Buenos Aires prices


100 ARS = 0.96 USD

Buenos Aires hotel prices

Rating Price (USD)
15.00 - 40.00
27.00 - 72.00
37.00 - 76.00
41.00 - 109.00
146.00 - 308.00

Buenos Aires hostel prices

Type Price (USD)
Hostel bed
8.22 - 20.60

Hotel seasons


The high season for Buenos Aires hotels runs from September through March, though the fringe months in that range are less busy than the others. If you are thinking about visiting during the winter holidays then you should book as early as possible since this is probably the busiest time of year in hotels here.

The period from April through August is considered the low season in Buenos Aires hotels, and since the weather is still quite pleasant in April and May, this might be the best time of year to visit if you are looking to save money and avoid crowds.

Buenos Aires is still somewhat of a bargain for foreigners, though it’s not the amazing bargain it was from 2003 through 2008 or so. Still, this is a gorgeous city that feels very European and prices are still a bit lower than they are in, say, Lisbon or Barcelona.


Since 2013, the country has had two exchange rates, with an “official rate” and a “blue rate” that is much higher for those with outside currency. In other words, if you bring in US dollars or Euros you can exchange them for around 12 pesos (as of August, 2014) compared to about 8.2 on the official rate. This is yet another bad sign for the economy going forward.

Hotel prices have crept up through inflation in the past decade but still you get high standard accommodation for good prices, especially if you look outside of the pricey Recoleta neighborhood, and stay away from international chain hotels.

Food is a top attraction here, with arguably the best beef in the world, at amazingly low prices. Even vegetarians should find plenty to make them happy, as the city’s restaurant scene is quite diverse in spite of the general emphasis on beef. Beer remains cheap but local wines are the best bargains, even in nicer restaurants.

Buenos Aires attraction prices

Location Description Type Price(USD)
Tango show plus dinner These tango shows are extremely popular with tourists and prices range greatly. A show without a meal is often cheaper. midrange 12.46
Palacio Barolo Take a guided tour of this historic landmark for the best views in Buenos Aires. adults 28.68
Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes This acclaimed museum has 12,000 artworks, and signs only in Spanish, but English tours 4 days a week. everyone 0.00
Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires Lovers of Latin American art won't want to miss this one. adults 0.58

Buenos Aires transportation prices USD

Public bus from airport to city center 0.14
Shuttle bus from airport to city center 1.25
Taxi from airport to city center 5.75
3km taxi ride in Buenos Aires 0.77 - 0.86
Subway or bus ride in Buenos Aires 0.06 - 0.07

Buenos Aires food and drink prices USD

Food type   Price
Budget breakfast Most hotels will include a breakfast with your room. If not you'll find coffee shops and other casual places nearby. 1.73 - 2.88
Budget lunch You can even find a cheap and delicious steak meal in this price range if you go where the locals go or to mall food courts. 2.11 - 3.84
Budget dinner As long as you avoid Recoleta or other trendy districts you can find great value sit-down meals in Buenos Aires. 2.68 - 4.79
Beer (.5l bottle) Quilmes is the popular local lager and it's cheap everywhere but the night clubs. 0.96 - 1.53

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Buenos Aires facts

Population 3,100,000
Metro area 13,400,000
Time zone UTC-3
Currency Argentine peso
Airports Ministro Pistarini International Airport (EZE)

Avg temps & precip


weather advise for AmsterdamWeather advice

Buenos Aires has a generally pleasant climate all year round, though summers (from December through February) can get steamy and hot so many locals leave to spend time at beach areas. It almost never snows here so visiting during the winter months is usually pleasant, as it’s the driest time of year as well.

Spring and fall are generally considered to be the best times to visit, although keep in mind that those are also the two rainiest seasons as well, so you might be running for cover from time to time.

Sunrise and sunset