Is the Walt Disney World FastPass worth it? Walt Disney World FastPass review

Florida is home to sunshine, white sand beaches, clear ocean waters and famed attractions like the Everglades and the Crystal River Springs. It’s also known for the city of Orlando. But why is this centrally located city so popular? It’s known the world over for one reason- the 4 theme parks that call it home. Noted as the land of Walt Disney World, Orlando attracts visitors from both the United States and those from nations around the globe, making it one of the more popular international attractions.

When visiting one of the 4 theme parks, you have a few choices when it comes to admission. You can buy a 1 day pass or a multi day pass. You can even go ahead and purchase a year long pass if you’ll be returning multiple times. But did you know that you can also get a Walt Disney World FastPass+ with your park ticket? These passes allow you to skip the lines at 3 pre-selected rides, attractions or events, making them ideal for families on the move. But is the pass worth it? We’ll explore that and more, below.

2017 prices for the Walt Disney World FastPass+

Luckily for us, and unlike most passes, this particular pass is completely free. That means that the only rate that you’ll be paying is your theme park day ticket or your yearly pass rate. This is also true for when you visit the in-park kiosk and select your next FastPass+ after you’ve already visited the first 3 attractions on your original FastPass+.

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Theme Parks where you can use the Walt Disney World FastPass+

All in all, there are 4 different theme parks where you can use your Walt Disney World FastPass+. These parks are:

Magic Kingdom Park

The king of all of Disney’s parks, the Magic Kingdom Park is home to your favorite characters and is consistently referred to as the ‘most magical place on earth’. Here you’ll find numerous attracts like the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Cinderella’s Castle. You’ll also get to have some character fun at several in-park restaurants that let you dine with your favorite characters nearby. Love Mickey? You’ll get to meet him and the crew all over the park, making it extra special for the little ones in your group.


Great for those young and old, Epcot wows with attractions made for your imagination. Here you’ll find yourself traveling around the entire globe without even having to step outside of the park’s grounds. Like the other parks on this list, you’ll also find many different attractions that celebrate our favorite movies, including Frozen and Addian.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Lights…cameras….action! That’s what this park is all about. Here you’ll find your favorite movies, TV shows and books come to life right before your eyes. Some of the more popular attractions include a haunted elevator and the ride- a rockin’ roller coaster. You’ll also find lots of stand out shows and performances that bring your favorite movies to life. One such movie? Frozen. Here at this park you’ll find a Frozen sing-along celebration that’s fun for the entire family.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park

Here you’ll find a world of nature just waiting to be discovered. From ‘The World of Avatar’ to Kilimanjaro Safaris, you’ll see it all in one, single place. You’ll also find a wide variety of dining options and shops to enjoy as well. This park is perfect for those who love seeing wildlife up close and personal as well as for those who love a good trilling ride to cap off the day.

Is the Walt Disney World FastPass+ a good deal?

Yes it is. That’s because it is entirely free. All you have to do is purchase a day ticket or a yearly pass and you’ve got access to a Walt Disney World FastPass+. You can also choose your attractions up to 30 days in advance, as long as your ticket is already purchased, giving you ample time to choose which 3 attractions you’d like to use your pass at.

Are all of the attractions covered on the Walt Disney World FastPass+ worth it?

Simply put, yes! Because the attractions included in the pass are top Disney attractions that are well sought out after and known for their long lines, you can be rest assured that these attractions are ones for the record books. Some of these include the Tower of Terror, Frozen Sing-Along, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, Soarin, Illuminations, The Seas with Nemo and Turtle Talk with Crush.

When looking at the attraction list, you will see that some of your favorites may not be included. That’s okay as the one that did make the list are still fantastic rides that are often found on other people’s favorite list.

How not to use the Walt Disney World FastPass+

When using your Walt Disney World FastPass+, there are a few things that you’ll want to avoid. Firstly, even though you can freely cancel and update your selections anytime during your arrival window by using on the of the park’s FastPass+ kiosk or your cell phone, it’s not the best idea. That’s because when you try to select your replacement attraction, you may find that it is all ready filled up, meaning that you won’t be able to use your pass there, that day. With that said, you also don’t want to just visit your chosen 3 attractions and then be done with the pass. This is because you can continue to use your pass the entire day, once you have selected another 3 attractions to visit and skip the lines at. This means, that if you’re quick enough visiting each one, you could end up using your pass at 6 to 9 attractions that day.

The bottom line

Getting a Walt Disney World FastPass+ for yourself and everyone else in you group is a great choice for many. If you’re one of the few that don’t mind waiting in line, then there’s no need to get one. If you’re part of a group of individuals who would rather reach each attraction and ride in a quick manner and skip the lines, then the FastPass+ is perfect for you. Just remember that the earlier you make your attraction selections, the more likely you’ll be able to skip the lines at those particular ones. If you wait too long, such as the day before, you many not be able to reserve a spot. It all depends on how many people with the pass are eyeing that same exact ride. But, because the pass is free, it’s worth the risk.

Where can you get your Walt Disney World FastPass+?

Buy a Walt Disney World theme park ticket at the lowest available price

You can get your Walt Disney World FastPass+ online or at the ticket booth when you arrive at your chosen theme park. Each pass is included with your ticket and handed right over. When you are done using the FastPass+ for your first 3 chosen attractions, then simply walk over to one of the park’s kiosk systems and re-start your pass for the next 3 attractions you choose. You can also do this by using an app.

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