17 Cheap destinations for 2015 with great weather in July

This year-long series of articles highlighting cheap places with nice weather for each month of the year is a bit of a struggle during July and August. It may not be obvious until you really think about it or research the geography, but most of the world’s cheapest places are tropical and rainy during July, or subtropical and scorching. One pleasant surprise on the list is the Caribbean, which has low rates this month in spite of having better weather than most people realize.

Adding to the difficulties is that so many rigid Europeans hit the road during July (or August) that most of the better places fill up, even with peak-season hotel rates. Honestly, the savvy traveler usually sits out July and August, as good-weather deals are easier to find any other time of the year. Still, there are some places to consider, including a few surprises, so below are 17 (relatively) cheap destinations that have nice weather during July.

This article was updated in February, 2015.

The Americas

July is a tough time for great-weather bargains in the Americas. All the northern cities that actually have lovely weather during the peak of summer would be too expensive to make this list, and the subtropical cities in South America are obviously having their winter now. The rainy season in much of Central America keeps things from being ideal there as well.

The Caribbean

SanJuanPRMost of the list below is interesting and affordable cities around the world, but if your main goal is to simply relax on a beach or by a pool you might consider the Caribbean. Prices at resorts and particularly at all-inclusive resorts are shockingly low in July even though the weather is still warm and dry for the most part. There are also some colonial cities such as San Juan that are worth exploring to mix things up a bit.

Montego Bay, Jamaica


  • July avg high: 90F/32C
  • July avg low: 76F/24C
  • July avg precip: 1.5″/3.8cm

Montego Bay, located in Jamaica’s northwest corner, is one of the Caribbean’s most popular hubs for flights as well as beach resorts. The days in July are quite warm, and the nights are too, but when you are spending most of your time in the ocean breezes, it’s actually more comfortable than you’d expect. The best news is that rates at the larger resorts, including the abundant all-inclusive resorts, are near their annual lows. In fact, an all-inclusive resort here is probably one of the cheaper options on this whole list, and you can really live it up here for very little if that’s the sort of summer trip you are after.

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Punta Cana, Dominican Republic


  • July avg high: 89F/32C
  • July avg low: 77F/25C
  • July avg precip: 1.7″/4.3cm

Featuring a gorgeous and fairly isolated location out on the eastern tip of the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana has become a powerhouse among Caribbean resort destinations. It has lovely sandy, white beaches to go along with over 100 resorts that draw in guests from all over North America and Europe. July is a warm month, but it’s dry and the ocean breezes keep it very comfortable day and night. This is also one of the cheapest periods of the year for resort prices, so you can find very nice all-inclusive beach hotels starting well under US$200 per night for two people.

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Quito, Ecuador

  • July avg high: 67F/19C
  • July avg low: 49F/9C
  • July avg precip: 0.8″/2.0cm

It might be hard to describe Quito’s weather as “great” during July, but this is actually the warmest and driest month, so at least it won’t get any better than this. The bad news, perhaps, is that the temperatures in Quito are almost the exact same every day of the year, and it’s never all that warm.

The positive thing here is that Quito is very cheap, and certainly not too spoiled by over visiting or commercialization. Anyone considering a trip to the northern part of South America could do a lot worse than Ecuador’s capital in July.

2015 Backpackers Index: US$23.15

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Cartagena, Colombia

  • July avg high: 87F/31C
  • July avg low: 79F/26C
  • July avg precip: 4.2″/8.5cm

Cartagena makes the list again because the rain doesn’t tend to accumulate much during July, so it’s an ideal cheapo beach vacation if you’ve got a week or two off. The flight from wherever you are starting is bound to cost more than to get to a closer beach destination, but in just a few days here you’ll have saved all that money by having such minimal expenses.

It rarely gets too scorching here in July, and there are plenty of indoor activities in the Colonial district to indulge in during the middle of the day if you do need a break.

2015 Backpackers Index: US$41.72

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • July avg high: 81F/27C
  • July avg low: 63F/17C
  • July avg precip: 1.6″/4.0cm

The July weather in Rio de Janeiro is just about perfect, with days that are plenty warm enough for the beach, and nights that are cool enough to need a sweater when going out. The rain is very minimal in July as well, so this tropical city has its best stretch of weather for the year during this period.

The overvalued Brazilian currency has taken a bit of the value away, but still Rio is quite cheap. And better yet, July is one of the months of low season for hotels, so you’ll be able to get nice discounts, especially at some of the fancier places.

2015 Backpackers Index: US$53.27

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This list is all about “cheap destinations” and most of Europe, especially in the north, is anything but cheap. The other complication is that most Europeans themselves take month-long holidays in July or August, so most of the better destinations in their south will have peak-season hotel rates. Still, there are a few worth looking into.

Most of Europe’s beach areas are packed and expensive in July, but some are still affordable. Check our list of the cheapest beach destinations in Europe for some good possibilities.

Sofia, Bulgaria

  • July avg high: 79F/26C
  • July avg low: 57F/14C
  • July avg precip: 2.2″/5.5cm

Sofia is a solid choice on this list for both main reasons. Bulgaria actually does get quite a bit of tourism in summer, but most of that is directed at the resorts on the Black Sea. This is one of those cities that actually clears out a bit during July, so while it’s still technically high season, if you time things right you’ll be able to get a good deal.

The weather should be nice the whole month, with very little rainfall. Sofia could be a very nice stop for anyone touring Europe during high season who wants to slow down and mellow out without paying a fortune in the process.

2015 Backpackers Index: US$25.85

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Krakow, Poland

  • July avg high: 76F/24C
  • July avg low: 59F/15C
  • July avg precip: 3.5″/8.8cm

Krakow actually gets more rain in July than any other month of the year, but still it doesn’t add up to much and it’s accompanied by the year’s warmest temperatures, of course. This is definitely the most crowded time for Krakow, so hotel and hostel prices are at their peak, but are still great bargains compared to almost everywhere else in Europe.

The strategy here would be to make a reservation for a hotel or hostel as early as possible to lock something in. Especially during July and August, it could cost you if you just turn up and start going door to door. When all the popular places are full the less popular ones will jack their prices up.

2015 Backpackers Index: US$27.41

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Budapest, Hungary

  • July avg high: 80F/27C
  • July avg low: 60F/16C
  • July avg precip: 1.9″/4.8cm

Budapest is a very similar situation with Krakow in that it’s famously one of the cheaper cities and it tends to attract its biggest crowds during July and August. Still, it’s quite a good bargain compared to London or Paris since those places also have peak-season prices going too.

Again, it’s best to find a hotel or hostel here as early as possible and then lock it in. During summer prices tend to go higher and higher, and your chances of actually stumbling upon a bargain by going door to door are very low.

2015 Backpackers Index: US$30.95

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Istanbul, Turkey

  • July avg high: 83F/28C
  • July avg low: 65F/18C
  • July avg precip: 0.9″/2.3cm

Istanbul can definitely get quite warm during July, but it rarely gets sizzling, and there tends to be very little rainfall. The coastal destinations in southern Turkey are normally better bargains, but they after often scorching and very crowded during July and August, so not really ideal.

Prices of almost everything in Istanbul have gone up noticeably lately, although the value of the Turkish Lira has gone down by even more, so this is a great year to visit. The well located hotels and hostels are actually fairly expensive during summer, and usually full as well. If your budget is tight you’ll either want to book very early or perhaps settle for something on the Asian side or in some other obscure neighborhood.

2015 Backpackers Index: US$39.52

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Prague, Czech Republic

  • July avg high: 76F/24C
  • July avg low: 58F/14C
  • July avg precip: 2.6″/6.5cm

We all love to complain about Prague and its awesome crowds and rising prices, but still this city remains a bargain compared to Berlin or Munich, so it’s still worth considering during summer. Hotel prices have gone up more than food or drinks or attractions, so if you can find a cheap hostel or an acceptable budget hotel then you can do very well here, even during summer.

The crowds, however, will be ridiculous during July and August. Prague is almost like Venice in that all the main thoroughfares are so jammed with fellow tourists that it can nearly take the fun out of things. With this in mind, it’s wise to start early for the main attractions and then go to some of the weird places in the afternoons.

2015 Backpackers Index: US$42.69

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Lisbon, Portugal

  • July avg high: 82F/28C
  • July avg low: 64F/18C
  • July avg precip: 0.2″/0.5cm

Unlike nearby Madrid, Lisbon actually maintains reasonable temperatures all summer, due partly to the nice sea breezes that wind through the city center. Lisbon isn’t exactly cheap, especially for food and drinks, but it’s still considered a bargain by European standards.

One of the other features of Lisbon is a group is hostels that try to outdo each other and are very popular as a result. Even if you aren’t normally a hostel person this might be a place to give one a try. The private rooms are cheaper than budget hotel rooms, and you still get all the other benefits like shared kitchens and planned activities.

2015 Backpackers Index: US$48.75

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Dubrovnik, Croatia

  • July avg high: 83F/28C
  • July avg low: 71F/22C
  • July avg precip: 0.9″/2.3cm

Dubrovnik, along with nearby Split, is not a secret anymore. This historic beach town still isn’t a huge magnet for foreign tourists, but it’s hugely popular with Europeans looking for a place in the sun during July and August. With hotel prices at their peak it’s debatable whether or not Dubrovnik even belongs on this list, but we’ve included it because it’s still cheaper than all the popular beach towns in Italy or France.

There’s a shortage of affordable hotels within the city walls so if you want a prime location you’ll be paying a lot for it. Prices just a bit out of the center are more reasonable, but still it pays to book as early as possible during the summer months.

2015 Backpackers Index: US$73.94

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Barcelona, Spain

  • July avg high: 82F/28C
  • July avg low: 65F/18C
  • July avg precip: 0.8″/2.0cm

Barcelona is another that makes this list only because it’s marginally better than most of the others in its neighborhood. Madrid, which is mostly concrete and landlocked, can get crazy hot during July, but Barcelona and its coastal location is actually quite nice for most of the month.

Obviously this is a very popular destination for Europeans and even the Spanish themselves during summer, so booking early is the key once again. If you just turn up and try to go door to door you’ll probably end up paying a shocking amount for a place that isn’t all that great.

2015 Backpackers Index: US$58.18

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We only cover a handful of cities in Africa, and none of those could make this list for July. It’s still too cold down in South Africa, and it’s blazing hot in Morocco and Egypt. Check back in September for some possibilities here.


Asia is usually the king of cheap destinations with great weather for most of the year, but July is still in the middle of the rainy season for most of the tropical cities, as well as for Beijing and Hong Kong. Those who like to take their chances could actually have a great and cheap trip by going almost anywhere in Southeast Asia. It’s a bit cooler than in April and May, and most of the rainfall comes suddenly, plus it’s usually easy to get out of the way.

Nha Trang, Vietnam

  • July avg high: 89F/32C
  • July avg low: 79F/26C
  • July avg precip: 1.7″/4.3cm

Nha Trang, down on Vietnam’s southeastern coast, has its own unique weather pattern, with very little rain during summer. This makes it quite a nice place to go if you are in, say, Australia or New Zealand and you are looking to warm up a bit. The problem is that Vietnam is mostly for touring and rain can be a problem in most of the rest of the country during July.

Still, if you are looking for a cheap place to spend a few weeks on a nice beach during July, it would be hard to do better than Nha Trang. Hotels for around US$10 are easy to find, although they’ll be at least a block or two from the beach. The drinks are cheap and the nightlife is good here, so it’s worth considering for the right type of cheapskate traveler.

2015 Backpackers Index: US$19.28

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Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

  • July avg high: 83F/28C
  • July avg low: 76F/24C
  • July avg precip: 2.0″/5.0cm

Bali is slightly below the equator so it might not be surprising that July is actually its coolest month, by a bit. It’s also the second-driest month, so it’s the perfect time for a visit if you can afford the flight itself. Hotel prices start to rise in July, at least at the places that are favored by European package tourists. The good news is that most of the hotels that aren’t listed online tend to be cheaper and don’t raise their prices much.

One problem that Bali does have these days is traffic problems, so it’s probably best to minimize overall touring of the island, or at least the triangle between Kuta, Sanur, and Ubud. There are plenty of lesser-known beach areas around the perimeter, so those just wanting to soak up the sun have lots of great options.

2015 Backpackers Index: US$29.77

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • July avg high: 90F/32C
  • July avg low: 74F/23C
  • July avg precip: 5.0″/12.5cm

Kuala Lumpur is another city that makes this list for perhaps unusual reasons. Being just north of the equator, it’s sizzling hot pretty much every day of the year, but at least July is one of its drier months. For a big and modern cosmopolitan city, Kuala Lumpur is very cheap any time of the year. Unfortunately, July is one of the more expensive months for hotels.

Nevertheless, those who book hotels in advance can often get great deals even during the high season. This city curiously has some of the cheapest 5-star hotels in the world, so those who really want to indulge themselves on more of a 3-star budget should look into the high-range options here.

2015 Backpackers Index: US$38.99

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Middle East

Much of the Middle East is crazy hot during July, and even those places can get crowded this month, but there are still a few good choices to consider.

Beirut, Lebanon

  • July avg high: 84F/29C
  • July avg low: 73F/23C
  • July avg precip: 0.0″/0.0cm

Beirut has warm evenings during summer, but the daytime temperatures rarely get out of control. More good news comes in the fact that there is rarely any measurable rainfall during July, so you can leave the umbrella and jacket at home.

This is one of the more expensive months for hotels in Beirut, so you should definitely try to book as far in advance as possible. There are some bargains out there, but they are likely to be full well in advance. Beirut actually has a couple of fairly cheap hostels, so that’s something to consider if the hotels in your price range are looking sold out.

2015 Backpackers Index: US$34.62

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Tel Aviv, Israel

  • July avg high: 85F/29C
  • July avg low: 73F/23C
  • July avg precip: 0.0″/0.0cm

Similar to Beirut only quite a bit more expensive, Tel Aviv is a popular summer destination where daytime temperatures are usually very nice. The challenge here is that only the lowest tier of hotels could be considered cheap, and even those get pretty expensive during summer.

The strategy is the same, with booking as early as possible advised, and looking into the hostel scene if the hotels appear to be out of your price range. At least the food prices stay quite reasonable during summer, so once you find a bed things shouldn’t get too out of hand.

2015 Backpackers Index: US$68.29

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7 Responses to “17 Cheap destinations for 2015 with great weather in July”

Cristina says:

Bulgaria is , indeed, a very cheap destination during summer. And they have a lot of packages available which make your jaw drop. However, I wouldn’t go there for the sunbathing. I want to see the Balcik Castle though.
I’ve been to Budapest in August (2007) and it was soooooo hot. Think of 35-40C hot. Not to mention that the city isn’t that cheap anymore. Right now the prices are going up which puts Budapest on the list of “we’ll see if autumn will be cheaper”.
Romania is also a good choice in July IF you avoid the Black Sea and the very well known mountain resorts. Just head to a secluded area and you can get away with 10 euro/night/2 persons in a camping hut.

admin says:

Yes, Cristina, those are good points. I was surprised to hear my brother in Germany considering going to Bulgaria with his family this summer.

And it sounds like you got unlucky with the heat in Budapest since the averages are much lower than that. Also, Budapest is still cheaper than Paris or Rome, so it still makes this list.

Romania does sound nice for the low budget types who like to camp. I’ll have to do more research on those sorts of things soon. Thanks. -Roger

Kent says:

Thank you I’ll go to Turkey ;)

Matthew says:

Another good city is Bogota, Colombia which has similar weather like Quito, Ecuador. A bigger city with more places to see and more things to do. Thank you.


The temperatures in Ecuador seems perfect for summer in comparison to America. Thanks for the post, and safe travels.

Daniel Nargunam says:

Which would be the best place to travel from Dubai.Any suggestion?



    From Dubai you can cheaply fly into Europe, so any of the European cities listed above could be good value with great weather. And you can also cheaply fly into Thailand, Malaysia, or even to Indonesia from Dubai. You’ll be in perhaps the world’s best airline hub, so you can fly nonstop to almost anywhere. -Roger


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