Cartagena prices


10000 COP = 2.65 USD

Cartagena hotel prices

Rating Price (USD)
7.95 - 21.21
17.40 - 34.50
21.23 - 80.34
36.60 - 80.87
95.88 - 140.75

Cartagena hostel prices

Type Price (USD)
Hostel bed
5.50 - 6.50

Hotel seasons


Cartagena hotels in are in the greatest demand from December through February, as well as during July and August. Prices are at their highest during Carnival so if you are coming then it’s best to book well in advance. The rest of the year is considered the low season, so good deals are far easier to come by.

Cartagena has become an extremely trendy destination in recent years, partly because the whole country had been considered a no-go zone due to security issues in the decades prior. Now things have changed, and budget travelers in particular are flocking to Colombia in general and Cartagena in particular.

Cartagena is probably the best bargain in the Caribbean at this point for hotels, food, drinks, and entertainment. The walled Old City is gorgeous and filled with excellent bargains, while the beach area of Bocagrande also has plenty of great-value options for everything you need.

Hotels are quite cheap, even during the high season, so this is a very popular destination for sun-seekers during the North American winter. The beaches close to the city aren’t the best you’ve seen, as the sand is more like a fine dirt. Still, that’s a minor point and the value here is fantastic.

As beautiful as the Old Town area is, it’s also the best place for bargain food and drinks because it’s a real city filled with locals and tourists from other Spanish-speaking countries.

Cartagena attraction prices

Location Description Type Price(USD)
Palace of Inquisition Museum In this lovely building you can learn about some of Colombia's early invaders. Mixed reviews on the displays. adults 5.30
child 4.51
San Felipe de Barajas Castle This historic fortress dates back to 1657 and is quite popular. adults 5.30

Cartagena transportation prices USD

Taxi from airport to Old City 3.18 - 4.77
Taxi from airport to Bocagrande 3.98 - 5.30
3km taxi ride in Cartagena 2.12 - 3.18
Bus ride in Cartagena 0.61
Public bus from airport to Cartagena 0.45

Cartagena food and drink prices USD

Food type   Price
Budget breakfast If your hotel doesn't include breakfast then you can by cheap street food and juices nearby. 1.51 - 2.65
Budget lunch Avoid the hotels and touristy places for meals like chicken, rice, plantains, and salad for a cheap and filling lunch. 2.23 - 3.71
Budget dinner You can dine with locals at the low end, but even many touristy places offer good value sit-down meals. 3.61 - 5.83
Beer (.33l bottle) Local lagers like Aguila Light and Club Colombia can are available from street vendors for cheap. 0.85 - 1.33

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Cartagena facts

Population 900,000
Metro area 1,250,000
Time zone UTC-5
Currency Colombian peso
Airports Rafael Núñez International Airport (CTG)

Avg temps & precip


weather advise for AmsterdamWeather advice

If you are a fan of temperatures swings you aren’t going to like Cartagena. The most pleasant months are November through March, when temperatures and humidity dip a little, and high winds make things even more comfortable. There are two rainy seasons, from mid March through May and October & November, but rainfall rarely gets out of hand.

Sunrise and sunset