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Price of Travel is now ready, with price information for over 200 of the most popular travel destinations around the world. We’ll be continuing to add new cities and new information to the cities we are already covering, but there’s already plenty here to help you choose your next destination.

Check the main menus across the top of every page for lists of cities, each one listing hostel and hotel prices in all ranges, plus attraction prices, transportation prices, food prices, drink prices, and more. For now everything is translated into US dollars using today’s exchange rate, and you can change to view it in any currency you like by using the drop-down menu at the top-right of every page.

Our most popular features are our guides to the best cheap destinations with great weather in each month of the year and around the holidays.

Backpacker Indexes

Our other most popular features are out Backpacker Indexes, which rank each city in a region from cheapest to most expensive on typical expenses for a backpacker or budget traveler.

And here is the World Backpacker Index with 136 cities ranked.

Here are our most popular City pages, which now number over 200:

You can get important and up to date price information for every major tourist city in the world on those pages. We also provide a basic description of why you might want to go to each city, along with tips on what time of the year to visit and where to stay.

As the founder of the website, I have personally visited nearly every city on the list, so the information is honest and not at all generic.

Check our homepage feed for the newest features. We are adding new things to the site on a regular basis and we have other projects in the works as well.

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