Hoi An, Viet Nam Price Guide

Last Updated: Jan 2024

As delightful and worthwhile as it is, Hoi An is still quite cheap, even by Vietnamese standards. Hotel standards are quite high for the star levels you’ll see, with even 1-star hotels usually having air-con, cable TV, fridge, and sometimes even in-room Wi-Fi included. If you are up for a bit of a splurge then you can find a place with manicured grounds and/or a swimming pool.

1 USD = 24,670.0000 VND
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Hoi An Hotel Prices

Rating Price(USD)
starstarstarstarstar9.00 - 16.00
starstarstarstarstar12.00 - 39.00
starstarstarstarstar19.00 - 64.00
starstarstarstarstar33.00 - 87.00
starstarstarstarstar196.00 - 350.00

Hoi An Hostels Prices

Type Price(USD)
Hostel Bed8.00 - 20.00

Hoi An Attractions Prices

Location Description Type Price(USD)
Hoi An Ancient CityThe UNESCO heritage site of the city center charges for a ticket that allows visitors to see a mix of local sights plus the town itself.
Bus trip to My Son templesThe My Son temples nearby are a popular stop for a half-day tour. Prices vary depending on bargaining and where you book plus other factors.

Hoi An Food and drink prices

Food Type Description Price(USD)
Budget breakfastMany hotels include breakfast, but if yours doesn't you won't have to go far to find omelets, pancakes, or filling bowls of noodles.1.42 - 2.43
Budget lunchFood is one of the attractions in Hoi An, and prices for great meals are low even by Vietnamese standards. 1.62 - 4.05
Budget dinnerMost tourist restaurants serve both local favorites and Western dishes, and are open all day and well into the evening.4.05 - 6.28
Bia hoi (fresh local beer)In Hoi An the local fresh beer is often used as a hook to get tourists into a restaurant, rather than at a stand-alone roadside bar like in Hanoi.0.18 - 0.28
Bottled beer (.5L)La Rue is the local lager and it's quite good and easy to find. Other area beers are also available everywhere, including right on the street. 0.73 - 1.09
Cau LaoThe signature local dish of pork, leafy vegetables, and thick noodles is cheap and filling. 0.69 - 1.01
CocktailsNearly every restaurant also serves mixed drinks with most popular choices and mixers available.1.22 - 3.24
Banh mi sandwichThese French-inspired meat and salad sandwiches are cheap and wonderful, and the best anywhere is here in Hoi An. 0.53 - 0.89
Fresh fruit shakeFresh tropical fruit is always in season and you can get juice or a shake (sometimes with yogurt) at any restaurant.0.41 - 0.81
Soft drinkStreetside vendors and every restaurant all have a selection of cold soft drinks.0.41 - 0.61

transportation prices

Type Price(USD)
Taxi from Danang Airport to Hoi An20.27
Taxi from Danang train station to Hoi An11.35
Bus from Danang train station to Hoi An0.81
3km taxi ride in Hoi An1.95 - 2.43