US to Europe roundtrip flights from US$564 in summer

One of the most disturbing travel trends in the past few years is that summer airfares between the US and Europe have regularly topped US$1,000 roundtrip, even from New York City. While airline fuel isn’t as expensive as it has been at other times recently, it’s still pretty expensive, so the coming summer looks to be another pricey one.

Now, there are no magic websites that will sell flights for several hundred dollars less than any other, but there are a few sites that specialize in cheap international airfare, like Vayama. They’ve just released their latest batch of summer airfare deals, with prices from New York City to Europe starting at US$564 round-trip. Even if you are starting in some other city, there’s a good chance that Vayama will save you at least US$20 on the flight, and maybe more.


Flights from New York to Europe start at $554

What I typically do is check for the best airfare on or, and once I know that I check the specific flights on Vayama (link above) and One of those last two usually has at least a slightly better deal, and sometimes they find a flight that the others missed that might be much cheaper.

Once you’ve checked them all, needless to say, you go with the lowest price. These are all big and trustworthy companies and if we always go with the cheapest it encourages them to keep undercutting each other. Vayama seems to have the lowest operating costs, so they usually do best, but not always.

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