These major attractions offer online ticket discounts up to 30%

The internet has become an indispensable tool for travel research as well as the way to get the best prices for flights and hotels, but you might not realize that you can save time and often money in other ways as well. More of the world’s most famous attractions are not only selling advanced tickets online, they are also offering discounts at the same time.

This works out as a great deal for everyone since visitors can save money by buying tickets in only a few clicks from a website, and allowing them to skip the often-long ticket queues as well. In some cases you pick up your ticket at a special Will Call window, while in many other cases you are allowed to actually print the tickets from home, or receive them in the mail.

Most museums don’t offer discounts yet, but do save time in the queue for online purchases

You’ll see in the list below of some of the more notable attractions that offer online discounts in advance that there aren’t many art museums. They might offer them in the future, but for now you can still actually buy tickets online for most major museums, allowing you to skip the queue.

Major attractions that offer online discounts

Below is a list of some notable examples from around the world. It seems likely that this trend will become more popular every year.






New York City



City passes can help you save even more

The idea of saving money by buying online is relatively new, but it’s not too different from the city passes that have been doing something similar for many years now. They typically include one or more city bus or boat tours, plus admission to most or all of the major attractions in that city.

These city passes aren’t exactly cheap, but for people who want to see most of the famous sights in only a few days, they tend to be a great way to save money and also save time by skipping the ticket queues.

It’s worth a look before you go anywhere

The number of attractions that are offering online ticket sales as well as online discounts is expanding rapidly. So far, the general rule of thumb is that art museums don’t offer discounts, but they do allow you to skip the ticket queue.

For more commercial attractions as well as popular tours, it seems likely that online discounts will become even more common, so it’s worth a look before you go somewhere. These businesses would prefer to get you to lock in a visit early because long queues are enough to turn some visitors away, and they also don’t want you to get distracted by another place on your way.

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