you are in the mood to visit more than a couple of them then you should consider buying the Boston CityPass. You’ll see below that it’s a pretty good deal for pretty much anyone wanting to visit at least 3 different attractions, and it’s a great deal for anyone wanting to visit 4 or 5 of the included attractions.

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Hawaii inter-island travel: Tips for the cheapest flights

IMG_1266 (Large)Though most travelers think of Oahu when planning a Hawaiian vacation, there are other islands to consider. In fact, each island offers a different taste of Hawaiian culture, food, lifestyle and scenery, making it best to visit more than one island to truly enjoy everything that Hawaii has to offer. Luckily, Hawaiian inter-island travel is tried and true with short scenic flights, easy to access airports, a generous amount of flight times to choose from and the availability of ferry travel.

With that said, there are a few things to keep in mind when booking flights or a ferry ride in order to make the most of your travel experience. Below are some tips and tricks to choosing the best method, time and location of travel in order to enjoy every aspect of your inter-island travel.
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Is the London Pass 2015 worth it? We review value and prices here

London is a very peculiar city for budget travelers. If you just turn up with little preparation you are guaranteed to think that it’s the most expensive place on earth. Unlike most other large and famous cities, the center of London feels like a trap built to suck all the money out of your wallet and your credit cards. Every turn brings another outrageous expense, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

We’ve previously discussed London budget travel tips, and if you follow that advice you can actually cut your expenses in half or so, while having just as much fun in the process. Generally, London prices are near the highest on our cheapest European cities list, but savvy travelers and those who do their research can save a lot. As of late 2015, the London Pass now includes a 1-day pass on the famous doubledecker hop-on, hop-off bus tours, which is a great new benefit. Click to read more

Is the New York Pass 2015 worth it? We review prices and value here

New York City is a place everyone should visit at least once in their life, and while it has a reputation for being expensive, it doesn’t have to be. Unfortunately, the best and most famous attractions in the city are, on average, the most expensive in the world. Walking through Central Park will cost you nothing, but all the wonderful museums and tours are pricey.

The New York City Pass is an ideal solution for many people, as it allows you entry into over 50 of the cities best attractions and tours for a single price. That price seems high at first, until you do the math to see what it includes and how much you can save. Click to read more

Best cheap destinations in the world according to 22 expert travel bloggers

SiemReapMonkWalkingIt’s actually not difficult to find “cheap” travel destinations in many corners of the globe. The real trick is to find cheap places that combine low prices with gorgeous scenery, great food, interesting cultures, and/or enough of a tourist infrastructure that makes them easy to visit.

The list below features the best cheap-destination recommendations from dozens of experienced travel bloggers, so you can be sure that these places are the real standouts. Some of the choices are favorites of many, while a few choices are obscure and surprising. At the very least, the list below should provide you with some ideas of places you might like to explore where value for money is a guarantee. Click to read more

56 European cities by price: Europe Backpacker Index for 2015

London View Eye Big BenAs you’ll see below in the 5th annual version of the Europe Backpacker Index, the price of traveling around the continent varies massively depending on where you go. We’ve added 5 new cities for the 2015 installment, so now the list covers virtually every corner of Europe.

The major changes this year had to do with exchange rates. Every currency in Europe fell against the US Dollar, with some plunging far more than others. The Euro itself lost 15% against the USD, while the Norwegian Krone dropped about 20% (along with falling oil prices). If you are holding US money, Europe is now cheaper than it has been in many years. Click to read more

Tips for a budget campervan trip around the USA

Map of our road tripMy husband and I spent six months driving around North America a couple of years ago. Five months of those were spent in the USA.

To the right is a map outlining where we went.

We often look back on these memories with fondness. Never had we felt so free! We spent the days driving where we pleased, visiting a different National Park every week or so, sleeping in our van and cooking in the wilderness over an open fire. Click to read more

Is the Go Las Vegas Card worth it? Go Las Vegas Card review

5844364807_4f8ea1b712_zAs Las Vegas continues to transform itself into a destination with something for everyone rather than just gamblers and nightlife people, things can become a bit more confusing. The city now boasts a long list of unique and interesting attractions, but unfortunately many of them are quite expensive when purchased individually. This is where the Go Las Vegas Card can be a great help for some but not others.

We have reviewed close to 20 of these “city pass” cards and some of them only provide good value for small numbers of people. The Go Las Vegas Card, however, really stands out as great value for pretty much anyone who is interested in at least 3 of the 11 included attractions. In fact, this is the first card we’ve seen where it’s possible to save money by just doing ONE attraction, and if 2 to 4 of the other attractions look interesting, it’s a very easy call. However, you can’t assume that the expensive attractions are great just because they are expensive, so do a bit of homework before buying.

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Ho Chi Minh City: What you need to know & budget tips

District1-SaigonFirst up, even though this article might have Ho Chi Minh City in the headline, everyone still refers to the city as Saigon. Although the French left in 1954, the people have kept its foreign name everywhere except for on official buildings.

The name isn’t the only thing left behind by the French – you can still see the French influence in the city’s architecture, its fashion and its food.

There’s a mini Notre Dame cathedral, Saigon locals are thought to be the best dressed in all of Vietnam, and the Banh Mi sandwich was first invented with the aid of a crusty baguette.

A bustling city of more than eight million people, Saigon is a place where you can expect to stay for a year without dining in the same place twice. But if you don’t have that much time, don’t fret, I’ve outlined some of the best places to see, things to eat and locations to sleep below, especially for those of you who are on a budget. Click to read more

Price of a 5-kilometer Uber ride in 67 cities around the world

BangkokThe revolution in the taxi industry around the world has been very controversial in many cities and countries as the “ride sharing” service known as Uber has moved in. Leaving the politics of that aside for the moment, this has been a very big deal for travelers in the know.

I wrote a recent detailed article about how travelers can use Uber to save money AND add luxury to their trips, and the list below should help illustrate that point even more clearly. If you haven’t used Uber yet you might not be aware of how much easier the service is compared to traditional taxis, combined with the fact that it removes nearly all of the corruption you have to deal with regarding taxi drivers who refuse to use the meter or drive in circles and so forth. Click to read more