Cairo prices


100 EGP = 6.37 USD

Cairo hotel prices

Rating Price (USD)
12.00 - 20.00
15.00 - 24.00
24.00 - 50.00
57.00 - 129.00
108.00 - 245.00

Cairo hostel prices

Type Price (USD)
Hostel bed
5.54 - 9.41

Hotel seasons


Hotel seasons in Cairo closely follow the weather, with peak prices usually from December through April, and the lowest prices of the year from June through August. Especially for the winter holidays, if you know you are coming then you are advised to book as early as possible.

Prices can fluctuate greatly at the high-end international chain hotels, but prices tend to be fairly stable at the local and independent chains and hotels. Often a 2-star hotel in downtown Cairo used to be a fancy place that has become a bit worn out, so you can save a lot of money if you are willing to stay at a place that’s seen better days.

It’s not difficult to find a hotel room once you arrive, but the taxi/airport situation can be treacherous so if you don’t have a place reserved to be taken to then there’s no telling where you’ll end up. Booking at least your first night in advance is probably worthwhile.

Cairo is a great bargain for the budget traveler. It’s one of those places with more or less parallel systems, with luxury travelers having plenty to choose from but backpacker types can also find good hotels and meals at very reasonable prices.

Tours and trips starting from Cairo are almost all very negotiable in price, so be prepared to bargain hard for the best deals. You can hire a driver and car for the whole day at an amazingly affordable price, but don’t be surprised if you are frequently stopping off at souvenir emporiums and restaurants that also give kick-backs to your driver.

Food is quite cheap by European standards as long as you go to places where locals sometimes go rather than only to tourist joints with English menus. Alcohol isn’t easy to find in most restaurants, though there are small liquor shops in most neighborhoods so getting some cold beers and such to take with you really isn’t too difficult.

Cairo attraction prices

Location Description Type Price(USD)
Great Pyramids & Sphinx This price gets you into the grounds and not inside the pyramids themselves. If you don't arrive as part of a tour, you'll be relentlessly pursued by guides. adults 5.10
Great Pyramid of Khufu This is a separate admission to enter the largest of the pyramids at the complex adults 25.49
Pyramid of Menkaure This is a separate admission to a smaller pyramid at the complex adults 3.82
Egyptian Museum This is the absolute must-see attraction in Cairo itself. Admission does NOT include entrance to the (disappointing) mummy exhibit. adults 7.65
Mummy exhibit Once you enter the Egyptian Museum, you have to pay this very high separate admission to see the small mummy exhibit upstairs. adults 9.56

Cairo transportation prices USD

Taxi from airport to city center 3.19 - 3.82
Public bus from airport to city center 0.64
3km taxi ride in Cairo 2.23 - 3.19
Metro ride in Cairo 0.19 - 0.45

Cairo food and drink prices USD

Food type   Price
Budget breakfast Many hotels will include breakfast in the price. Otherwise, check local cafes and street stands for great deals. 3.51 - 6.05
Budget lunch As long as you avoid tourist restaurants, you can eat really well and cheaply in Cairo. 4.14 - 8.60
Budget dinner Assuming you want to dine at a cafe or local restaurant, you can still eat local favorites for very little. 6.05 - 12.75
Beer (.33l bottle) There are few bars in Cairo that are not at hotels or filled with prostitutes. 3.19 - 4.46
Beer (.33l bottle, retail) You can get good local beer at little shops if you can't find a good bar. 1.78 - 2.29

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Cairo facts

Population 6,800,000
Metro area 18,000,000
Time zone UTC+2
Currency Egyptian pound
Airports Cairo International Airport (CAI)

Avg temps & precip


weather advise for AmsterdamWeather advice

Though it’s famously in a desert, Cairo has very pleasant temperatures from November through April, and it even gets a bit chilly at night. From May through October the daytime highs can get a bit uncomfortable, especially when combined with the humidity that swells up in the Nile Valley during this time of year. At least the nights can be pleasant during summer, but sightseeing during the day can really take its toll.

As you can see from the chart above, Cairo gets almost no rainfall at any time of the year, so at the very least you can save space in your luggage by leaving your umbrella and rain gear at home.

Sunrise and sunset


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