Cheapest cruise lines for 2022 Mediterranean cruises – 8 lines ranked by price

Over the last few years, the Mediterranean has become a hot spot for visitors from around the world. One of the best ways to experience everything the region has to offer is through a cruise. Not only will you get to experience a few different countries in a short amount of time, but you’ll get to skip finding a hotel and having to fly here to there, and there and back again. In fact, the only flight you’ll have to take is to the starting country and then back out again. Generally, ports are near popular airports, making this both easy and cheap.

Each cruise line holds its own personality and is made to fit a certain type of traveler. This allows for each to have their own price category. There are many different cruise companies that cover the Mediterranean but for this assessment, we’re going to focus on those that offer a 7 night or 7 day itinerary. With a quick read of the information below, you should be able to figure out with one is your best fit, as well as the best option for your price range.

Each cruise line tends to attract a different crowd

Cruises lines come in all forms, some dedicate themselves to the adventurous spirits among us while others focus on relaxation. Some appeal to the younger crowd and those with families while others cater to an older crowd. You’ll also find that there are many different price ranges among cruise lines. Cheaper cruises aim to attract the young while more expensive and boutique cruises target those of retirement age as well as those seeking more of a formal style of cruising.

Due to the large variations between one cruise and the next, we’ve come up with a list of the cruises by price and added in descriptions of each line that should help you to find which one is more suited to your style, comfort and taste.

How we compared the cruise lines

The list below comprises the best available rates for 7-night or 7-day Mediterranean cruises for the month of July 2022. Throughout the year, cruise prices do change (either up or down) but tend to move together at the same time and generally speaking, in the same direction. This means that the ranking should stay the same, even if the individual prices are a bit different in from one month to the next.

8 Mediterranean cruise lines ranked by price

The fares below are based on double occupancy and are priced per person. Government taxes, fees and other port expenses are additional for each and every guest.

1 – Norwegian Cruises (cheapest)

7 Nights from: US$748
(Barcelona, Spain → At Sea → Naples, Italy → Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy → Florence/Pisa (Livorno), Italy → Cannes, France → Palma, Spain→ Barcelona, Spain)

As Europe’s leading cruise line, Norwegian cruises are great for all ages, as well as first time cruise passengers. The average age of travelers is 55 but the cruise is also great for those with young children with different activities available per age group throughout the trip. Each age group is assigned a name; each name will have different activities everyday to partake in.

Passengers will be cruising on the very large Norwegian Epic, which can hold up to 4,100 guests and offers a wide selection of activities to enjoy including shows like Priscilla Queen of the Desert, a water park with a large slide, live music, bowling, and outdoor tennis.

2 – Royal Caribbean Cruises

7 days from: US$770
(Venice, Italy → Kotor, Montenegro → Corfu (Kerkyra), Greece → Athens (Piraeus), Greece → Mykonos, Greece → Argostoli, Kefalonia, Greece →  At Sea → Venice, Italy)

Designed for relaxation between land visits, guests on Royal Caribbean will find themselves surrounded by relaxing activities such as yoga, a spa with an extensive menu, 2 pools including the Solarium (an adult only pool) and an outdoor movie screen. There are also activities for children, making this a family friendly cruise as well.

Guests will be cruising on the Rhapsody of the Seas, a ship that is able to hold 2,040 passengers. This ship aims to please with lots of guest activities and shows, making it so that you’ll be busy the entire length of your cruise. Some of these activities include a live orchestra, piano sing-alongs, several swimming pools, shops, a spa, and a fitness center.

3 – MSC Cruises

7 nights from: $899
(Palma de Mallorca, Spain → Valencia, Spain → Marseille, France → Genoa, Italy → Civitavecchia, Italy → Palermo, Italy → Cagliari, Italy → Palma de Mallorca, Spain)

This MSC 7 night cruise will find you on the MSC Fantasia, a ship dedicated to elegance and sophistication wrapped up in a comfortable setting at a low price. Guests will find themselves surrounded by comfort in the form of restaurants, bars and lounges. There are also a large number of activities to enjoy while on board.

This ships’ staterooms and suites can hold up to 4,363 passengers who can choose between an interior room or an ocean view.

4 – Princess Cruises

7 Days from: US$969
(Barcelona, Spain → AT Sea → Gibraltar → At Sea → Marseille (Provence), France → Genoa, Italy → Barcelona/Pisa (Livorno), Italy → Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy)

As one of the more popular and well known cruise lines, Princess cruises is a great choice for those just diving into the cruising world. With a large selection of activities and amenities, you’ll forget you’re even at sea. Guests will be traveling on the Emerald Princess, a ship designed to house 3,080 passengers.

With a large crew, you’ll always find someone who is willing to help with questions on board. You can also find answers to questions about each destination through pamphlets and more, which are quite helpful and easy to read when you’re busy. If you’re traveling with children, you’ll find a Kid center as well as a Teen center, which are a great idea and perfect for keeping them busy between landings. You’ll also find kid friendly plates offered at each meal. This particular ship also welcomes with 4 swimming pools, 7 whirlpools spas, shops, a medical center, and much more.

5 – Celebrity Cruises

7 nights from: US$1,089
(Venice, Italy → Split, Croatia → Kotor, Montengro → Corfu, Greece → Day At Sea → Naples, Italy → Rome (Civitavecchia, Italy)

Culture, fashion and flavors- those three words are exactly what Celebrity Cruises are all about, both on and off the ship. While cruising around the Mediterranean, Celebrity aims to show you the best of the best while helping you to feel your best.

This is a great cruise for both first timers and seasoned veterans with lots of activities to choose from both on the ship and at each destination. Travelers will find themselves on the Celebrity Infinity which can carry up to 2,170 passengers. The ship has also been newly renovated with a basketball court, a retail store and new meeting and conference spaces.

6- Oceania Cruises

7 Nights from: US$1,599
(Monte Carlo, Monaco → Florence/Pisa/Tuscany, Italy →  Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy → Portofino, Italy → Provence (Marseille), France → Palma de Mallorca, Spain → Ibiza, Spain → Barcelona, Spain)

A popular choice among those who can afford it, Oceania Cruises is a solid pick for travelers wishing for luxury during their voyage, anywhere in the world.

This particular cruise takes you aboard the Riviera, a ship that is designed to impress and wow at every turn, including going up or down via the Lalique Grand Staircase. You’ll also quickly note the ship’s many dining options, seminars, and wine tastings. If you’re looking for a spa morning, you’ll find the Canyon Ranch Spa to be just perfect.

7 – Viking Ocean Cruises

7 Nights from: US$3,999
(Barcelona, Spain → Montpellier (Sete), France → Marseille, France →  Monte Carlo, Monaco → Florence/Pisa, Italy → Rome, Italy)

An award winning cruise line, Viking Ocean Cruises has always focused on cruises through rivers but will now turn its attention to the seas. Guests will find themselves aboard the Viking Star.

With those who love to learn in mind, Viking Ocean fosters education through every landing. Before each landing, you’ll be able to gather information that will help you to explore and learn more efficiently. The cruise is great for foodies as well. In fact, guest can even accompany the ship’s chef to the local market to learn and watch as food is selected for the ships meals.

8 – Seabourn Cruises

7 Nights from: US$4,299
(Valletta, Malta  → Trapani, Italy → Golfo Aranci (Costa Smeralda), Sardinia, Italy → Bastia, Corsica, France → At Sea → St. Tropez, France → Monte Carlo, Monaco → Viareggio, Italy → Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy)

If you’re looking for a truly luxurious experience, you’ll find exactly that with Seabourn. With no more than 229 suites, you’ll find yourself in an intimate setting compared to most other cruise lines. Even though the trip will be on the expensive side, you’ll be rewarded with personalized service.

For this particular cruise, passengers will find themselves traveling aboard the Seabourn Encore, which holds no more than 208 guests yet provides a large amount of activities, features and amenities. Smaller in size, but grander in appearance.

Top photo credit: David Lisbona on Flickr.

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