Is the Go City Los Angeles Pass worth it? Go City Los Angeles Pass review 2023

The Go Los Angeles Pass is an interesting and exciting way to save money while visiting the biggest attractions in the city, but it’s not ideal for everyone. It covers 38 different attractions that are spread over a great distance within Southern California, and the first thing you might notice is that it does NOT cover Disneyland. However, it does cover almost everything else (including Universal Studios Hollywood), and visiting Disneyland on your own on another day is easy enough.

It’s easy to get confused when looking at the list of attractions on the Go Los Angeles Pass website, especially if you’ve spent little or no time in the area before. So as someone who grew up in Los Angeles and knows all of these places (plus the distances between), I’m going to help you decide whether this pass is good value for you or not. The Los Angeles attractions are very spread out so planning ahead is critical. Starting with an attraction pass can be great if you have your itinerary figured out in advance, so that’s what we will try to help you with here. Attraction discounts are pretty rare on their own, so doing this bundle can definitely save money for those who do the research.

One of the most unusual and best features of the Go City Los Angeles Pass is that you DON’T have to use it on consecutive days. So if you are visiting Los Angeles for a week, you can buy a 3-Day Pass and go to the beach or go to Disneyland in between the days you use the pass.

2023 prices for the all-inclusive Go City Los Angeles Pass


  • Adult (13+): $99
  • Child (3-12): $79


  • Adult (13+): $149
  • Child (3-12): $114


  • Adult (13+): $254 (includes Universal Studios)
  • Child (3-12): $234


  • Adult (13+): $304
  • Child (3-12): $269


  • Adult (13+): $329
  • Child (3-12): $299


  • Adult (13+): $384
  • Child (3-12): $344

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Important: You don't have to use the All-Inclusive Pass on consecutive days

With nearly all other attraction passes, the clock starts ticking on the first day you use the pass and it keeps going until the end of the period you paid for, so a “3-day pass” is only valid for 72 consecutive hours. But with the Go City Los Angeles Pass you get a full TWO WEEKS to use the days you paid for. This is a HUGE benefit since so many of the best attractions are theme parks and not only do you want to spend all day at each of those, but you probably don’t want to do them on back-to-back days either.

So if you are visiting Los Angeles and San Diego for 7 days or longer, which is obviously very common, you can buy a 3-Day Pass and go to Universal Studios on Monday, and Knotts Berry Farm on Wednesday and then LEGO Land on California Friday or Saturday. Those would cost $367 if you paid for each of them, while the Go City Los Angeles Pass for 3 days is only $254, and really $229 if you use our discount. It’s basically like paying for two theme parks and getting an extra one free, and you don’t have to rush.

Top sights and attractions included in the Go Los Angeles Pass

Universal Studios Hollywood – $149.00

A premium attraction available for those who purchase a 3, 4, 5, or 7-day Go Los Angeles Pass, the Universal Studios Hollywood attraction is a fantastic choice for those who would like to go behind the scenes. This attraction offers guests the chance to go on different tours exploring real life film sets. If you love Harry Potter, you’ll love visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Madame Tussauds Hollywood Tickets – $32.99

An unusual attraction that features your favorite celebrities in wax form, Madame Tussauds Hollywood is a great visit for those who like something a little bit different. Located inside, this wax museum features 100 different singers and actors in several different rooms. This attraction is great for both adults and children and can easily take up a few hours of your day.

Warner Brothers Studio Tour Hollywood– $69.00

While it’s much smaller and a bit less famous than Universal Studios, the Warner Brothers Studio Tour is also very worthwhile and it’s included even in 1-day and 2-day Go City Los Angeles Passes. This one doesn’t have thrill rides either, but it does have a really good guided tour of the backlot along with the chance to visit the sets of Friends and the Big Bang Theory, among others. If you only have time for one studio tour, Universal has more to offer, but this is great if you only have the shorter passes.

Aquarium of the Pacific – $36.95

Located on Long Beach, the Aquarium of the Pacific lets you explore exhibits that showcase the wildlife of Southern California and Baja as well as the Northern Pacific and the Tropical Pacific. Great for both adults and children, this highly rated attraction lets you get face to face with birds, ocean predators and much more.

Hop-on, Hop-off Big Bus 1-Day Classic Tour– $54.00

Including BOTH the Hollywood route and the Beach route, this hop-on, hop-off bus tour is the best way to see the main sights in the Los Angeles area for those who don’t want to drive everywhere and fight for parking. It’s a great tour although it’s usually best to start in the late morning and finish by mid afternoon to avoid the worst of the traffic.

Knott’s Berry Farm Ticket – $99.00

Known as America’s first theme park, Knott’s Berry Farm is fun for the whole family with rides, dining options, shopping options and none other than the famed boysenberry. The Knott’s Berry Farm Marketplace is also on-site and a great way to discover new boysenberry treats, great for both for you and gifts for others. As far as the rides are concerned, you’ll find plenty to choose from, including those suitable for little kids, those geared toward the whole family and some fun water rides that are perfect for those hot Southern California days.

Whale Watch By Newport Landing Tickets – $56.50

If you love sea life, you’ll love the Whale Watch By Newport Landing attraction. While enjoying the comfort of a 65 foot double deck ship you’ll get the exciting chance to view, up close and personal, both whales and dolphins, in an experience like no other. Want the chance to view a 90 foot blue whale or a pod of beautiful and playful dolphins? With over 30 years of experience, your chances of seeing one or the other are pretty high. This one isn’t very close to Hollywood or Downtown Los Angeles as it’s well down into Orange County, but on the other hand, Newport Beach is a lovely attraction unto itself.

LEGOLAND California – $119.00

With more than 60 rides, attractions and shows throughout the park, LEGOLAND is a dream for many, both kids and adults alike. Currently, guests can also see a show of THE LEGO MOVIE in 4D. If you choose to, there is also the LEGOLAND Hotel that you can stay in and you don’t want to miss the LEGOLAND water park! Make sure to take note that LEGOLAND is only open daily during Spring Break, summer and certain holidays. The rest of the year, you’ll find the park closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. LEGOLAND is in Carlsbad, which is most of the way to San Diego. This is an amazing place for young ones, but getting there and back will take a full day including many hours in the park.


There are over 35 different attractions to choose from with each offering something unique and fun. However, those listed above are some of most popular and highly rated attractions with pass holders and those who live in the area.

Is the Go City Los Angeles Pass a good deal? Here's the short answer

If you are visiting Los Angeles and intend to visit at least two theme parks as well as a studio tour and perhaps another big attraction or two, then you almost certainly will save money with a Go City Los Angeles Pass. If you can get a pass at a discount, it’s obviously an even better deal. But, trying to see too many of these things on a short trip would probably be a mistake.

A day that you visit a major theme park is a full sightseeing day, so you shouldn’t assume that you’ll be able to see something else that day. The good news is that (unlike other passes and passes) you get a full two weeks to use the 1 to 7 days you purchase on the pass. In other words, if you visit Universal Studios on a 3-day Pass, you can spend all day Monday there, then relax at the beach on Tuesday, and start using the pass again on Wednesday. This feature makes it far more useful than if it were only usable on consecutive days like most other passes insist.

The Go City Los Angeles Pass covers 38 attractions, but only these big ones matter

The way the Go Los Angeles Pass is priced, you really need to plan to visit one major attraction such as a theme park, or two secondary attractions such as a studio tour, each day in order for it to be good value. A full 16 of the 38 included attractions cost less than $30 each for adults, so it’s really only on the 7-Day Pass that it would make sense to visit those cheaper ones.

Los Angeles is so huge and spread-out that even visiting 3 things in one day is a challenge. So you can literally just forget about all the cheaper attractions that are included, because racing between them to try to get your money’s worth out of a pass would ruin your trip.

Full-day attractions

Theme parks

  • Universal Studios Hollywood (Only on 3, 5, and 7-Day passes): $149.00
  • LEGOLAND® California: $108.28
  • Knott’s Berry Farm: $99.00
  • San Diego Zoo: $71.00
  • Hop-on, Hop-off bus tour: $54.00 (Hollywood, Beach, or Celebrity homes)

Each of the above theme parks should be a full day, except the bus tours, which can easily be combined with other included attractions. It’s worth noting that the celebrity homes tours are sometimes disappointing, especially the Malibu celebrity homes because they almost all look extremely modest from the street.

Also note that LEGOLAND is about 100 miles (160 km) south of Los Angeles, and it takes about 2 hours to get there by car, or longer if traffic is heavy.

Half-day attractions

Specific tours

  • Hollywood Sign Tour: $55.00
  • Celebrity Bike Tour: $55.00

Other tours

  • Guided Pier Fishing in Santa Monica or Venice: $90.00
  • Whale watching: $56.00

Other major attractions

  • Aquarium of the Pacific: $36.95
  • Madame Tussaud’s Hollywood: $32.99

The La Brea Tarpits are now included with the Go City Los Angeles Card, and they only cost $15 for adults and $7 for kids, so they probably wouldn’t be a good use of time anyway. And just between you and me, they are kind of boring unless you are a major dinosaur enthusiast.

So will a Go City Los Angeles Pass save you money?

Again, the best way to look at it is to forget the cheaper attractions the pass covers, and evaluate it just based on the attractions listed above. Also, keep in mind that you can use these passes on non-consecutive days, so you could skip days in between to just relax or see other sights, or even go to Disneyland.

It’s easy to do the math this way. The most popular version of the Go Los Angeles Pass is the 3-day version, which is also the shortest one that includes Universal Studios. So you could go to Universal Studios on one day, and to Knotts Berry Farm on another day, and do a Hollywood tour and a movie studio tour on a third day. On an itinerary like this, you will definitely save money with the pass, and even more money if you buy it with one of the frequent discounts that are offered.

How NOT to try to use a Go Los Angeles Pass

Until you’ve actually visited Los Angeles, it’s impossible to imagine just how spread out it is. There is no other city like it on the planet. For this reason, it’s important to pace yourself properly. In New York City or London or Paris, it’s possible to visit 3 or even 4 attractions in one day because so many of them are only a few minutes apart on foot. But in Los Angeles, nothing is close.

So if you are a cheapskate like myself you might think you’ll get the most use out of a pass by buying one for a limited number of days and trying to jam as many sights into those days as possible. But if you tried it, you’d almost certainly regret it.

Also keep in mind that all the theme parks offer unlimited rides and shows once you are inside, so if you leave after half a day, you are missing out on some fun. All of them are large enough that it would take several days in order to ride all the rides and see all the shows.

Build your own custom Go Los Angeles Pass

An interesting feature with this pass is that they allow you to actually choose your own group of the 38 attractions and pay only for those. You can even choose just a single attraction (except Universal Studios) and pay only for that. They guarantee that you’ll save money off the normal admission price, although they don’t publish their own prices for the custom passes.

Most people will probably get the best value out of the normal pass, but it could be worth looking into the custom pricing plan to see if it’s an even better deal. It’s also important to consider that you might not want to rush from one attraction to another for your whole stay. You can tour the Hollywood Hills or Griffith Park for free, and even do a Hollywood Hills hike while you are at it.

Where do you purchase your Go Los Angeles Pass

If you think the Go Los Angeles Pass is a good choice for you and your group, you can buy one from the link below. You can also choose instant delivery of a pass that you can print out, or store on a smart phone in their app, so delivery is instant and free.

Look for “Have a promo code?” on the Review Your Order page and use the code ‘GO5POT’ for the exclusive Price Of Travel 5% discount. The 5% discount is valid on sale prices, so you save even more.

>>>Buy the Go Los Angeles Pass at an ADDITIONAL 5% off using this link and the promo code GO5POT

Similar Go Passes to consider

Photo credits: Universal Studios by on Flickr, Magic Mountain and Knott’s Berry Farm by Edward Beavers on Flickr

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  1. Min says:

    Hell Roger,
    Do you have any recommendation for a plan to best use of the card? I mean a doable plan for the three days card

    1. Roger Wade says:


      I’ll be happy to try to help, but it’s tough to confidently recommend activities without knowing your tastes and such. I will try to give you a bit of advice though.

      If you are doing a 3-day Go Los Angeles Card you’ll definitely want to allow a full day at Universal Studios, which is already a US$105 value. It’s a large park with more activities than anyone can do in one day, so most people arrive in the morning and then leave around dinner time. There are a couple things you might also do in the evening if you left early enough and they are on your way, but I’d probably just target the park for the full day.

      Assuming you are traveling with kids, you might devote another full day to Knott’s Berry Farm or Magic Mountain, which are also both large and elaborate theme parks. You might do Universal on Day 1 and the other park on Day 3, so the thrills are spaced out a bit. And again, you could potentially do another thing in the morning or early evening, but most people just stay all day in the park.

      On the middle day you can do at least 2 or 3 of the rest of the activities that appeal to you. Most of the rest are in or near Hollywood, and they only take 2 or 3 hours each, so doing 3 in a day is pretty easy as long as you plan things out a bit. Madame Tussauds is surprisingly entertaining, and there is also the Warner Brothers Studio Tour (you have to reserve that on the phone in advance). The hop-on, hop-off bus tour is interesting because it connects all the major sights without having to worry about parking and all the traffic yourself.

      The Hollywood Movie Star Homes tour is interesting to some people, but not everyone. The thing about it is, most of the homes that they point out are former homes of big stars, or current homes of lesser stars, and you probably won’t see any stars. However, they can be really fun for seeing mansions and the most glamorous neighborhoods near Hollywood. Let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger

      1. Min says:

        Thanks for your prompt reply Roger,
        I am coming only with my wife, and I defiantly agree that we need to go to universal for the whole day and then nearby restaurants.

        For the second day, do I need to use three different parking to go to Madame Tussauds, Warner Brothers Studio Tour and Hop-on hop-off

        For the third day, we think about six flags, do you think we can combine it with Whale Watch by Newport Landing and the aquarium of the pacific?

        Another question please, can we find cheaper parking near the amenities or we have to use their expensive parking

        Really appreciate your help and support

        Best regards

        1. Roger Wade says:


          Yes, you’d have to park 3 times on that day, but none of the parking lots should be too expensive. And for the HOHO bus, you might even be able to find a free parking spot near one of the stops.

          Unfortunately, Six Flags Magic Mountain is about 30 miles northwest of Hollywood, and Newport Landing is about 40 miles southeast, so you wouldn’t want to try those on the same day. Knott’s Berry Farm is in the same direction as Newport Landing, and the Long Beach Whale Watch or Harbor Cruise is on the way to Knott’s. Knott’s has fewer thrill rides, but it has plenty of them still, and it’s more interesting overall compared to Magic Mountain. I grew up close to it and I’ve been there at least 15 times. There are quite a few other attractions in that same area south of Downtown LA, so it will be easy to find a few to combine in one day if you go down the list a bit.

          For something like Universal or the other theme parks, you really have to park in their lot. The parks are so large that you’d have to park at least a mile away to park outside of the park, and you might not even save any money. But for something like Madame Tussaud’s, there are many smaller and cheaper parking lots within a few blocks. Generally speaking, parking in Los Angeles isn’t too expensive because everyone drives and there are lots all over. You might be paying about US$8 to park for the afternoon, or something like that. It’s annoying, but there is no good way around it, and you’ll have a better time if you just do it the convenient way. And compared to the total cost of your holiday, it doesn’t add up to much. Have a great trip. -Roger

  2. Ginger says:

    Hi, I’ve read through all the comments! Thank you Roger! this has been a most informative post! One question. How do you go about making a reservation for the WB studio tour? Does one have to call or are you able to do this through the website?

    Thanks again! trip is in 2 weeks!!

    1. Roger Wade says:


      Always happy to hear that this information helps. As far as the Warner Brothers Studio Tour, it appears that you need to call the phone number provided – (877) 492-8687 – to make that reservation. It’s a toll-free phone call if you are in the United States or Canada, which means that it’s free over Skype if you are anywhere else in the world. Have a great trip. -Roger

  3. Meike says:

    Hi, off topic, but I’m just wondering if you have any insider info as to where to buy cheap authentic Disneyland ticket?

    Also, to make the most of the visit to LA/Hollywood area, where should one take a stay on (hotel/AirBnB wise) to be more in middle of all of them in these Go Card attractions? Thanks beforehand!

    1. Roger Wade says:


      Disneyland is famous for keeping a very tight control on any discounted tickets. Local groups based in Southern California can get discounts when they buy, say, 20 or more tickets, but I’m not aware of any discounts available for small groups of tourists. It’s a shame because the park is so expensive and every other attraction seems to offer some sort of discount. But if you go, you won’t regret it. They do an amazing job there.

      As far as where to stay, Los Angeles is a bit tricky because you’ll need a car pretty much no matter where you stay if you want to see the most interesting things. Whether you drive 90 minutes in a day, or 110 minutes in a day to see everything, it won’t make much of a difference. So instead I advise people to stay in a central neighborhood that you’ll feel comfortable in and has good food and entertainment options. With that in mind, I’d recommend finding a place in or near the city of West Hollywood, which is between Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Hollywood itself is a bit shabby, and Beverly Hills is insanely expensive. Westwood is another good neighborhood in that same area.

      If all of those places seem too expensive for what you get, you might be best off staying in Studio City or Burbank, which are both just over the hill from Hollywood. Have a great trip. -Roger

  4. Joe a says:

    I visited LA mid-February and used the Go LA pass. It was a great value. We purchased the 5 day pass and were able to utilize it for the major attractions. We spent 1 day in six flags, got tired of the thrill rides and took a ride to Santa Monica pier and used the pass there as well. The next day we went to Universal. We booked some studio tours and spent the next couple of days touring and jumping on the hollywood homes tour. We spent the day on Hollywood blvd and visited Madame Tussauds, the Hollywood museum. Be sure not to skip the walking tour on the blvd. It is extremely informational. We wouldnt change a thing. Universal studios is much smaller than the one in Florida so you should skip the front of the line passes as you can do the entire park beforemit gets dark. We got there at 10AM and we were done by 3pm. This is with the fast and furious ride breaking down. Harry potter was not yet opened but we already experienced it when visiting Universal Orlando so we wouldve skipped the attraction anyway. Defintely purchase the go passand save some $$$ for Disney. A 2 day non-park hopper ticket will set a family of 4 back $800.

  5. Leo says:

    Thanks for your reply Roger! Now we are considering using the 2 weeks availability so we can relax in between but a new question arised. Let´s say that we want to use our first day on TUESDAY THE 5TH OF JULY and we want to use our last day on TUESDAY 19th of july, do you think that is possible? It is 2 weeks but 15 days so Im not sure… THANKS!!!

    1. Roger Wade says:


      The official site says the days are good “within a two-week period” so I’m pretty sure if you started on a Tuesday then your last possible day would be two Mondays later. If they allow an extra day, you’d have to check with them. Have a great trip and I hope it all works out. -Roger

  6. Leo says:

    Hi Roger! Thanks for all the help you provide reg the city and the pass. We are visiting LA in July from Argentina! and we plan to buy the 3 days pass. We were thinking to follow this schedule if you can give us any advice I would really appreciate. 1st day: Universal 2nd day: Warner Bros studio tour, madame tussauds and sony studio tour, 3rd day: Legoland on our way to San Diego. Do u think second day is possible? Thanks!!!

    1. Roger Wade says:


      As always, I’m happy to help if I can. I think your plan sounds great. Your Day 2 plan should be quite easy to do as long as you make reservations for both studio tours about 5 or 6 hours apart. That will give you enough time to reach Madame Tussaud’s and spend 90 to 120 minutes inside on your way to the other studio. Traffic is always an issue in Los Angeles, but those three Day 2 attractions aren’t so far apart that it would be a problem.

      So after you buy the Go LA Card, make a reservation for one studio tour as early as possible, hopefully 9am or 10am if you can. You’ll be done there 2 or 3 hours later and you should have time to reach Madame Tussaud’s and spend 2 hours there and still make it to the other studio at 3pm or 4pm for your reservation. If they can do later reservations, it might be better to do that so you’ll have time for a relaxed lunch as well. Have a great trip and let me know if you have other questions. -Roger

      1. Liana says:

        Hi Roger,
        We are travelling from Australia with our three children and are hoping to get advice on the best way to use our 3 day go card. We obviously want to maximise our time seeing only the relevant well worth attractions. We are interested in seeing Warner brother studio, Hollywood homes, Malibu homes, Madame Tussauds and universal studios. We are hiring a car whilst there so should we use our own transport visiting the Hollywood homes or do you think it’s better to do this as part of the tour? Where does the hop on hop off tour include? Is it best to book the studio tour and hollywood homes tour in advance or can we do this once we arrive in the US? Do they only run these tours on specific days we arrive on the 17th of March until the 20th of March.

        1. Roger Wade says:


          I’ll try to answer your questions in the order they came up…

          As long as you are doing the Go Los Angeles Card then I’d definitely do the Hollywood homes tour they offer rather than do it yourself. There are people selling maps of “celebrity homes” but they are famously out of date and mostly include obscure stars that you’ve never heard of. It’s pretty much impossible to really find celebrity homes on your own, and the stress of driving around looking makes it worse. Also, I’m not sure about the Malibu Homes tour in general. The thing is, Malibu is a long way from Hollywood (about an hour or more in traffic), and all of the homes look extremely plain from the road. You really have to view the homes from the beach to see anything special at all, and I doubt the tour allows that.

          The hop-on, hop-off tour includes the main highlights from Los Angeles’ “West Side” which is where the most desirable housing is located. Looking at the list of the places they go, it looks like a very entertaining route, and one that driving yourself would be a hassle.

          I’m not sure how far in advance you have to book those tours that require reservations. It looks like they go almost every day of the year, and March isn’t really the high season, so I’d think you can reserve once you arrive. But I can’t be sure of that so hopefully you can get confirmation somewhere else. Have a great trip. -Roger

  7. catherine says:

    We only have time for 1 day pass. I think we will try to do Warner Bros studio tour and then hit Santa Monica for pier and bike rental. Do you know what time of day the pass starts and ends? thanks

    1. Roger Wade says:


      The Go Los Angeles Card basically goes from midnight to midnight, so it’s really just whatever the opening hours are of each place.

      The Warner Brothers Studio Tour only takes about 3 hours (because it’s a studio tour and not a theme park like others on the list), so if you reserve and early time for your tour, hopefully around 10am, you’ll be out by 1pm for lunch. The Santa Monica Pier is only 22 miles (35 KM) away and at that time of day you should be able to make it in under an hour because it’s freeway pretty much the whole way. You’d have time to do another attraction or two on your way to the Pier, and still get there before sunset for a bike ride and all that.

      Let me know if you have any other questions. I grew up in Los Angeles and I enjoy helping people explore it. -Roger

  8. Nicola says:

    Hi there,

    I’m looking into buying the 3 day pass as I will be going to Universal Studios. Do you know whether you are able to upgrade the Go Card entry ticket to the front of line ticket by paying the difference in price?
    Thanks- Nicola

    1. Roger Wade says:


      That’s an interesting question and I don’t know the answer. You are probably best off calling them to find out. The website says: Please feel free to call us at (866) 652?3053 and we’ll be happy to help you!

      Best of luck. -Roger

    2. Lisa says:

      Hi Nicola,
      Were you ever able to find out the answer to your question? I was wondering the same thing! We are going in mid-April and I am thinking we will probably need a front of the line upgrade since Harry Potter is opening the week before!

      1. Roger Wade says:


        I looked into it more and Universal Studios says that Season Pass holders and those already with individual tickets CAN upgrade to the Front of Line Pass at the front gate for the upgrade fee. So my best guess is that it IS possible to upgrade with the Go Los Angeles Card as well. However, they mention that they have limited availability on the FOL passes, and I’d guess that they’d sell out in advance in the weeks right after the new Harry Potter thing opened.

        I’d still call Universal to check, and please let us know if you find out. Thanks and good luck. -Roger

  9. Sam Sing says:


    We will be staying in Torrance on the week of March 14, 2016. Just would like to know how we should plan our days if we buy 4 days card to see Legoland, Universal Studio, Knott Berry Farm and some other activities available on card. We have 10, 14 and 16 years old kids.
    Thanks, Sam

    1. Roger Wade says:


      Legoland, Universal Studios, and Knott’s Berry Farm are all fairly far apart and they are basically all-day activities so I’d dedicate a full day to each of them. On the 4th day you can hit several of the non-theme-park attractions that are mostly in or near Hollywood. If you plan well and start early you can hit at least 3 or 4 different things on that one day. You might want to put that Hollywood day in the middle, so you aren’t doing theme parks 3 straight days. As for which attractions to visit, that’s really a personal decision, but pretty much all of them are worthwhile for some people. Have a great trip. -Roger

  10. Grant H says:


    If we were to get the GO cards can we still pre book the studio tours etc?

    apologies for the dumb Q..

    1. Roger Wade says:


      It’s not a dumb question, but I don’t think you need to “pre-book” the studio tours. Pretty much all of the Go Los Angeles Card attractions are ongoing, so you just show up and go in. If you were referring to something else or something specific, please let me know. -Roger