Granada (Nicaragua) prices


100 NIO = 2.82 USD

Granada (Nicaragua) hotel prices

Rating Price (USD)
69.00 - 85.00
78.00 - 133.00

Granada (Nicaragua) hostel prices

Type Price (USD)
Hostel bed
7.20 - 16.00

Hotel seasons


Generally speaking, hotel rates go hand in hand with the weather, meaning that rates tend to be higher during the dry season ( November through May) and lower during the wet season (June through October), especially when the rains are in full effect. The highest rates however, will be found during Holidays, whether they’re religious or not. Christmas, New Year and Easter see extremely high hotel rates with Holy Week and Purisima close behind.

Central America’s capital cities tend to be overcrowded and somewhat charmless, and Granada is another example of a colonial town that ends up being the primary tourist hub as a result. About 40 kilometers south of Managua International Airport, Granada is often the first stop visitors make in this country, often before they head to Leon, which is its colonial rival a bit to the north.

Granada has a fascinating history and still has wonderful Colonial architecture that helps tell the story. Hotels here are surprisingly expensive for Central America, at least in that there are very few cheap options that you’d expect to find in a town like this. The good news is that quality is also generally high, so if you can afford a hotel at least it won’t feel like you are getting ripped off.

Food and drink prices are refreshingly cheap, however, and much more in line with what you’ll be paying all over Central America.

Granada (Nicaragua) attraction prices

Location Description Type Price(USD)
Horse-drawn carriages (coches) A great and unique way to see the city, these hour and a half tours take you from the cemetery in the southwest to the Rail Station and then over to the waterfront. all ages 25.20
Volcan Masaya An active volcano that is still blowing smoke, the Volcan Masaya offers a red glow that can be seen by visitors at night. Tours are available both day and night. day tour 2.82
night tour 9.14
Belltower of La Merced From 10am to 6pm, you can visit this tower and view the town below. Beware however, that the bell is rung every quarter hour and is rather loud. all ages 0.85
Boat tour of the Isletas With this tour, you'll be guided through the islands and visit an old Spanish fort. You'll also see monkeys (and have them crawl on you) during your trip and stop at a restaurant for a meal. all ages 12.58

Granada (Nicaragua) transportation prices USD

Taxi from airport into Granada 28.22 - 31.04
Air con shuttle from airport into Granada 12.61
Taxi from Managua to Granada 37.81
3 km taxi ride in Granada 0.28 - 0.56
Scooter rental (per day) 45.15
Motorcycle rental (per day) 62.08

Granada (Nicaragua) food and drink prices USD

Food type   Price
Budget breakfast If your hotel doesn't offer breakfast as part of its nightly rate, you can also venture around town for some local specialties. 1.47 - 2.12
Budget lunch For lunch, you can choose either outdoor dining or seats inside. Most meals come with a drink included in the price, making each choice easy on the wallet. 2.12 - 3.10
Budget dinner Burritos are a very common cheap dinner option within this region but there are also other choices available as well. 3.61 - 5.64
Street food Street vendors offer a variety of dishes to choose from. These include came asada, fried plaintains, bajo and tamales. 0.28 - 0.56
Beer (.33l bottle) You'll find both domestic and imported beers at most restaurants in town. You'll also find wine and mixed drinks. 0.85 - 1.69
Beer (.33l bottle, retail) You'll find lots of different 'markets' to choose from. These then to sell a mixture of both domestic and imported beers, though the variety may not be the best. 0.71 - 1.78

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Granada (Nicaragua) facts

Population 105,000
Metro area 117,500
Time zone UTC-6
Currency Nicaragua Cordoba
Airports Augusto Cesar Sandino International Airport (MGA)

Avg temps & precip


Best months to visit

January, February, March, December

weather advise for AmsterdamWeather advice

When planning a vacation to Granada, you’ll want to take into account the local weather as it does change through the year. The hottest months tend to be March, April and May, though there is a bit of variation with that year to year. Summertime is when the rains hit, generally from about May to September with September being the wettest. These rain storms can last just an hour or two or sometimes a whole day, so you’ll want to bring some form of rain gear with you if you’re visiting during the wet season.

Most people tend to visit during the winter months, when the area is drier. Because of the dry weather however, expect to find a lot of the landscape more on the brown side whereas during the rainy season everything comes to life.

Sunrise and sunset