Eurail Global Passes are 20% off for travel through March

If you are thinking about touring around Europe anytime between now and the end of March, 2014, there is good news. You can now get 20% off any Eurail Global Pass (the ones that include all 24 participating countries) as long as you purchase it by the end of 2013. And if you weren’t thinking about such a trip, you might just consider it.

It’s no secret that November through March are the slow tourist months in Europe so it makes sense that they’d lower the price to entice more travelers onto the rails. Again, just to be clear, this deal is only for the passes that include unlimited travel within the 24 participating countries over a set number of travel days or a set time period.

Suddenly the Eurail freedom factor is very affordable

We get tons of questions about whether Eurail Passes are good value for travelers in the comments of that article, and often the honest answer is that there are better alternatives. However, when you drop the price by 20% then Eurail Passes are going to be the cheapest option in many more cases, and they were already the most enjoyable option.

Even though it’s true that you now need seat reservations on most popular European trains, they are cheap (usually around €5 each) and very easy to get during the off season. Considering how expensive the train fares can be to walk-up travelers, it’s very worthwhile to also know that you have a seat waiting for you.

Let's run the numbers with the discount

The cheapest version of the Global Eurail Pass is for 10 travel days within 2 months. There is also an ongoing discount for groups of 2 to 5 people who always travel together in First Class called the Saver, and you can combine those discounts for this promotion.

10 travel days within 2 months

  • 2 First Class Saver Global Passes: US$1,290
  • 2 Second Class Saver Global Passes: US$988

Cost per travel day

  • First Class: US$64.45
  • Second Class: US$49.40

>>>Check discounted prices on Eurail Global Passes (US and Canada)
>>>Check discounted prices on Eurail Global Passes (rest of the world)

Personally, I think the First Class one is a better deal because paying only US$15 extra for a larger, more comfortable seat with tons of legroom is very worthwhile on any journey longer than two hours or so.

Keep in mind that these prices are for journeys of any length, so you could use it for, say, a ride from Berlin to Copenhagen, which takes 7 hours on even the fastest train and costs almost US$200 each way in Second Class if you buy it on the travel day. When you can keep the price of train trips this low, you can visit every corner of Europe in two months for very little.

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  1. Francisco says:

    Anyone knows if this disccount still takes place? If so, when does it starts?