Oslo is the gateway to Norway’s famous fjords and other natural attractions, so it’s a good thing that it’s usually not necessary to spend more than a day or two in the capital. Charming as it may be, Oslo is very expensive by nearly anyone’s standards, on a level near Stockholm, but without some of the obvious tourist attractions.

The city is a business hub, however, so there are quite a few well-appointed hotels catering to the trade show and convention business. Prices at these Oslo hotels can vary from reasonable during slow periods to outrageous during Nobel Prize week and other busy times.

Transportation is also comparatively expensive, as are the main attractions, so if you are on a backpacker budget it’s important to plan wisely and take advantage of the free things, like the National Gallery.

Food is quite expensive as well, and even fast-food options can cost more than a proper meal in southern European cities. Drinks are typically outrageous for Scandinavia, so consider the duty-free shops on the way in.

Oslo prices


10 NOK = 1.13 USD

Oslo facts

Population 900,000
Metro area 1,400,000
Time zone UTC+1
Currency Norwegian kroner
Airports Oslo Airport, Gardermoen (OSL)

Oslo hotel prices

Rating Price (USD)
51.80 - 86.82
64.19 - 141.33
76.01 - 174.21
141.33 - 180.18

Recommended hotels


CityBox Oslo

Doubles from €114/night

Our pick: The best cheap and central 3-star hotel in Oslo

Hotel seasons


Oslo is more of a business city than a tourism city from a hotel standpoint, so things can be tough for travelers on a budget. The peak season is during Nobel Prize week in the autumn, when prices skyrocket. Oslo hotel prices are otherwise determined by which conventions and meetings are in town, so it’s always hard to predict. You can sometimes get good deals at nicer hotels on weekend as well.

Oslo hostel prices

Type Price (USD)
Hostel bed
28.72 - 31.53

Recommended hostels


Saga Poshtel Oslo Central

Beds from €42/night

Our pick: The best cheap and central hostel in Oslo

Oslo attraction prices

Location Description Type Price(USD)
Royal Palace guided tour For a couple months each summer visitors can tour the royal residency, though getting tickets isn't easy. adults 10.70
children 9.57
seniors 9.57
Munch Museum Edvard Munch's famous "The Scream" keeps getting stolen, but it's back. Another version is at the National Gallery. adults 13.51
Viking Ship Museum A bit outside the center you can visit some ships and other artifacts. adults 11.26
children 0.00
National Gallery The National Gallery has a Munch room and much more so it's a bargain. adults 5.63
students 3.38

Oslo transportation prices USD

Taxi from airport to city center 84.46 - 123.87
Airport Express train to city center 20.27
Suburban train from airport to city 10.14
Airport express bus to city center 16.89
3km taxi ride in Oslo 11.26 - 14.64
Metro/tram/bus/boat ride in Oslo 3.72 - 6.19

Oslo food and drink prices USD

Food type   Price
Budget breakfast Your hotel or hostel will probably include breakfast, but cheap options from bakeries or 7-Eleven are available if needed. 6.76 - 11.26
Budget lunch Sit-down lunches start at the top end of this range, but you can buy sandwiches and other take-away meals for less. 9.01 - 14.64
Budget dinner Sitting down for a traditional local meal can cost a fortune, but those on a budget can always find something. 13.51 - 27.03
Beer (pint) Only at the cheapest places (Destiny Pub) can you find beer that doesn't seem outrageously priced in Oslo. 6.76 - 10.14
Beer .5L (retail) Ringes is the popular local lager, and it's expensive even in supermarkets. Tuborg is the same price. 2.70 - 4.50
Sandwich Pre-made sandwiches from 7-Eleven and Deli de Luca are pretty good budget lunch options. 5.63 - 9.01
Bottle of wine (retail) Wine tends to be predictably pricey in restaurants, but in the state-run liquor stores it's a relative bargain. 10.59 - 28.15

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Not surprisingly, summer is the best and most popular time to visit Oslo, as well as the various natural attractions to its north. Summer days long and almost always warm but rarely so hot that it becomes a problem. Spring and autumn can be okay, with autumn normally being much rainier. In winter the days are short and the city is often frozen for weeks at a time.

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