Cheapest flights to Caribbean islands from Europe

If vacationing in the Caribbean for a week or two sounds like your cup of tea, then you’ll be happy to note we have been sorting out which islands are the best-value islands and which are better for those with bankrolls that allow them to avoid the riff-raff.

Recently we broke down the airfare market for Americans by listing the cheapest flights to the Caribbean by island and destination. For that one we used New York City as the starting point for all of them since it’s by far the largest market for winter Caribbean flights and it’s also the cheapest starting point for many islands. Those starting elsewhere will still find that list to be helpful because the order will stay more or less the same, with flights costing a bit more for most, depending on starting city.

Europe to the Caribbean flights

Now we turn our attention to Europe because the Caribbean is an extremely popular winter destination from that region as well. For the past few weeks we’ve been checking airfares from different starting points to each of the most popular Caribbean islands and destinations to produce the list below.

In this case it’s a bit more complicated since some islands have cheap nonstop flights from, say, London, but nothing cheap or convenient from anywhere on the continent. Not surprisingly, the cheapest routes are usually from the country that colonized (and sometimes still controls) the island. However, a few destinations are cheapest from Germany, especially those that are quite inexpensive once you get there as well. See our list of the cheapest Caribbean islands for a good idea of which cost the least once you get there. If you are flying to go on one of the Caribbean cruise ships, you’ll probably want to look at San Juan, Puerto Rico if not Miami, Florida, as that is where most of them leave from.

Cheapest round-trip flights from Europe to the Caribbean

(All fares are per person, round trip for Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 travel and are in US dollars. It should also be noted that some routes only operate seasonally.)

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    From Cph / Hamburg or Nort Europa

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    From north Europe around 22.3.2013
    Return around 1.4.2013

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