Cheapest countries to buy iPhones, iPads, and other Apple products

Abu Dhabi IStyle storeIn our never-ending quest to sort out the best-value destinations around the world, we are examining a topic that is certainly more of interest to long-term travelers as well as those who travel a lot with gadgets. Below you'll find the countries to buy cheap apple products, or at least as cheap as they are available, because Apple products aren't exactly cheap anywhere in the world.

We recently published a list of the cheapest countries to buy electronic items in general, but we separated Apple products into their own list because the Apple world doesn't work the same as other brands.

>>>NEW WITH MORE COMPLETE DATA: iPad prices in 35 countries from cheapest to most expensive

(The article linked above uses late 2012 prices for iPads in 35 countries. The article below uses 2011 prices for 28 countries)

As with the other list, the data here is provided by Pricerunner, which is a UK-based comparison-shopping service. In late 2011 they researched the 28 different cities below (in 27 different countries) to find the best price possible for 3 different popular Apple products.

Unlike the other brands, Apple is famous for tightly controlling its retail market, with prices being virtually identical within each country. With that in mind, it's perhaps even a bit more surprising to discover that the exact same products cost almost double in the most expensive city compared to the cheapest.

Products researched for this list

  • Macbook Air, 13.3″
  • Apple iPad 2 Wi-Fi, 32GB
  • Apple iPhone 4, 16GB

Each of the three items was researched in late 2011 for the prevailing price in each city, and then the total of all three was combined. The Macbook Air costs about the same price as the other two items combined in every market, but still most things are proportional so it's not like there's a city that has cheap iPhones and expensive Macbook Airs.

Cheapest countries for Apple products

(Research was done in GBP and converted to USD in March, 2012)

  1. $2,225 – Tokyo, Japan
  2. $2,446 – Bangkok, Thailand
  3. $2,548 – San Francisco, USA
  4. $2,601 – Sydney, Australia
  5. $2,745 – New York, USA
  6. $2,779 – Dubai, UAE
  7. $3,006 – Cape Town, South Africa
  8. $3,160 – Stockholm, Sweden
  9. $3,222 – Warsaw, Poland
  10. $3,264 – Prague, Czech Republic
  11. $3,280 – London, England
  12. $3,308 – Oslo, Norway
  13. $3,347 – Amsterdam, Netherlands
  14. $3,411 – Dublin, Ireland
  15. $3,436 – Mumbai, India
  16. $3,452 – Copenhagen, Denmark
  17. $3,480 – Brussels, Belgium
  18. $3,484 – Madrid, Spain
  19. $3,516 – Moscow, Russia
  20. $3,544 – Paris, France
  21. $3,576 – Athens, Greece
  22. $3,591 – Reykjavik, Iceland
  23. $3,619 – Rome, Italy
  24. $3,645 – Lisbon, Portugal
  25. $3,646 – Helsinki, Finland
  26. $3,753 – Vilnius, Lithuania
  27. $3,800 – Vienna, Austria
  28. $4,160 – Sao Paolo, Brazil

Japan is cheapest again

Hanoi IStoreJust as on the list of electronic gadgets in general, Japan comes out as the cheapest, which seems at least a bit surprising. Their high rents and high wages seem to be more than offset by low import taxes combined with great wholesale prices due to massive demand.

Perhaps just as surprising is that Stockholm comes out as the cheapest of the European markets researched for Apple products. They are among the most expensive for other electronics gear, and one of the most expensive places in the world in general. Cape Town also shows up as a relative bargain for Apple products compared to other high-tech gear.

Where to buy if you are traveling

Most people seem to know that the United States has among the lowest prices on almost anything electronic, especially if you can buy tax-free either online or in one of the states with no sales tax. Many people routinely bring an empty suitcase when coming from Europe to the US because savings are so big.

Most European countries seem to charge about 40% more for Apple products than in the United States, which is frightening when you consider how much more Apple products cost compared to other brands of the same type of item.

Needless to say, new Apple products will continue to be released, but the rankings above should continue to stay very constant, at least until some countries unexpectedly lowers taxes or Japan unexpectedly raises import duties.

With Apple products at least, it's comforting to know that anyone heading to Australia or Thailand (plus Japan, of course) can also find great deals compared to home.

60 Responses to “Cheapest countries to buy iPhones, iPads, and other Apple products”

Danny says:

Depends which country you reside and the exchange rates.

I am staying in Singapore and from my exchange rate, Malaysia is the cheapest followed by Hong Kong is the cheapest and the States third place. I can save about SGD$260-$280 if I purchase a Macbook in Malaysia. That is a lot of money from a consumer point of view.

In my home country, Mac products are expensive compared to my neighbouring countries. Singapore Dollars is a very strong currency against this countries I mention.

    Roger Wade says:

    Danny, the data I used is from a company that took all exchange rates into account at the time they did it, so it should have been valid for everyone then. But by now there might have been currency shifts so your experience might be more accurate. I’m always surprised by how expensive Apple products are outside the US and Japan, and especially in countries where the average salary is relatively low. I guess it’s the import tax and the lack of demand that means they have to charge a lot. -Roger

Kolis says:

No way that Malaysia is not in the list.

Daniel says:

All this reflects is the currencies’ exchange rate at the time – unless you use a historical currency data source and generate prices in today’s figures, this is meaningless, sorry.

    Roger Wade says:

    Daniel, the research in this survey isn’t my own, but I can assure you that your theory is way off. At any given moment, Apple products tend to be cheapest in the US and Japan, followed by Thailand and Malaysia, and insanely expensive in Brazil and a few others. It has a lot to do with local taxes and import duties, and exchange-rate fluctuations are a small factor. -Roger

shivam says:

i want an iphone 5
so what will it cost me in bankok considering bankok is on the second position on the list

    Roger Wade says:

    Shivam, when the iPhone 5 is available in Thailand it will cost TB22,900 for the 16GB model, unlocked and unsubsidized. That translates to US$743 right now, so really Japan and the US are the cheapest places. -Roger

rania says:

i think you ignor Saudi Arabia or you didnt notice it.its cheaper than dubai and Malaysia??iam a journalist there and i would like to publish your survay with opinion about price in it?waiting for your regards

    Roger Wade says:

    Rania, the data in this article was gathered from research by the company mentioned, and it seems that they just picked countries but not all of them. Sorry. -Roger

Clinton says:

Thank You and appreciate this info alot. 🙂

Clinton says:

Just want to ensure, Malaysia will be in 5th or 6th place if it is included in this list? 🙂

Aniruddha says:

Hello,I want to bring an iPad in India from America with help of my
Uncle so how can I get it in India or how can my uncle bring it in
India from America ???

    Roger Wade says:

    Aniruddha, while the iPad isn’t yet officially sold in India, I don’t believe the import of one for personal use is banned, so you can probably just bring it. -Roger

Shawn says:

Having been to dubai and Abu Dhabi I can tell you that the iPad is about 250-300$us more in the UAE! Although Mac books are competitively priced.

RD says:

Zurich Switzerland outside the EU not mentioned. iPhone was significantly cheaper than in UK or Germany; doubtful about Stockholm. Easier to get to Seitzerland from the rest of Europe.

Kelli says:

Im going to Vietnam this summer..would it be cheaper to get a 13 inch Macbook Pro there? How much would it be in US dollars?

    Roger Wade says:

    Kelli, There are no official Apple Stores in Vietnam so far, and very few stores that stock Apple products at all. And they will charge more than most places as well. If you are going to Thailand or Malaysia you can get deals close to the US price, but otherwise you’ll be paying more. -Roger

anurag jain says:

I want ipad4 with wifi and cellular.In India its pretty costly comparision to other country.can u guide how can i buy online from dubai or malasiya and use it in india??

Nadia says:

How does it work if we purchase an iphone in Japan, for example,living in different country? cheers

    Roger Wade says:

    Nadia, you’d have to buy an unlocked iPhone in Japan for around US$600 rather than one with a contract subsidy. Also, make sure it’s GSM and CDMA so it can run on either standard. Japan (like the US) has both, so it’s worth getting the model with both instead of the GSM-only one. -Roger

john says:

hi, how did this company do the research? if you go online on apple store and compare prices, hk is cheapest than Thailand… and for Japan, it points you to their telco companies who do the reselling which should include airtime charges.

    Roger Wade says:


    I assume the company did the research in the obvious way. I’ve done it myself a couple times for iPads after I first published this and it turns out the US is the cheapest. There was a time earlier this year when the Yen started dropping and Japan was the cheapest place, but then Apple raised its prices there. In other words, it can change a bit based on currency fluctuations, but generally the US is cheapest. -Roger

Jessica says:

I want to buy a Apple 1 pad mini with retina display. Could you please give me a address in Japan to contact. Thanks

Richard dada(dj dreelz) says:

Pls give me the address or the contacts of the company I can get cheap ipads from in japan or maleysia. Want it imported to me. Pls kindly add me on bbm 26088b66. Thanx

    Roger Wade says:


    The iPads are all basically the same price in each country, so your best bet is to get them through the Apple Store in each one. -Roger

linuxaarif says:

The cheapest place is Malaysia not Japan.

    Roger Wade says:

    That may be true today, but it wasn’t when this study was run. Also, Malaysia is still only getting the older models. -Roger

Pallavi says:

My frined is in Germany. I want him to buy electronic (I phone 5s, Galaxy Note 3) for me to India. Would that be beneficial when compared with the prices in India? I will have to pay him as per the euro-INR conversion rate. Please suggest.

    Roger Wade says:

    The main issue is that you’ll have an easier time finding the newest models in Germany. But the price won’t be much different. -Roger

yash says:

i want to buy apple macbook pro 13, should i buy it from india?? or should i buy from canada?

sagar says:

i want to buy an iphone 5s ? how much does it cost in bangkok . is it under global warranty scheme . i m frm india……thanks in advance

Adrià Tarrés says:

Good information, how did you get the part of the cheapest countries tu buy apple products???

I’m doing an important labor and I need to know the source!


Jo Lee says:

One point worth mentioning, I now live in Switzerland but prior to that I lived in California where I bought my iPhone & iPad for much less than they cost here. However, when I had problems with the iPhone ( after 18 months) Apple in Switzerland were not interested in repairing it because it came from California. I called Apple US & they confirmed that while it is a Universal company, each country operates independently when it comes to problems. I had to buy a new iPhone here so I’m covered if there is a problem. Right now I would like a MacBook Pro & they are so much cheaper in the US, but I’m cautious because just in case I have problems, then what?

Birch says:

Here’s my source, Proven Malaysia’s the cheapest as there’s no or minimal Import tax for Computer due to “Computer Education In Malaysia”
3,699.00 myr in usd-1129.12 US Dollar
134,800 yen in usd-1324.1404 US Dollar
5,399 saudi riyal in usd- 1439.62 US Dollar

siyamak says:

hey … first of all thanks for this good article !!
but can i ask question !? i wanna buy phone accessories for my reseller store include Apple,samsung …. etc !! can you tell me where is cheapest today !?

    Roger Wade says:


    Thank you. I don’t know anything about the wholesale market for Apple products, but as far as which countries are cheapest on the retail side as of now, I keep this article about iPad prices around the world up to date. Hopefully that helps. -Roger

ridhima says:

i want to purchase sony experia z series mobile from USA. will it be wiser to buy it frm USA rather than India itself?

    Roger Wade says:


    In my experience, name-brand electronics tend to be cheaper in the US than in India, as long as you can buy them at a cheap place and hopefully also pay no sales tax. But I doubt there is a big difference, so probably better to buy it where it’s easiest. Good luck. -Roger

Kaks says:

im planning to buy a mac book in Japan. will that be in Japanese?

    Roger Wade says:


    I’m not sure exactly what you mean, but all Mac products have all languages pre-loaded, so you can choose any of them when you are first setting the machine up, no matter where you buy it. -Roger

Deep says:

i m in india now could i buy iphone 5 directly from dubai through online sites

kenny panda says:

i am planning to let my friend buy me an ipad air 2 128 gb wifi ony gold in abu dhabi. will there be a product difference than here in the philippines? Philipine price is expensive

    Roger Wade says:


    If your friend is buying Apple products in an Apple Store, then they will be the same no matter where on earth the store is. I notice that the Philippines is a country that is usually one generation behind the new products, so one bought in Abu Dhabi would probably be a newer generation, and definitely the real thing. I think the only place where counterfeit Apple products are common is China, and even then it’s only in “unofficial” stores. Best of luck. -Roger

kenny panda says:

example settings for apple products will there be difference or none?

Zimmi says:

Hi, I am looking to buy a macbook air 11in with apple protection 3yr plan in bkk, as mine broke. is that advisable to do while in SEA or shall i wait until i return to switzerland?
thanks for helping out already

    Roger Wade says:


    Applecare is a global system so as long as you go to the official Apple Stores in Thailand or elsewhere in SEA you should have no problem. But they are also unusually cheap in Switzerland so that is a good option if you’ll be heading there soon. Interestingly, I bought my first iPad in Bangkok and recently bought some iPads as gifts for my nieces in Zurich. -Roger

Hans says:

Hello Roger,

great article, thanks!

Going to Japan and Australia in October, leaving from Bucharest, Romania. If your list still stands I should wait and buy a Mac Air and iphone there.

Do you have any idea if the list is still the same in 2015?

If so,
and if I buy in Japan,
where should I buy?

Thank you very much Roger!


    Roger Wade says:


    I’m happy to hear that this has helped. Apple will be announcing their new products and prices on September 9 (6 days from when I write this) and this post will be totally updated then. In the meantime, the exchange rates have shifted a lot in the last year, so the picture is likely different from what you see above. But in general, Japan will be one of the cheapest places to buy Apple products, and buying them at the official Apple Stores is usually wise since the official price is the same everywhere. -Roger

aman says:

i am from india. i want to buy a iPhone but which iPhone model should i buy when my range is 10000-12000 plz reply urgent

    Roger Wade says:


    If you have only 12,000 Indian Rupee, then you’ll have to buy a used iPhone or an older model like the iPhone 5. It’s probably easiest to just look around and buy the best one you can find and afford. Best of luck. -Roger

Anna says:

Hi, great article!
I am researching the market for a Macbook Air 13 and I was wondering if you can advise me on where it is better to buy it: China or Japan? And do you know anything about the VAT they can impose in the airport in Japan if you’re taking it out of the country (I heard you shouldn’t have the box with you or something like that haha) I am travelling between these 2 countries and would be grateful if you can help. Thanks! Cheers!

    Roger Wade says:


    My research has shown that Apple products are almost always cheaper in Japan than in China (or most other places). And I’m not sure how the VAT thing works between those two countries. If you bring a new computer in a box from one country to another, you might get charged a duty though, which is different from a VAT. A duty is an import tax on things above a certain value. I think if you take the laptop without the box, you should be fine. They mainly just want to make sure you aren’t buying in one country to sell in another. Good luck on this. -Roger

Sally says:

I’m moving to Istanbul in August. I need a new i-phone and am wondering if it would be cheaper to purchase in Turkey or here in Canada?



    I lived in Turkey for a year and electronics there aren’t very cheap. You can check the current prices of all items at the Apple stores all over the world. Here is the link for the online Apple Store in Turkey. Compare the prices to Canada and you’ll have your answer. -Roger

Ruby says:

Hello Mr. Wade,

I’m going to Malaysia next week is the macbook air still cheaper there than in Singapore? It would be great if you could update me with pirces in Malaysia. I hope I’m not asking too much.

Thank you and God bless.



    I’m pretty sure Apple prices in Malaysia are still cheaper than in Singapore, and you can check yourself. Just go to the online Apple store and then go to the bottom where it allows you to change the country. You can see the current prices for any country in the world you choose. Best of luck on this. -Roger

telin says:

I live in India, Delhi. I got my all Apple products from Glocalzone which is a website provides to buy things from abroad). So, I bought the MacBook pro at its US price via Glocalzone. It was totally cheaper.I recommend it!


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