Is the Barcelona Pass 2017 worth it? We review prices and value here

BarcelonaPortSculptureBarcelona is one of Europe's most popular sightseeing cities, with a climate that makes it accessible pretty much all year round. The main attraction here is the huge collection of whimsical and unusual architecture, much of it designed by Antoni Gaudi. First-time visitors are going to want to see as many of these buildings as possible, and the Barcelona Pass can be an excellent value for those who plan.

Just introduced in 2016, the Barcelona Pass includes 16 major attractions including the hugely popular hop-on, hop-off bus with 3 different routes. The list of included attractions will continue to grow, so it's very possible that it will include more things by the time you reach the city. Below we will examine the Barcelona Pass offer and see who could get good value out of it.

The short version on who should buy a Barcelona Pass

BarcelonaHOHObusIf you enjoy the efficiency and convenience of the hop-on, hop-off bus tours as a way to see a city quickly, you'll love the one in Barcelona and you'll probably want to buy a Barcelona Pass. Even with the 2-day Pass it's easy to get good value out of it, especially if a discount is running. You'll probably also have a chance to do a couple things that you might have otherwised skipped, for free.

The Barcelona Pass does NOT cover the inside of the Sagrada Familia cathedral, although the HOHO bus does stop outside for enough time to get excellent photos. If you prefer to see sights slowly and thoroughly, it might be hard to get value out of the Barcelona Pass. Those who plan in advance can easily do 3 or 4 things each day, so it will save them money. But if you are usually disorganized and don't like to plan your sightseeing days, the pass should probably be skipped.

What’s included in the Barcelona Pass

  • Barcelona Attraction Pass good for 16 (and counting) major attractions
  • One-day pass for the hop-on, hop-off bus tour (3 routes)
  • A guidebook with maps explaining each attraction
  • An optional travelcard good for unlimited public transport

Prices of the 2017 Barcelona Pass

  • 2-Day Adult Barcelona Pass €109
  • 2-Day Child Barcelona Pass €69
  • 3-Day Adult Barcelona Pass €129
  • 3-Day Child Barcelona Pass €79

Prices of 2017 Barcelona Pass with unlimited transport card

  • 2-Day Adult Barcelona Pass €123
  • 2-Day Child Barcelona Pass €83
  • 3-Day Adult Barcelona Pass €149
  • 3-Day Child Barcelona Pass €99

Special discount for Price of Travel readers

You can get the Barcelona Card at 10% off at this link using promo code POT10. Look for “Promo code? Click here” under Step 5 Payment Details on the main order screen. Expires Thursday, November 23, 2017.

Is the transport card worthwhile?

GaudiBuildingThe unlimited Barcelona Travel Card option will cost you exactly the same as if you bought the card once you arrived in Barcelona. So if you are going to get one anyway you might as well buy one with the Barcelona Pass. Barcelona is a huge city and if your hotel is not near the central tourist district you will almost certainly be riding the Metro and/or buses many times each day.

If your hotel is within a close walk of one of the top attractions, it is probably also close to the HOHO bus route. If that's the case, and especially if you are only buying a 2-day Pass, you might want to skip the Transport Card. But for a 3-day Pass and especially if your hotel is a bit away from the center, the Transport Card will save you a lot of hassle and probably some money as well.

Top sights and attractions included in the Barcelona Pass

One-day hop-on, hop-off Barcelona bus tour (3 routes): €28

These bus tours are by far the best way to discover Barcelona's amazing architecture, along with all the other main sights, in a short time. Highly recommended whether you get the Barcelona Pass or not.

Camp Nou – Barcelona FC stadium tour: €23

CampNouThere's a HOHO stop just outside this extremely famous football stadium, and the tour is incredibly popular among anyone who follows European club football/soccer.

Even if you aren't a big football fan, you should find this stadium tour to be interesting because it's a legendary venue.

Casa Milá (La Pedrera): €20.50

This most-famous Gaudi building is the best and easiest to tour to learn about and appreciate his whimsical architectural style. It's located in the heart of Barcelona so you'll be passing by it whether you intend to or not.

Casa Batlló: €22.50

CasaBattloTake a tour of this stunning Gaudi building, which is Barcelona's second most popular attraction.

It's another one located in the heart of the tourist district so it's easy to reach and to get to another attraction shortly thereafter as well.

Jamón (Iberian ham) Experience: €19

Once you arrive in Spain you'll realize that Iberian ham is amazingly popular and amazingly good. This place is in the heart of the La Rambla area and offers a one-hour self-guided experience that includes 6 samples of ham and 2 drinks (including beer or wine or soft drinks).

Poble Espanyol (architectural museum): €13

This delightful open-air architectual museum features 117 buildings, streets, and squares that show off the famous building styles in Spain. It is helpfully right off a HOHO bus stop, so easy to reach.

L’Aquàrium de Barcelona: €20

One of the biggest and best aquariums in Europe, this one is conveniently located in the port and at a HOHO bus stop. It's most popular for younger visitors, as you'd guess.

Las Golondrinas Boat Cruise: €15

As a port city, Barcelona is obviously built along the sea and the best way to appreciate the famous sights is from this 40-minute boat cruise through the harbour and beyond.

Gaudí Exhibition Centre: €15

Centrally located next to the Cathedral (not the Sagrada Familia), the Gaudí Exhibition Centre is a modern museum dedicated to Barcelona's most famous son, Atonio Gaudí. There are virtual reality displays and other features that you might not expect at an architecture museum.

Major attractions that AREN'T included in the Barcelona Pass

  • Basilica of the Sagrada Familia: €15 and up
  • Park Guell Monumental Zone(the rest of the park is free): €7

Is the Barcelona Pass a good deal?

LaRamblaMost visitors who want to see the city and most famous sights in a few days are going to want to do the hop-on, hop-off bus tour for sure. If 3 or more of the remaining expensive attractions appeal to you, and they almost certainly will, then the Barcelona Pass will be a good deal.

Even on a 2-day Barcelona Pass you'll be able to do at least 6 different sights or attractions (including the HOHO bus) if you plan ahead. Since the 3-day Barcelona Pass is only a bit more expensive, it's a better choice and better value for anyone in town for 3 full days.

SagradaBaseThe most important detail is whether you are truly interested in the included attractions. If you aren't really an architecture fan (Barcelona has extremely unusual architecture) then the Pass might not be a wise choice. Even if you buy a pass you'll want to at least see the Sagrada Familia cathedral from the outside, which is easy because the HOHO bus stops in front of it for several minutes. You can also hop off and go inside if you can bear the crowds or make reservations in advance.

Who the Barcelona Pass is perfect for

  • First-time visitors with at least 2 days in Barcelona
  • Visitors who plan on doing the HOHO bus and several more attractions
  • Fans of unusual architecture and FC Barcelona and/or fans of tasty ham

Who the Barcelona Pass is not good for

  • Visitors with only 1 day in Barcelona, or who have visited these attractions before
  • Backpackers on very low budgets
  • Visitors who scoff at HOHO bus tours

Special discount for Price of Travel readers

You can get the Barcelona Card at 10% off at this link using promo code POT10. Look for “Promo code? Click here” under Step 5 Payment Details on the main order screen. Expires Thursday, November 23, 2017.

2 Responses to “Is the Barcelona Pass 2017 worth it? We review prices and value here”

Marietjie says:

Does the 2 day ticket also includes entrance fees and also some art galleries like Miro gallery?



    Unfortunately the Barcelona Pass does not yet include entrance to any art galleries. It’s a new pass (as of 2017) and I expect that by next year it will include a few more things, hopefully including the Miro or some other notable art galleries. As of now the Barcelona Pass mostly focuses on architecture-related sights, as that is what the city is most famous for. -Roger


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