Kuala Lumpur prices


10 MYR = 2.36 USD

Kuala Lumpur hotel prices

Rating Price (USD)
6.15 - 11.82
7.09 - 30.26
8.75 - 35.46
39.01 - 60.52
62.65 - 173.05

Kuala Lumpur hostel prices

Type Price (USD)
Hostel bed
2.84 - 14.18

Hotel seasons


Kuala Lumpur has quite a bit of business travel traffic, and that helps even prices out through most of the year. The busiest periods are around the Christmas holiday season and the July and August holiday season. Since the climate is nearly the same all year this is a city where you can come whenever you want. Kuala Lumpur hotels and hostels are generally good value all year round.

Recommended hostels


Matahari Lodge

Beds from US$8/night

The popular Matahari Lodge is the best cheap-bed option in KL, with a central location between Chinatown and Little India.

Kuala Lumpur doesn’t get nearly the attention that its nearby neighbor of Singapore does, but in many ways they are quite similar and KL is noticeably cheaper as well. It’s a very modern city that nicely blends genuine Asian experiences and culture with a slick facade that makes visiting quite easy.

Hotels in Kuala Lumpur can be great bargains, especially near the top end of the range. You can sometimes find rooms in legitimate 5-star hotels for what you’d pay for a 1-star hotel in London. Lower-end hotels and even hostels offer quite good value in Kuala Lumpur as well. Standards are generally high in all but the absolute cheapest hotels.

Partly since this isn’t a hugely popular tourist destination for Westerners, most of the attractions are priced more for an Asian budget, so things should seem cheap to most people.

Food can be another great bargain in this city, with a wide variety of cuisines available in all price ranges. If you head to the outdoor food stalls like the locals you can get some excellent fare at very reasonable prices. Drinks can be relatively expensive in bars, though in markets prices are rather affordable.

Kuala Lumpur attraction prices

Location Description Type Price(USD)
Petronas Towers Skybridge & Observation Deck A tour includes both the 41st floor Skybridge and the 86th floor observation deck. First come first served. adults 20.09
KL Tower observation deck This tower has several interesting attractions near the top, in addition to the observation deck. Some cost extra. adults 11.58
children 6.86
KL Hop-on Hop-off All-day double-decker bus tours hit all the main sights in the city, and are good value for those with only a short stay. adults 10.64
children 5.67

Kuala Lumpur transportation prices USD

Taxi from airport to city center 19.86 - 28.37
Express train from airport to city center 13.00
Express bus to city center 2.84
3km taxi ride in Kuala Lumpur 1.65 - 2.36
Light-rail ride in Kuala Lumpur 0.24 - 0.66
Monorail ride in Kuala Lumpur 0.28 - 1.25

Kuala Lumpur food and drink prices USD

Food type   Price
Budget breakfast If your room doesn't include breakfast then great options are easy to find at local cafes and food stalls. 1.89 - 3.55
Budget lunch Tourist restaurants with lots of Western options will be more expensive, but plenty to choose from in this range. 2.36 - 4.73
Budget dinner Even sit-down meals at cafes and small restaurants can be great bargains if you eat with locals. 4.26 - 7.09
Beer .5 liter glass Beer prices vary greatly in Kuala Lumpur depending on where you are drinking. Look for happy hour deals to keep prices reasonable. 3.07 - 5.91

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Kuala Lumpur facts

Population 1,800,000
Metro area 7,200,000
Time zone UTC+8
Currency Malaysian ringgit
Airports Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL)

Avg temps & precip


weather advise for AmsterdamWeather advice

Weather in Kuala Lumpur has less seasonal variation than nearly any other city on earth. Every day is hot and somewhat humid, and every night is warm and somewhat humid. Rain falls consistently through most of the year, with the June through August period being slightly dryer. The city does have flooding problems occasionally during the worst months, but even that rarely lasts long.

Sunrise and sunset