56 European cities by price: Europe Backpacker Index for 2017

London View Eye Big BenEurope continues to be home to many of the world’s most expensive cities, as well as some bargain cities where many things cost only about a quarter as much for an international traveler. Now in its 7th annual edition for 2017, the Europe Backpacker Index ranks 56 of the continent’s most popular cities from cheapest to most expensive.

Thanks to a stagnant economy and virtually no inflation (except for a few countries), prices for visitors in Europe held very steady throughout 2016. Iceland keeps getting more expensive, partly due to its soaring popularity. And Britain is now a relative bargain after the post-Brexit currency weakness. That probably won’t last too long, so don’t put off your next London visit. Click to read more

Iceland: How much things cost & how to visit on a low budget

Iceland FarmhouseSince its currency crash in 2008, Iceland had gone from absurdly expensive to somewhat reasonable in cost, and that has prompted thousands of new tourists to stream in to see what all the fuss is about. It’s hard to find a visitor to Iceland who didn’t absolutely love the place, but you won’t find anyone who tells you it’s cheap, so planning ahead is essential. Prices have continued to creep up in 2015 and 2016, so it’s again among the most expensive European destinations.

Many visitors arrive on an Iceland stopover going between North America and Europe, but with very cheap flights to and from Europe it’s becoming popular for adventurous types from all over the continent. In 2013 I spent 9 days in the country, always checking for prices and the cheapest ways of doing things, so below I can lay out how to budget and what to do to keep costs down. Click to read more

Is the Dublin Pass 2017 worth it? We review value and prices here

GuinnessStorehouseAs popular as Dublin is for tourists, it’s actually quite compact and easy to visit in only two or three days. The Dublin Pass is a standard “city pass” that covers admission to pretty much every popular attraction in town for one flat price. The Dublin Pass doesn’t include public transportation, but most attractions are within walking distance for those staying in the city center anyway.

The most popular attraction in Dublin is the extremely entertaining Guinness Storehouse, and of course it is included in the Dublin Pass (including a free pint in the top-floor Gravity Bar at the end). Assuming you are planning on visiting the Guinness tour, it’s very likely that the Dublin Pass is a good idea, but we’ll run the numbers below. Click to read more

22 Cheap destinations for 2017 with great weather in April

Phuket Beach Chairs PatongApril is the perfect month for cheap vacations in much of the world because most people prefer tropical holidays in the months ending in March, so you can still find perfect weather combined with lower hotel prices in many fantastic destinations.

Much of Latin America has ideal weather this month, while April is (weirdly) the single hottest month in most of Southeast Asia, so that budget-traveler hot spot is really better avoided until autumn.

Those looking for a cheap beach vacation will have many really good options because even places with scorching weather can be quite bearable if all you are doing is sitting under an oversized umbrella sipping cocktails all day long, with breezes always rolling in. Click to read more

Recommended Paris hotels and hostels that offer good value

There are over 1,800 hotels in Paris in addition to scores of hostels, and trying to sort through all of them to find a good one would take many hours at the very least. Even then it’s hard to be confident that you’ve decided upon a place that offers good value.

With this in mind we here at Price of Travel have launched a new series of mini hotel and hostel guides where we do the work for you. Instead of 1,800 hotels you’ll find 5 excellent choices below, each with a great location and great guest reviews, plus a price that puts it among the cheaper hotels in its category. There are two hostels as well chosen under the same criteria. Click to read more

Is the Barcelona Pass 2017 worth it? We review prices and value here

BarcelonaPortSculptureBarcelona is one of Europe’s most popular sightseeing cities, with a climate that makes it accessible pretty much all year round. The main attraction here is the huge collection of whimsical and unusual architecture, much of it designed by Antoni Gaudi. First-time visitors are going to want to see as many of these buildings as possible, and the Barcelona Pass can be an excellent value for those who plan.

Just introduced in 2016, the Barcelona Pass includes 16 major attractions including the hugely popular hop-on, hop-off bus with 3 different routes. The list of included attractions will continue to grow, so it’s very possible that it will include more things by the time you reach the city. Below we will examine the Barcelona Pass offer and see who could get good value out of it. Click to read more

Is the Go San Antonio Card worth it? Go San Antonio Card review 2017

3108947437_cfd1a90f6e_zWelcome to Texas, the land of big hair, big burgers and big fun. But that’s not all Texas is. In this southern state you’ll find numerous attractions throughout, some focusing on culture while others on adventure. One southern city that really caters to visitors is San Antonio, home to the famous Riverwalk, among other fantastic attractions.

Because Texas is the land of ‘big’, sometimes visitors will find themselves paying big bucks for their sought out attractions and activities. Luckily, that doesn’t have to be the case in San Antonio as guests have the opportunity to use the Go San Antonio Card. This card, also know as the San Antonio Explorer Pass, is designed with savings in mind and is supposed to grant each card holder access to popular city attractions at a ‘less than the gate’ price. But does it really save you money? We’ll find that out and more below.

Click to read more

Is the Go San Diego Card worth it? Go San Diego Card review 2017

Welcome to San Diego. A melting pot of different cultures, arts and flavors, San Diego is a chosen destination for many people across the United States. However, due to it’s location in southern California, many visitors plan to spend lots of money enjoying the sights and attractions of this great city.

But that doesn’t have to be the case, with the Go San Diego Card, vacationers have the option to pay for all of the attractions at once rather than at each admission gate, helping to save on costs. But is the card truly a good deal? We’ll find that out and more below. Click to read more

Is the Go Washington DC Card worth it? Go Washington DC Card review 2017

3999436525_06fd0cb22b_zWashington DC is a classic and popular destination for both Americans and foreign visitors, but things there operate in different ways than cities like New York or Los Angeles. On one hand, many of the top Washington DC attractions are free to enter, including most of the big monuments and the many museums that make up the Smithsonian. But on the other hand, those attractions tend to be a bit dry, especially for younger visitors.

The Go Washington DC Card should be a money and time saver for some visitors, but certainly not all. The hop-on, hop-off bus tour is an excellent way to see the city in a short time and decide on which things you want to see close up later on. If you are going on the bus tour then you already on your way to saving money with this card by seeing another attraction or two. If you add in the boating attraction and Spy Museum, you are not only saving money but saving time in ticket queues. Below we’ll take a closer look at this card and see who should consider it and who probably should not.

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Is the Go Orlando Card worth it? Go Orlando Card Review 2017

Located in the heart of Florida, Orlando serves as an international vacation destination filled with fun for all ages. In this exciting city you’ll find numerous attractions including Legoland, WonderWorks and more. If you wish to visit places outside of the city, no problem, as you’ll find great adventure filled activities within arms reach.

But, as you jump from attraction to attraction, you might find the wear and tear on your wallet to be a bit of a shock. However, there is one solution – the Go Orlando Card. Specially made for attractions both in and around Orlando, this card is designed to help visitors save as much money as possible. But will it work for you? We’ll find out below. Click to read more