Mar del Plata prices

100 ARS = 0.96 USD

Mar del Plata hotel prices

Rating Price (USD)
16.00 - 37.00
25.00 - 51.00
22.00 - 132.00
95.00 - 152.00
218.00 - 283.00

Mar del Plata hostel prices

Type Price (USD)
Hostel bed
1.27 - 18.14

Hotel seasons


The summer months, December through March, are the months where visitors will notice a nice hotel and flight price increase. Holidays also experience a price increase with the rest of the year seeing more leveling prices.

Welcome to Argentina’s most popular beach resort town. Mar del Plata is extremely popular among South Americans and much less popular with international tourists, yet it remains a fine choice for anyone touring the region who wants some beachside relaxation.


Mar del Plata is famous for being a weekend resort and primarily in the summer (December through February) so if you can come on a weekday or in the off season, you’ll find far smaller crowds and much better prices for hotels. Generally speaking, food and drinks here cost about what they do in Buenos Aires, but hotels can be more or less expensive depending on season and day of the week.

As you’ll see below, some of the attractions are real bargains, and transportation is quite reasonable by most standards. The tricky thing remains the Argentine inflation rate, which has been famously high for years, and that can make these prices look out of date between our annual updates.

Mar del Plata attraction prices

Location Description Type Price(USD)
Museo del Mar If you love seashells, this is the perfect place for you. With tens of thousands of shells on display, you could spend hours looking at them all. student 0.02
adult 0.03
Museo Municipal de Ciencias Naturales Lorenzo Scaglia Featuring local sea life and more, this museum is great for all ages and families. 0 to 11 0.01
adult 0.02

Mar del Plata transportation prices USD

Taxi from airport to city center 0.36 - 0.46
3km taxi ride in Mar del Plata 0.11 - 0.17

Mar del Plata food and drink prices USD

Food type   Price
Budget breakfast A local favorite is Alfajores, a cake like sandwich that is known for going great with a coffee or two. 1.92 - 3.84
Budget lunch Lunch is known for being a great time to indulge in a steak or pizza. 2.88 - 4.79
Budget dinner Dinner will treat a visitor the same as lunch with steaks, pasta, pizza and more offered at nearly every restaurant. 3.45 - 5.75
Beer (.5L) Beer, domestic and imported, can be found at bars, clubs and restaurants throughout town. 1.15 - 1.92

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Mar del Plata facts

Population 615,000
Metro area 615,000
Time zone UTC-3
Currency Argentine peso
Airports Astor Piazzolla International Airport (MDQ)

Avg temps & precip


Best months to visit

June, July, October, November

weather advise for AmsterdamWeather advice

With a mild climate, Mar del Plata is considered by many to be a year round travel destination. With that said, there are a few months that are known to be more sought out times to travel compared to others.

Summer is a great time to visit with temperatures hovering around the upper 70s and into the 80s. During summer you’ll find the warmest months to be January and February. These two months tend to experience higher temperatures during the day, such as 90 and up, but then see low temperatures at night- down to the mid 50s. This allows for a comfortable sleep and a nice break from the high day temps.

During wintertime, the coldest months are June and July with high temperatures in the 50s and nighttime lows in the 30s. During this time of the year it’s necessary to pack heavy with sweaters and jackets.

Sunrise and sunset