Where to go in Norway in 3 days to 2 weeks: Fjords, cities, tours

BryggenWith its remote northerly location, Norway is not the kind of country that people find themselves in accidentally. The only country that it sometimes gets combined with on European itineraries is Sweden, which is otherwise just as remote. But Norway has some of the best and most abundant natural beauty in all of Europe, so it’s worth going out of your way to get there.

The other famous issue that many potential visitors have is the cost. Ever since the beginning of its oil boom in the early 1970s, Norway has become one of the world’s most expensive countries for foreign travelers. The good news is that due to a weakening of its currency in late 2014, Norway isn’t nearly as expensive as it once was, and most things are actually good value for visitors. Click to read more

Uber for travel: Use the service to save money & add luxury

NewYorkTimesSquareCowboyThere are very few places in the world where normal taxis are cheap, easy, safe, reliable, and predictable. You are normally lucky to get two of those five traits when using taxis in a new destination, and that makes them hard to count on for most trips. As a result, travelers are normally encouraged to stay in an central location to get the most out of a visit, and that can be expensive.

By now you probably know at least something about the “ride sharing” company known as Uber, but you may not have considered about how to use it as a way to save money AND add luxury to a trip to a new city. As of mid 2015, Uber is available in over 50 countries and over 300 cities around the world, and they all work with the same smartphone app that is remarkably easy to use once you give it a try. In other words, if you are headed to a larger city somewhere in the world, Uber is probably already there waiting for you. Click to read more

San Juan, Puerto Rico: Why it might be the best Caribbean destination for you

The prized city of Puerto Rico, San Juan is a popular Caribbean destination fueled by its love for life, food, culture and shopping. Visitors from all over the world flock to San Juan for a taste of the good life as well as to learn about old island culture.

Below you find a few examples of why San Juan is admired by so many and considered one of the top Caribbean destinations. Click to read more

Luxury in Bali at backpacker prices: How to live it up on a budget

Pool-at-Bisma-EightBali used to be the place to go for a cheap holiday but as its popularity has grown, so too have the prices. In recent years, after Eat, Pray, Love starring Julia Roberts hit the movie theatres, tourists flocked to Ubud in Bali to experience their own journey of healing and peace.

Higher footfall has equated to higher prices and Bali is no longer one of the cheapest places for tourists in South East Asia.

Don’t let this put you off though. Bali is still a beautiful island, full of kind people and stunning beaches, mountains and scenery. It’s the perfect spot for a holiday – whether it’s a family getaway or a honeymoon – and it is still possible to find luxurious places to stay, delicious meals to eat and interesting things to do at affordable prices. You just have to do your research… or let me do it for you! Click to read more

Negril: Why it might be the best Caribbean destination for you

Lively Negril is considered to be one of the most popular Jamaican destinations year after year. Here you’ll get the opportunity to walk one of the highest rated beaches in the world, swim among marine life, zipline through the canopy, cliff jump and more before partying the night away.

Below are some examples of why Negril just might be the perfect spot for your next vacation. Click to read more

Aruba: Why it might be the best Caribbean destination for you

Located in the southern Caribbean just north of South America lies an enchanting island that beacons visitors from around the world. Known for having a continuous string of return visitors, Aruba offers first class vacations that combine the perfect amount of excitement with relaxation.

A trip to the island is memorable for many reasons with some of the top being its specially designed honeymoons, its rich culture and sightseeing activities, the many casinos that dot the island, its world famous and sought out wreck and lastly the clam retreat you’ll find in many of the island’s spas. Click to read more

The 11 Best-value cities in Europe for budget travelers in 2015

We recently released our European Backpackers Index for 2015, which ranked 56 European cities by price, comparing the same set of basic budget-travel expenses in each one. While it may be interesting to see which are the cheapest and most expensive cities in the continent, choosing where to go involves more information.

Needless to say, just because a city is cheap doesn’t mean you should go there, and just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean you should avoid it. With that in mind we’ve rated the region by value with this list of 11 cities where the prices of things are most worth it. Click to read more

Where to go in Switzerland on a short trip: Alps, lakes, and cities

SchilthornInsideViewSwitzerland is an extremely popular country for those planning multi-stop tours around Europe, yet very few potential first-time visitors actually know specifically where they want to go. Everyone seems to know that it has the most beautiful views of the Alps and some very impressive cities, but there are actually many misconceptions among casual trip planners, so I’d like to clear most of that up below.

I get hundreds if not thousands of itinerary questions for people who are considering a Eurail trip around Europe, and most people just include the word “Switzerland” among a list of cities like Paris, Rome, and Berlin that they want to visit. So where in Switzerland should you go if you can only make a few stops at most? I’ll answer that question below. Click to read more

Mexico City on a budget: What you need to know

Exterior-of-Palacio-des-bellas-artesUnlike other countries like the UK and Paris, where the large cities are the main drawcards for tourists, many people visit Mexico without stepping foot in its capital.

Thousands flock to popular coastal towns like Cancun each year, or spend time on Mexico’s Caribbean islands, but not many take the chance to explore Mexico City.

This is a great shame for me, because after spending seven days in Mexico City in December I’ve come to realise that it was one of my favourite cities I’ve ever visited, and that to miss it out on your travels is a great shame.

If you do decide to put Mexico City on your itinerary next time (well done!) then hopefully this travel guide will help you make the most of your time there. Click to read more

Cheapest Asian cities to fly into from London and Europe

MumbaiVictoriaEven after the various currency shifts in recent months and years, most of the world’s best travel bargains are still in Asia. Adventurous Europeans have known this for decades, as the beaches of Goa, Phuket, and Boracay Island are packed with them every winter. Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tokyo are the only destinations that won’t seem cheap once you arrive. Otherwise it’s just a matter of how far down the price list you want to go.

Fortunately, flights between Europe and Asia tend to be quite inexpensive, at least considering the long distances. Part of this is due to several airlines based in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Doha expanding quickly by competing for passengers with discounted fares. Travelers will almost always have to change planes in the Middle East for the lowest fares. Click to read more