136 World cities ranked cheapest to most expensive: Backpacker Index for 2022

We have all heard that some parts of the world are “cheap” to visit while others are “expensive” but most people have a hard time quantifying any more precisely. That’s why Price of Travel launched our Backpacker Index numbers for cities all over the world in late 2010. Now totally updated in its 12th year for 2022, below you’ll find all major destinations around the world ranked by price for backpackers.

This is our first update since the start of the pandemic and we have seen drastic changes in rankings for the first time since we launched the index in 2010. Thanks to inflation in most of the world starting in 2021, and some dramatic currency shifts, some cities that used to be in the middle of the pack are now at the bottom, and vice versa. In particular, North America now dominates the most-expensive part of the list at the bottom, while Asia continues to offer most of the best travel bargains.

More specific information can be found by clicking on the regional articles just below, or by clicking on the individual city names in the main list.

Those looking for the best travel bargains in the world will continue to find almost all of them in Asia and Latin America, although there are a few European cities that are surprisingly close to the top of the cheap list. It’s unwise to go to any given city simply because it’s “cheap” but every destination on the list below has something going for it and these are almost all of the world’s top travel destinations.

All of the prices below are based on data that is researched and calculated as of June, 2022, and the exchange rates update automatically every day.

Detailed information available by region

It’s important to mention that the links just below are the REAL Backpacker Index information and are far more useful for anyone planning a trip. The long list of all 136 cities at the bottom of the page is just a summary to be able to compare the cities in one, quick place.

What the prices below mean

There is a longer explanation of the Backpacker Index on each of the regional pages, but the short version is that we found the price for a group of things for each destination, and then translated that into US dollars on a daily basis, so the list is always current after exchange rates. While this data is meant for backpackers and budget travelers, the proportions will be nearly identical, so the list should also be useful to those with more money to spend.

For each city this daily total includes:

  • A dorm bed at a good and cheap hostel
  • 3 budget meals
  • 2 public transportation rides
  • 1 paid cultural attraction
  • 3 cheap beers (as an “entertainment fund”)

Backpacker Index: 136 global destinations for 2022

(Totals below are recalculated by exchange rate and re-ranked daily)

Cheapest to most expensive



Delhi, India



Goa, India



Kiev, Ukraine



Lima, Peru



Mumbai, India



Cusco, Peru



Cairo, Egypt



Fez, Morocco



Xian, China



Riga, Latvia



Macau, Macao



Amman, Jordan



Tokyo, Japan



Naples, Italy



Nice, France



Madrid, Spain



Milan, Italy



Rome, Italy



Florence, Italy



Vienna, Austria



Ibiza, Spain



Abu Dhabi,



Paris, France






Dublin, Ireland



Toronto, Canada



Venice, Italy



Tel Aviv, Israel



Bergen, Norway



Oslo, Norway

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  1. Rajeev says:

    We are planning to visit an international destination for 7 days in June 2022 on our way from Delhi to Vancouver. Can someone help us in planning our trip.

    1. Roger Wade says:


      Sorry about the slow response, but it should be fast from now on. If you are looking to stop somewhere for a week in June I’d recommend Paris and London, or you could spend the whole week in Italy. Let me know if either of those sound okay and I can help more. -Roger