Find cheap hotels

How to find the cheapest hotels

While it’s true that most hotel-booking sites do show the same prices, very often one or more of them will show a better deal for some really good places. For example, the aggregator sites like usually show the best available price for most hotels, but usually a site like Expedia or or Hotwire will have special deals with certain hotels. In these cases you might find a room at a 3-star hotel for a 2-star price that isn’t shown on the aggregators. So it’s worth checking at least two or three sites before you lock in the hotel you’d like to book at.

Step 1 – Enter the city and travel dates in the search box above.

Step 2 – Click on “Get Best Providers” and the system will find all the best sites for your trip, which are most likely to offer the cheapest hotel deals.

Step 3 – You’ll see names and logos of all the best search sites, and with a single click you can send your trip details to each of them. Choose your favorite cheap hotel-booking site, plus at least two others. Each will open in its own window, and seconds later you’ll find the lowest price for each of them. The aggregator sites never show special deals, but most of the others do, so pay close attention to those in your price category to find the best and cheapest hotel for your stay.