Singapore prices


10 SGD = 7.46 USD

Singapore hotel prices

Rating Price (USD)
23.88 - 38.81
47.76 - 119.40
82.84 - 134.33
113.43 - 166.42
285.82 - 410.45

Singapore hostel prices

Type Price (USD)
Hostel bed
13.43 - 33.58

Hotel seasons


Hotels and hostels in Singapore tend to be popular all year round, although there are some seasonal variations to be aware of. June and July tend to be high season in Singapore as many foreign tourists have free time during that period. November and December are also a high season for hotels in particular as many Malaysians and other nearby people have long holidays during this period.

The rest of the year could generally be considered the low season, but don’t expect the prices to drop much. If anything this just means you’ll have to book further ahead if you are coming during high season while during the rest of the year you have a decent chance of booking something in person or at the last minute.

Singapore is definitely one of Asia’s jewels, and those who are expecting a police state are always surprised when they actually arrive and find it all to seem very normal. In recent years, Singapore has gone from one of Asia’s most expensive cities to one of the world’s most expensive cities, although it’s still possible to visit on a backpacker budget if you know what you are doing.


Hotels and even hostels in Singapore are now even more expensive than those in Tokyo, so this will be your biggest expense. You’ll find some cheaper places mixed in the listings, but they will all be in inconvenient neighborhoods and often there will be no window in the room. For a proper 3-star hotel (with a window), you’ll spend a small fortune.

Food in Singapore is one of the main highlights, with its famous hawker stalls all over the city preparing excellent and generous meals for a very low cost, in very sanitary conditions. Drinks can be a bit expensive by Asian standards, but happy hour bargains can be found. Restaurants meant for tourists can be expensive, especially in the main hotel districts.

Transportation is cheap and most of the attractions are cheap or free, so really once you arrive and find a hotel you can afford then it’s possible to have a great time without spending much more, unless, of course, you’ve come mainly to shop.

Singapore attraction prices

Location Description Type Price(USD)
Sightseeing bus tour Take a double-decker hop-on, hop-off bus tour of Singapore's most popular attractions 24 hours. adults 21.64
Amphibious Duck city tour These amphibious vehicles tour the city for an hour including about half your time in the bay itself. There's a discount for booking online. adults 21.64
3-12 11.19
Sentosa Island admission This island just off Singapore is part theme park, part beach resort, plus many other things. Individual attractions cost extra. adults 2.99
Marina Bay Sands Skypark The observation deck on top of the MBS is amazing, and you get a short look at the infinity pool if you sign up for one of the 3 free tours each day. adults 17.16
ages 2 - 12 12.69
ArtScience Museum This flashy commercial museum is part of Marina Bay Sands. Individual exhibitions are cheaper than this all-access price. adults 19.40
ages 2 - 12 14.93

Singapore transportation prices USD

Taxi from airport to city center 14.93 - 22.39
Shuttle bus from airport to city center 6.72
Subway from airport to city center 1.72
3km taxi ride in Singapore 3.73 - 5.97
Subway/light rail ride 0.60 - 1.64

Singapore food and drink prices USD

Food type   Price
Budget breakfast Great and cheap meals can be found at the many hawker centers around the clock. 2.99 - 5.97
Budget lunch Your lunch and breakfast choices will be the same, so this assumes a larger midday meal. 3.73 - 7.46
Budget dinner Assuming you want a sit-down dinner in a real restaurant, things here get more expensive. 8.96 - 14.93
Beer (.63L bottle) Big bottles of Tiger and Anchor are this cheap at hawker centers and some Chinese restaurants. Bars charge double or triple this. 3.73 - 6.72
Cocktails (glass) Mixed drinks tend to be pricey, even at casual bars. 7.46 - 11.19
McDonalds Big Mac McDonald's is one of many fast-food options in the city. 3.32
Single dish at a hawker center These collections of vendors are the best deal in Singapore. With a light appetite you can eat cheaply, or stuff yourself with multiple dishes at a reasonable price. 2.24 - 3.73

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Singapore facts

Population 5,000,000
Metro area 5,000,000
Time zone UTC+8
Currency Singapore dollar
Airports Singapore Changi Airport (SIN)

Avg temps & precip


weather advise for AmsterdamWeather advice

More than just about any other place on earth, Singapore’s rainforest-like climate stays almost exactly the same every day of the year. You can count on it being hot and humid during the day and very warm and humid every night. It also rains a lot virtually every month so it’s a good idea to be prepared for a sudden downpour or two, also keeping in mind the sweltering heat and humidity you’ll still be swimming in.

November through January are the slightly wetter “monsoon” months, but that really doesn’t change things much in Singapore. Curiously, May is generally the hottest month of the year by a little bit, and it’s typically the most uncomfortable as well.

Sunrise and sunset