Is the Venice Card worth it? We review prices and value here

One of the most well known and interesting cities in Italy, Venice continues to be a popular travel destination for visitors from around the globe. Venice itself drips with culture and strong history helping to make for a rich and educational visit to the city. One way to experience many of the cultural and historical aspects is to purchase the Venice Card (also known as Venice Connected), the official card of the city of Venice.

With the card you’ll receive free entrance to many different attractions as well as reduced admissions to others. But is the card worth it? Below you’ll find answers to that question and more as we dive into what the Venice Card is all about.

What's included in the Venice Card

If you decide to purchase the Venice Card, you’ll find that there are three different types. Each card allows for free and reduced admission to select attractions around the city.

  • Adult Card: Free admission into Doge’s Palace as well as the other 10 Musei Civici di Venezia, 15 Chorus Churches, Querini Stampalia Foundation and the Jewish Museum.
  • Junior Card: Free admission into Doge’s Palace as well as the other 10 Musei Civici di Venezia, 15 Chorus Churches, Querini Stampalia Foundation and the Jewish Museum.
  • San Marco Card: Free admission into Doge’s Palace and the other 3 St. Mark’s Square Museums, 3 Chorus Churches of your choice and the Querini Stampalia Foundation.

With all three packs you’ll also receive reduced entrance fees to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Beviacqua La Masa Foundation, Grassi Palace, La Biennale di Venezia and Punta della Dogana along with other museums, foundations and temporary exhibitions. Reduced admission into Musei Civic Veneziani is also included with both the Adult and Junior card.

Prices for the different types of Venice Card

  • Adult pack (ages 30 and above) €37.90
  • Junior pack (ages 6 to 29) €29.90
  • San Marco Pack (ages 6 and over) €25.90

Where can you purchase the Venice Card

There are many places within the city that sell the card including the Hello Venezia ticket offices, any of the tourism agencies in the Mestre and Sanata Lucia train stations and at the Marco Polo Airport. In fact, many visitors choose to purchase the card upon arrival at the train stations or the airport. But if you want you can also purchase the card online, sometimes with a 10% discount. This however is always changing so it’s best to keep your eye out for a possible discount.

It’s also worth noting that the card is the same price no matter where you purchase it once in Venice, so there’s no need to worry about the possibility of paying more due to a late purchase.

Is the Venice Card a good deal

There are many highlights to using the Venice Card, with access to the priority lane when visiting the Musei Civici Venezian as the most noted. Discounts to parking outside of the historic center, concerts, tours and shops are also valuable.

But is the card overall a good deal? This is when the numbers come into play, as well as the other passes available. If you are keen are visiting the Doge’s Palace as well as the other 10 Civic Museums you’ll notice that the cost is €28.30 with the Museum pass. The Chorus Pass allows you entry into the 15 churches for €11. Lastly, entrance into the Jewish Museum totals at €3. The total cost for visits to all of the above comes out to €42.30. This comes out to about €2.40 more than the Adult Venice Card.

All in all, you’ll save a bit of money with the Venice Card only if you visit all the attractions available for discount with the card. If you only plan to visit a few, then you’ll be better off purchasing one of the other passes instead.

The Venice Card is ideal for:

  • Visitors who want to save time and visit ALL of the main attractions
  • Visitors wanting to skip long lines and ticket booths
  • Visitors making last minute plans
  • Visitors wishing to stay in town for more than a few days
  • Visitors traveling with family or a large group

The Venice Card is NOT ideal for:

  • Visitors who plan to only visit a few attractions
  • Visitors staying in the city for a few days or less

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