Aruba: Why it might be the best Caribbean destination for you

Located in the southern Caribbean just north of South America lies an enchanting island that beacons visitors from around the world. Known for having a continuous string of return visitors, Aruba offers first class vacations that combine the perfect amount of excitement with relaxation.

A trip to the island is memorable for many reasons with some of the top being its specially designed honeymoons, its rich culture and sightseeing activities, the many casinos that dot the island, its world famous and sought out wreck and lastly the clam retreat you’ll find in many of the island’s spas.

Aruba is known for their tailored discounted honeymoons

For those of you who are newly married or are planning a belated honeymoon, you’ll find Aruba to be one of the best honeymooner destinations in the world with with extremely affordable prices.

Through Aruba’s year round program, One Cool Honeymoon, couples will be treated to great offers and activities that help to design and present your dream honeymoon complete with a complimentary bottle of champagne, souvenir gift and the ability to choose from a large selection of first class resorts to spend your days.

Aruba is a destination for those who love culture

Aruba may be known for it’s nightlife and adventurous activities but there is a different, quieter side to the island. For those who love sightseeing and learning about an island’s culture, Aruba will not disappoint. No matter how long you decide to visit the island, whether for just a few days or a few weeks, you’ll find that there are plenty of attractions and sights on the island to keep you more than busy.

Some of them include the Alto Vista Chapel, the California Lighthouse, The Old Mill, San Nicolas, Fort Zoutman and king Willem III Tower and many different churches.

Aruba is alive with casinos

If you love to bet, and hopefully win, you’ll find plenty of opportunity to show your best hand at any of the 10 local casinos found on the island. Each major resort operates its own casino from noon to just before the sun comes back up. Better yet, some of the casinos are open 24/7 and are alive with excitement. In the casinos, you’ll find all of your favorite games like blackjack, poker, crabs, roulette and more.

You’ll also find that there are theme night events, sports book, daily bingo games and tournaments. To make things easier, machines take both US coins and tokens of the same value while many machines, depending on the casino, also take US paper money.

Aruba is home to a famous wreck prefect for scuba divers

For those of you who love to dive below the ocean’s horizon and into its watery depths to explore, you’ll find that not only is Aruba surrounded by beautiful clear water but is home to most famous, and largest, shipwreck dive in the entire Caribbean. Her name is Antilla and although there are many different stories surrounding her demise, many believe that fire was the cause.

This 1939 built, 400 foot long ship and is now home to an array of marine life and covered by tube sponges, coral formations, and more. Much of the ship remains intact to this day, great for exploring and photography.

Aruba offers several different premier spas to choose from

After indulging in scuba diving and Aruba’s nightlife, you may find yourself in need of a good relaxing spa day. No worries as you’ll easily find that there are several first class spas available for your choosing. Imagine tropical gardens, natural fragrances, relaxing music, beachfront gazebos and cabanas all tied up pretty with massages, wraps and facials.

If wanted, you can also find many great manicurists that will be more than happy to give you that special manicure or pedicure. Sessions last from an hour to a full day therefore allowing easy planning around your other activities.

Photos by Flickr users Dennis WongRick SeideSerge MelkiNestor LacleNorthern Man and Gaetan Bourque.

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