Tel Aviv continues to transform itself into a popular Mediterranean beach destination that draws in increasingly diverse crowds. From a price standpoint it’s very similar to most of southern Europe, so it’s not quite the bargain beach city that some people hope for.

Hotels in Tel Aviv range from modest budget places and hostels in the city center to luxurious beach resorts. During the busy summer months, or during any major Jewish holiday, prices can seem quite high. During the winter months you can find bargains, but the weather isn’t well suited to sunbathing and such.

Attractions are often free or quite cheap, so cultural tourists or those just coming for the beach won’t have to spend a fortune once you arrive. Food and drink prices range from very modest for street food to very high for tourist restaurants in the top hotels.

Tel Aviv prices


10 ILS = 3.16 USD

Tel Aviv facts

Population 1,300,000
Metro area 3,300,000
Time zone UTC+2
Currency Israeli new shekel
Airports Ben Gurion International Airport (TLV)

Tel Aviv hotel prices

Rating Price (USD)
31.00 - 57.00
70.00 - 122.00
94.00 - 184.00
111.00 - 328.00
198.00 - 420.00

Hotel seasons


Hotels and hostels in Tel Aviv are fairly expensive all year round, with high season generally running from June through August, but also any of the major Jewish holidays. Low season is the balance of the November through February period.

Tel Aviv hostel prices

Type Price (USD)
Hostel bed
13.50 - 28.00

Tel Aviv attraction prices

Location Description Type Price(USD)
Eretz Israel Museum This popular museum tells the history of the city and its archaeology and its culture. adults 16.46
students 11.08
ages 0-17 0.00
Tel-Aviv Museum of Art The main modern and contemporary art museum in the country. adults 15.82
students 12.66
ages 0-17 0.00

Tel Aviv transportation prices USD

Taxi from airport to city center 42.72 - 56.96
Train from airport to city center 4.27
3km taxi ride in Tel Aviv 6.33 - 9.49
Bus ride in Tel Aviv 1.87 - 2.94

Tel Aviv food and drink prices USD

Food type   Price
Budget breakfast Your hotel will likely include breakfast. If not you'll find plenty of budget options nearby. 6.33 - 9.49
Budget lunch Falafels, hummus, and other local favorites can be cheap and delicious lunches. 7.59 - 12.66
Budget dinner Avoiding the touristy places is the key to eating well on a budget in Tel Aviv. 9.49 - 15.82
Beer (pint) Beer is now quite expensive in most Tel Aviv bars and restaurants. 7.59 - 11.08
Wine (glass) Some local wines are good values in Israel. 6.33 - 9.49
Coffee (cup) A cup of coffee in a sidewalk cafe will obviously cost more than a take-away cup. 2.53 - 3.80

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Avg temps & precip


weather advise for AmsterdamWeather advice

Tel Aviv has over 300 sunny days each year, with the only regular rainfall occurring during December and January. It’s humid all year round, and days during summer can get quite steamy. The entire period from April through November typically has temperatures that are suited to lying on the beach.

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