World taxi prices: What a 3-kilometer ride costs in 88 big cities

Here at Price of Travel we are now tracking travel prices in over 200 different cities around the world, hoping to help travelers make an accurate budget as well as pick places where their money goes furthest. Not surprisingly, transportation prices can vary dramatically, so we are tracking the cost of getting to and from the airport and getting around town, using taxis as well as public transportation.

In general, taxi prices can be very confusing in any given city, so trying to compare all the cities together was complicated. To do this we decided to track a typical price range of a 3-kilometer (about 2 mile) trip in each destination. We use price ranges instead of “average” prices because many cities have different prices with each company, or different price structures at night or on weekends.

So the prices below run from cheapest to most expensive, and some of the results are surprising. With the exception of the junker taxis used in India and the Mercedes taxis used in parts of Europe, the cars themselves tend to be very similar. For example, taxis in Bangkok are almost all late-model Toyota Camrys with air-conditioning, and yet the ride costs almost nothing compared to the most expensive cities.

Updated for 2017

This article was originally researched and written in late 2010. We've updated all of the fares for 2017 and added many new cities.

Also, check out our public transportation prices in 80 worldwide cities comparison as well.

NOTE: All exchange rates were updated as of June, 2017, shifting things around a bit.

Cost of a 3-kilometer taxi ride in 88 major cities

*All prices converted into US dollars on June 8, 2017

The left price reflects little to no waiting in traffic, the right price reflects high-traffic situations plus night or weekend surcharges. In many of the cheaper taxi cities it can be nearly impossible to get the official metered rate.

$0.82 – $1.24 Delhi, India
$0.87 – $2.90 La Paz, Bolivia
$0.88 – $1.37 Mexico City, Mexico
$0.93 – $1.40 Mumbai, India
$1.03 – $2.05 Marrakech, Morocco
$1.09 – $1.63 Antigua, Guatemala
$1.21 – $1.62 Manila, Philippines
$1.41 – $2.34 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
$1.43 – $2.87 Zanzibar Town, Tanzania
$1.51 – $2.26 Kuta, Bali, Indonesia
$1.54 – $2.05 Fez, Morocco
$1.59 – $2.65 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
$1.76 – $2.94 Bangkok, Thailand
$1.79 – $2.68 Yangon, Myanmar
$1.79 – $2.24 Arusha, Tanzania
$1.86 – $2.32 Cape Town, South Africa
$1.91 – $2.94 Beijing, China
$1.94 – $2.77 Cairo, Egypt
$1.98 – $3.09 Hanoi, Vietnam
$2.00 – $4.00 Quito, Ecuador
$2.25 – $3.27 Dubai, UAE
$2.27 – $4.25 Istanbul, Turkey
$2.28 – $2.43 Kathmandu, Nepal
$2.30 – $3.16 Sofia, Bulgaria
$2.50 – $3.38 Shanghai, China
$2.50 – $3.13 Buenos Aires, Argentina
$2.74 – $4.88 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
$2.76 – $5.35 Seoul, South Korea
$2.81 – $3.51 Montevideo, Uruguay
$2.82 – $5.63 Amman, Jordan
$2.94 – $5.35 Krakow, Poland
$3.00 – $4.00 Santa Ana, El Salvador
$3.00 – $5.00 Panama City, Panama
$3.26 – $5.80 Singapore, Singapore
$3.45 – $4.51 Santiago, Chile
$3.52 – $7.03 Moscow, Russia
$3.52 – $5.28 St. Petersburg, Russia
$3.53 – $5.77 Hong Kong, China
$3.58 – $5.97 Prague, Czech Republic
$4.00 – $10.00 New York City, USA
$4.32 – $5.98 Taipei, Taiwan
$4.49 – $6.74 Lisbon, Portugal
$4.53 – $6.20 San Jose, Costa Rica
$4.54 – $4.99 Zagreb, Croatia
$4.70 – $5.83 Budapest, Hungary
$5.31 – $7.97 Beirut, Lebanon
$5.38 – $6.73 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
$5.62 – $7.87 Athens, Greece
$5.62 – $7.87 Madrid, Spain
$5.62 – $8.99 Tallinn, Estonia
$5.67 – $8.50 Tel Aviv, Israel
$5.93 – $9.63 Vancouver, Canada
$5.93 – $8.89 Montreal, Canada
$6.02 – $9.02 Melbourne, Australia
$6.67 – $9.63 Toronto, Canada
$6.74 – $11.24 Dublin, Ireland
$6.78 – $9.69 Nairobi, Kenya
$7.08 – $11.24 Rome, Italy
$7.50 – $11.00 Washington DC, United States
$7.66 – $10.79 Auckland, New Zealand
$7.87 – $11.24 Barcelona, Spain
$8.00 – $15.00 Orlando, United States
$8.00 – $11.00 Chicago, United States
$8.20 – $13.00 Boston, United States
$8.27 – $13.68 Sydney, Australia
$8.27 – $11.48 Stockholm, Sweden
$8.33 – $11.36 Cairns, Australia
$8.87 – $10.70 Lima, Peru
$8.99 – $11.24 Brussels, Belgium
$8.99 – $13.48 Munich, Germany
$8.99 – $13.48 Vienna, Austria
$9.08 – $11.80 Tokyo, Japan
$10.11 – $13.48 Berlin, Germany
$10.39 – $15.58 London, England
$10.39 – $10.39 Amsterdam, Netherlands
$11.00 – $15.00 Honolulu, United States
$11.00 – $15.00 San Francisco, United States
$11.22 – $11.28 Copenhagen, Denmark
$11.24 – $16.85 Paris, France
$11.24 – $16.85 Helsinki, Finland
$11.24 – $15.73 Monaco, Monaco
$11.69 – $18.18 Edinburgh, Scotland
$11.78 – $15.31 Oslo, Norway
$12.00 – $16.00 Los Angeles, USA
$12.16 – $19.26 Reykjavik, Iceland
$13.48 – $16.85 Nice, France
$15.00 – $20.00 Miami Beach, United States
$18.56 – $24.74 Zurich, Switzerland

Notes about world taxi prices

  • The prices above reflect metered prices, although in some cities each company charges its own rates.
  • Generally, if you are obviously a tourist, the cheaper the normal price the greater chance that the meter will be “broken” or unavailable.
  • These figures are for in-the-city rides, many airports add an additional surcharge in one or both directions.
  • Typical airport-to-city price ranges can be found on each of the main city pages, along with public transportation prices.
  • Some cities charge more at night or on weekends, so the overall range tends to be greater in those cases.
  • Prices for waiting/standing still and typical traffic conditions vary from city to city, and this also increases the price range.

Being honest, even when all companies in a city use a fixed price scheme it can still be difficult to research them because many taxi drivers make a better living by the public not knowing what they should really expect to pay. On the other hand, we are confident that all of these are at least very close, although if you have new information we'd love to hear from you so we can update our records.

The worst confusion almost always involves airport taxi scams, so it's worth being aware of those before you arrive anywhere.

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Kelly Harmon @hiptraveler says:

Thanks, really great research ~ fantastic article for travelers!

(although we’ve probably all experienced a jimmied taxi meter while traveling)

AntónioCostaAmaral (AA) says:

Luanda, Angola -> 100 Angolan Kwanza = $1.10, fixed by legislation

Chris Backe (AKA Chris in South Korea) says:

The price for Seoul is right on – had to stop and reconvert back into US dollars…

Milomir Djordjevic says:

Belgrade, Serbia 4.15-5.45 $, althought I would mention (at the beginning of the ride) that I need a receipt at the end of the ride.

shams says:

feel like Damascus would have been even cheaper?

Taxi amsterdam says:

Its not correct About the Amsterdam taxis. We don’t have a waiting price. Only counts the driven kilometers. The starting price is €7,50 with 2 free kilometers. After that it becomes €2,20 the kilometer. So the price for 3 kilometers will always be €9,70 =$13,70. Please change it on your site. Also the state of our taxi’s here is different. We almost all drive mercedeses,Audi and BMW from not older then an average of 4 years old.

    admin says:

    Thanks, Dave. I’ve updated the main Amsterdam city page. I used to live in Amsterdam, but I almost never took taxis because of the cost (and that everything is close). They definitely are nice vehicles, and no waiting time is very unusual, so thanks for that.

Matthew Holt says:

I dont believe the Aman, Jordan price. We several times went almost completely across town (at least 10kms) several times in 2007 and always rounded UP to one dinar (same as a Euro)

Also I think New York City is way cheaper per mile than San Francisco (where I live). JFK to Manhattan is 45 minutes and about $50. SFO to downtown SF is about 20 mins and about $40. If you want to do the same page for many cities in the US that would be interesting.

Tcat says:

Baja Norte, MX 3KM (about 2 miles) About $2.50 USD Night small increase on per KM rate. “Libre” is the largest. “Eco” has a smaller fleet, cheaper. Libre is white with orange stripe, Eco is all bright yellow and even smaller sub-compact than Libre.

Off-meter flat rate easy to agree to.

Tcat says:

Further confusing the matter in Baja Norte, MX is the ‘collective taxi, (as NYC is trying now).
They follow the bus route, and compete with the buses.
Typically a mini-van, route marked by color code of mini-van.

12 Mi (20KM) avg. is $1.00 USD.

Not “free” (libre) to go *anywhere* in the classic taxi sense.
Does some minor route changes for customers (pull up a street for someone with luggage).

Runs 24 hrs, however @ night on a slow route, you will sit until:

A) It fills or
B) the mini-group agrees to ‘buy-out’ the empty seats.

Tipping is rounding off the peso. (about $0.08 to the peso.

It *is* considered a taxi service, and runs when the buses do not ($0.65) on the same route.

pinoypen says:

Taxi ride in the Philippines may cost lower than what is listed here as you travel longer distance. There is a flag down rate of $0.71 for the first 500 meters and $0.06 for every 300m thereof.

Tom says:

I’m sorry, it’s good link bait but a silly list because in much of the ‘developing world’ the price is wide open if you care about saving your money. I assume you’re American, because most American’s think in terms of fixed prices as that is what we are used to. I did too, before I left.

Trust me, if it’s not too hot and I’m feeling feisty I can go more than 3 km here in Bali for less than the prices you posted, in the daytime anyway. I never feel that feisty admittedly!

You should tell everyone to take a Bluebird Taxi in Bali on your Bali page btw. Most others are taxi mafia, tedious bastards who want to fight over everything. Still way better than Jakarta or Medan drivers, or your average Indian rickshaw wallah… Also can we count Kolkata non-motorised rickshaws as taxi drivers?

Bottom line, if you extract yourself from the bargaining process, you can pay lots MORE than these prices in every ‘developing world’ city on your list. Actual travelers, I mean ppl who go for years not a few months, know what I mean. Hey that would be an interesting list: how much you can be taken for if you are unaware or don’t really care…

Also: “Food and drinks are also very cheap by most standards, though not as cheap as in Southeast Asia.” Um, I think Indonesia and Bali are still considered SE Asia.

    admin says:

    Tom, thanks for your thoughts. There are many things that complicate making comparisons like this, so we tried our best to compare apples to apples, meaning “what a tourist is likely to pay in a tourist area.” My experience is that it’s far more common to have to pay more, rather than less, than these prices in some areas, especially if you are a tourist. Here in Chiang Mai, I can’t get the drivers to use the meter no matter what I do, so I pay about double, which is still a decent bargain. This was also only comparing metered taxis rather than rickshaws or tuk-tuks or motorbike taxis or any other variant. As you probably know, tuk-tuks in Bangkok usually insist on trying to charge more than the far-nicer air-con taxis.

ron says:

Don’t see Boston on the list. The taxis are more expensive than in NYC and I believe more than LA. Also the worst taxi fleet in the USA.

Konstantin says:

I live in Halifax, eastern canada, and the other day I took a cab that cost me a little over nine dollars, (including traffic) that took me less than three kilometres. The only reason I took a cab (usually I would walk that distance) is because I thought, oh, it will only be five or six dollars. I would even say that it could be closer to two kilometres. I think that this fare is ridiculous, and the overall time of the ride was about 10 minutes. is that ridiculous or am I just inexperienced?

Although Halifax is a small city it is a port city and has many newcomers.

Vol says:

Taxi cost in Minsk, Belarus makes from $0,95 to $1,25 for 3 kilometers

Comparison: costs of taxi rides around the world says:

[…] World taxi prices: What a 3-kilometer ride costs in 72 big cities. […]

Shelton Orlowsky says:

What can I say, this is a very nice website!

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[…] сообщает сайт Price of Travel , всего было проанализировано 100 городов по всему миру. […]

elsy says:

Entonces mexico no es de los mas caros…que cosa!!

MIkael says:

Greetings from Zürich. *sigh*

Public transportation prices in 80 worldwide cities « Price of Travel – Make a budget at a glance says:

[…] the public transportation system, especially on longer journeys. As we recently displayed in our world taxi prices comparison, even a short trip can be incredibly expensive in some […]

RK says:

Tbilisi, Georgia – whole public transport 0.23-0.28$ (0.40 – 0.5 lari)

from St.Petersbourg, Russia says:

are you kidding? I’m from St.Petersbourg. well, there is only 1 km from my house to the nearest subway. and taxi costs about $5 for it! how did you calculate this price??? there isn’t such price in St.Petersbourg! it’s just impossible.

    admin says:

    Thanks for the comment/correction about St. Petersburg. Prices in Russia do seem very complicated since there’s a mix of informal taxis and rip-off professional drivers. If you are paying that much for such a short ride things must really be bad there, since that makes it one of the most expensive cities on earth, without the high incomes to back it up. Is there a higher “official rate” you can point me to?

Tuncay SEÇKİN says:

İstanbul Taxi prices Evening and night SAME…

Momchil says:

3 km in Bulgaria are less than 2 USD. Author should correct the post.

    Roger Wade says:

    Thanks for the comment and the follow-up information, Momchil. The price for Sofia has been fixed on its own page and on this post.

ricardo cid says:

En primer lugar informarles que el taxi y los taxistas de Madrid somos de los mejores del mundo, catalogados por como los 6º mejores. Sobre el traslado aeropuerto barajas a madrid, , la distancia a la ciudad es de las mas cortas de europa, el precio medio al centro ciudad esta entre unos 20 y 30 euros aproximadamente, ademas los precios no se negocian , van en taximetro y estan regulados por el ayuntamiento, con toda la seguridad para el usuario.
Todos los taxis tienen la obligacion de llevar en la ventanillas las tarifas visibles, poner el taximetro cuando monta el cliente y pedir factura o ticket , si tienen algun problema se puede denunciar o llamar a la policia en el momento. Pero espero que no lo tengan que hacer.
Ricardo Cid (psicotaxi)

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Irene says:

You have wrong prices at list in Finlad, Helsinki. You wrote 13,89-19,44 but it´s fail. Right price is 9,47 eur (= 12.34 US dollars). Count yourself from web site:

ivica says:

price of taxi in zagreb is not correct
The exact price is 5,60$ – 7,60$
correct mistake

Daria says:

geez guys taxi prices in moscow are verry much higher say at night and it also depends on location. For 4 bucks mentioned they’ll drive u like a 100m)) an airport drive to central moscow say from sheremetievo airport may cost u a $100 if u take a wrong guy))

Pricce says:

Yeah, many of you commenteers seem not to understand that in many countries there are 2 prices for everything.. Tourist price and local price.. Yeah, I am sure that in Croatia and Bulgaria there is possible for local people to get cab cheaper than tourist…