Is the Go City Barcelona Pass 2024 worth it? We review prices and value here

The Go City Barcelona Pass is one of the newer city passes in Europe, and it has added pretty much all of the top attractions in the city in the last year, so the 2024 version is by far better than the years before. We review the Go City Barcelona Pass in detail below and it’s actually an amazing deal for people who want to visit the famous attractions and who plan ahead. With some other passes a typical visitor might save €30 or €40 in two days using one of these passes, but with the Go City Barcelona Pass you can pretty easily save over €100 if you choose your attractions wisely and plan well.

Since it now includes a guided tour of the Sagrada Familia cathedral, it’s pretty much a no-brainer for most people as it has always included Casa Batlló, FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou stadium tour, and the official hop-on, hop-off sightseeing bus with 3 routes. Barcelona is a large and busy city and if you want to see the main highlights you have to plan ahead and start early. As long as you are willing and able to do that, then the Go City Barcelona Pass is an easy way to save time and money. We will go over the details below.

This article was last update in March, 2024

The short version on who should buy a Go City Barcelona Pass

If you like the idea of jumping from attraction to attraction and seeing all that this wonderful city has to offer, then you’ll probably want to buy a Go Barcelona Pass. Even with the 2-day Pass it’s easy to get good value out of it, especially if a discount is running when you make your purchase. You’ll probably also have a chance to do a couple things that you might have otherwise skipped, for free.

If you prefer to see sights slowly and thoroughly, it might be hard to get value out of the Go Barcelona Pass. With that said, those who plan in advance can easily do 3 or 4 things each day, so it will save them money. But if you are usually disorganized and don’t like to plan your sightseeing days, the pass won’t grant you much wiggle room and should probably be skipped.

What’s included in the Go Barcelona Pass

  • Barcelona Attraction Pass good for 50 major attractions
  • A guidebook with maps explaining each attraction
  • Go Line privileges
  • Restaurant discounts

The Go City Barcelona Pass now comes in two styles. The All-Inclusive version allows as many attractions as the visitor can fit in within a set number of days, and the Explorer version allows a set number of attractions within 60 days. Each is best for certain types of travelers, and we will discuss that below

Prices of the 2024 Go City Barcelona Pass

Go City Barcelona All-Inclusive Pass

  • 2-Day Adult Barcelona Pass €159
  • 2-Day Child (ages 4-12) Barcelona Pass €109
  • 3-Day Adult Barcelona Pass €194
  • 3-Day Child Barcelona Pass €134
  • 4-Day Adult Barcelona Pass €224
  • 4-Day Child Barcelona Pass €154
  • 5-Day Adult Barcelona Pass €244
  • 5-Day Child Barcelona Pass €179

Go City Barcelona Explorer Pass

  • 2-Choice Adult Barcelona Pass €79
  • 2-Choice Child (ages 4-12) Barcelona Pass €54
  • 3-Choice Adult Barcelona Pass €109
  • 3-Choice Child Barcelona Pass €79
  • 4-Choice Adult Barcelona Pass €129
  • 4-Choice Child Barcelona Pass €89
  • 5-Choice Adult Barcelona Pass €154
  • 5-Choice Child Barcelona Pass €104
  • 6-Choice Adult Barcelona Pass €179
  • 6-Choice Child Barcelona Pass €124
  • 7-Choice Adult Barcelona Pass €194
  • 7-Choice Child Barcelona Pass €134

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Top sights and attractions included in the Go Barcelona Pass

Sagrada Familia Guided Tour: €65

If you know anything about Barcelona, you know that this nearly-finished cathedral (construction started in 1882) is the city’s top attraction and something that everyone will want to visit.

You can visit on your own and purchase an audio guide if you want to rush through it, but this scheduled, guided tour will be much better. They only do two of these tours each day except in peak season, and you should reserve your spot in advance. Also, this tour includes skip-the-general-ticket-line access

If you do decide to just go on your own you should be prepared for very long queues. This is the city’s top attraction and it’s very crowded even when every other place is not busy at all.

Park Güell Guided Tour: €35

Gaudi’s other public masterpiece is the UNESCO World Heritage Site park and you are going to want to see it. Again, you can visit the place on your own for less, but this includes an expert guided tour. There are two tours each day and you have to book a spot in advance. Definitely worthwhile.

The hop-on, hop-off bus that is also included (see below) stops at Park Güell on the main route, so this is an easy one to visit on the same day you do the bus tour.

Casa Batlló: €35

Take a tour of this stunning Gaudi building, which is Barcelona’s second most popular attraction. You see this building from the street and it looks like it belongs in a cartoon. You might expect that it’s just gimmicky on the outside and fairly normal on the inside, but you’d be wrong. It’s very unusual all the way through and you are going to want to tour the place.

It’s another one located in the heart of the tourist district so it’s easy to reach and to get to another attraction shortly thereafter as well.

FC Barcelona – Camp Nou Tour: €28.00

Football/soccer fans know that FC Barcelona is one of the world’s most famous and successful clubs, and Camp Nou is one of the world’s most famous stadiums. If that means nothing to you then skip this, but for many people this will be a top highlight of Barcelona in general. The tourist bus below stops there, which is helpful because it’s a bit out of town.

Bus Turístic Tour – Hop-on, hop-off double decker bus: €33

Unlike most other cities, Barcelona has its own “official” hop-on, hop-off bus tour, and this is it. There are three routes and you can do all of them. Especially in Europe where cities are fairly compact, you can see a LOT on these bus tours and they are a great way to familiarize yourself with the main sights on your first full morning in town. Whether you buy the Go City Barcelona Pass or not, I highly recommend this tour. It stops at Sagrada Familia and Camp Nou among many other top attractions.

Barcelona Zoo: €21.40

Open since 1892, the Barcelona Zoo (along with the Aquarium mentioned below) is the top family attraction in the city and the location near the beach and the city center makes it easy to reach. The zoo is also on the Red Route of the included hop-on, hop-off bus, so you’ll be stopping there one way or another.

L’Aquàrium de Barcelona: €25

One of the biggest and best aquariums in Europe, this one is conveniently located in the port and at a HOHO bus stop. It’s most popular for younger visitors, as you’d guess.

Poble Espanyol (architectural museum): €14

This delightful open-air architectural museum features 117 buildings, streets, and squares that show off the famous building styles in Spain. It is helpfully right off a HOHO bus stop, so easy to reach.

Las Golondrinas Boat Cruise: €10.50

As a port city, Barcelona is obviously built along the sea and the best way to appreciate the famous sights is from this 40-minute boat cruise through the harbour and beyond.

Is the Go Barcelona Pass a good deal?

Most visitors who want to see the city and most famous sights in a few days are going to want to purchase the pass. If 4 or more of the expensive attractions appeal to you, and they should, then the Go City Barcelona Pass will be a good deal.

Even on a 2-day Go City Barcelona Pass you’ll be able to do at least 6 different sights or attractions if you plan ahead and plan to be out all day, both days. But, because the 3-day Go City Barcelona Pass is only a bit more expensive, it’s a better choice and better value for anyone in town for 3 full days.

The most important detail is whether you are truly interested in the included attractions. If you aren’t really an architecture fan (Barcelona has extremely unusual architecture that attracts many visitors) then the Pass might not be a wise choice. Even if you buy a pass you’ll want to at least see the Sagrada Familia cathedral from the outside.

Sample itinerary for the Go City Barcelona Pass

Day 1

Bus Turístic Tour – Hop-on, hop-off double decker bus: €33
FC Barcelona – Camp Nou Tour: €28.00 (A stop on the tourist bus route)
Park Güell Guided Tour: €35 (A stop on the tourist bus route)

Day 2

Sagrada Familia Guided Tour: €65
Casa Batlló: €35
Life of Picasso Walking Tour, plus entry to the Picasso Museum: €42

Day 3

Andorra and France from Barcelona: €129
Vineyard & Wine Cellar Day Trip: €79

  • Cost of doing these individually: €365 or €315
  • Cost of a 3-day Go City Barcelona Pass: €194 (or €185 with out discount code)

If you’ve got 3 sightseeing days in Barcelona and you want to hit all of the top attractions and still have some time in the afternoons and evenings to stroll La Rambla and visit the harbour area, you can save a small fortune with the pass. If you’ve only got 2 sightseeing days you can obviously skip the trips on the third day and the 2-Day Pass is only €159 (or €151 with our discount code), with €236 worth of top attractions.

Who the Go Barcelona Pass is perfect for

  • First-time visitors with at least 2 days in Barcelona
  • Fans of unusual architecture and FC Barcelona and/or fans of tasty ham

Who the Go Barcelona Pass is not good for

  • Visitors with only 1 day in Barcelona, or who have visited these attractions before
  • Backpackers on very low budgets and no wiggle room

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  1. Bob Lees says:

    How do we reserve our time for Sagrada Familia Guided Tour? I would like to see if my days are available for the tour before purchasing the pass, is that doable? Thanks.

    1. Roger Wade says:


      They have a link to book your time spot on the guide Sagrada Familia tour. It looks like they have spots available every day through at least next January. Have fun! -Roger

  2. Suzy Winston says:

    If I buy the pass, does it get me into the Sagrada Familia on a tour and do I have to wait in a long line? I was also thinking of doing the hop on half off the same day. Do you think that’s doable? I was also thinking of spending almost a full day at Montserrat including lunch at a winery. I have two full days in Barcelona. Thank you for any advice!

    1. Roger Wade says:


      Yes, the Sagrada Familia tour offered through the Go City Barcelona Pass allows you to skip the line. You have to make reservations and those can sell out weeks in advance, so it’s best to do that as soon as possible. And yes, doing the Sagrada Familia on the same day as the hop-on, hop-off bus is a fine idea. The HOHO buses all stop at the Sagrada Familia. So as long as you start the bus tour early enough to make it there for your reserved tour time, it will work out perfectly. Including the tour you probably won’t spend more than two hours at the cathedral. It’s an amazing place, but it’s very busy and crowded so it’s not the kind of place you’d want to spend half a day there.

      I haven’t been to Montserrat myself, but I know it’s only about 90 minutes away from Barcelona so I think it’ll make for a great day trip. Cities like Barcelona are always crowded, so getting out of town on one of your days sounds really nice. I hope that helps and let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger

  3. uplaksh says:

    Hi Roger..Really helpful article..My parents, my wife and I are in Barcelona from 28th december afternoon to 31st morning (hence 2.5 days). We are staying in Samsó 2 street (corner Siracusa street).
    Wanted to visit Camp Nou, Casa Balto,Sagarda familia,Park Guell, Montjuïc, Museu Picasso, Casa Mila and to spend sometime at La Rambla and Gothic Quater. Would request your help on the best way to cover all/most of them. Request you to guide incase have missed something that i should not miss out on..thanks in advance

    1. Roger Wade says:


      Well, the Barcelona Pass covers many of the things on your list, and the hop-on, hop-off bus stops at all of them, including Camp Nou, and the start of the route is just in front of La Rambla, so I think it’s a good choice. If you’ve only got those 2.5 days I really do think the HOHO bus is a great way to see most of the famous Barcelona architecture and scenery in a short time, even if you don’t buy a Barcelona Pass. It doesn’t cover the inside of Sagrada Familia, but the bus stops there for close to 10 minutes so you can get some great photos of the outside and also take a tour and get back on another bus if you like. Aside from that I’m not sure what else I can help you with. -Roger

  4. Arlene says:

    I am trying to decide if the 2 or 3 day pass is worth it because we already booked a side trip in the middle of our 4 days in Barcelona. We have wed & thurs in Barcelona and then Saturday. We plan to see Sagrada familia, Park Guell,Casa Mila and Batllo, Picasso museum,. One of us is a senior(65). if we have a visit like this does it make sense to buy city pass?

    1. Roger Wade says:


      It doesn’t look like you are planning nearly enough of the included attractions to justify buying a Barcelona Pass. They are really great for those who want to do the (highly recommended) hop on hop off bus tour and many of the included sights that you can see along that route, but the pass doesn’t include most of the things you listed so you are better off just paying as you go. Have a fantastic trip. -Roger

  5. Kim Cook says:

    So there is a 1 day HoHo tour for about $30 per person? You say it has 3 routes, do you have to choose a route? And is it something you just ride thru town and can get on and off as you like?

    1. Roger Wade says:


      Yes, the one-day HOHO bus costs €29 on its own, so about US$34. You can ride any and all routes and you can get off at any stop and get back on a later bus. Just show your valid ticket to the driver when you get back on. However, the top deck of the buses is usually full when they leave the first stop in the main square, and if you get off one of the less popular stops you might find all those seats are still taken so you’ll have to ride downstairs. The stop for the Sagrada Familia stops for like 10 minutes and many people get off, so it’s usually easy to get a seat on top there, and also at some of the other more popular stops.

      The shorter route of the three mainly goes to the Olympic Village and back and it only runs April through September. If you do the other two-hour routes you may not find that one worthwhile on the same day. -Roger

  6. Tom says:

    If we have a Barcelona Pass, do we have to reserve specific times for all of the specific attractions that are covered by the Barcelona pass? Or do we just show up and they let us in? Thanks

    1. Roger Wade says:


      For most attractions you just show up and present your Barcelona Card instead of paying the admission price, and you are in. Most tours work that way as well, and you can just show up and go on the next one. But for something like the Best of Barcelona Bike Tour they ask you to make a reservation 24 hours in advance. So in a few cases you might have to reserve, but not for most of them. Have a great trip. -Roger

  7. mike wong says:

    we have only one day in Barcelona (arriving by cruise ship).
    we decided to see a lot of Gaudi: Familia Sagrada, Casa Batllo, La Pedrera. probably skip the Park. see Picasso Museum. may see market Boqueria (lunch). walk La Rambla. maybe walk the waterfront in early evening if convenient to ship’s dock as we leave @ 9:00

    I think it can be done, especially if we skip park, and waterfront.

    I am trying to plot a walking map…. but may take taxis to save time.

    So it appears that no pass can help save euros (we are seniors).
    we have used HOHO & passes in other cities. unfortunately our extra time is in the evening, when even the HOHO is not running.

    thank you for your thoughts?

    1. Roger Wade says:


      Your plan sounds quite ambitious, but I think you can get to most of those things as long as you are among the first off the ship. I really like the HOHO bus there since the route highlights many different architectural styles that are harder to see on foot and impossible from the Metro, of course. But the HOHO bus isn’t efficient for transportation between the attractions if your time is limited. On the other hand, the buses leave from the top of La Rambla and they go to most of the things on your list, so it could work. And you could perhaps skip the last hour or so of it, which is spent going out to Camp Nou and back. The lines at Sagrada Familia are usually long, and probably worse on a cruise-ship day, so if you can book a time there in advance it would be helpful. Have a wonderful trip. -Roger

  8. jane says:

    if i use my pass to get transport into the city at 3pm does that allow me to use the pass for the next 48 hours ?

    1. Roger Wade says:


      Yes, the Barcelona travel card will start upon first activation or use and then be good for 48 or 72 hours starting then. Have a great trip. -Roger

  9. Gordon says:

    Does the 3 day pass only allow for a one day pass on the HOHO Bus? Also are the entrance fees for the aquarium and boat cruise included? Are all prices are per adult each?

    1. Roger Wade says:


      Yes, all Barcelona Passes only include a one-day pass on the HOHO bus. In reality those buses move pretty slowly to use as transportation between attractions, so one day should be enough for almost anyone. There are a couple somewhat remote attractions such as Camp Nou Stadium that are good places to hop off and then hop back on after visiting, but for most of the route it’s best to get a good seat on the top deck and just enjoy the amazing scenery and architecture on a full tour. Then when you are done with the tour you can walk to many included attractions, or take the metro to others far more quickly and efficiently.

      The Barcelona Pass includes one free entry into the aquarium and also one ride on the boat cruise, so you just show your pass and walk in or aboard. And yes, the price of the Barcelona Pass is per adult, and each adult will need his or her own Barcelona Pass. Let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger

  10. Marietjie says:

    Does the 2 day ticket also includes entrance fees and also some art galleries like Miro gallery?

    1. Roger Wade says:


      Unfortunately the Barcelona Pass does not yet include entrance to any art galleries. It’s a new pass (as of 2017) and I expect that by next year it will include a few more things, hopefully including the Miro or some other notable art galleries. As of now the Barcelona Pass mostly focuses on architecture-related sights, as that is what the city is most famous for. -Roger