Cheap destinations around the world by month

It’s a great feeling to have some free time coming up and not yet know where you want to spend it. It’s even better when you have more than a single week for a trip, which means you can often actually save a lot of money by flying to a cheap part of the world where things cost very little once you arrive.

This whole site – Price of Travel – is meant as a tool to help people research where they can and should go, plus how much things will cost and what the weather is likely to be once they arrive. You’ll find average temperatures by month on every City page, in addition to when hotel prices are highest and lowest in each destination.

To help even more, in 2011 we started a series to highlight the best “cheap” destinations by month all around the world. So below you’ll find links to these lists for each month, each containing between 15 and 27 suggestions. Each city listed generally has warm and dry days for that month, also avoiding places where scorching heat or frequent thunderstorms can be problematic.

We are always updating these lists

Every year we update and add to these lists with new and emerging destinations that some people may not have been aware of. The site now lists over 200 destinations around the world, including many new entries in Africa, Asia, and South America. Since we study the tourism industry around the world, we’ve been able to identify destinations that aren’t widely known unless you’ve researched a country or region extensively on your own. For example, most people outside of Asia and some parts of Europe have never heard of Boracay Island in the Philippines, but it’s one of their premier holiday islands and a wonderful place to consider for your own sunshine holiday.

Each destination is its own hub

In almost all cases these recommended destinations are quite spread apart from one another, and obviously you’ll get similar weather and prices nearby. In other words, it’s easy and fun to build a multi-stop trip using each destination as a hub. So if Buenos Aires is on the list for a month you could also make side trips to the Iguazu Falls or the Mendoza wine region or even Patagonia for only a little more.

Cheap cities with great weather for every month

We have holiday lists as well

Many people are open to any great destination within a certain month, but when it comes to holidays such as Easter and Christmas, it’s a bit trickier. Especially for Christmas, most people who aren’t visiting family want to fly to a warm beach area in the Tropics, and some of those choices are much better than others.



Great year-round destinations

On the lists above you’ll almost always find sunny and warm weather during each month, but savvy travelers know that you can actually save a lot of money by going to places during the off-season.

In Europe that obviously means late autumn to early spring, which is generally cold, but most of Europe’s charms are indoors and the crowds are quite small combined with lower hotel prices during the low season for tourism.

Almost all of the cheapest places in the world are concentrated in Asia, and most of them are in the Tropics. This means you’ll have warm weather all year and if you can deal with heat and/or some afternoon rain storms you can save even more money.

For those who do want to relax on a beach, you might find it interesting to know that the Caribbean can also be an excellent holiday at any time of year. Even during the “rainy season” you’ll rarely get more than a couple of downpours per week, and the risk of hurricanes is actually very low on most islands. Better still, you can stay in luxury for a very low price if you avoid the December through March high season.

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  1. Graham says:

    I love the interactive map for Europe I’d love to see the same for the asian pages, as I a more than a bit lost on that part of the world.

    1. Roger Wade says:


      That interactive map is only a couple weeks old and you are the first person to mention it. I’m very glad to hear that you think it’s useful, and I’ll work on doing one for Asia soon then. I know what you mean about Asia, being so enormous that it’s hard to know which places are close together until you’ve really explored the area. Thanks. -Roger