Cheapest flights to Caribbean islands from Europe

The Caribbean is extremely popular among winter visitors from the US and Canada, but it’s also the closest and nicest place for a sunshine holiday for most Europeans as well. Finding cheap flights to the Caribbean from Europe isn’t always easy unless you know which islands and destinations are cheapest from your starting point or one you can get to easily. Many of the smaller Caribbean islands are clustered together so you can literally take a ferry between them in a few hours, and yet flights from Europe to one of them might literally be double the airfare into a nearby island.

Once again in late 2023 we checked for the cheapest flights to each Caribbean island from all over Europe and they are in the list below. Unsurprisingly, London is the most frequent city on the list for the European starting point, but there are many other islands where Paris, Madrid, or Amsterdam are the cheapest starting point. Based on the list below you’ll discover that depending on your own location within Europe, you might save a lot of money by first taking a cheap flight to London or Paris before crossing the Atlantic. Often the fares from smaller cities are much, much higher than the cost of a hop to London and then a flight from there.

If you are starting from the US or Canada you should check out other list of the cheapest flights to the Caribbean by island and destination. That one is for US starting points and it’s a very different list. And another option is to search our list of the cheapest Caribbean cruises as that will usually allow you to visit several islands and probably spend less overall as well.

Cheap Caribbean Flights in December, January and February from Europe

The Caribbean is in its peak season from the last week of December through the middle of March, so for this test we searched for the lowest airfares to each Caribbean island for any 7-day round-trip in the month of January, 2024. In most cases the list should be almost identical if you are searching for cheap flights in December or February as well.

See our list of the cheapest Caribbean islands for a good idea of which cost the least once you get there. In some cases you can find cheap flights into an expensive island so it’s important to check hotel rates before you purchase your airfare.

Cheapest round-trip flights from Europe to the Caribbean

(All fares are per person, round trip for January, 2024 and are shown in Euros. It should also be noted that some routes only operate seasonally.)

How to find cheap flights to tropical places in Winter?

The key to finding the cheapest flights to sunshine destinations from wherever you live is to check the destinations that your local major airline flies directly to. It turns out that nonstop flights from your starting airport are almost always going to be much cheaper than if you have to connect once or twice in other cities along the way.

In other words, if you live in England it’s wise to check which destinations are served directly from British Airways, TUI, and Virgin Atlantic. Or if you are staring in Germany you should check Lufthansa and Condor and any destinations that they fly non-stop into will usually be the cheapest options overall.

Tips for booking Caribbean vacations

The best advice to save money on a Caribbean vacation is to book as early as you are able to. Last-minute deals are possible, but in recent years it’s been the opposite where all of the better resorts and flights are sold out well in advance and if you are looking only a week or two out you’ll find run-down resorts at higher prices and incredibly expensive flights.

Another important trend is that the best deals these days are almost always going to be all-inclusive hotels, and particularly those in the Dominican Republic and Mexico. It is sort of hard to believe, but even in January you can find an all-inclusive beach resort in Punta Cana starting around US$200 per night for two people including all taxes that includes 3 meals a day as well as unlimited alcohol (usually cheaper beers, wine, and spirits, of course). A similar hotel next door might charge US$180 for just a room and breakfast. Check our list of the cheapest Caribbean islands for all-inclusive resorts for much more information.

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